Building Permits

 MSA Architects, addition for First Church of the Nazarene at 2403 W. Kirby Ave., $550,000.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 3803 Freedom Blvd., $240,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 3105 Palmer Drive, $190,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 3107 Palmer Drive, $190,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 3115 Palmer Drive, $180,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 1505 Wyndemere Point Drive, $1,185,500.

Mike Martin Builders LLC, alteration at single-family residence at 1204 W. Armory Ave., $46,945.

New Prairie Construction, alteration at single-family residence at 1724 Robert Drive, $60,467.

Architectural Expressions, office remodeling at Skill Sprout at 1501 Interstate Drive, B1, $50,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 3909 Liberty Circle, $257,000.

James R. and Amy B. Hurst, new attached garage at single-family residence at 612 Hessel Blvd., $25,000.

HearthStone Homes, addition to single-family residence at 1211 Dorchester Drive, $120,000.

Bickers Construction, garage addition at 1204 S. Prospect Ave., $60,300.

USPRO/United States, remodeling at single-family residence at 803 Hessel Blvd., $89,000.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 1708 Eagle Road, $200,000.

SK Exteriors, repair/replacement of roof at multifamily residence at 505 E. Healy St., $44,500.

KAP Architecture LLC, alteration at Young Chiropractice Office at 2911 Crossing Court, Suite C, $103,498.

Wells & Wells Construction, new spa facility/fitness center at 2109 S. Neil St., $1,722,668.

Barley Contractors Inc., addition for exterior seating at Black Dog at 320 N. Chestnut St., $298,826.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 1212 W. Armory Ave., $722,000.

Hallbeck Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 2927 Greystone Place, $400,000.


 Champaign County Building Permits

Trenton and Rebecca Severns, single family home with attached garage at 547 County Road 2500 N, Dewey for $250,000.

Jedediah and Jessica Schulze, a single family home with detached garage at 517 Miller Woods Lane, Mahomet for $300,000.

Ben Davis, single family home with attached garage at 551 County Road, 2400 N, Dewey for $390,000.

Evan Huls, detached agricultural storage shed at 2117 County Road, 2600 N., Gifford for $45,000.

Robert and Nancy Hesselmann, place a manufactured home with attached garage at 500 E. Airport Road, Urbana for $250,000.

Jeffrey Hettle, an addition to an existing home at 3913 Clubhouse Drive, Champaign for $40,000.

Mark and Lori Lauchner, a deatched garage at 1653 County Road 1100 N, Philo for $75,000.

Schuyler and Allyson Sanborn, single family home with attached garage at 2506 County Road 500 E, Mahomet for $400,000.

Ernie and Sharon Jacobsen, an addition to a single family home at 1172 County Road 200 N for $52,000.

Tim Feldkamp, two additions to an existing home at 905 Ward St., Urbana for $50,000.

Bill and Priya Ipsen, an in-ground swimming pool at 1582 County Road 1100 N., Urbana for $50,000.

Tom and Shannon Hadler, single family home with attached garage at 2212 Morningside Drive, St. Joseph for $200,000.

Neil and Kimberly Franzen, single family home with attached garage at 2243 Churchill Drive, St. Joseph for $345,000.



Cramer Homes, commercial fit-out at 405 E. Main St., no value listed.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 1313 Garwood Drive, $250,000.


Joe Travis, new single-family residence at 601 Quinlan Place, $237,000.

J & A Investors LLC, new industrial building at 205 Turner Drive, $10 million.

King-Lar Co., commercial renovation and alteration at 760 W. Champaign Ave., $243,000.



Signature Homebuilders, new multifamily residence at 101 Abbey Lane in Courtyards subdivision, $1,000,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new multifamily residence at 103 Abbey Lane in Courtyards subdivision, $1,000,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 1020 Declaration Drive in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $320,000.

Henneman Construction, new single-family residence  at 1417 Fieldstone Drive in Fieldstone subdivision, $310,000.

Luxury Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 1407 Yorkshire in Wilshire subdivision, $497,500.

Dreamscape Custom Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 310 Capitol St. in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $362,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 312 Capitol St. in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $245,000.

Dean Custom Builders, Inc., new single-family residence at 1012 Declaration Drive in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $299,900.



HPL Construction, remodeling of church building at 1203 W. Green St., $43,775.

Vliet Builders LLC, new single-family residence at 2512 N. Skyline Drive, $175,000.

Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family residence at 3003 E. Stillwater Landing, $175,000.

Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family residence at 3005 E. Stillwater Landing, $175,000.Darcy Bean Custom Construction, remodeling of single-family residence at 706 W. Michigan Ave., $30,400.

Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family residence at 3068 E. Stone Creek Blvd., $315,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $55,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 810 W. Anthony Drive, $302,000Petry-Kuhne Co., new building at 2906 N. Oak St., $39,920.

New Prairie Construction Co., addition to single-family residence at 7 Burnett Circle, $48,972.

Vliet Builders LLC, new single-family residence at 1701 E. Horizon Lane, $185,000.

SKS Engineers LLC, repair of parking building at 502 W. Main St., $145,000.

Sun Structures Designs/Four Seasons, addition to single-family residence at 304 W. Delaware Ave., $31,800.

HearthStone Homes, new single-family residence at 2806 E. Haydon Drive, $200,000.

Olympic Construction, remodeling of hospital building at 509 W. University Ave., $37,080.

J.J. Swartz Co., remodeling of single-family residence at 401 E. Florida Ave., $30,000.

K. Wohltman Construction Inc., addition to business at 1702 N. Cunningham Ave., $54,324.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District building at 1100 E. Universty Ave., $279,788.

Tim Gibbs Custom Builders, remodeling of business at 804 E. Main St., $123,000.

