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Fine Print June/July 2017


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $35,000 are listed. Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and-when available- estimated cost of improvements.


TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 201 Doisy Lane, $143,014.

Wells & Wells Construction, office alteration at Firestone Building at 311 S. Neil St., $89,267.

Smith/Burgett Architects, office remodeling at 2021 S. First St., #207, $201,555.

Ryan Reber Architect, retail alteration at 2000 N. Neil St., #510, $27,950.

Element Building, new single-family residences at 746, 748, 750 and 752 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000 each.

Scott Machin Remodeling, alteration to Ashley Furniture at 602 W. Anthony Drive, $98,800.

Architectural Expressions, office alteration at 1501 Interstate Drive, $177,817.

Evan Lloyd Architects, alteration at Pie's the Limit restaurant at 2510 Village Green Place, $50,000.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., tenant fit-out for NW Investment Group at 217 S. Neil St., $198,573.

Ratio Architects, office alteration at 115 N. Neil St., $1,485,931.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1516 Greyrock Lane, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1518 Greyrock Lane, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1515 Stonebluff Court, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1516 Stonebluff Court, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1517 Stonebluff Court, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1518 Stonebluff Court, $115,000.

Milller Construction LLC, new single-family residence at 1703 Eagle Road, $190,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1402 Cobblestone Way, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1404 Cobblestone Way, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1406 Cobblestone Way, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 1408 Cobblestone Way, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 754 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000.

Element Building, new zero-lot-line single-family residence at 756 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 1709 Eagle Road, $325,000.

Huisinga Homes, new single-family residence at 5022 Abbey Fields Drive, $322,510.

Gary Baker/John Rollins, remodeling of Pekara Bakery at 208 N. First St., $25,000.

Dario Vullo, alteration for wine bar at 116 N. Walnut St., $81,000.

Architectural Expressions, tenant fit-out for Artbox store at 707 S. Sixth St., #105, $20,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, office remodeling at 1001 N. Mattis Ave., $95,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1108 English Oak Drive, $340,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1111 English Oak Drive, $335,000.

Cramer Homes, new single-family residence at 1107 English Oak Drive, $407,000.

Cramer Homes, new single-family residence at 1411 Jacobs Blvd., $361,000.

Kennedy Builders, alteration to single-family residence at 1904 Savanna Drive, $25,000.

alter Conroy, alteration to multifamily residence at 404 Edgebrook Drive, $35,445.

Walter Conroy, alteration to multifamily residence

at 403 Briar Lane, $35,445.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 301 Doisy Lane, $158,607.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 205 Doisy Lane, $150,046.

MSA Architects, alteration at Lee's Oriental Kitchen at 303 W. Cedar St., $62,500.

Tim Schenk, alteration for Justice store at 2000 N. Neil St., #330, $80,133.

Ruyle Mechanical & Electrical, alteration at 809 S. Fifth St., $70,000.

GPD Group, alteration at Outback Steakhouse at 2402 N. Prospect Ave., $100,000.

Aaron Mullet, alteration for Anytime Fitness Gymnasium at 109 W. John St., $90,000.

Broeren Russo Construction, new office building at 3407 Big Pine Trail, $961,608.

Stantec, addition/alteration for Fed Ex Ground distribution building at 102 Mercury Drive, $1,149,350.

Stantec, addition for Fed Ex Ground gateway building at 102 Mercury Drive, $1,124,800.

Wells & Wells Construction, new multifamily/commercial building at 310 S. First St., $5,899,621.

Wells & Wells Construction, new multifamily/commercial building at 302 S. First St., $6,912,318.

Bickers Construction, moving single-famiy residence onto new foundation at 1700 W. Washington St., $69,000.

Miller Construction LLC, new single-family residence at 1502 Yankee Lane, $190,000.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family residence at 3701 Lighthouse Pointe, $124,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to single-family residence at 1304 Waverly Drive, $31,300.

Mark Hieronymus, alteration to Hopscotch Bakery+ Market at 802 W. John St., $48,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to multifamily residence at 505 E. Healey St., $96,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1701 Eagle Road, $269,900.


Premier Cooperative, Inc., construct a dump building, two dump pits and two grain bins at 1 Main St., Dewey, $2,300,000.

Mark and June Hall, an addition to an existing detached storage shed at 140 County Road 2400N, Champaign, $72,000.

Mark Kessler, a single family home with attached garage at 2324 County Road 600E, Dewey, $285,000.

Hunsinger Enterprises, detached storage shed for agricultural equipment at 425 County Road 100N, Sadorus, $120,000.

Kerry Grove, a single family home with attached garage at 425 County Road 100N, Sadorus, $120,000.

John Gordon, a detached storage shed for agricultural equipment at 2763 County Road 2900N, Penfield, $300,000.

Jeremy and Tracy Hoel, an addition to an existing single family home and authorize an addition constructed at 1468 Mauries Way, Tolono, $35,000.

Penny and Les Gioja, an addition to an existing single family home at 1689 County Road 400E, Champaign, $75,000.

Dan and Stephanie Cummings, a second story addition to an existing single family home at 1104 Sharon Drive, Mahomet, $80,000.

Justin Rademacher, an addition to an existing single family home at 2850 County Road 2700E, Penfield, $100,000.

Mike and Pauline Clements, a single family home with attached garage at 2582B Homer Lake Road, Homer, $250,000.

Hardimon trust/SBM Life Science, tow buildings for agricultural research at an address to be assigned at a later date, $268,761.


Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 2007 Rylan Road, $250,000.

Scott Nelson Construction, new single-family residence at 1215 Morningside Lane, $340,000.

Premier Construction, new single-family residence at 1507 Halo Drive, $500,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 1307 Briarwood Lane, $420,000.

Peoria Builders, new single-family residence at 1612 Hunters Ridge Court, $185,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 1502 Forest Ridge Drive, $450,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 2012 Rylan Road, $229,900.

Mike Birt Construction, new single-family residence at 1703 Littlefield Lane, $290,000.

Mike Birt Construction, new single-family residence at 1705 Littlefield Lane, $270,000.

Premier Homes, new single-family residence at 1404 Alydar Drive, $500,000.

Miller Construction, new single-family residence at 505 Country Ridge Drive, $200,000.


Dig It Inc., loading tank installation at 205 Turner Drive, $220,000.

Eduardo Solorzano, residential renovation at 729 E. Congress Ave., $30,000.

Mumm Homebuilders, new duplex at 1813 Lake Ridge Court, $250,000.

Mumm Homebuilders, new duplex at 1815 Lake Ridge Court, $250,000.


Signature Homebuilders Inc., new single-family residence at 202 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $240,000.

Signature Homebuilders Inc., new single-family residence at 106 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $240,000.

Robert E. Furtney, new single-family residence at 104 Summerbrook Drive in Fieldstone subdivision, $300,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 1103 Cascade Drive in Lake Falls subdivision, $516,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 7 Harmony Court in Lake Falls subdivision, $375,000.

G.A. Johnson, new commercial building at 605 N. Dunlap St. in Savoy Square, $1,900,000.

Dreamscape Custom Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 1211 Declaration Drive in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $301,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 1414 Winterberry Road in Fieldstone subdivision, $339,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 202 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $255,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 118 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $245,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 204 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $255,000.


U-Haul Co. of Illinois, new storage building at 2010 S. Philo Road, $200,000.

U-Haul Co. of Illinois, remodeling of building at 2010 S. Philo Road, $150,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $1,215,743.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $375,383.

Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family residence at 3014 E. Stone Creek Blvd., $480,000.

New Prairie Construction, remodeling of single-family residence at 910 N. Broadway Ave., $74,548.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $111,082.

Restaurant Specialties Inc., new restaurant building at 106 E. University Ave., $750,000.

East Urbana Development Corp., remodeling of business at 110 E. University Ave., $39,300.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of business at 201 W. Main St., $1,508,600.

Scott Nelson Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 1810 S. Bohn Circle, $370,000.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family residence at 1709 S. Bohn Circle, $226,000.

Field Gate Group, new single-family residence at 3021 E. Stillwater Landing, $32,000.

Field Gate Group, new single-family residence at 3019 E. Stillwater Landing, $63,200.

Cake Design Development LLC, restaurant remodeling at 401 N. Broadway Ave., $371,925.

Wells & Wells Construction, new manufacturing building at 611 W. Elm St., $618,650.

Michael Madigan, restaurant addition at 1706 N. Cunningham Ave., $95,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during March 7 through April 26, 2017 in Champaign County.


