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Blain’s Farm & Fleet named one of 2019’s Best-in-State Employers by Forbes

Blain’s Farm & Fleet is honored to be recognized as one of the Best-in-State employers to work for in 2019, according to a recent Forbes poll.  

In collaboration with analytics firm Statista, Forbes created its first-ever ranking of America’s best employers by state, with Blain’s Farm & Fleet of Illinois ranked at No. 93. The survey was conducted using an online access panel, providing a representative sample of approximately 80,000 employees working part-or full-time for companies or institutions with more than 500 employees in their respective U.S. state. Employees were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family, as well as how they feel about the other employers in their respective industries. Furthermore, the employees were asked 35 questions about work-related topics concerning their current employer: Employees were asked to give their opinions on a series of statements surrounding work-related topics of e.g. working conditions, salary, potential for development and company image. 

Blain’s Farm and Fleet has over 4,400 associates across Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa and Michigan.

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