J.J. Swartz Co., remodeling of single-family residence at 401 E. Florida Ave., $30,000.

K. Wohltman Construction Inc., addition to business at 1702 N. Cunningham Ave., $54,324.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District building at 1100 E. Universty Ave., $279,788.

Tim Gibbs Custom Builders, remodeling of business at 804 E. Main St., $123,000.

Johnco Construction, new institutional building at 1303 N. Cunningham Ave., $10,587,500.

Tax Leins

 The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during September 1 through October 18, 2017 in Champaign County.


Franciscos Contracting, Inc., 710 E. Perimeter Road, rantoul, $23793.14

Narda Mays, 1413 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $22982.19

Andrea L Cooper, Smith Towing, 3798 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $5146.71

Carolyn R. Smith, 1509 Joanne Lane, Champaign, $46275.64

OG Parkhill Construction, Inc., 1006 E. McDougal Road, Mahomet, $4402.18

Myers Floor Covering, Inc., 1003 S. Country Squire Drive, Urbana, $33807.48



All Area Sports, Ken Ingold, PO Box 117, Fisher, $11717.43

The Prudential Landmark Real Estate, 1 E. Main St., Champaign, $7493.48

Bartell Powell LLP, 10 E. Main St., Champaign, $6709.03



Dana Alexander, 1608 Golfview Road, Rantoul, $ 5905.91

Ana Bossard, 804 W. Church St., Chamapigm, $1394.82

Woosung Cho, 918 W. Illinois St., Urbana, $1098.38

Elizabeth Coble, 1356 Mariner Way, Champaign, $1932.14

Tyrell McCoy, PO Box 85, Savoy, $85.12

Thelma Murphy, 1213 Parkland Court, Champaign, $506.53

Seung Kim, 343 Paddock Drive, Savoy, $1823.94

Audrene Thomas, 1404 Silver St., Urbana, $710.72

Devin Thompson, 3202 York Drive, Champaign, $25,128.61

Ashton Floyd, 2415 Beardsley Ave. Champaign, $772.77

Shreyas Jalikop, 548 E. Fairlawn, Urbana, $688.00

Jonathan Sherrill, 506 S. Glover Ave., Urbana, $875.44

Ingrams Nursery and Landscaping, Inc., 1267 County Road 2500 E., St. Joseph, $6410.22

Timothy Ingram, 1235 County Road 2500 E., St. Joseph, $7669.17

Theresa and Christopher Edmonds, 343 Logan St., Mahomet, $3312.46

Robert Hambrick, PO Box 8794, Champaign, $1328.56

Bradley Smaling, 3914 Summer Sage Court, Champaign, $1539.74

Gean Hardwell, 1414 Bluegrass Lane, Champaign, $2488.75

Dennis Culver 610 W. John St., Champaign, $2749.34

Richard Erickson, 509 N. Edwin St., Champaign, $666.70

Victoria Gonzalez, 1307 E. Perkins Road, Urbana, $21,544.09

Victor Puente, 1580 E. Grove, Rantoul, $5608.72

Debra Cassels, 2706 Heritage Drive, Chamapign, $598.26

Jose Rodriguez, 42 Gurth Drive, Urbana, $5240.18

Bender Mattress Factory, 1206 N. Cunnigham ave., Urbana, $10012.70

Adam Velaquez, 650 St. Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $108,153.70

Jeffrey and Violet Owens, 101 Elm St. Champaign, $1606.82

Basir Achmad and Fnu Samsani, 206 Clover St., Savoy, $715.79

Richard Carrizales, 1720 Crescent Drive, Champaign, $1721.93

Becky McWethy, 903 Hartwell Drive, Savoy, $1327.07


Ashlee McCarter, 204 N. Harrison, Sidney, $1579.58

Michael Hays, 310 S. Scottswood Drive, Urbana, $4856.40

Tenisha Epps, 1905 E. Washington St., Urbana, $779.81

David Ekstedt, 2208 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $5902.91

Bonnie Wills, 907 N. Walnut St., Champaign, $844.00

John Kelso, 702 Nottingham Drive, St. Joseph, $2050.27

Guy Corzine, 909 W. Eads, Urbana, $1095.56

Mark Goodwin, 1315 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $1554.35

Steven Keenen, 1681 County Road 900 n., Philo, $1444.74

This Is It Furniture Discount, Inc., 245 S. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $72,078.21



                All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

                Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from Sept. 1 to Oct. 18, 2017. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

                Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to

CH. 7


Adams, Chante Javonne, 933 Brian Drive, Manteno

Adams, Donna M & Vernon E, 23624 W. Lorance Road, Laura

Adams, Margaret Ann, 1106 E. Reservoir, Springfield

Aiken, Anna, 920 Summit Street, Bloomington

Ailara, Sean M, 335 N. Summit Ave., Decatur

Aldridge, Aarin Ashley, 18782 Perry Drive, Virden

Alexander, Buddy & Valerie, P.O. Box 213, Lincoln

Allen, Judith E, 421 E. Kern St., Springfield

Allison, Jason M & Nelissa D, 606 E. Washington St., Le Roy

Almeida, Becky A, 317 N. Eighth Street, Cuba

Altman, Mary K, 520 Treeline Drive, Charleston

Alvarado, Luis Fernando, 1251 East Eagle Street, Kankakee

Anderson, Joan M, 1132 N. Ninth, Quincy

Andrus, Chasity A & Shawn A, 211 Twin Oaks Court, East Peoria

Argueta, Nery R & Rachel R, 505 All Seasons, Chenoa

Ashley, Carrie J & Cory E, 22236 County Road 6, Canton

Austin, Jeris Ann, 2516 Lemont Drive, Springfield

Austin, Lacey Kay N & James W II, 1547 E High St, Mason City

Aviles, Angela M, 2306 Ramsey Ave., Springfield

Bailey, Turkessa A, 1132 Pomona Drive, Champaign

Barakat, Ronald Allen, 306 E. Henry Street, Atkinson

Barger, Jennifer K, 725 S. 22nd Street, Decatur

Barton, David T, 627 Van Buren St, Quincy

Baugh, Crystal & Ethan, 117 Berry Road, Marquette Heights

Bazer, Helena L, 2439 Eighth Ave., Rock Island

Beals, Joshua E, 1026 Lido Ct. #505, Decatur

Beasley, Easter M, 452 N. Hillcrest Blvd., Decatur

Beasley, James E Jr & Leah M, 633 Illinois St., Warrensburg

Beckman, Tara A, 107 Concord St., East Peoria

Belair, Barbara Jo & Charles Joseph, 3429 S Spring St, Springfield

Belk, Amanda Sue, 724 W. Rich, Taylorville

Bennett, Kandice Ann, 3315 N. Missouri Ave., Peoria

Bentley, Robert Edward & Tasha L, 345 East Chambers, Jacksonville

Bisaillon, Michael Laverne, 405 West Broadway Street, Bradley

Bishop, Mark Harrison, 2246 Bellevue Ave., Bettendorf

Bloodworth, Tammy L, 2006 Lee St, Springfield

Bodart, Mary K, 533 Palomino Drive, Danville

Boggess, Donald & Teresa, 1137 Eastview, Rantoul

Bohm, Samantha Jo, 332 Lawnridge Drive, Creve Coeur

Borcherding, Alan M & Carla S, 405 W. Madison St., Tremont

Bosquet, Gillian G, 510 S Florence Ave., Bloomington

Bowen, Latrice Monique, 1612 E Carpenter St., Springfield

Bowers, Miko Andrew, 903 N. Evans, Bloomington

Box, Tyrone D, 263 W. Marietta, Decatur

Boyd, Kimberly D, 216 Si Reed Lane, East Peoria

Brancecum, Marsha L, 557 E. Birch, Canton

Brewer, Laura L, 2057 37th Street, Rock Island

Bridges, David M & Linda S, P.O. Box 292, Quincy

Brinkman, Brian S & Janette J, 964 Maple Ridge Drive, Liberty

Briski, Thomas Robert, 1609 Airport Road, Urbana

Brown, Julie Marie, 64 Kirkley Ln, Springfield

Brown, Kenneth F & Tanna J, 712 E. Court St., Hennepin

Brumfield, Brian D & Tami L, 202 Decatur St, Lincoln

Bublitz, Jason B, 235 S. Main Street, Cisco

Buie, Janice Carol, 1807 Pickett, Springfield

Burke, Tracy Lee, P.O. Box 144, Maroa

Burnett, Tajuana Tanette, 2167 South 14th Street, Springfield

Bush, Erin Lynn, P.O. Box 225, Henderson

Butler, Charmane Yevette, 2431 W. Antoinette, Peoria

Cain, Joshua Caleb, 505 East Douglas Street Apt 8, Camp Point

Caldwell, John Nathan, 235 W. Virginia Ave., Peoria

Calicutt, Lynnette M, 1701 East Empire Suite 360-268, Bloomington

Calvert, Cynthia, 203 S. Jefferson, Manito

Calvert, Dennis E, 330 Ave. F, Bloomington

Campbell, Thomas M, P.O. Box 883, Danville

Campbell, Clinae D, 2011 Moreland Blvd. Unit 306, Champaign

Carlove, Angelia Marie, 68 Castings Road, Springfield

Carman, Dennis Lee, 529 N. 13th St., Quincy

Carpenter, Catina Y, 406 Wagner, Washington

Cassidy, Wanda K, 302 Third St., Cherry

Cech, Richard D, 107 Broad St., La Moille

Charley, Jenyfer E, 831 Freedman St, Jacksonville

Chavez, Joseph A, 519 S. Second Street, Fairbury

Chestnut, Jessie & Warren, 310 Porter, Danville

Chick, James William & Lorretta Sue, 601 E. Locust, Fairbury

Christell, Thomas Bernard III & Erica Lynn, 929 N. Fifth, Riverton

Chupp, Gregory J, 222 N. State Street Apt 723, Champaign

Clarken, Angela Deann, 3917 S. Deer Run, Peoria