A2K Technologies, Inc., Champaign, $60,430.38

Bundles of Joy of Champaign, Inc., 1508 Ridgeway Ave., Champaign, $1,289.70

David M. and Cyndy J. Ross, 3406 Memory Lane, Urbana, $34,392.03

Shauna L. Allen, 10058 Lower River Road, Grants Pass, Or, $302877.38

Simply Plumbing Company, PO Box 195, St. Joseph, $36,765.16

James K. Pettyjohn, Pettyjohn Builders, PO Box 3686, Champaign, $32,892.36

Ultimate Lawn, Inc., 308 Windwood Court, Mahomet, $112.45

Andrea L. Cooper, A Corporation, Smith Towing, 2708 South Mattis Ave., Champaign, $6,569.04

Brian T. and Stephanie T. Landress, 403 Church St., Champaign, $3,041.64,

Sunbuilt Homes, 2305 Village Green Place, Suite E, Champaign, $27,739.70

Brian T. Landess, 403 Church St., Champaign, $25,523.36

Henry Carter, 502 S. Mattis, Champaign, $479,677.74

Vicky Stenger, 1407 Hollycrest Drive, Champaign, $25,607.59


Fantasy Fabrications, 124 N. Neil St., Champaign, $19,896.83

Dean Michael Katsaros, Katsaros and Associates, 2301 Village Green Place, Suite B, Champaign, $15,812.88, $6,858.66

Andrea L. Cooper, Smith Towing, 2708 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $212.83

Timothy A. and Kristy R. Mitchaner, 1112 N. Eastern Ave., Urbana, $6,510.46

Gerald G. Freeman, 1901 Kenneth St., Urbana, $27,938.67

O.G. Parkhill Construction, 1006 E. MacDougal Road, Mahomet, $9,588.30

Safe House of Champaign-Urbana, Men's Safe House, 406 W. Main St., Urbana, $2,932.63

Douglas E. Dillavou, PO Box 293, Tolono, $4,357.92

Charter Stills and Associates, Charter Warren General Practitioner, 3701 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $28,224.43


Carmen Fuenteszenteno, 25 Blue Spruce Drive, Champaign, $901.66

Sandra Rivera Segundo, 16 Tulip Drive, Champaign, $549.80

Alonzo Bass, 2603 E. California Ave., Urbana, $503.97

Mary Frazier, 310 Tiffany Court, Champaign, $5,099.07

Garrett Thompson, 1710A E. Oaks Road, Urbana, $771.07

Pearl Kimble, 110 W. Walnut St., Tolono, $1,525.56

Matthew Peckham, 118 E. University Ave., Champaign, $2,309.76

Lynette and Richard Decker, 1304 Fairlawn Drive, Rantoul, $2,165.89

Kevin and Christina Harris, 506A N. Calhoun St., Tolono, $1,987.98

Jermaine Hunt, 70 E. Washington St., Champaign, $571.10

Maria Marquez, 1702 W. Anthony Drive, Champaign, $789.96

Kenneth Moss, 1213 Parkland Court, Champaign, $765.82

Jackie Blue, PO Box 7644, Champaign, $1,296.51

Kichecko Dawson, 914 Switchgrass Lane, Champaign, $9,364.31

Arturo Garcia Castillo, 16 Tulip Tree Drive, Champaign, $678.24

Mark Goodwin, 1315 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $1,786.83

John Miles, 2403 CR 3300 N, Gifford, $805.15

Samuel Silvestre Silvestre, 1311 Brighton Drive, Urbana, $932.62

David Webb, 504 E. Washington St., Urbana, $1,494.36

Christine and John Curtis, 409 Main St., Penfield, $1,197.01

Flipswitch Consulting Group, 1907 Bellamy Drive, Champaign, $2,355.56

Ricardo Hernandez, 262 Apple Tree Drive, Urbana, $670.90

Judy Hewerdine,1230 Cypress Lane, Rantoul, $1,298.73

Jose Villegas Reyes 1148 Englewood Drive, Rantoul, $512.48

Kirstin Jamison, 2710 CR 1200 N, Homer, $936.43

Ramica Roebuck, 907 N. Fifth St., Champaign, $505.83

Simon Perez Zenil, 36 Rowena Drive, Urbana, $519.77

Tony Williams, 1133 Briarcliff Drive, Rantoul, $806.81

Timmy and Julie Phelps, 717 Breen Drive, Champaign, $1,546.10

Long Qian, 105 S. Wright St., Champaign, $1,468.35

Madison Turner, 1303 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $785.02

Ruey Earz, 1525 Lowry Drive, Rantoul, $1,102.24

Robert Flagg, 1301 Beech St., Urbana, $504.60

Diana Hickey, 205 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign, $530.62


Wayne K. and Lara M. Schwaiger, 1606 W. North Shore Drive, Mahomet, $6,236.69

James Johnson, 3105 Stoneybrook Drive, Champaign, $30,707.51

Matthew Young PO Box 11, Champaign, $1,414.70


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from Feb. 26 to April 24, 2017. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to


Aber, Ian J & Kayla L, 212 E. North St, Wyanet

Aberle, Tyler J, 1184 E. 550 North Road, Mc Lean

Abraham, Carrie M, 701 S. State St, East Galesburg

Ackerman, Arlen Dean & Sandra Kay, 1204 Lancaster Dr, Rantoul

Adams, Elwood & Florence, 420 West 2nd St, Taylorville

Adams, Kari N, 7500 Country View Drive, Peoria

Addis, Patricia R, 1100 Shelby Ave, Mattoon

Adkins, Delisa Dawn & William Jackson, 311 East Ensey, Tuscola

Agama, Tara M, 1434 E London Ave, Peoria

Ahrens, Amy D, 105 E. Diller St, Pontiac

Alba, Rosalba, 909 17th Street, Moline

Alexander, Deadra Heather, 1108 Falcon Dr. #1, Rantoul

Allen, Cassandra Elaine, 313 S. 3rd Ave, Hoopeston

Allen, Elisha M, 76 East Court Drive, Decatur

Allen, Gerald Ervin Jr & Tara Christina, 268 W. North St, Po Box 293, Warrensburg

