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Your best sleep ever

Photo by: Bridget Broihahn

Getting that all-important sleep is more crucial than we ever dreamed of. Many busy business professionals consider getting sleep a luxury, but, in fact, it is a critical part of staying healthy in both the short-term by warding off viruses and nasty infections, and the long-term by helping us to avoid heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Getting less than five hours of sleep per night can also make us gain weight, not think clearly, be accident prone, diminish our libido and give us wrinkles and fine lines. The problem for some is not that they aren’t dedicating time to sleep, but that they cannot stay asleep or that they are not getting good restorative sleep.  

Part of getting enough sleep is getting “quality sleep,” Kristie Lynn Powell said. Powell is a manager at Snooze, located at 2007a South Neil St., Champaign, along with Michael Clouse, Johnny Namoff and “Big Mike” Namoff. Snooze is a luxury mattress shop, dedicated to the science of sleep and the products that support it like quality mattresses of all sorts, even organic brand mattresses that are made without questionable chemicals found in conventional mattresses.

Their passion for sleep comes from a zest for life, balance and giving, according to “Big Mike” Namoff. “After 30 years of being in the mattress business with “This Is It Furniture and Bedding,” and “Mattress Boss,” I learned that people needed better sleep. I knew there was a need in the community for Snooze. I wanted them to have what they want: good sleep, restorative sleep- the kind of sleep that will improve their lives,” he said. Namoff said that their products are the highest quality and the technology they use is backed by scientific sleep studies. “Basically, sleep deprivation is torture-and it has been used as that in different societies-and we want our customers to have sleep that is so important to great health and well-being,” Namoff said.

Snooze can help you see how you can get better sleep with “Reveal ComfortMap.” This cutting edge technology was developed by XSENSOR Technology Corp., located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Reveal offers hopeful sleepers 1,664 built-in sensors that yield an on-screen, pressure point analysis that helps visualize sleep comfort needs. In just minutes, mattress shoppers can understand their personal sleep gesture, get recommendations and literally try-out the bed of their dreams. Powell is an onsite expert on sleep, as she personally has experienced the healing of good sleep when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. “It changed my life. REM- rapid eye movement- sleep is so important. Reveal is backed by research on how different types of physical challenges can be improved by getting good sleep,” Powell said. Namoff agreed. “Come in and get view results of our Reveal ComfortMap assessment while resting on the bed, and then lay on the mattresses. Experience the amazing different types of mattresses like our adjustable beds, memory foam and many others from brands such as Naturpedic, Natural Sensations, Chattam and Wells, Bravura, Medicoil HD and Spring Air,” Namoff said.

Namoff said the adjustable beds offer great benefits. “They support better REM sleep. They get your head and feet above your heart, and simulate the muscle memory of relaxation that was experienced in the womb,” he said. He explained that people with different ailments will benefit from an adjustable bed. Powell said there are other issues that can be helped, too. “Acid reflux, heartburn, breathing issues, swollen legs and feet, back issues and osteoarthritis are just some of the health issues these mattresses can help,” Powell added.

A mattress change is a wonderful thing, but even a new pillow can make a big difference in sleep quality and duration of sleep. Snooze has pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Snooze has the “Z Zoned Dough Pillow” collection. They have an entire wall of pillows for aspiring sleepers. “They are out and open for you to try. We have pillows for people who get hot while sleeping, aromatherapy for comfort and calming, ventilated pillows for breathable comfort and temperature regulation. We have ‘high-loft’ pillows for back and side sleepers and ‘low-loft’ for stomach sleepers,” Namoff said.

Snooze also has high-quality luxury bedding. “Tencel is an amazing brand of bedding that wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps sleepers comfortable. Tencel is very, very soft. We have bamboo bedding, which is very soft and silky, too,” Powell said. Snooze also offers 100 percent Egyptian cotton percale that is hand finished and tailored by Italian artisans. They have French linen made from flax grown in France. They also sell Portuguese flannel, cotton blends and brushed microfiber bedding.

“We want you to have the best sleep ever. Come try our mattresses and pillows. Feel the sheets. Experience our pressure mapping technology,” Namoff said. “Come visit Snooze.” He also said to check out Snooze on the web at, or call Snooze at 217-607-2072.