Building Permits


G.H. Peters Construction, second-story addition to single-family residence at 507 Chicago Ave., $65,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration for Checkered Moon at 2007 S. Neil St., $36,000.

Todd Carlson, new single-family residence at 3404 Boulder Ridge Drive, $205,250.

Todd Carlson, new single-family residence at 3402 Boulder Ridge Drive, $205,250.

Wells & Wells Construction, deck and porch remodeling at single-family residence at 2519 Prairie Ridge Place, $80,000.

KAP Architecture LLC, alteration at Christie Clinic Cancer Center office at 109 W. University Ave., $148,000.

Carle, alteration at Carle offices at 3310 Fields South Drive, $128,221.

Ray Hughes, alteration at Psi Upsilon fraternity house at 313 E. Armory Ave., $122,400.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., tenant fit-out for Tri-County Welding office at 217 S. Neil St., $62,659.

Timbercreek Developers, new single-family residence at 1208 English Oak Drive, $434,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 3609 Freedom Blvd., $276,000.

Tim Gibbs, repairs at single-family residence at 704 Fairway Drive, $39,000.

Duzan Architecture + Design In, training room and bathroom addition at Champaign Gymnastics Academy at 219 S. Mattis Ave., $35,000.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., remodeling at Hawthorn Suites/Holiday Inn at 101 Trade Center Drive, $1,027,543.

Jim Park, alteration for Naya Restaurant at 212 E. Green St., #104, $890,000.

O’Shea Builders, new dugouts, press box and bleachers at Spalding Park at 900 N. Harris Ave., $188,064.

O’Shea Builders, new locker/concession building at Spalding Park at 900 N. Harris Ave., $987,961.

Dreamscape Custom Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 3614 Freedom Blvd., $372,000.

McGuire/CU Homes, new single-family residence at 1415 Jacobs Blvd., $480,000.

Straight Up Solar, solar panels at single-family residence at 812 Dodds Drive, $56,000.

Strata Solar, rooftop solar electric system at Market Place Mall at 2000 N. Neil St., $693,180.

Sub 4 Development Co. LLC, alteraton at Health Alliance office at 3301 Fields South Drive, $230,000.

Rosebrook Pools, outdoor swimming pool at The Legends at 4422 Nicklaus Drive, $165,000.

FRCH Design Worldwide, alteration of Charles Schwab office at 2219 S. Neil St., $264,000.

Sprint, cell tower antenna replacement at 3019 Research Road, $25,000.

English Bros., garage repair at 505 N. Neil St., $27,400.

Mike Martin Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1212 W. Windsor Road, $659,569.

New Prairie Construction, solar array at single-family residence at 4208 Curtis Meadow Drive, $27,266.

Olympic Construction, alteration at Carle Hospital building at 1813 W. Kirby Ave., $380,500.

Duzan Architecture + Design, washer/dryer modifications at multifamily residence at 202 E. Chalmers St., $32,000.

McGuire/CU Homes, new single-family residence at 1410 Jacobs Blvd., $400,000.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family residence at 5013 Chestnut Grove Drive, $302,000.

Jackson Quality Construction, truss repair and sheathing at single-family residence at 2303 Naples Court, $25,000.

Distributed Generation Inc., solar panels at single-family residence at 3916 Liberty Circle, $27,000.

Architectural Expressions, alteration for El Progreso restaurant at 1017 Bloomington Road, $60,000.

Architectural Expressions, remodeling of multifamily residence at 40 E. University Ave., $445,000.



Premier Construction, new single-family residence at 1311 Hickory Tree Court, $475,000.

Conway Farms LLC, new commercial building at 1706 Patton Drive, $900,000.

Nelson Builders Illinois LLC, new single-family residence at 1809 Whisper Meadow Lane, $400,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1306 Forest Ridge Drive, $385,000.

Backyard Pool and Patio, new in-ground pool at 1505 Halo Drive, $75,000.

Scott Nelson Construction, new single-family residence at 1102 Morningside Lane, $430,000.

Jody Wesley, new commerical accessory building at 807 W. Oak St., $180,000.

Bulldog Pools & Spa, new in-ground pool at 1111 Ashford Court, $50,000.

Defeng Yang, new above-ground pool at 603 S. Jeffery Drive.