Clay, Jenny L & Richard Allan, 1505 S Second St, Mattoon

Clinton, Jack Lynn & Patricia Lee, 134 E. Vandalia Road, Jacksonville

Coats, Joshua Paul, 309 Cheryl Ct., Glasford

Coffey, John, 31965 330th Street, Baylis

Coleman, Jeffery W, 333 N East St, Jacksonville

Conner, Janet F, 1209 McKinley Ave., Litchfield

Conner, Salina L, 112 Pierson St., East Peoria

Cooley, Penny Sue, 307 N. Market, Sullivan

Cope, Carol Jane, 36 Barnacle Lane, Bloomington

Copley, Maria E, 3015 Wisteria Lane, Bloomington

Cordery, Jeffrey, 2125 N16 Street, Springfield

Cortez, Jose Jr, 1315 NE Circle Drive, Kankakee

Cotterell, Kelli, 101 Cottonwood Drive, Chatham

Coulter, Jessica Ellen & Roy LaVerne, 102 South Austin, Abingdon

Cox, Matthew A, 311 W Henry, Odell

Cravens, Earl Wayne Jr, 534 W. Elm Ave. Lot 201, Charleston

Crawford, Lucinda A & Ronald J, 211 E. Main St., Camargo

Cristy, Bradley D & Kathryn A, 619 E. Young Ave., Hoopeston

Crofton, Ann M & Gregory W, 121 E Elm St, Neponset

Crotzer, Julie A, 201 Jane Street, Pekin

Cunningham, Katrina S, 2264 Ramsey Drive, Decatur

Curry, Deborah Elaine, P.O. Box 274, Warrensburg

Curtis, Elizabeth A, 1539 Summitt St., Galesburg

Cushing, Hannah & Michael, 2204 Rainbow Ave. Apt 4, Bloomington

Daggett, Brian T, 202 37th Ave., East Moline

Danetti, Angella M, 836 Blue Sky W., Havana

Daniels, Anna Marie, 11310 16th Street Apt. 12, Milan

Dann, Sharon M, 202 S Montgomery Ave. Apt B, Litchfield

Davenport, Kathryn Sue & Roy Eugene, P.O. Box 764, Lincoln

Davis, Amy Christine & Brock Nathaniel, 607 Royce Ct., Moweaqua

Davis, Dasha C, 1526 S 17th St, Springfield

Davis, Eliza, 2314 N Idaho St., Peoria

Davis, Terrance Sr & Roxxi M, 1015 Franklin Ave., Normal

Day, Marjorie J, 952 11th St, Charleston

Decker, Colby L, 45 County Road 350 East, Sadorus

DeLong, Tonya L, 101 Buckeye Drive, Morton

Dierikx, Jenny A & Mike S, P.O. Box 883, Orion

Diveley, Aleycia Lorraine, 295 W Marsile St, Bourbonnais

Dorsey, Georgette, 718 W. Vine, Champaign

Doward, Tyredda Marie, 2311 W. Willow Knolls Drive Apt.5B, Peoria

Dunlap, Shanice Juliette, 854 Gettysburg Drive #4, Bourbonnais

Dunnagan, David Russell, 212 S. Richman St., Villa Grove

Durbin, Courtney L & Eva L, 408 Clay, Pana

Dutton, Kenneth & Marlinn, 1592 Ronald Road, Galesburg

Eash, Keith Allen, 516 E Fifth Street Apt B, Beardstown

Edwards, Adam, 1558 Woodland Drive, Mt Zion

Edwards, Lisa Jo, 2492 N. 1200 East Road, Mansfield

Ekiss, Donna S, 2605 Fox Run Drive #1, Springfield

Elam, Nicolette Denise, 1723 Anita Drive, Champaign

Ellison, Edward Lee, 513 McLean, Colchester

England, Crystal Lynn & Terry James, 3037 S 13th St, Springfield

Erwin, William Samuel, 216 S. Market Street Apt 5, Paxton

Estes, Barbara Ann, 117 N. Main St., Owaneco

Ewen, Eva I, 1403 4H Park Road Apt. B., Pontiac

Exum, Cassandra, 1320 Marnier Way #203, Champaign

Fairchild, David L, 23996 N. 2600 East Road, Odell

Fairfield, Michelle L, 3702 W. State Route 90, Edelstein

Fanning, Sara Dennise, 1411 Loretta St., Pekin

Farmer, Tra'Shanna D, 3003 W. Granada Ct. Apt 9, Peoria

Faulkner, Catrina S, 2311 N Linn Street, Peoria

Fenderson, Torina Joy, 241 Bellerive Road, Springfield

Ferguson, Amy Lynn, P.O. Box 107, Wataga

Fesperman, George Allen & Shirley Mae, 711 W. Main St., Shelbyville

Fickes, Taylor J, 1616 N. Knollwood Court, Peoria

Finley, Justin Dalice, 53 Lakeview Road, Gays

Fishburn, Mark L & Yvonne D, P.O. Box 216, Atlanta

Flores, Mabel, 1739 14th Ave., Moline

Forbes, Lucinda Deann, 530 E. Main Street, Toulon

Ford, Harold Burton & Nadine Marie, 2424 41st Street Apt 50, Moline

Ford, Jonathan Joseph, 1815 Grant Ave., Charleston

Ford, Tammy Sue, 1815 Grant Ave., Charleston

Forsyth, Margaret, 309 E Houston St, Springfield

Fosdick, Terry Lee, 909 E Prarie St, Pontiac

Foster, Kylie Jo, 224 E. Clark, Havana

Fox, Cynthia Jo, 772 Malerich Drive, Lincoln

Frank, Jessica Ashley, 417 N. Knox Street, Princeton

Freeman, Charles C Sr, 1428 E. Riverside, Decatur

Freeman, Gerald G, 1901 Kenneth St., Urbana

Frick, Tyler Wayne, 101 Floss Mar Court Apt. B2, East Peoria

Fulton, Larry Justin, 138 W. Birch Street, Canton

