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Take a look at radio!

The staff at Central Illinois Business magazine has had an exciting year! In fact, our entire company has had a landmark year in so many ways. Our company, News-Gazette Media, organically rebranded this past year. Along with our new logo, our business model was greatly modified to show the greater Central Illinois Area what we do, and folks, that is just about everything when it comes to communication: print media-newspapers and magazines; radio- WDWS, WHMS and WKIO; websites- our own is the leading area news site with over 5 million page views; digital media and video.

But, it didn’t stop there. The beautiful marble building on 15 Main in downtown Champaign underwent a major renovation to house our radio side of News-Gazette Media. More than one customer has crossed the big glass threshold and let out a, “Wow.” I’m included on that one. Our award-winning radio part of News-Gazette Media is now housed in glass in our epic, three-story lobby. Now you may hear and see our radio personalities at work.

I know you want to see this. Come on by, grab a copy of Central Illinois Business magazine, which is free thanks to our advertisers, and take a look at radio! Or in the words of WKIO radio DJ, Dave Loane, “Welcome rock-n-roll babies!”

Good business, everyone!