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July 2018 Editor's Note

It’s summertime!

As students graduate and begin to enter the workforce for the first time, it feels like a fresh start. It’s a new beginning for me, as well. My name is Christine Walsh, and I am the new editor. This issue has a special focus on food and some of the ways it influences our business climate here locally.

Our cover story is on C&C Kitchen in Rantoul, a restaurant that specializes in soul-warming southern cuisine. It really represents how local people who know their craft can offer something unique in the community. You may see them out and about this summer with their food truck.

Our piece on Clarkson Soy gives a sneak peek into lecithin, a food you probably eat every day, and a local company that supplies an organic version of it. They are niche market producers with an interesting story.

The News-Gazette’s Paul Wood brings us the story of the co-creator of an online platform specializing in the promotion of kids’ books.

Please enjoy reading about the great things that Leaders in Employing All People is doing with the park districts in Champaign and Urbana to make the area more inclusive of those with disabilities.

Financial advisor Mike Kessel shares five tips for women considering starting their own businesses. And City of Urbana Environmental Sustainability Manager Scott R. Tess tells us why the next 12 months are poised for grown in commercial solar installations in Illinois.

We enjoy your feedback. Please keep the emails, Tweets, Facebook comments, letters and photos coming!