Funchess, Lisa Shanea & Steffan Gage, 3724 N. Ashton Ave., Peoria

Gansbauer, Linda K, 318 N. Wesley, Springfield

Gard, Melinda Sue & Robert Harold, 914 W. Elizabeth St., Paris

Gayton, Dawn M, 1029 N. Eighth, Springfield

Gerling, William R, 219 N. Pine, Maroa

Gilbert, Christopher David, 6403 E Flora Street, Kankakee

Gill, Melinda Kay, 12686 N. 2000th St., Paris

Gillison, Aaron, 1370 E State Route 133, Arcola

Gilmor, George A Jr & Gerry E,, 1902 Derron Drive, Pontiac

Gilmore, Dana C, 701 27th Ave. Ct, East Moline

Ginger, Lonie Mitchell, 1133 E. Riverside Ave., Decatur

Givens, Dawnette & Emmett, 905 W Chambers, Jacksonville

Gladney, Vilda J, 910 West Kirby Ave., Champaign

Glascock, Danielle A, 322 N Hunt St., Melvin

Glasgow, Shari L, 607 E. Broadway, Monmouth

Goble, Martha L, P.O. Box 43, Gladstone

Goggil, Dustin E & Lisa Dawn, 297 Creve Coeur Court, Creve Coeur

Gollahon, Jennifer L, 964 N. University, Decatur

Good, James, 2725 Hunters Pond Run Apt. 11, Champaign

Gooden, Brett Alan, 1129 N. MacArthur Blvd, Springfield

Gragert, Colt M & Tasha L, 1308 Kennedy Drive, Pontiac

Grason, Anthony James, 357 W. Decatur St., Decatur

Green, Audriea Cleo, 1904 Tallgrass Turn, Kankakee

Green, Oachia Lynn, 1108 N Chicago Place, Kankakee

Gregory, James T, 1540 Laurel St., Hamilton

Greider, Jacob Paul & Stephanie Marie, 117 E. Reeveston Drive, Bloomington

Grena, Terrence Arthur Jr, 415 West Main St., Princeville

Grimm, Angela D, 1510 S. Seventh Street, Pekin

Grover, James William, 907 E. Washington St, Macomb

Hadsall, Zachary Logan, 17157 N Speedway Road, Lewistown

Hallam, Robert Micheal, 109 Brow Ct., East Peoria

Hallgren, Elmer W, P.O. Box 407, Coal Valley

Hammers,, Martin L III, 3413 Moorgate Drive, Springfield

Hammond, Avis Inez, 260 N. Stadium Drive Apt 7, Bourbonnais

Hammond, Margaret Marie, 371 South Blaine Ave., Bradley

Hardwick, Jennifer Lynn, 239 N. 700 East Road, Gibson City

Hardy, Jamillia B, 2212 Ellis, Peoria

Harris, David Alfred & Mara Jade, 2729 Old Rochester Road, Springfield

Harris, Kathy I, 3500 N Dirksen Parkway Lot 19, Springfield

Harris, Ramon Xavier & Tammy Lynn, 310 E. Melbourne Ave., Peoria

Harris, Ronald J, 42 Milton Manor, Springfield

Harris, Shirley J, 1301 North Jackson Street, Danville

Hassler, Anthony J, P. O. Box 116, Tiskilwa

Hastings, Bradley F Sr, P.O. Box 205, Niantic

Hatchett, Bryann T, 2213 Holmes Ave., Springfield

Hayes, Robert Paul Jr & Brandi Leigh, 325 Palm Street, Canton

Hellyer, Elizabeth D, 804 Main St, Carthage

Helmick, Jeffery C & Roberta L, 3 Jermar Drive, Warsaw

Henry, Terrence L, 8603 Knoxvile Road - Trailer 43, Milan

Hernandez, Jose Ismael & Melinda Sue, 603 E. Madison St., Arcola

Hicks, Erica & Ryan, 1021 W. Third St., Spring Valley

Hill, Natasha M, 1501 W. Colverdale Road, Chillicothe

Hill, Shayla, 209 S. West, Tremont

Hill, Theodore R, P.O. Box 7523, Champaign

Hocq, Michael Eugene & Suzanna, 407 South Walnut St., Pana

Holt, Betty Marlene & Johnny O'Neil, 2223 Willow Knolls #205, Peoria

Hoon, Brett S, 220 Franklin Drive, Jacksonville

Hopping, Ann Elaine & Randy Alan, 27354 N Marcelina Road, Ellisville

Hoskins, John Henry & Shoneka Nicole, 2838 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield

Howard, Melissa S & Richard T, 205 E. Scott Street, Odell

Howell, Shelly Jo, 815 W. Main Street, Hoopeston

Hubrich, Florence L, 430 Woodside Trail #C-21, Decatur

Huggins, Frieda K & Thomas E, 780 West Hickory, Canton

Humberd, Megan Nichole, 1000 N. College Apt B1, Lincoln

Hunter, Maletha Diane, 1023 S. First St Apt 10, Springfield

Hurlbutt, Timothy W, 404 Edgebrook Drive #206, Champaign

Hurley, Jennifer Anne, 880 Stratford Drive Apt 2, Bourbonnais

Hurst, Nikkolette B, 226 E Adams St, Auburn

Hutchcraft, Jason Dwain, P.O. Box 641, Atwood

Hutchison, Tonya Christine, 1709 Bonnie Blair Drive, Champaign

Hymes, Minnie Lou & Richard Elmo, 155 W Chambers, Jacksonville

Irons, Kerry C, 3761 Orlean Court, Decatur

Irons, Michele R, 3413 Willow Drive, Mattoon

Irwin, Tanya M, 826 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Springfield