Chad Coit, in-ground pool at 204 E. Orchard Drive, $45,000.

Chad Coit, in-ground pool at 1807 Katelyn Lane, $45,000.

Unlimited Construction, new single-family residence at 805 Cates Drive, $220,000.

Unlimited Construction, new single-family residence at 803 Cates Drive, $220,000.

IUVO Constructum, new single-family residence at 714 Gavin Road, $253,900.



New single-family residence at 620 Quinlan Place, $175,000.

Walmart Stores, commercial addition at 845 Broadmeadow Road, $145,000.

MidWest Construction, excavation/foundation at 850 Broadmeadow Road, $250,000.



Nelson Builders Illinois LLC, new single-family residence at 302 Newhaven Lane, $347200.



Dodds Co., remodeling of business at 2860 S. Philo Road, $60,000.

Architectural Expressions LLP, remodeling of business at 301 S. Vine St., $100,000.

Dodds Co., remodeling of business at 2860 S. Philo Road, $60,000.

Architectural Expressions LLP, remodeling of business building at 300 S. Broadway Ave., total of $158,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $273,390.

Erin Glynn and Jordan Ross, remodeling of single-family residence at 803 E. Hawthorne Drive, $29,750.

Robert Muncaster, addition to single-family residence at 5 Squire Court, $43,500.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 2805 Plantation Road, $570,000.


Champaign County

Dale Tobey, construct a detached garage at 2365 County Road 3600N, Paxton, $39,763

Champaign County Forest Preserve, establish a temporary use for a fireworks display on July 4 with a July 5 rain date at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve, 109 S. Lake of the Woods Road, Mahomet

Gary Olson, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 2285 County Road 1950N, St. Joseph, $350,000

Jeremy Stutsman, construct an addition to an existing single-family home and authorize a previously constructed detached storage shed and swimming pool, $50,000

Larry and Nancy Blackburn, construct an addition to an existing single-family home, 899 County Road 800E, Champaign, $60,000

James North, establish a temporary use for a fireworks display on June 30 with a rain date of July 1 at 2701 County Road 500E, Mahomet

Adolph Lo, demolish an existing house and outbuildings, returning the ground to a level grade at 2407 W. Windsor Road, Champaign, $12,500

Adolph Lo, demolish an existing house and outbuildings, returning the ground to a level grade at 2908 S. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $13,500

Mike Rhoton, construct a sunroom addition to an existing single-family home at 1325 County Road 2545E, Ogden, $64,657

Wilson Clem, construct a cattle barn at 1012 County Road 1500E, Philo, $17,200

Morgan and Jeff Blankenship, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 2324 County Road 2600N, Gifford, $250,000

Clayton and Larissa Bosch, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 2246 County Road 300N, Broadlands, $280,000

William and Joni Markel, construct a detached garage and authorize a previously constructed detached garage at 1106 County Road 2375E, Homer, $40,000

Kate Stout and Virginia Stout, construct an attached garage addition to an existing single-family home at 698 County Road 2550N, Dewey, $12,000

Steve Heater, construct a sunroom addition to an existing single-family home at 2009 Burwell St., Urbana, $72,300

Taylor Ritter, construct a detached storage shed at 1975 County Road 3600N, Ludlow, $5,000

Glen Filken, construct a detached garage at 2303 County Road 2800N, Gifford, $13,000

Seymour Fire Corporation, establish a temporary use for a fireworks display on July 4 with a July 7 rain date at 304 S. Main St., Seymour

John and Diane Goodwine, construct an addition to an existing single-family home at 2201 Valley Brook Drive, Champaign, $140,000

Kathy Mullins, construct an addition to an existing detached agriculture storage shed at 357 County Road 1300N, Champaign, $35,000

Urbana Country Club, establish a temporary use for a fireworks display on July 1 at 100 E. Country Club Road, Urbana, $10,000

Darren Ramm, establish a rural home occupation, D. Ramm Services, Inc., at 2685 County Road 2000N, Ogden

Travis Huls, construct an in-ground swimming pool with a 4-foot non-climbable fence, with a self-closing, self-latching gate at 1 Huls Place, Gifford, $35,000-$40,000