Allen, Tina M, 201 Hickory Lane, Lincoln

Alvarez, Felipe Serrano, 802 W. Market St, Bloomington

Alwardt, Alvin H & Helen I, 1007 Prairie Ave, Mattoon

Anderson, Joseph Alexander, 728c N Bruns Lane, Springfield

Anderson, Kamika DaShun, 801 Bellepark Dr, Champaign

Anderson, Keri Lynn & William Joseph, P.O. Box 337, Bourbonnais

Anderson, Mark A, 818 White Tail Bend, Manteno

Anderson, Patsey Rena & Phillip Lee, 220 N Fairmont Ave, Kankakee

Anderson, Stephen R, 1618 W. Smith Street, Peoria

Andrews, Karon, 3210 E. Harrison Ave, Decatur

Andrick, Diane D & Matthew J, 26 Montgomery Place, Decatur

Armstrong, Alison Marie, 2404 10th Street, Silvis

Armstrong, Bruce E, 300 N Daniels Ave, Springfield

Arnett, Bonnie Sue, 252 South Oak Street, POB 326, Chebanse

Arreguin, Ashley Rae, 6004 N. Hamilton Road, Peoria

Ashby, Melvin Wayne Jr, 500 East Market, Apt. 14, Taylorville

Atchison, Connie Sue & Edward Dale, 17100 N CR 1810 E, Havana

Aughton, Paige Renee, 609 Oklahoma Ave, Lincoln

Avila, Jovita, 217 S Durkin Dr, Apt. 1, Springfield

Baehr, Christena Marie & Michael Bruce Sr, 1415 North 8th Street, Quincy

Bailey, Angie Jean, 124 Kerfoot St, East Peoria

Baine, Sherman Jeffrey, 1766 CR 1650 N, Urbana

Bakay, Jennifer Jane, 1850 33rd Street, Rock Island

Baker, Charles E. Jr & Virginia R, 1102 N Kickapoo St, Lincoln

Baker, Deborah Kay & Lonny Lamon, P.O. Box 106, Wapella

Balch, Susan M, 8824 E 450th Rd, Paris

Ball, Leanne R, 509 Glenn Dr, Chatham

Ballinger, David Lee & Paulette, 1109 Ohio, Windsor

Barborinas, Gabriella Elise, 1309 Charlotte St, Pekin

Barkley, Amy Juanita, 1001 W. Monroe, Auburn

Barnhill, Hanna Rose, PO Box 201, Kenney

Bartley, Crystal B, 111 Lawndale Ave, Peoria

Bartnik, Scott J, 1810 Johnson Dr, Normal

Bates, Scott P, 2424 41st Street Apt 16, Moline

Beam, Donald A & Georgina M, 3331 W. Brookside Dr, Peoria

Beasley, Carole Beth & Michael Allen, 605 Lincoln, Saint David

Beavers, Justin E, Po Box 196, De Land

Beckner, Heather A, 1620 Pine St, Hamilton

Beebe, David Eric & Valerie Jean, PO Box 373, Wapella

Beier, Joseph Damon, 1401 Beech, Normal

Bell, Christopher D & Sarah Y, 824 E. Kerr Apt. 106, Urbana

Bennett, John Travis, 3217 Panhandle Rd, Waverly

Benson, Claudia Ann, 1310 Saddle Brook Lane, Metamora

Bequette-Chaney, Aimee D, 905 W. Palmer St, Abingdon

Berger, Jessica Rae, PO Box 94, Marietta

Bernardi, Alana Michelle, 504 W. Park St, Arthur

Berry, Lisha J, 127 W Locust St, Canton

Beverly, Carl Lamar & Judith Lynn, 1623 East Capitol, Springfield

Biggerstaff, Danielle Suzanne, 204B Martin Ct, Catlin

Birge, Adam Edwin & Deborah Irene, 231 N. 1st Ave, Chenoa

Birge, Leather N, 1317 N. Grant Street, Danville

Bixby, Cynthia A, 1201 West Clark Street, Princeton

Black, Cathy Mae, 3005 Moultrie, Mattoon

Blackwell, Jennifer Leigh, 716 S. 32nd St, Mattoon

Blackwell, Lisa J, 1115 Washington St, Quincy

Blair, Leon L & Sandra K, 139 Elmwood Street, East Peoria

Blanchette, Paul R, 712 Yoder Lane, Danvers

Blowe, Chelsee Adaira, 2700 W. Willow Lake Dr, Apt 204, Peoria

Blue, Daniel S & Elaine E, 320 W Washington St, Blandinsville

Blythe, Deborah L, 118 W First, Wyanet

Bobo, Shalonda Leatrice, 380 W. John Casey Rd Apt 4, Bourbonnais

Bogle, Thomas A, 217 E. Water, Argenta

Bolden, Larry Dornell, 206 S. Walnut St, Springfield

Borchers, Debra D, 833 10th St, Charleston

Bormann, Jon M, 709 Molly Ln, New Berlin

Bowen, Brandon Michael, 1028 Adams Street, Quincy

Bowles, Marie A, 503 S. Curtis, Kankakee

Boyd, Chad & Jessica, 121 John St, Harvel

Braggs, Lonnie E, 116 E. Arcadia Ave, Peoria

Bramham, John T, 102 E. 8th Street, Apt. 2, Box 492, Delavan

Brant, Amanda Aleta, 2121 Harrison Street, Quincy

Brant, Denise Lynn, 1202 Hanson Drive, Normal

Braucht, Tara M, 1207 S College Avenue, Aledo

Braun, Sharon E, 7322 N. Radnor Road, Apt 104, Peoria

Bray, Chelsea C, 3167 N. Holly Dr, Decatur

Brennan, Sandra K, 1904 Meridian, Danville

Breuchaud, Betty J, 3515 W. Royal Drive, Peoria

Brickner, Christopher M, 1408 E. Hendryx Pl, Peoria

Bridgeman, Steven C, 1205 N. Front Street, Chillicothe

Briggs, Latoya Roberta, 703 E. Willcox Ave, Peoria

Brilley, Shannon M & Daniel J, 204 E North St, Mount Sterling

Bringolf, Brent Dean, 447 N Division Street, Woodhull

Brobey-Twum, Nina A, 1108 Crescent Dr, Champaign

Brookens, Michelle, 700 S Clay Street, Taylorville

Brooks, Carol Renee, 107 Redwood Manor, Pontiac

Brooks, Toccara, 2503 Sidney Spring St, North Las Vegas

Brown, Julie M & Timothy M. Jr, 214 W. Seminole Street, Dwight

Brown, Mandee Danielle, 206 N Marnico Lane, Jacksonville

Brown, Roshelle L, 1510 Hancock Dr #6, Normal

Brown, Shane Gordon, 1642 State Hwy Lot 37, Shelbyville

Brownfield, Beverly Ann & Stephen Ray, PO Box 482, Thomasboro

Brummel, Khalilah R, 1094 N. Martin Luther King, Decatur

Bryan, Zachariah W, PO Box 641, Sullivan

Bryant, Joseph Scott, PO Box 287, Depue

Bucco, Brittani E, 642 S. 11th Street, Pekin

Budnovich, Ashley Nichole, 205 Orchard St, Danville

Buenneke, Dawn Marie, 2028 N. Yorkshire Dr, Peoria

Bundren, Jason D & Storm R, 3704 W. Verner Drive, Peoria

Bunij, Allen Dale & Michelle Evon, 951 B Edmond, Springfield

Bunn, Heather Michelle & William Roger Jr, 617 S 2nd Street #174, San Jose

Bunten, Stephen A, P.O. Box 191, Atwood

Burgener, Nicholas Ryan, 1123 E 2400 N Road, Moweaqua

Burgess, Joylynne, 2206 Lexington Dr (A), Springfield

Burgess, Larry D, 525 BrynMawr Blvd, Springfield

Burgos, Jonathan P, 2017 9th Ave, Rock Island

Burke, Julie Ann, 409 1/2 Greenbriar #2, Normal

Burks-Hutchinson, Kelly S, 500 W. Polk, Apt. 223, Charleston

Burns, Carole Sue & Winfield H. Jr, 202 S Oak St, Pesotum

Burns, Donna Jean, 400 E. Jefferson St. #407, Springfield

Burson, Brittaney & Tyler, 406 Douglas St, Catlin

Burt, Karen Elizabeth, 1715 Cindy Lynn, Urbana

Busby, Cody A, POB 14, Table Grove

Bushur, Patricia Ann, 1200 Lakeland Blvd, Mattoon

Butler, Valerie Marie, 811 East Broadway, Apt. C2, Bradley

Butler, Virginia Marie, 865 Gettysburg Dr, Apt. 4, Bourbonnais

Byers, Christina J & Daniel A. II, 2645 N Osage Drive, Bourbonnais

Bynum, Joyce Ann, 688 N Hammes, Kankakee

Bynum, Kerri Arnay, 550 N 9th Ave, Apt 1, Kankakee

Callaway, Elaine, 210 Spring Creek Drive, Springfield

Camacho, Amy Renee, 515 E. Third, Spring Valley

Campbell, Brooke M, 4905 Closen Road, Peoria

Campbell, Dustin Judd, 322 W. Williams St, Dwight

Campbell, Maurice L, 1103 E. Nebraska, Peoria

Carlisle, James S, 1524 W Cook St, Springfield

Carpenter, Richard Lee & Vickie Jo, 204 East Tenth St, Minonk

Carter, Charlie Anthony & Patty Rose, 1005 N Monroe St, Decatur

Carter-Ruszkowski, Cierce Dawn, PO Box 373, Edinburg

Cartwright, Lorinda Marriel, 3309 Robbins Rd #172, Springfield

Carufel, Danielle Denise, 714 Meadow Court, Bradley