Jackson, Melvin Jay Jr & Jessica Ann, 409 Garfield St., Georgetown

Jacobs, Laci Roxanne, 7024 S. Gerdes Road, Mapleton

Jager, Elizabeth Joy, 3600 Union Ave. Apt 5, Steger

Jamison, David M, 206 South Seventh Street Apartment A, Wyoming

Janiak, Thomas A, 3116 Vicki Drive, Decatur

Jennings, Kylah Marie, 6240 N 1450 East Road Unit 17, Georgetown

Johnson, Angela Mae & Sharon K, P.O. Box 43, Griggsville

Johnson, Bryan L & Linda M, 915 E. Lafayette St., Jacksonville

Johnson, Debra Michelle, P.O. Box 112, Rantoul

Johnson, Justin & Mindy, 1226 S. State Route 94, Stronghurst

Johnson, Kenneth, 1610 King St, Danville

Johnson, Keyonda L, 3718 N. Faber Ave. Unit A, Peoria Heights

Johnson, Larneisha Keeya, 117 Selden St, Galesburg

Johnson, Nichole Marie, 908 Seventh Street, Pawnee

Johnson, Sandy S, 405 W. Second Ave., LaHarpe

Jonas, Jennifer, 490 S First Street, Nokomis

Jones, Angel M & Brett A, 2806 Countryway St., Danville

Jones, Ricky, 104 E Snyder Apt # 3, Abingdon

Jump, Patricia L, 111 Ridgeway Drive, Decatur

Karstens, Nichole, 5910 230 St N, Port Byron

Kedzior, Lacy Jane, 3913 W. Virden Court, Peoria

Keist, Angela Marie, 25 Ethell Parkway, Normal

Kelley, Daniel C, 1 Kenfield Apartment, Mattoon

Kepple, Gail J, 24748 N. Barnes School Road, Marietta

Killen, Donnie R, 1619 E Cummins Ave., Springfield

Kilpatrick, Gary Lee, 109 East Jackson St, Abingdon

Kilpatrick, Larry V, P.O. Box 164, Abingdon

Kingery, Aubrey Marie & Zachary J, 513 S. Union St., Arthur

Kirwan, Bryce Allan, 202B East Seminole Street, Dwight

Kleiber, Kansas, 714 N 16th Street, Pekin

Klick, Jeremy Nolan, 705 N. Third Street, Oquawka

Klossing, Joshua, 1172 South East Ave. Apt 3, Kankakee

Knecht, Elizabeth Bray, 823 E. Penn St., Hoopeston

Koonce, Angela J, 1109 E. Van Buren St., Clinton

Krieger, Seja DeAnna, 930 South Sixth Ave., Kankakee

Krulic, Michael Anthony Sr, 4016 176th Ave., Sherrard

Kuhl, Leroy H & Paula M, 16465 Old Cemetery Trl, Coffeen

Kump, Kristie A, 2104 N Seventh St, Springfield

Lacy, Sheronda Leigh, 2821 N. Easton Place, Peoria

Lakadat, Christopher & Susan E, 1808 A St., Normal

Lamb, Jeffery Gerard, P.O. Box 521, Ashland

Lambert, Emily Hope, 41 White Pine Road, Geneseo

Lambert, Erica Lynn, 481 North Washington, Bradley

Laubenstein, Rodney Lee, 952 1575th St., Lincoln

Lazarevich, Alexander, 108 W. Charles St. Apt. 110, Champaign

Leckbee, Alisa A, 1400 S 21st St, Quincy

Lee, Dawn A, 746 E. Orchard Street, Decatur

Leezer, Mary R, 513 Hampshire St, Quincy

Lindsey, Keke LaShunn, 355 N. Hammes, Kankakee

Lindsley, David Charles & Tina Irene, 58 Juliana Drive, Danville

Liptak, David J & Diane T, 13523 Burr Oak Road, Bloomington

Littlefield, Lisa M, 530 W. Knox St., Galesburg

Locker, Katrina S & Scott E, 403 Lyon St., Pontiac

Lowe, Dorine Y, 1321 Masters Lane, Decatur

Lower, Ralph R, 1 Williamsburg Court #1B, Pekin

Lybarger, Tyson K, 510 South E St, Monmouth

Lynn, Thomas W, 2101 E. Black, Springfield

Madlem, Michael B, 102 Seventh St, Charleston

Magon, Marcia Anne, 305 Robinhood Lane Unit E, Bloomington

Mahan, David L & Lavona M, 11252 E 420 North Road, Indianola

Malone, Susan E, 250 N. Pleasant Vale St., New Canton

Mann, Timothy G, 205 S. Carico St., Tuscola

Mantzke, Steven P, 41 Mills, Ipava

Mariconi, Marc A, 2901 Sandgate Road, Springfield

Martin, Sarah Lynn, 207 W. Court St. Apt B, Eureka

Martinez, Jennifer A, 16130 G.I. Joe Ave., Chillicothe

Mathias, Timothy L & Debra L, 935 E. 2200 North Road, Edinburg

Matlock, Derek Shawn, 601 Cherry Street, Pana

Mauney, George E & Mary A, 313 W Locust St, Palmyra

McCarty, Carrie N, 309 Oakbrook Drive, East Peoria

McClure, Linda L, 1211 West Elm Street, Bloomington

McClure, Ronald E, 1236 N. Oaklane Lot 93, Springfield

McCoy, Bryan L, 2605 Kent Drive, Springfield

McEldowney, Ralph A Sr & Penny M, 324 Highland Ave., Creve Coeur

McGee, Dawn Michelle, 324 E Simmons, Roodhouse

McGee, Jeri J, 10708 Ohio Street, Shirley

McGinnis, David Alan, 779 N. Seventh, Canton

McKee, Todd C, 523 N. Chambers St., Galesburg

McMillan, Rose M, P.O. Box 601, Atwood

McNeely, Sara Jo, 3162 N. 1110 East Road, Clifton

McPherson, Byron E, 6 Eisenhower Drive Apt 6A, Jacksonville

Meacham, Marian Jonelle & Thomas Micheal, 1300 E. Morton Ave., Springfield

Mead, Christi A, 413 Charlotte Street Apt B, Pekin

