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Ryan Thomson

Photo by: Bridget Broihahn

Proudest professional accomplishment: Building the Community Transitional Support Program at Community Choices. The program is for developmentally disabled adults who need some assistance living independently in the community. The program focuses on skills at home and in the community, finding and reaching out to community activities and opportunities for engagement, and generally being a part of the community rather than simply living in it.

Best advice to give or received: Listen more than you speak.

Important lesson I've learned: Simply how small but close-knit the social service community is in our community. I have worked with other professionals at nearly all other local non-for-profit agencies, and have only had the experience of immense cooperation and shared commitment to increasing opportunities and community capacity for all everyone in the community

From the nominator: "He is energetic and positive in all that he does!" - Ken Niebuhr, retired