Carver, Angela Sue & Chaddrick Raymond, 501 Waterwheel Dr, Rochester

Casey, Joshua R, 219 Renfrew St, Dwight

Caskey, Misty D, 605 Caldwell, Jacksonville

Castillo, Ana L, 7811 8 1/2 St W Apt. A4, Rock Island

Cauthon, Amy Renee & Skyler Thomas, 145 Division Street, Galesburg

Cawley, Robin, 23236 Clear Dawn Ln, Athens

Chaney, Rick Eugene, 11666 E CR 900 N, Bath

Chaney, Troy A, 905 W. Palmer St, Abingdon

Chapman, Garry D, 41 The Oaks, Tolono

Charbonneau, Barbara Ann, 815 Quail Drive, Bradley

Chase, Larry Wayne, 206 S East Avenue, St Anne

Chayer, George Wayne, 1004 Harrison Street, Kewanee

Chinski, Elizabeth M, 15 Duncan Dr, Bourbonnais

Chiquet, Jacalyn D, 609 1/2 S Clayton St, Bloomington

Chouinard, Larry Andre, 615 Enos Avenue, Kankakee

Clark, David Edward, 1311 Oakdale, Springfield

Clark, David Edward, 1113 Oakdale, Springfield

Clark, Quneitra Wynette, 1087 S Elm Ave, Kankakee

Cleland, Duffy Guy & Spencer Whitney, 1018 S. Eastview Dr, Tuscola

Clendenny, Clayton D, 5122 25th Avenue Ct Apt #8, Moline

Clendenny, Richard K, 305 Clare Avenue, Pittsfield

Coffman, Susan K, 1503 N. 2nd St, Chillicothe

Colee, Tammy L, 1104 N. Lincoln Ave, Urbana

Coleman, Joy M, 1700 Meitzler, Tilton

Coleman, Stephanie Yvette, 2132 E. Adams St, Springfield

Colet, Jacquelyn C, 530 Reynolds Dr, Lot 123, Charleston

Collins, Candace N, 1104 Beechwood Avenue, Bloomington

Collins, Markiesha L, 2313 N. Ellis St, Peoria

Collins, Tammi D, 1685 Home Park Ave, Decatur

Conkrite, Rachel N, 2200 Ramsey Rd, Springfield

Conner, Angelina D, 1600 W. Bradley Ave. Apt. V369, Champaign

Considine, Michael Richard, 817 N. 20th, Mattoon

Cooper, Ashley B, 12422 Sunset Drive, Manito

Copeland, Cynthia Lou & Randy Kent, 415 Laurel Dr, Saint Joseph

Corbett, Erica Sue, 407 W Carroll, Paris

Corbett, Lewis Joseph Jr, 117 E. Hegler Lane, Danville

Cordova, Ebony Monique, 909 Crampton Avenue, Carbon Cliff

Cornett, Theresa, 408 S. L, Tilton

Cosgrove, John J. II, 513 Harrison, P. O. Box 3231, Quincy

Coster, Jeffrey M & Lori, 966 Brian Drive, Manteno

Covganka, Brandon Joseph, 1321 Mariner Way Apt. 201, Champaign

Cowan, Audra R, 1002 W. Church, #6, Champaign

Coyne, Robert William, 143 Bernard Street, Bourbonnais

Craig, Cinthia J, 546 E. Third, El Paso

Craig, Colin A, P.O. Box 286, Secor

Craig, Joshua L, PO Box 104, Humboldt

Craig, Rhonda R, 718 Adams Ln, Humboldt

Cramer, David P & Karen L, 511 Mitchell Ct, Apt D, Champaign

Crane, Pamela S, 3704 Amanda Dr, Quincy

Craw, Brandie M & Daniel G, 1745 S. Country Club Road #210, Decatur

Crenshaw, Deana Marie, 1244 N. 7th, Riverton

Cross, Darmille Larisha, 524 Valley View Circle, Bloomington

Crossman, Lindsay Rae, 114 Foster Avenue, Plainville

Crowell, Leanne Marie & Richard Warren Jr, 538 Monroe Street, Quincy

Crutcher, Lisa M, 323 W Chestnut St, Mason City

Cummings, Mark Andrew, 825 N Edwardsville, Staunton

Cummings, Megan L, 409 Carol Manor, Decatur

Cunningham, Chad Tillman, 1700 East Main Street, Apt. 146, Clinton

Currie-Smith, Jasselyn Sheri, 816 W Mill St, Bloomington

Cusey, Diane M, 1301 1/2 E. Washington, Clinton

Cushman, Bonnie, 324 West Iowa St, Spring Valley

Czerwinski, Matthew John, 4016 30th Street, Rock Island

Dale, Katherine S, 511 Williamette Ave, Lincoln

Damm, Randall Paul, 608 1/2 W. Franklin St, Apt 1, Roodhouse

Daniels, Brennett Antonio & Dezima Denine, 709 S. Mattis, Champaign

Dare, Melvina C, 1900 Champaign Ave Apt. 8, Mattoon

Darin, Debra L & William A, 3856-26th Ave, Moline

Darin, Lara Elizabeth, 1512 Lincolnwood Dr, Urbana

Daugherty, Tiffany Marie, 1012 NE Madison Ave, Peoria

Davidsmeyer, Luann, 438 W Oak St, Jacksonville

Davis, Coty L, 1036 N. 33rd Street, Decatur

Davis, Mallori R, 301 Elmhurst Drive, Washington

Davis, Steven A, 521 N.E. Rock Island Avenue, Peoria

Davis, Willie Jr, 2211 N. Sheridan Rd, Peoria

Davis Thomas, Nakisha S, 2128 W. Garden St, Peoria

Decker, Frances A, 1610 10th Street, Charleston

Dehority, Brittanie, 219 N. Lincoln Street, Cerro Gordo

Dempsey, Betty Jane, 3518 11th Street, Rock Island

DeVore, Sean Mitchell, 23824 N 1500 E Road, Odell

DeYoung, Deborah Anne & Kim Forrest, 8189 E. 3000 S. Road, Momence

Dickerson, Sade Nicole, 2245 S 12th St, Springfield

Diegel, Jamie L, 312 Buena Vista, Apt. #8, Pekin

Dierker, Tod R, 313 Glendale Dr, Quincy

Dilley, Alden Bryce & Crystal, 3701-12th Street, Rock Island

Dion, Nicolle Ashley, 159 S. Towson, Macon

Dobkins, Jeramy Ryan, 2 Tennesse Ave, Danville

Dodson, David Glenn & Debra Sue, 1240 Dogwood Lane, Bloomington

Dolby, Whitney Lynne, 2728 CR 3500 N, Penfield

Donlan, James T & Melodee A, 309 Fourth St, PO Box 115, Carmen

Dorethy, Kayla B, 1701 Champaign Road, Colchester

Doss, Cletis Cotz & Lameatrice Ann, 1431 E. Jackson St, Springfield

Dothager, Fredrick Louis, 716 East Poplar St. Apt. 1, Taylorville

Dotson, Carla A, 1035 W. Sunset, Decatur

Dougherty, Robin L, 1818 Deerfield Road, Chatham

Douglas, David James & Janet Elaine, 300 South State St, Pana

Douglas, Jones Lamond Jr, 114 E. Gift, Peoria

Dowd, Brian Eugene, 1503 S. Abercorn St, Urbana

Dowds, Ashley M & Randy D, 332 Ash Lane, East Peoria

Dowler, Daniel Robert & Donna Kaye, 203 South Carico, Tuscola

Doyle, Edward B, 1342 W Gayan Dr, Decatur

Dreyer, Tina Jane, 2116 Lexington Dr. Apt. 1, Springfield

Duffy, Chastity M & Michael J, 1201 S. Capitol Street, Pekin

Dunbar, Deidra DeeAnn & Ryan Darrell, 3704 10th Street, East Moline

Dunn, Tasha Jeree & Toby Lee, 686 E. 6th St, El Paso

Dupre, Cassandra Jean, 207 N Washington St, Apt. C, Mt. Pulaski

Durbin, Jamie L, 3015 Trewyn Avenue, Peoria

Dust, Adam, 2525 S College St, Springfield

Easley, Treva Eyleen, 10 1/2 Grace St, Danville

Eastburg, Kathryn Ann, 109 W Adams, Abingdon

Ecker, Dale W & Sheila B, 516 North Thomas Street, Gilman

Eddings, Jason Robert, 333 Marco Drive, Rantoul

Edwards, Brittany A, 115 Deborah Drive, Gilman

Edwards, Christopher R, 203 East Main, Ashkum

Edwards, Joshua Dean & Kaleigh Nicole, 25815 Allentown Rd, Tremont

Edwards, Julie A, 50 W. Stufflebeam Dr. Apt. 8, Rossville

Eldridge, Aaron Michael, 3716 Alderwood Dr, Springfield

Emeka, Joseph E, 238 N 18th St, Quincy

Emerling, Donna Marie, 2301 White Oaks Drive, Taylorville

Emerson, Celsey Danielle, 832 E. Adams St, Taylorville

Emmert, Missie, 119 S. Adams St, Sheffield

Erickson, Desiree L, 410 W. Giles Ln, Peoria

Ernst, Barbara L, 2181 N. Main, Decatur

Esslinger-Gaiter, Heather, 6024 N. Graceland Dr, Peoria

Ethridge, Justin Wayne, 304 S. Broadway, Shelbyville

Evans, Justin, 1046 McClure St, Galesburg

Everist, Ryan J, PO Box 8717, Springfield

Eyler, Crystal J & Stephen T, 319 Pinecrest Drive, Metamora

Fairchild, Edith Anne & William Cameron, 508 East Cooke Street, Mt Pulaski

Farcus, Lorraine Faye, 7186 E. 1700 N. Rd, Graymont