Mendenall, Kathleen M & Paul D, 8 Montgomery Place, Decatur

Mercer, Jillanna D, 304 South Garfield, Philo

Mericle, Gregory Lee, 50 Bonds Drive, Bourbonnais

Merrill, Tina Lynn, 904 Dolphin Ave., Bloomington

Miles, Wendy L, 112 N. Fourth Street, Cherry

Miller, Brandi Lynne, 2077 E. 200 N. Road, Paxton

Miller, Carla Linn, 2808 W. Daniel St., Champaign

Miller, Christopher Adam, 2 Bonds Drive, Bourbonnais

Miller, Duane Robert, 113 S College Ave., Geneseo

Miller, Erica Y, 400 East Illinois St., Peoria

Miller, James P Jr & Shawna R, 918 South Marshall, Paris

Miller, Toyeal S, 1519 Seven Pines Road Apt. E, Springfield

Mills, Michelle Lynn, 8749 E. 3200 North Road, Blackstone

Moberg, William R, 54 West First St Apt 1, Manteno

Mohr, Jennifer Lynn, 610 Olive St, Gillespie

Mokua, Sunyeal Nikita, 1229 SW Jefferson Ave., Peoria

Molina, Samantha, 1015 Fourth Street, Covington

Montgerard, Mary Ellen, 1708 Deerwood, Danville

Montgomery, Verdell William, 722 E. Maywood Ave., Peoria

Moore, Michael Lee, 12771 Shipman Road, Shipman

Moore, Rita Kay, 802 Pine, Carlinville

Morgan, Hope Priscilla & Keith David, 500 Sixth St #8, Charleston

Morrell, Virginia L, 306 E. Cherry Street, Moweaqua

Munn, Heather Lynn, P.O. Box 153, Tilskilwa

Murphy, Kelly Jo & Matthew Martin, 238 West Jefferson St., Arcola

Musick, Hope Elizabeth & Matthew Shawn, 305 N. Rose Drive, Auburn

Myers, David Earl & Terry Lee, 305 S. Main St., Taylorville

Myers, Margaret, 1509 Fort Jesse Road Unit 14, Normal

Myers, Ryan M, 125 E. North St P.O. Box 24, Cisco

Myles, Michael Hayward, 1933 E Pine, Springfield

Nelson, Deborah Inez, 1245 49 Ave. Court Apt. 106, East Moline

Nesbitt, William E, 511 Mitchell Ct. Apt C, Champaign

Newman, Barbara Lea, 802 Summit, Carrollton

Nichols, Belinda Jean, 17 Weavers Ct., Paxton

Nichols, Shane Richard, P.O. Box 1301, Burlington

Nixon, Gerald, 201 W. State St., Potomac

Noyes, Kari Leigh, 124 W. Harpole, Williamsville

Nutter, Barbara J & Orda J, 100 Harvest View Apt 146, Herscher

O'Brien, Michelle L, 210 SW Seventh Street, Aledo

Oelschlager, Alvin B Jr & Beverly M, 117 Lacon, Forrest

Olvera, Benjamin Jr, 309 Northline Road, Tuscola

Orr, Jessica Renee, 411 N. Heather, Auburn

Ort, Carrie, 114 Arnold, East Peoria

Overman, Sandra L, 1112 North Church Street, Gibson City

Parod, Enchandia & Joshua, 1311 State St., Pekin

Passmore, Edward J & Toni A, 61 W. Fulton, Farmington

Peacock, Patricia Ann, 2708 Campbell, Champaign

Peacock, Stacy N, 604 State Rt. 10 Unit 1, Lincoln

Peck, Dollie D, 631 Donas Drive, Rushville

Peebles, Beth, 210 Frey St, Gillespie

Peecher, Kevin R, 407 Park Street, Auburn

Peeler, Linda Rae, 104 N. Main Road, Rankin

Peniston, James M Jr, 2028 15th Street A, Moline

Peoplis, Gregory J, 952 34th Ave., Rock Island

Perez, Angelica N, 1415 S Sixth St, Quincy

Phegley, Cathy Lee, 301 S. Church St., Rossville

Phillips, Kiersten D, 1522 E. Reynolds, Springfield

Pierceall, Roy A, 306 S Madison St, New Berlin

Pittmon, Michael, 207 S. Durkin Drive, Springfield

Powell, Andre Robert & Megan Kathleen, 2217 Champaign Ave., Mattoon

Powell, Melissa K, 301 Michigan St., Westville

Pratt, David E & Tammy M, 245 N Pitt Street, Virginia

Pritchard, Andrew Michael, 504 South Cottage Grove Ave., Urbana

Prose, Kristi L, 710 W. Quincy St., Kinderhook

Queen, Bruce, 334 Harris Lane, Peoria

Quezada, Joy A, 1820 W. Glen Ave., Peoria

Radford, Randy J & Vivi Ann, 8 Bailey Ln, Pana

Ramos, Julie M, 1202 25th Street, Rock Island

Ray, Patricia Lee & Stanley Eugene, 1291 E. 1695 North Road, Shelbyville

Ray, Randall Lee, 514 W. Boston Ave., Monmouth

Ray, Veronica Lee, 1200 W. Waco, Taylorville

Reader, Connie Sue, 216 Parkridge, Pekin

Reed, Julie Ann, 356 28th Ave., East Moline

Reid, Jannan N, 125 Higbee, Pittsfield

Reider, Sheryl A, 809 W. S. Fifth St., Shelbyville

Reifsteck, Chad J, 113 W. State St., Potomac

Revello, Aimee L, P.O. Box 160, Royal

Rice, Gary L & Shirley A, 717 Marion Ave., Mattoon

Rice, Tabitha, 3 The Oaks, Tolono

Richardson, Charise Marie, 1119 S Curtis Ave. Apt D43, Kankakee

Richardson, Janet Inez, 1215 Leon Way, Bourbonnais

Ritter, Vanessa, 206 S. Russell Ave., Geneseo

Robinson, LenTarsha Renee, 824 W Thrush Ave., Peoria

Robles, Amy L, 830-First Ave. Lot 24, East Moline

Rock, Elizabeth Ann & Joseph Allen, 1016-10th Street, Silvis

