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Colin Decair

Photo by: Bridget Broihahn

Proudest professional accomplishment: I believe being a good corporate neighbor is what all professionals should strive for, supporting those communities that we call home. To this end, I'm fortunate that I have the opportunity to lead some incredible community efforts at Busey and work with a small team of like minded professionals on Busey's United Way committee. While it may seem like fun and games to most, we're able to plan events that engage the associate base with a cause greater than themselves, and our campaign contribution totals continue to grow as a re¬sult. I'm always amazed and never more proud of the company I work for as I am when we're able to share the results of another record-setting campaign.

Best advice to give or received: Pursue your passion and what makes you happy. The greater your own personal buy-in is, the more likely those around you are to feed off your energy and engage with what you're try¬ing to accomplish.

From the nominator: "So many people benefit by what he does in our com¬munity." - Nancy Suchomski, Director of Workplace Campaign Development, United Way of Champaign County

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