Bruce and Shannon Mennenga, construct a detached storage shed for personal use at 1960 County Road 2800N, Rantoul, $150,000

Row Crop, LLC/TAG Along Assoc. LP, establish a temporary use for an outdoor concert, Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour on Sept. 28 at northwest corner of intersection of county roads 1000E and 300N, Pesotum

Travis Geralds, construct a screened porch addition to an existing single-family home at 644 County Road 700N, Tolono, $31,000

Teresa Radosevich, construct a personal horse barn at 2360 County Road 1000E, Champaign, $150,000

Todd and Michelle Hesterberg, construct additions to an existing single-family home and construct a detached shed for agriculture use only at 2280 County Road 2900N, Gifford, $227,838

Jason Hart, construct a detached garage at 1008 Churchill Downs Drive, Champaign, $55,000

Jason Frerichs, construct additions to an existing single-family home at 2737 County Road 2700E, Penfield, $130,000

Shannon Kohr, install an above-ground swimming pool with a minimum 4-foot-tall non-climbable fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate at 312 Independence, Dewey, $9,000

Brad Houk, construct a barn for agriculture use only at 2001 Cottonwood Road, Urbana, house $500,000; barn $300,000

Larry Jacquneaux, place a storage container on the property to be used as a storage shed at 3213 N. Cottonwood Road, Urbana

Dustin Ehler, construct a detached storage shed for agriculture equipment storage at 1946 County Road 2600N, Thomasboro, $240,000

Tax Leins

Federal liens

Carlton W. and Sheena J. Bruett, 408 Yankee Ridge Lane, Urbana, $26,511.75

Thomas A. McGrath, 919 W. Church St., Champaign, $29,567.02

Craig E. Detamore, 508 Haines Blvd., Champaign, $430,644.35

Tyler J. Kirkwood, 921 N. 10th St., Springfield, $357,155.38

Felix Manuel Barbosa, 1164 N. Century Blvd., Rantoul, $364,207.14

Roger W. and Margo A. Huddleston, P.O. Box 739, Mahomet, $27,799.29

Thirdside Inc., a Corporation, 806 Frank Drive, Champaign, $15,235.21

Wanita L. Gregory, 244 Alexander Drive, Rantoul, $29,477.41

Brian T. and Christine A. Schurter, 404 Moraine Drive, Rantoul, $73,689.51

Federal lien releases

Patricia E. Fowler, 2521 S. Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana, $18,678.26

Never Neater Inc., a Corporation, P.O. Box 348, Mahomet, $721.71

JC Caroline, 2501 Stanford Drive, Champaign, $16,048.41

Onconostic Technologies Inc., a Corporation, 40 Hazelwood Drive, Ste. 208, Champaign, $11,487.19

Graham Edwards and Sarah A. Weinstein, 502 E. Washington, Urbana, $104,401.23

Doris K. Lain, 609 W. Healey St., Apt. 7, Champaign, $3,844.06

Doris K. Lain, 609 W. Healey St., Apt. 7, Champaign, $353,135.81

Andy W. Brennan, Turf Doctors, P.O. Box 237, Ivesdale, $10,241.63

Andy W. Brennan, Turf Doctors, P.O. Box 237, Ivesdale, $8,435.77

Tomato Express Ltd., a Corporation, 313 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $12,327.95

State liens

Atlas Cab, 1319 Frederick St., Champaign - $703.55

Super Rata Jack Inc., 2409 Cherry Hills Dr., Champaign - $50.00

Ann Doolin, 3122 Palmer Drive, Apt. 5, Champaign - $112.65

Bliss Ylonen, 1311 Sunset Drive, Champaign - $112.45

Brandon Faulkner, 7 Angela St., Fisher - $187.33

Cortez Gardener, 806 N. Harvey St., Urbana - $110.50

Derek Pruitt, 2741 Hunters Pond Run Apt. 21, Champaign - $258.51

Jason Jackson, 684 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul - $101.09