Ferguson, Michael W & Nancy J, 1 Payne Dr, Paris

Fitzjarrald, Anita Joan, 1523 E. Pierce St, Macomb

Fletcher, Danny Willis, 311 North Second Street, Hanna City

Fletcher, Ryan Marie, 720 E. Court St. Unit 14, Paris

Floyd, Amanda L & Eric L, 331 Chestnut Street, Paris

Floyd, Dana Rush & Jimmie Lee, 3562 W. Royal Drive, Peoria

Ford, David Franklin, 2459 N. Maple Ave, Decatur

Ford, Shawna M, 1502 Charlotte Street, Pekin

Forsythe, Debra S & Terry L, 838 N Main St, East Peoria

Fortkamp, Briar, 117 S. Vine, Apt. 1, Nokomis

Foster, Pamela M, 2305 Maine St, Apt. 1C, Quincy

Foulk, Cynthia L & Robert D, 22210 N. 2350th Rd, Prairie City

Fouts, Daniel P & Danielle M, 421 E Adams St, Riverton

Fox, Sean Michael, 746 E South St, Galesburg

Frank, Jill L, 627 W. Crestwood Drive, Peoria

Franklin, Erin M, 2210 Hampshire St, Quincy

Franzen, Lynda Lee, 641 Broadmeadow Rd, Rantoul

French, Clint Austin & Kimberly Suzanne, 228 E. Michigan Ave, Jacksonville

Fries, Anthony Couri, 206 Meadowlark Lane, Washington

Fritz, Janet K, 1598 N 550th Ave, Payson

Galbraith, Brittany Nicole, 1126 North 7th Street, Quincy

Galloway, Vanessa L, 2303 Maysel St, Bloomington

Galluzzi, Rebecca Rose, 1513 Woods Ave #2, Normal

Gamble, Richard E II, 1060 S. Kellogg St, Galesburg

Gandolfi, Samantha L, 303 Nugent Place, Lincoln

Gardner, Jamie M, 530 S. Fourth Ave, Apt 2B, Kankakee

Gardner, Tonya Y, 1216 E Reynolds St, Springfield

Garner, Geri Lynn, 201 Cheyenne Dr, Auburn

Garner, Tiarra C, 1212 E. Frye Ave, Peoria

Garrett, Christine Marie & Danny Lee, 185 S Madison Ave, Bradley

Gatlin, Melissa J, 130 Richard Ct, Creve Coeur

Gauna, Harry A, 244 Tyler Dr, Arcola

Gearhart, Cheryl L & Tommy A, 350 Township Rd. 1900 E, Media

Gebhardt, Charles R, 408 E Richard, Odell

Geese, Richard John, 2509 S. Anderson, Urbana

Geriets, Kenneth R, 109 Valerie Lane, Wapella

Gerritson, Charlotte M, 176 E 2nd Apt 4, Manteno

Gerth, Julie E & Michael A, 127 N. Guthrie, Gibson City

Gesling, William Andrew, 18568 2ND St, Petersburg

Gilbert, Stephanie, 225 Cranmer Drive, Springfield

Gilmour, Jon M, 1245 North Taylor, Decatur

Goines, Joseph Jr, PO Box 8711, Champaign

Golden, Andrea Idelia, 1209 Genesis Place, Springfield

Golden, Cheri J & Terry L, 906 W. Washington, Clinton

Gonzalez, Frank Domingo, 972 North 13000 West Road, Bonfield

Goode, Patrick Allen, 647 North 2050th Avenue, Quincy

Gorens, Julian, 2236 E. Brown St, Springfield

Gosch, Marcia M, 1221 N. Van Dyke Street #308, Decatur

Gosnell, Diana Jean, 1408 N. Poole St, Decatur

Grayned, Mable L, 2285 E. Wood, Decatur

Grebner, Dianna L & Michael S, 107 Florida Avenue, Washington

Green, Kimberly A, 909 W. John Street, Champaign

Greenwalt,, Eric J. Sr, 217 S Harris St, Auburn

Gregory, Jeffrey Michael & Maggie Leona, 280 E. 1st St, El Paso

Gribbins, Jerome T. Sr & Patricia D, 704 W. Main Street, Clinton

Guise, Cherroun Leinette, 1548 E. Laurel St, Springfield

Gunter-Bartnik, Jennifer Lynn, 1810 Johnson Dr, Normal

Gustin, Karman Renee & Khristopher Lee, 1137 W Lawrence Ave, Springfield

Gutierrez, Anthony J, 68 McCarthy Dr, Springfield

Hadlock, Jacob Edward, 342 S. Garrard St, Apt. C, Rantoul

Hafley, George A, 404 W. Mulberry St, Bloomington

Haggerty, Sharon Jo, 25 Whispering Pines, Virden

Hahn, Brian C, 1914 W Sunnyview, Peoria

Hale, Arlo Steven, 212 Hawk Dr, Green Valley

Hall, David Lee Sr. & Mary Jean, PO Box 1181, Mattoon

Hall, Stephan William, 380 W Patton, Paxton

Halm, Clarissa L, 423 N. Runkle, Hanna City

Haluska, Debbie A & Joseph J, 13866 N 1735 E Rd, Danville

Hamby, Amy Karen, 2215 Willow Knolls Dr. Apt. 613A, Peoria

Hampton, Doug Lowell & Jacqueline Ann, 206 E. Franklin St, Wyoming

Hansen, Terrisa L, 11 Tyler Huge Rd, Spring Valley

Harbaugh, Karen D, 128 W. Buchanan St, Carlinville

Hargrove, Christine Ann & Donald Wayne, P.O. Box 277, Fithian

Hargrove, Terry Lynn, 231 N. Allen St, Lovington

Harms, Theresa Marie, 106 Florence Ave. W, Chenoa

Harper, Bryan M, 1002 E. Oak Street, Apt 202, Canton

Harper, Caroleen R, 903 S. 4th St, Pekin

Harrier, Windy L, 22 Urbana St, Westville

Harris, Austin D, 416 E. Jordan, Kenney

Harris, James Quinton, 1827 Seven Pines Rd, Apt. 4, Springfield

Hartman, April Irene & Bradley Dean, 209 W. 3rd St, Mount Olive

Harvey, Wandjell, 1203 Carver Dr, Champaign

Hasemeyer, Frederick Charles V & Joan Caroline, 340 Holly Drive, Bradley

Hastings, Michelle Lynn, 116 Berry Street, Washington

Hatalla, Thomas Eugene Jr, 531 S. Springfield St, Virden

Hathaway, Cheryl Margaret, 5538 W. Jeanair Dr, Decatur

Haubner, Bruce A & Tanya L, 4106 N. Camelot Dr, Decatur

Hauke, Ashley Rene, 113 Ramblewood, Sherman

Hause, Brianne N, 705 E. Chatham, Metamora

Hawn, Joshua David, 244 Alexander Dr, Rantoul

Hays, Courtni A & Justin T, 438 W Madison St, Paris

Hearn, Vanessa S, 1433 N. 4th St, Chillicothe

Heck, F. Donald Jr,,

Hellman, Joshua L, 530 Reynolds Dr, # 28, Charleston

Henderson, Charles & Roxanna, 521 South Jefferson, Apt 303, Cerro Gordo

Hendon, Laressa Camya, 6111 N Jayar Dr, Peoria

Henneike, Ruth Ann, POB 123, Martinton

Henry, Christina Lynn, 2907 11th Avenue C, Moline

Henry, Denise D, 2217 Marion Ave, Mattoon

Herndon, Steven V, 221 Prince Street, Pekin

Hevland, Paul Christopher & Tamara Kay, 200 NW 8th Street, Aledo

Hicks, Tara E, 501 Roosevelt Ave, Kewanee

Hilgeman, Catherine Elizabeth, 755 Heather Dr, Bourbonnais

Hillis, Desiree L & Kandice R, 530 Reynolds Dr, # 70, Charleston

Hills, Angela J, 3420 W. King Henry Ct, Peoria

Hills, Roger Lloyd, 907 Westfield Dr, Champaign

Hisel, Jeremy Michael, 554 N Adams St, Kankakee

Hite, Roger L, 20078 Circle Street, Charleston

Holcomb, Patricia Susan & Russell Leon, 34464 170th Avenue, Pleasant Hill

Holcomb, Teresa L, 1623 S. 4th St, Springfield

Hollis, Teresa, 513 N Lexington Avenue, Kewanee

Holman, Vavika T, 825 W. Jefferson Apt 207, Springfield

Holmer, Nathanael L, 501 S. King Street, Wyanet

Holmes, Christina Louise & Harold Timothy, PO Box 124, Hudson

Holmgren, Lisa M, 211 W. Merle Lane, Peoria

Holt, Jenniee M, 519 Parkland Dr, Bloomington

Hopper, David Wayne II, 206 N Marnico Lane, Jacksonville

Horna, Tina M, 507 Jones St, Kappa

Horne, Travis Aaron, 5065 Rt. 51, Elwin

Housam, Brian Keith & Candace Ann, 31 Sundowner, Springfield

Howard, Angela K, 243 Lawnridge Dr, Creve Coeur

Howard, Cody & Jennifer, 414 Edwards, Nokomis

Howard, Janet L, 703 Monroe St, Pawnee

Howard, Mary May, 406 Grand Ave, Coffeen

Howe, Amber S & Travis J, 1060 Steakhouse Road, Knoxville

Howell, Crystal Nichole, 8 Kirkley, Springfield

Howell, Nicole L, 1387 Wellington Way #C, Decatur

Huber, Penny S & Steve G, 3170 N. Westlawn Ave, Decatur

Hudson, Angela D & Paul A Jr, 2004 Hollyhock Street, Pekin

Hudson, Travis Alan, PO Box 201, Kenney

Huffman, Tyler A, PO Box 0492, Glasford