Rodgers, Yalonda Catrice, 6603 N. Tammarack Lane, Peoria

Rogers, Diane M, 3725 N. Peoria Road Lot 77, Springfield

Rollet, April Jean, 2109 S. Whittier, Springfield

Rose, Kimberly Ann, 511 Guy St., Georgetown

Ross, Shawn Lee, 3202 Lakeland Road, Decatur

Rott, Brian D & Sarah A, 340 Sycamore St., Payson

Rowland, Barbara Renee & David Meganhardht, 2241 Spruce Street, Quincy

Salgado, Candy Jocelyn, 4338 Ninth St, East Moline

Salvarrey, Nicole Marie, P.O. Box 474, Clifton

Salz, Danielle Zulz & Steven James, 293 County Road 3000 E., Rutland

Samuels, Joseph C, P.O. Box 251, Thomasboro

Sanchez, John Thomas, 1005 Prairie Mills Road, Golden

Sandoval, Laura Ann, 1700 Hospital Road Apt. 115, Silvis

Sauer, Laurel Ann, 408 E. South Street, Kewanee

Savers, Travis Aaron, 120 South Orange St #1, El Paso

Schaffer, Katy E & Tyler F, 205 N. Fair St., Champaign

Schertz, Heather M, 601 Seminary Ave., Bloomington

Schmidt, Christine A, 3069 State Route 78, Toulon

Schmillen, Cheryl L, 306 Leopold St., Mackinaw

Schuette, Cynda L, 516 S 13th St., Quincy

Schultz, Kristine Kay & Timothy Jon, 225 Cherokee Court, Bourbonnais

Schumm, Lindsay M, 10924 Medalion Drive, Bloomington

Scogin, Bradley B, 345 S. Glencoe, Decatur

Scott, Derek Lee & Susan Lynn, 104 Forrest Ave., Paris

Scott, Jordan E & Karen R, 9238 350 East St., Neponset

Scroggins, Kathy Mary, 818 South Fifth Ave., Kankakee

Sea, Christine Sue, 11316 State Route 29, Pekin

Seanard, Debbra Ann, 3107 SW Jefferson Ave., Peoria

Senders, Randall L & Shirlene M, P. O. Box 31, Williamsfield

Seymour, Matthew J & Sierra S, 526 Fairholm Ave., Peoria

Shepherd, Elizabeth Ann, 2830 College Ave., Quincy

Shepherd, Timothy Floyd, 313 East Washington Street Apt 18, Mount Sterling

Sherfy, Tim W Sr & Kathy A, 14 Zachary Ct, Girard

Shinholster, Joyce Renee, 1813 Shelby Ave., Mattoon

Shook, Chris L & Linda J, 431 W. Boundary Ave., Stanford

Shreffler, Scott Paul, P.O. Box 91, Gilman

Simpson, Evelyn G, 694 Bateman, Galesburg

Skube, Tamara L, 814 Deerfield Road, Chatham

Slimko, Mark A & Roberta L, 211 N. Steele St. Box 293, Cherry

Slough, Bryce Allyn, 2025 South Arrowood Court, Quincy

Smith, Alma Jean, 901 N. McKinley Ave. Apt A, Champaign

Smith, Brenda M, P.O. Box 27705, Springfield

Smith, Brittany Laura, 510 Timber Ridge Lane, Quincy

Smith, Chassity Marie, 100 Weber Ln, Delevan

Smith, Dawn R, P.O. Box 20153, Springfield

Smith, Elizabeth Ann & Shawn Patrick, 2389 Roberts Road, Magnolia

Smith, Jason A, 5465 Moss Road, Macon

Smith, Sharon Kay, 3500 N. Dirksen Pkwy Lot 106, Springfield

Smith, Trudy Kay, 1700 School St. Apt. 8, Normal

Soran, William Charles, 1402 E. College Ave. Apt. 103A, Normal

Sosa, Nathaniel R & Sara L, 430 N. Ohio Ave., Morton

Spalding, Crystal L, 316 E Julia, Clinton

Spangler, Thomas Allen, 3535 N. Vermillion St. Apt. 138, Danville

Speed, Kenneth E, P.O. Box 2466, Kankakee

Spence, Chasity C & Shayron L, 3530 Meadowlark Drive, Decatur

Spencer, David E, 1506 N.E. Madison Ave., Peoria

Sprinkle, William E, 620 Washington St, Quincy

Stanley, Jatarrah, 1440 East Wellington Way 3E, Decatur

Stark, James R & Laurana A, 2900 State St. Apt 103 C, Quincy

Steadman, Ashley N & Raymond M, 3206 Crestview Drive, Quincy

Steagall, Lawrence E Jr, 35 S. Seventh, Canton

Stephens, Scharlene J, 1017 S. Mercer Apt. 313, Bloomington

Stockon, Bonnie K, 204 N Chestnut, Pana

Stockton, John William, 505 S. Elm St., Tallula

Suddarth, Damon Sr & Crystal D, 3021 Turpin Road, Decatur

Summers, Marcus Antoine & Shadwana Lynn, 2009 E. Kansas St, Springfield

Sumpter, Henry L Jr & Kathleen V, 1438 Wormans Road, Quincy

Swearingen, Steven Louis, 331 S. Tremont St., Princeville

Taylor, Andrea Donne, 1527 W. Barker Ave., Peoria

Taylor, Billy E & Lorie A, 1235 N 2700 East Road, Milford

Taylor, Patricia A, 1101 1/2 E. Perkins Road, Urbana

Teel, Margaret A, P.O. Box 91, Bardolph

Thevenot, Anthony D, 104 S. Walnut, Pana

Thien, DeAnna Renee & Jeffrey Adam, 129 Prairie St., Greenfield

Thomas, Shanta R, 301 Valley View Circle Apt 301, Bloomington

Thompson, Kristina M & Mark M, 1847 Elmwood Drive E, Quincy

Thompson, Lauren Elizabeth, P.O. Box 23, Viola

Thompson, Susan Kay, 7157 East First Street, Saint Anne

Timpe, Beverly Sue, 108 Thoda

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