Kendrick Crossland, 634 Autumn Fields Lane, Rantoul - $105.85

Lisa Hettinger-Brown, 1205 Southwood Drive, Mahomet - $2,709.06

Michael Worley, 103 W. George Huff Drive, Urbana - $1,381.57

Paul Clifton, 907 N. Gregory St., Urbana - $103.40

Tiaca Williams, 1501 Thorton Drive, Champaign - $845.11

Xiangzhen Zhang, 1001 S. Wright St., Champaign - $85.26

Amber Fitzgerald, 1307 Alpine Drive, Champaign - $998.40

Michael Hynds, 1006 Galen Drive, Champaign - $17,360.81

Richard Hynds, 1901 Sumac Drive, Champaign - $17,360.81

Stephen Kirby, 303 W. Main St., Urbana - $299.91

Virgia Hawkins, 1008 Kara Drive, Champaign - $1,940.81

Johnny Ngo, 2181 Monroe Drive, Urbana - $102.50

Jonny Ngo and Hoa Lai Nguyen, 2181 Monroe Drive, Urbana - $93.24

Haiying Xiong, 1007 W. Main St., Apt. 311, Urbana - $60.54

Iylas Kapan and Meral Kapan, 339 S. Century Blvd., Rantoul - $107.64

Jung H. Oh, 700 S. Gregory St., Apt. 319, Urbana - $85.27

Pedro Elosegui and Gabriela Sabbatella, 2903 Prairie Meadow Drive, Champaign - $61.77

Steven Polley, 302 Burwash, Apt. 131, Savoy - $56.88

Timothy Williams, 200 W. Washington St., Monticello - $37.11

Crawford Barbee, 816 E. Kerr Ave., Apt. 107, Urbana - $7,262.81

Elpidio Cruz Morales, 46 E. University Ave., Champaign - $141.77

Green Acres, 1703 S. Anderson St., Urbana - $1,020.12

Sara Brooks, 811 N. Third St., Apt. 32, St. Joseph - $383.97

Yixuan Zhao, 303 S. Wright St., Apt. 13, Champaign - $389.81

State lien releases

James Sprague and Stacy Sprague, 206 E. Center, P.O. Box 220, Gifford - $2,230.14