Hughes, Kimberly Lynn, 601 Romeo B. Garrett Apt 3104, Peoria

Hughes, Sharon L, 603 W. Cemetry Ave. #4, Chenoa

Hunt, Amanda June & John J, 100 W. Washington St, Manito

Hunt, Richard L & Shelina R, Box 41, Alpha

Huss, Taylor B, 1042 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul

Hutchinson, Eric Michael & Stevett Renee, 1820 E North, Decatur

Hutchinson, Timothy L, 500 West Polk Apt. 213, Charleston

Ince, Brandon James & Sarah Niccole, 106 North Vine Street, Kewanee

Insalata, Karin M, 809 E. Chestnut St, Bloomington

Iodice, Betty J, 1708 Princeton Dr, Champaign

Irby, Ter'Rina Yvette, 1211 W. Ann St, Peoria

Iwanski, Bobbie J & Timothy J. Sr., 4912 E. Paradise Ln, Quincy

Jackson, Felicia Victoria, 3217 E. Elm, Springfield

Jackson, Marcus A, 706 E. Republic St, Peoria

Jackson, Nina Nicole, 621 W. Capital St, Springfield

Jackson, Shakila L, 3944 Constant View Drive, Apt 3, Decatur

Jacobs, Christina S & Gregory A, 412 Ridge, Taylorville

Jacobson, Amber Christine, 816 Congress St, Chapin

Jamison, Amber N & Justin W, 1104 Shelby Avenue, Mattoon

Janssen, Barbara Jill, 501 East Montgomery, P. O. Box 11, Raymond

Johnson, Alexandria M, 1305 N. Woodlawn, Decatur

Johnson, Bryan Anthony & Nicole Kathleen, 419 North Lakeshore Drive, Hanna City

Johnson, Christine M, 5925 N Cypress Dr, #1504, Peoria

Johnson, Clint M, 1703 West College Ave, Normal

Johnson, Dawn L & Harold M, 419 N 3rd St, Watseka

Johnson, Heather Marie, PO Box 176, Carlock

Johnson, Jayme K, 1410 E Croxton Ave. #8, Bloomington

Johnson, John W, 332 South Street, Pekin

Johnson, Kathy D, PO Box 327, Forrest

Johnson, Kimberly D, 332 South Street, Pekin

Johnson, Marvin Earl & Sabrina Diane, 932 W. Edwards St, Springfield

Johnson, Michael A & Roberta A, 396 W North Street, Bradley

Johnson, Robert G, 1212 Douglas St, Charleston

Johnson, Robert L III, 1733 Dial Ct, Springfield

Johnson-Bey, Tiffany Renee, POB 2815, Springfield

Jolliff, Vicky Sue, 705 W. Williams Street, Wyoming

Jombock, Kelly Rae, 2900 Taylor Ave. #3, Springfield

Jones, Bryson C, 1608 S. Kneer Ave, Peoria

Jones, Denise L, 535 W. Macon #6, Decatur

Jones, Earllissa Rena', 1709 W John St Apt #1, Champaign

Jones, Karen Sue & Todd Alan, 548 East Juniper Lane, Bradley

Jones, Katie N, 216 Arcadia Dr, Champaign

Jones, Lindsay M & Logan R, 55 Karen Dr, Bourbonnais

Jones, Shavon Renee, 379 W River St, Kankakee

Jones, Teawonna S, 1212 E. Cantrell Street, Decatur

Jones, Timothy Lee, 806 E 2nd St, Pana

Jones, Xavier Lee, 2240 E Adams St, Springfield

Jorgenson, Deborah Lynn, 904 Lawndale Ave, Chilton

Jud, Timothy R, 1600 Sycamore ST, Quincy

Jumper, Deloris, 710 E. Buchanan, Bloomington

Kaden, Charles Weldon Jr, 942 Dayton Dr, Apt 11, Galesburg

Keller, Buddy W, 2116 Ennis Ln, Quincy

Keller, Donna S, 312 N 22nd Street, Mattoon

Kelley, Kristen M, 1818 Holly Dr, Springfield

Kerr, Michelle Lynn, 117 W. Almond Dr, Washington

Kidd, Alicia D & John C, 320 W. Pell St, Paxton

Kidd, Franklin Robert & Mala Wan, 928 St. Andrews Circle, Rantoul

Killen, Michael P, 1828 W Iles Ave, Springfield

King, Brionna Nikole, 1338 N. Linden, Bloomington

King, Catherine Anne, 424 N. 4th Apt. 1102, Springfield

King, Kaleea S, 621 W. Hillyer, Apt. 3, Peoria

Kinney, Bruce Jr, 1205 E. Broadway, Bradley

Kinney, Corey R, 1637 N. Gulick, Decatur

Kinney, Kathryn S, 1205 E. Broadway, Bradley

Kirk, Tasha Louise, 940 Bronaugh St. Apt. 3, Virden

Kleist, Steven J, 1305 S. Center St, Bloomington

Kleppin, Walter Thomas Jr, 1236 N Oakline Lot 190, Springfield

Knight, Danny L. Jr, 1405 E. Logan, Decatur

Kratz, Jason D, 2407 34th Street, Apt. 13, Moline

Krick, Deborah Lynn, 723 W Broadway St, Apt 2, Bradley

Krominga, Andrew F & Carley R, 303 W. Lowell Avenue, Pontiac

Kuchta, Christopher E & Lori A, 201 Yount Avenue, Watseka

Kulhavy, Michael R Jr, 3820 13th Street, Moline

Kurowski, John Stanley, 22 Duncan Dr, Bourbonnais

Labonte, Dustin R, 2060 E 650 N County Rd, Carthage

LaMar, Jessica J, 1214 29th Ave. Court, Moline

Lambert, Ashley Danielle & Chad Oliver, 109 N 14th St, Monmouth

Langenbahn, Jon Richard & Judy Lynn, 904 21st #101, Lincoln

Lapping, Brian P & Megan E, 3007 Morningside Dr, Bloomington

Large, Terrance Russell, 5 East Avenue, Rushville

Larson, Harold Ray, 503 Greenbriar Drive, Apartment #3, Normal

Larson, Natasha Lynn, 1227 23rd Avenue, Rock Island

Lash, Sheena Mae, 1193 Old Route 36, Apt 1, Winchester

Laurenzana, Tammy F, 1000 Francella Court, Springfield

Lawrence, Dustin Matthew, 301 E. Illinois Avenue, Peoria

Lawrence, Julia Ann, 148 Karen Dr, Bourbonnais

Lawson-Shumaker, Cindy Marie, 501 Clark St, Galesburg

Lee-Wu, Ni'Schelle Shreee', PO Box 8523, Champaign

Leigh, Tammy Lee, 2490 Country Trail 109, Decatur

Lenover, Larry A. Jr. & Marcie J, 20711 Hatfield Road, Rushville

Leonard, Rebecca Ann, 2377 24th Street, Moline

Leonard, Shirley Ann, 1700 Piatt Ave, Mattoon

Leonard, Stephen E, 310 W North St, Kansas

Lewis, Julia M & Robert A. III, 1627 W Capitol Ave, Springfield

Lilly, Sidney L.B, 1165 Yale Ave, Bourbonnais

Lipa, Whitney, 445 W. Roberts Dr, Mt Zion

Lockwood, Angie Marie, 527 Broadway Street #811, Quincy

Lomprez, Corine M, 1105 E Reynolds, Springfield

Lowry, Edward D, 210 Fulton St, Gillespie

Loy, Glenda J, 511 E Wilson Ave. #B, Peoria

Luckenbill, Mackenzie Ray, 1501 E. Gardner Lane, Apt. 128, Peoria Heights

Luke, Jeremy, PO Box 413, Granville

Lutes, Juanita J & Richard L, 3738 East Fishnfun Rd, Mc Nabb

Lynch, Monique Rashond, 1421 W. Gift Avenue, Peoria

Lynn, Gregory Alan, 406 N. Elm #3, Champaign

Madden, Nyssa K, 770 E. 3070 North Rd, Farmer City

Malone, Sandra A, 2220 N. Idaho, Peoria

Marek, Diane M, 212 N. Clinton Avenue, Bradley

Marquez-Torres, Rodolfo, 909 17th Street, Moline

Marshall, Francis B & Joey L, 315 N. Jefferson, Cerro Gordo

Marshall, Sheila K, 521 W. Altorfer, Peoria

Martin, Brandon & Jasmine Marie, 956 E Sheridan St, Kankakee

Martin, Christy L, 1903 Tracy Dr, Bloomington

Martinez, Felix M, 721 S Diamond St, Jacksonville

Mast, Afton R, 420 Evergreen Dr W, Quincy

Matlock, Jaumeon Kitho, 3217 E. Elm, Springfield

Matthews, Jennifer Lynn, 1923 Countryside Drive, Princeton

Matthews, Shaneka L, 1501 E. Gardner Ln, Apt. 1207, Peoria Heights

Maupin, Landon Kim, 512 E. Jefferson St, Clinton

Maxey, Tamera D, 14 Canteberry Ct. #27, Bloomington

May, Gary D, 1009 Bakewell Ave, Normal

Mayham, Angela M, 1312 E. Monroe, Springfield

McBride, Leo Carroll & Linda Lee, 20847 Newtown Rd, Oakwood

McCall, Eric, 80 Country Place, Springfield

McCall, Kaitlyn Brooke, 214 Franklin Blvd, Mahomet

McCall, Nichole Bennette, 224 South Paul, Springfield

McClary, Allen F & Nicki S, 117 Route 4, Staunton

McCoy, Gwen M, 1908 Quaker Street, Pekin

McCrady, James Robert, 111 20th Street, Rock Island

