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Twenty-five Illinois healthcare providers receive grants to improve accessibility for people with disabilities

IlliniCare Health, in partnership with the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), has awarded 25 healthcare providers across Illinois to receive grants to make their facilities more accessible to people with disabilities. The awardees applied for grants that are part of the health plan’s Provider Accessibility Initiative (PAI), with the full list of grantees including Champaign-Urbana Public Health District.

Adults with disabilities are almost twice as likely as other adults to report unmet healthcare needs due to issues with the accessibility of a doctor’s office or clinic, according to CMS research. Providers will use the grants to make improvements to their facilities ranging from replacing stairs with wheelchair ramps and installing automatic door openers to purchasing accessible exam tables and scales for patients.

The goal of the PAI is to increase the number of IlliniCare Health providers that meet minimum federal and state disability access standards, thereby improving healthcare

accessibility for more people across the state. Provider recipients support underserved communities, and these funds enable them to reach more people within this population that often has limited access to healthcare. The initiative also helps foster stronger relationships and dialogue between insurers and providers to improve the patient experience and ultimately streamline the continuum of care.

Providers submitted applications to NCIL, explaining their need for more accessible facilities. IlliniCare Health then selected winners based on the impact of the improvements on its disability access network adequacy as well as the number of IlliniCare Health members with disabilities impacted.

For more information about IlliniCare Health’s grants and the Provider Accessibility Initiative, visit:

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