Dionna Garvin, P.O. Box 2503, Champaign - $586.65

Robert Warwick, 605 W. Iowa St., Urbana - $19,066.71

Anthony Williams, 1133 Briarcliff Drive, Rantoul - $2,525.86

Caleb Cook, 708 W. Hill St., Champaign - $1,433.46

Tony Williams, 1133 Briarcliff Drive, Rantoul - $806.81


Chapter 7

Adams, Anthony T, 563 W. Grove St., Galesburg


Adams, Jon Michael, 104 Locust St. #8, Delavan


Adams, Roberta S., 119 S. Moffet Ave.,  Joplin


Adams, Tasha L, 563 W. Grove St.,  Galesburg


Addison, Ronald L, 1027 S. Fifth St.,  Pekin


Addison, Ronda F, 1027 S. Fifth St.,  Pekin


Allen, Sarah Marie, 201 Hickory Lane, Lincoln


Allen, Shanon, 2032 Stonehenge Road,  Springfield


Allen, Timothy T, 2032 Stonehenge Road,  Springfield


Amos, Terrica Shaunay, 2829 NE Madison Ave., Peoria


Anderson, Valerie R., 608 W. Loucks Ave.,  Peoria


Arnett, Levi, 615 W. Green St., Farmer City


Arrate, Anthony L , 203 Webster St., Spring Valley


Arrate, Barbara A, 203 Webster St., Spring Valley


Artis, Jenny B., 312 Phillips Drive, Rantoul


Ashley, Eric Dean, 345 Burgener Drive, Mt. Zion


Ashworth, Cody M, P.O. Box 701, Atlanta


Ashworth, Jennifer M , P.O. Box 701, Atlanta


Atkins, Brandon James, 1520 N. Summit Ave., Decatur


Atkins, Emily, 707 Golfcrest Road S, Apt. 3, Normal


Bailey, Elizabeth Sarah, 307A E. Michigan Ave., Urbana


Balding, Gina Kay, 120 Eagle Ridge Drive, Chatham


Baldwin, Thomas G, 529 W. Grant St., Pittsfield


Barnes, Daniel W., 214 N. Shelby, Moweaqua


Barnes, Kristen M, 1359 West Forest Ave., Decatur


Barr, Carrie Nicole, 17986 E. 1700 North Road, Pontiac


Barr, Edward Peter, 17986 E. 1700 North Road, Pontiac


Bartimus, Kimberly S. , 409 W. Washingtion St., West Point


Bartimus, Shane E., 409 W. Washingtion St., West Point


Bean, Katherine F., 2418 Western Ave.,  Mattoon


Beckman, Jason T. , 1813 Hilltop Drive, Quincy


Beckman, Kimberly J, 1813 Hilltop Drive, Quincy


Bedolla, Kira Marie, 1392 Cook Blvd.,  Bradley


Bedolla, Steve Anthony, 1392 Cook Blvd.,  Bradley


Beechum, Teren C, 2215 41st St.,  Rock Island


Bell, Charlotte Antoinette, 348 Stone St, Kankakee


Benton, Brenda L., 51 Apple Ct., Mattoon


Berchtold, Melissa J., 1400 W. Willcox Ave.,  Peoria


Blaase, Douglas Drew , 115 Iowa Street,  Danville


Blackwell, Anthony, 1604 Northbrook Drive #6,  Normal


Bloyd, Kenneth A , 155 S. Sixth Ave.,  Canton


Blumke, Paul W. , 3330 Lyric Lane,  Quincy


Bly, Julie Marie, 1900 W. S. 2nd #309, Shelbyville


Bly, Ralph Lynn, 1900 W. S. 2nd #309, Shelbyville


Boatman, Essie B Jr., 455 S Yates Ave., Kankakee


Bodwell, Mary Jo, 6949 S. 13000 W. Road, Herscher


Bogatitus, Linda A, P.O. Box 5, Ladd


Bolar, Jessie Mae, 342 W. River St., Kankakee


Bowman, Jeffrey L , 530 S. Main St., Sheffield


Bowman, Peggy L , 530 S. Main St., Sheffield


Brackett, Brittany Ann, 150 S. Durkin Drive Unit #2, Springfield


Bradford, Tangie Yolanda, 1803 Oliver Drive Apt. 5, Urbana


Bradigan, Scott Daniel, 3795 S. 8500 East Road, Saint Anne


Bragg, Melissa Jane, 520 E. Main St. Apt. 402, Clinton


Bramlett, Dionne L., 312 E. Division St., Decatur


Brooks, William Doyle, 73 Apple Lane, Bourbonnais


Bryant, Karissa Rae Ann, 211 E. Woodlawn Ave., Danville


Buchanan, Janice I, 640 Park Ave., Peoria


Buckallew, Tamera Louise, 4001 28th Ave., Rock Island


Bunker, Miranda Kaye, 525 21st St., East Moline


Bunker, Miranda Kaye, 525 21st St., East Moline


Burch, Roshonda M., 1215 W. Gift Ave., Peoria


Burrello, Steven A., 1105 N. 32nd St., Springfield


Bushnell, David L., 2110 W. Hudson St., Peoria


Cain, Daniel P., 129 E. Northridge Lane, Peoria


Cain, Sharon J., 129 E. Northridge Lane, Peoria


Calhoun, Jeffrey Allen , 2514 Charleston Ave., Mattoon


Calhoun, Mindie Marie, 2514 Charleston Ave.,  Mattoon