McDaniel, Emily A, 2112 36th Street, Apt. 2, Rock Island

McEvoy, Matthew Thomas, 1425 Maryland, Springfield

McGrath, Kimberly A, 181 Third Street P.O. Box 62, Buckingham

McKnight, Tasha Ann, 954 S 7th Ave, Kankakee

McLaughlin, Connor, 3301 Smythberry Lane, Apt. #5, Springfield

McLaughlin, Joey Lee Sr. & Penny Christine, PO Box 76, Dewey

McNeal, Megan Anne, 609 Compton Ave, Champaign

McRoberts, Henry, 1201 W Noorthmoor Rd #209, Peoria

McWhorter, Jamie J & Warren E, RR 3 Box 124-A, Roodhouse

Means, Michelle Lynn, 1730 King St, Tilton

Melton, Andrew Wesley, 815 N. George St, Clinton

Melton, Brett A, 4111 W. Southport Road, Peoria

Menard, Amber Rae & Patrick Donald, 1995 South Schuyler, Lot D-25, Kankakee

Menge, Nicole Lynnette & Terry Dwayne, 311 Cooper St, Chapin

Mercer, Jennifer Marie & Theodore John, 117 Roosevelt Avenue, Kewanee

Merold, Brooke Taylor, 504 W Vine Street, Springfield

Meyer, Margaret C & Thomas Wesley Jr, 409 S. Wells St, Buffalo

Meyer, Susan C, 140 W. Crestwood Dr, Morton

Mibb, Dennis Glen & Roxann Rana, 1527 S. Main, Jacksonville

Middleton, Melinda Renee, 310 Berry, Gillespie

Mighty, Dionne Charrise, 1507 Gamma St, Bloomington

Milem, Catherine I, 609 N.W. 7th Street, #C, Galva

Milem, Jerry A, 616 N.W. 1st Avenue, Galva

Miller, Debra S, Po Box 7512, Springfield

Miller, Erica R, 936 E. Clay, Decatur

Miller, Ernest Avan, 125 Silver St, Galesburg

Miller, Rhonda J & William A, 408 North Walnut, Shelbyville

Miller, Scott A, 340 W. Wilson, Bement

Missen, James L, 108 West lock and Dam Road, Quincy

Mitchell, Karmen D, P O Box 105, Bonfield

Mitchell, Rodney S, 745 6th St, Apt 1, Charleston

Mixon, Shyniece L, 491 W. 2nd Street, Galesburg

Moffitt, Jessica Anne, 1907 Golden Drive, Bloomington

Montgomery, Allison N & Robert J, 620 W Center St, Girard

Moore, John G, 611 E. Euclid, Monmouth

Moore, Kimberly Dawn, 609 Oak Street, Kincaid

Moore, Mark K, 1511 Hinton, Quincy

Moore, Matthew Allen, 1715 N 8th St, Springfield

Moore, Racquel C, 2902 N. Rockwood Dr, Apt. B, Peoria

Moore, Randi J & Timothy P, 716 N. McArthur, Macomb

Moore-Thaxton, Tara, 1613 Robinson St, Danville

Morales, Patricia, 525 21st Street, Rock Island

Morales-Rivera, Luz E, 7708 Arenzville Rd, Beardstown

Morey, Andrea L, 3920 N. East Court Drive, Decatur

Morgan, Ann & Johnathon, 469 CR1750N, Bethany

Morris, Dushon Andre & Holly Lynn, 916 W. Olive St, Bloomington

Morris, Jeremy E & Melissa, 305 E. 11th Street, Delavan

Morris, Nakita Janae, 6700 N. Summershade Circle, Apt. T, Peoria

Morris, Tammy J, 1602 N. Wisconsin Avenue, Peoria

Mose, Genie M & Jason A, 113 Center St, Creve Coeur

Moses, Gale G & Mary E, 1610 E Main Cross St, Taylorville

Moss, Joley, 307 W Mulberry Apt. 6, Bloomington

Mounce, Amber L, 11 Berner Dr, Bloomington

Mueller, Nathan James & Pagen Ranae, 2821 Harrison Street, Quincy

Mullins, Matthew W, 1161 E. Washington, Maroa

Mundt, Richard L, 1920 23rd Street, Moline

Murphy, Beth A, 1506 Rhodes Lane, Bloomington

Murphy, Melissa J & Ryan S, 414 N Central Ave, Paris

Murphy, Michael Timothy, 1306 Alpine Dr, Champaign

Murphy, Shannon Gale, 245 Herget St, Pekin

Murray, Debra A, 1425 Clinton, Warsaw

Murray, Derek D, 104 S Scottswood, Urbana

Murray, Ebony Linya, 600 Bryn Mawr, Springfield

Myers, Billie J & Timothy L, 931 West 8th St, Minonk

Myers, Chasity A & Phillip A, 310 Timber Ridge Dr. E, Oakwood

Myers-Fox, Belinda Jo, 746 E South St, Galesburg

Mytar, David R & Dina R, 3100 Lakeshire Dr, Springfield

Nance, Mary Patricia, 421 N. Silver St, Taylorville

Nash, Billy Joe & Brenda, 1205 W. Eads St, Urbana

Naugle, James Alan & Kristine Ann, PO Box 23, New Holland

Neely, Maristeania Shykeyla, 3417 W. Baskin Ridge, Apt. 10, Peoria

Neese, Dawn Karen & William Henry, 210 East Edwards Street, Payson

Nelch, Mary J, 2332 West Lake Shore Drive, Springfield

Nelch, Robert C, 3909 West Bluffs Road, Springfield

Nelson, Dirk A, 13 Coachlight Village Tr Park, Mason City

Nelson, Melissa S, 601 Glenway Ave, Knoxville

Netters, Rakeitta Lavette, 2928 N. Victoria Ave, Peoria

Nickey, Rachelle Renee, 1905 Christopher Circle Apt. 2, Urbana

Nolan, David C, 1501 E. Gardner Lane, Apt 120, Peoria Heights

Norman, Angela M & Scott A, 266 E. Cole, Macon

Nutt, Julie Ann, 245 East Mary Street, Galesburg

Ochoa, Ashly Nicole, 1517 14th Street, Rock Island

Ochs, David J, 10880 N 50th St, Oakland

O'Connor, Mary Elizabeth, 20207 N. 1900 East Rd, Towanda

Odonoghue, Amy J & Patrick N, 1604 S Roosevelt, Bloomington

Offord, Dornella Lavelle, PO Box 222, Bondville

Osborne, Jennifer Earlene & Tyler Dean, 5 Carlson Dr, Decatur

Otter, Crystal Gail, 208 N Elliott, Lincoln

Otto, Barbara S, 49 Colorado Drive, Decatur

Overacker, Amy, 3195-A Sportsman Club Road, Bourbonnais

Pacheco, Marie G & Michael A, P.O. Box 41, Altona

Padgett, Marion E, 15170 E. 400 N. Rd, Ridge Farm

Page, Ashley Torine, 1353 Cook Blvd, Bradley

Page, LaConda Michelle, 106 College Park Ct. #4, Normal

Painter, Christy Lynn, 2421 S 15th Street, Springfield

Painter, Shanaya Louise, 9 Oak Drive, Fort Madison

Palacios, Robert A, P.O. Box 133, Washburn

Palazzo, Wendy Renee, P.O. Box 94, Mapleton

Palmer, Charles B. Jr. & Kelsia D, 158 Southland Drive, Decatur

Palmer, Danny Ray & Deborah Lee, 304 14th Avenue, Moline

Palmer, Wrenn C, 963 E Walnut St, Canton

Paris, Gerry Ann & Jason Wade, 313 North Maple, Grant Park

Parker, Brent Applin, 33 N Main St, Apt 3, Manteno

Parrick, Sandra L, 113 N Fair St, Apt 7A, Mendon

Pate, Henry, 3714 State Rd. 38 East Apartment C12, Lafayette

Patterson, Brenda, 1529 W. Glenn, Springfield

Patton, Jody Sue, 906 East Overton St, Tuscola

Pearcy, Andrew, 350 A St, Charleston

Pearson, Samantha Denise, 911 Alagna Dr, Champaign

Pedigo, Jamie R & Michelle L, 2901 15th Avenue, Rock Island

Pedraza, Cherish Hope & Jose Antonio, 2007 Tracy Dr. Unit 2, Bloomington

Peeler, Christopher E & Kristina A, 2608 S. Skyway Road, Peoria

Pelszynski, Jeff Anthony, 112 East 1st Street, Spring Valley

Person, Samara Lynn, 604 N. Mason, Bloomington

Pettit, Angela L, 611 E. Euclid, Monmouth

Phillips, Jennifer R, 675 S. Oakland Court, Decatur

Phillips, Michelle Y, 1746 East North St, Decatur

Pickering, Stephanie A, 24 Ridgeway, Decatur

Pickett, Shantaanise Lee, 1679 Seven Pines Apt. I, Springfield

Pieper, Joy L, 1525 Quick Ave, Quincy

Pierce, LuAnn & Thomas E, 216 A Street, Pekin

Pitzer, Kimberly Sue, P.O. Box 224, Mackinaw

Pope, David Lee & Mary Jane, 5 Gale Court, Pekin

Porter, Terry W, 126 Margaret Dr, Creve Coeur

Pos, Christina Louise, 15 Juliana Dr, Ridge Farm

Pratt, Amy Lynn, 4301 14th Ave, Rock Island

Proctor, Theresa Ann, 104 E. Wood Apt. 1204, Bloomington

Prokesh, Adriana Marie, 4010 N. Brandywine Dr. #1020, Peoria

Pruiett, Alona Renae & Tyler L, 2427 County Road 1150N, Homer

