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Which Champaign-area zip codes pay the most for car insurance?

According to a report from car insurance website The Zebra, car insurance rates are going up in the Champaign area. The report says that rates are up 2.5 percent over last year and 50 percent since 2011.

"Drivers in the Champaign metro area experience just about every kind of weather event – ice and snow, hail, wind, flooding – all of which can damage cars and cause accidents,” Zebra Director of Market Insights Alyssa Connolly said in a press release. “While the population has been relatively flat, low gas prices and low unemployment put more drivers on already crowded highways.”

Connolly also pointed out the increase is not unique to Champaign.

“Rates have also been impacted nationally by accidents caused by distracted driving (driving while handling a phone or other device) and technology updates making cars more expensive to repair after a crash,” she said.

One solace? Champaign has it better than big-city Illinoisans. The average annual premium a Champaign metro area car owner pays is $1,117, which is less than $1,363 in the Chicago metro area and the national average of $1,470. The statewide average is $1,222.

The Zebra’s national study explored 61 million car insurance premiums across every zip code as impacted by common variables such as driver age, gender, driving age, gender, driving record, financial behaviors and the cars themselves.x

So who in the Champaign area is paying the most? The Zebra’s report gives a zip code-by-zip code breakdown of average car insurance rates:

8. Rantoul: $1,043

7. Savoy: $1,048

6. Tolono: $1,049

6. Fisher: $1,049

5. Mahomet: $1,051

4. Seymour: $1,055

3 Champaign: $1,056

2. Paxton: $1,056

1. Roberts: $1,057

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