Prusa, Stephanie, 4835 N. MLK Jr Drive #104, Decatur

Prytherch, Jo Deane & John Owen Jr, P.O. Box 261, Dawson

Pullium, Mary L, P.O. Box 2234, East Peoria

Purchase, Amanda Ann & Phillip Daniel, 1765 Baird Ave, Galesburg

Puterbaugh, Chadrick Dale, 327 Crossman Lane, Pittsfield

Pyatt, Nicole Lynn, 1005 S. 11th Street, Springfield

Rambow, Paul W, 3005 N. Avalon Pl, Peoria

Rapp, Adam Matthew & Taylor Nicole, 308 North Cherry St, Lexington

Rathbone, Peggy Lea, 2505 DeWitt Avenue, Mattoon

Rawlings, Bryan James & Rebecca Ann, 1313 Fairfax Dr. Apt. B, Champaign

Ray, Ryan Davis, 2434 East William St, Decatur

Rayford, Cheryl D, PO Box 8623, Champaign

Reed, Janelle Lynn & Jeremy Michael, 1226 S. 20th St, Decatur

Reedy, Karla G, 3928 Marie Dr, Springfield

Reffett, Kay W, 209 E. Hill St, Champaign

Reisinger, Karie Ann, 209 N. State St, Westville

Rekesius, Jacquelyn D, 1653 North Grand Ave E, Springfield

Remaly, Cynthia Ann, 3715 77th Street Ct, Moline

Rench, Penny Michelle, 201 1/2 W. Park St, Urbana

Reyes, Carlos M, 728 E. Marietta, Peoria Heights

Rice, Faye Ann, P O Box 351, Mechanicsburg

Rich, David Ray & Lori Ann, 110 S. John St Apt. 9, Dwight

Riebe, Connie J & George T, 408 South Robinson, Bloomington

Roark, Joseph L, 1900 Sheridan Road Apartment 1, Pekin

Robbins, Lillie Myrtle, 507 South Ontario St, Danville

Robbins, Sara A, 104 Carroll St, Mahomet

Roberson, William L, 7008 W. Lamoine, Peoria

Robinson, Andrew David, 3385 Smythberry Lane, Apt 11, Springfield

Robinson, Brenda Lea, PO Box 293, Taylor Springs

Rocha, Alisa Marie, 807 Skyline Dr, Danville

Rogers, Melanie, 8338 S Yew Terrace, Floral City

Rohman, Gerald Edward & Janet Lee, 28 Country Club Estates, Sullivan

Rollins, Andrea, 61 Bourbaki, New Berlin

Rollins, Marcy A, 101 N. Carr St, White Hall

Rosales, Victor A, 15 Saint George Drive, Bourbonnais

Rosenow, Phillip Wayne & Teresa Anne, 222 South First Street, Princeton

Rosnett, Christy May & Wilford Keith II, 1126 Saratoga, Danville

Rothert, Susan Darlene, 405 Williams St. Apt. 421, Springfield

Rotramel, Michelle E, 2414 Lakeshore Drive, Apt. E, Pekin

Rowcliff, Wilma Irene, PO Box 706, Fisher

Rowe, Curtis M, 653 St. Andrews Circle, Rantoul

Royal, Roger D & Sandra, 224 S Gerrard St, Chenoa

Rozier, Anthony E & Rhonda K, 183 Island Avenue, East Moline

Ruberstell, Mary Jean, 2136 East Maple, Kankakee

Runyon, Bradley & Lisa, 636 Park St, Shipman

Ruszkowski, Maximilian, PO Box 373, Edinburg

Saleh, Nadia, 3909 Sandstone Drive, Champaign

Sampson, Sandra K, 452 Northwood Lane, Jacksonville

Sanchez, Barbara J, 835 Ave. A, Galesburg

Sanders, Carolyn L & Dean W, 2327 24th Street, Rock Island

Sanders, Georgia A & Robert E, 418 Connelly St, Paris

Sartore, Angela Kay, 136 South Oak Street, Manteno

Sauls, Diana J, P. O. Box 516, Walnut

Sayers, Matthew Lee, 1320 Westside Drive, Mt. Zion

Scarbrough, Carrie Anne, 130 S Jackson, Bushnell

Schehl, Chris John & Samra Lynn, 405 E. Second North St, Mount Olive

Schlegel, Jessica M, 1826 35th Street, Rock Island

Schmeckel, Patty L & Tom A, PO Box 947, Moline

Schnebly, Justin Tyler, 1321 E. 300 N. Rd, Paxton

Schofield, Julie Maurine & Lee William, 1036 N. Market St, Monticello

Schott, Amanda E, 328 West Hamilton Street, Odell

Scott, Mary Kathleen, 819 Fuller Dr, Charleston

Seals, Stacey Leann, 120 E Washington St, Blandinsville

Sears, Bradley S, 169 E. Oak Cliff Court, Unit 105, Peoria

Sears, Shaun M, 1203 Summer Street APT 3, Pekin

Self, Penny Sue, 522 W Chase St, Macomb

Senica, Janae M, PO Box 193, Hennepin

Sersland, Anna Marie, 2427 29th Street, Rock Island

Sewell, Kimberly Sue, 410 S. Division Street, Chenoa

Shaffer, Linda Kaye & Loren Eugene, 39 Isabella Dr, Decatur

Shake, Jamie M, 2225 State St, Quincy

Shawgo, Charles Franklin & Rosalie Kaye, 630 8th Street, P.O. Box 375, Saint David

Sheely, Amy J, 1330 N 6th St, Quincy

Sheely, Keith B, 936 N 6th St, Quincy

Shoop, John Ryan, 110 South State Road, Mendon

Shouse, Deanna L & Rock W, 2624 S 4th St, Springfield

Shroyer, Kevin, 302 N. East St, Farmersville

Shutts, Leslie Irvin, 530 Cass St, East Peoria

Sidell, Barbara J, 1002 N. Berkley, Urbana

Sifrit, Joshua Alexander, 356 W Grant St, Saint Anne

Sigrist, Christopher A & Tiffany N, 312 N. Avenue C, Canton

Simmons, Carla & Timothy, 315 Country Elms Estates, Galesburg

Simpson, Jesse Wayne, 502 West Wall Street, Morrison

Singleton, Ryan L, 2013 Alhambra Court, Pekin

Sisk, Tiffanie Rose, PO Box 64, Middletown

Sizemore, Okell J & Raye A, 104 S. 1st Street, Roanoke

Skeate, Cheryl Ann & Edward William, 836 Christine Drive, Apartment #7, Bradley

Skinner, Timothy & Judith, 1824 Parkdale Dr, Champaign

Slagel, Amber L, 302 N. Cedar St, Abingdon

Slay, Kynise K, 5704 N. Cypress Drive, Apt 4202, Peoria

Sloat, Jacob Tyler, 602 W. South St, Clinton

Sloat, SeAnna J, 917 N. George St, Clinton

Smith, Alexander Clinton, 126 Suburban Aire Court, East Peoria

Smith, Aristotle Lee, 816 W Mill St, Bloomington

Smith, Brian N, 2271 County Road 375 N, Carlock

Smith, Briar Allen, 3209 Champaign, Mattoon

Smith, Curtiss L, 2333 E. North Street, Decatur

Smith, David Anthony, 515 West Vorhees St, Danville

Smith, Emily Joe & Eric M, 353 N. Green St, Winchester

Smith, John Kevin & Julie Ann, 2815 19th Street, East Moline

Smith, Lorenzo & Misty, 1236 N. Oaklane Road Lot.299, Springfield

Smith, Lori Marie, 232 Crane St, Virden

Smith, Michelle Marie, 1420 E. Howard Street, Pontiac

Smith, Paul S, 15220 N Vonachen Dr, Chillicothe

Smith, Shekila LaTeece, 3478 N. Dove Dr, Decatur

Smith, Stacey Renae, 602 Cherry Point St, Paris

Smith, Valerie Marlene, 1626 East Lincoln Ave, Decatur

Smock, Dustin Rodney & Jammi Jeanette, Po Box 262, Ashland

Sorrentino, Gina Marie, 3501 Yorkshire Court, Springfield

Southwood, Richard Douglas & Victoria Michelle, 120 Crossing Drive, Normal

Spangler, Amber Robin & Robert Caleb, 1705 Hunters Ridge Ct, Mahomet

Spencer, Dana Karey, 3915 Balmoral Dr, Champaign

Sperry, Marsha Jean, 212 Meadows Road North, Apt. 3, Bourbonnais

Spiecker, Kenneth L, 103 E Division, Bloomington

Spinks, Christina L, 1906 Lambert Dr, Normal

Spinnie, Gerald Lee, 201 James St, Bulpitt

Stagner, Jesse Jerry & Ruth Anne, 404 East 3rd North, Mount Olive

Standard, Bradley W, 210 South Lawndale St, Washington

Standridge, Beverly Lynn & Steven Lee, 95 N. Pattonsburg Road, Toluca

Stark, Frank J Sr, 4 Coachlight Village, Mason City

Steinberg, Aaron W & Sevana M, 520 Peoria Street, Lincoln

Stephan, Christie J, 1212 Grandview, Jacksonville

Stephens, Jonathan Clay & Michelle Renae, 18757 E. Hwy 136, Havana

Stewart, Amber D, 609 St Johns Drive, Sherman

Stine, Steve L, 747 Allphin Ave, Decatur

Stokely, Gwen, 948 S. East

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