Camp, Robert H, 731 W. Washington St., Macomb


Camp, Sharon M, 731 W. Washington St., Macomb


Campbell, Scott Robert , 631 S. Fourth St., Apt 303, Springfield


Carlson, Briana R., 2916 S. Hilton Lane, Bartonville


Carlson, Howard D. II, 315 N. Adams,  Cerro Gordo


Carr, Carey M., 1003 S. 10th St., Pekin


Carr, Michael L, 1003 S. 10th St., Pekin


Carrion, Liana M. , 539 Illinois St., East Peoria


Carter, Cayela C, 609 N. First St.,  Alpha


Case, Denny Dean, 322 W. Cook St., Manteno


Chalmers, Sherrita S. , 1100 S. Livingston,  Springfield


Chappell, Karrie Ann, 329 51st Ave., East Moline


Cheney, Dustin Max, 1531 Tipton Ave., Quincy


Chmiel, Tracy M., 200 E. North St., Flanagan


Christensen, Kathy Ann, 28224 E. 3100 N. Road, Dwight


Chronister, Ashley A, 617 W. Cleveland St., Spring Valley


Chronister, Timothy S, 617 W. Cleveland St., Spring Valley


Clark, Lance R., 730 Broadway St., Hamilton


Clayton, Anthony P. Jr., 1776 E. Division,  Decatur


Clem, Cecily, 1301 S. Main St., Bloomington


Coffey, Ashley Renee, 20 Vogt Road, Petersburg


Cole, Johnna SueEllen, 420 E. Melrose Court,  Decatur


Cox, Ashley J, 2629 N. Lavalle Court, Apt. 1N,  Peoria


Cox, Jennifer Marie, 138 Main Street, Greenfield


Coy, Christina Sue, 4221 N. Knoll Ridge Apt B4,  Peoria


Coyne, Andrea Marie, 9408 12th Street W,  Rock Island


Craig, Michael Eugene, 2939 Normandy Road Unit 2, Springfield


Cranston, Heather Lynn, 435 S Forest Ave., Bradley


Crawford-Jones, L'Sonya L, P.O. Box 20247, Springfield


Cross, Keith Richard, 800 W. Vanmeter, Kankakee


Crowley, Gerald Wayne, 2009 Joanne Lane, Champaign


Cruz, Patricia, 3906 26th St., Moline


Cunningham, Tina Michelle, 1105 N. State St. Apt. A7,  Lincoln


Cunningham, Tina Michelle, 1105 N. State St. Apt. A7,  Lincoln


Curtis, Elliot W., 213 Campanile Drive, East Peoria


Daniel, Jamie Bree, 1603 S. First, Springfield


Danyus, Justin M, 1101 Bull St., Normal


Danyus, Tricia M, 1101 Bull St., Normal


Darlington, Kelsey R., 214 N. Shelby, Moweaqua


Davis, Adam Layne, 133 E. Lincoln St., Greenview


Davis, Gina L , 1100 11th Ave.,  Rock Island


Davis, Jean Ellen, 210 S. Church St.,  Washington


Davis, Lisa Renee, 1752 N. 1600E, Thawville


Davis, William Patrick, 210 S. Church St., Washington


Davison, Barbara Joanne , 181 W. Moultrie,  Bement


DeClerck, Megan Renee, 5307 8th Avenue,  Moline


Defreitas, Charles L. Jr., 107 Redwood Dr.,  Morton


Dehority, James Stephen, 304 S. Pine,  Pana


Dehority, Kathy Diane, 304 S. Pine,  Pana


Delaroche, Bennetta Rose, 624 E. Frye Ave., Peoria


Dennison, Amanda K., 2190 N. Graceland Ave., Decatur


Dennison, Angela M., 7 Meadow Terrace Drive, Decatur


Dennison, Cory W, 7 Meadow Terrace Drive,  Decatur


Denoyer, Jeanie Lynn , 82 Cherry Lane,  Bourbonnais


DiGiovanni, Christopher Andrew, 800 W. Vanmeter, Kankakee


Dobbins, Stephen John, 218 Bruce Ave.,  Milan


Doggett, Shakunda Lynn, 560 N St. Joseph Ave., Kankakee


Dooley, Eric James, 15 1/2 10th St,  Peru


Duffey, Richard William III, 250 S. Durkin Dr. Apt. 10, Springfield


Duke, Jonathan Heath, 2311 Welland Drive, Champaign


Edwards, Michael G., 200 N. Fifth St., Benld


Eller, Annette Christiine, 4005 Sandhill Road, Springfield


Eller, Toney Ray , 4005 Sandhill Road, Springfield


Emerick, Guy R , 508 Main St., Golden


Emerick, Joyce L , 508 Main St., Golden


Estes, John R , 1700 Hunters Trace, Pekin


Evans, Mary M. , 808 Broadway Ave., Mattoon


Farley, Yvonne Marie, 300 Jay Ray Court, Manteno


Fengel, Gayle


Ferati, Sevdali, P.O. Box 412,  Hillsboro


Finke, Robert Gustafson, 111 Apple Lane, Bourbonnais


Fisher, Courtney A , 109 E. Washinton St., Indianola


Flanagan, Byron Keith, 908 N. Linview Ave., Urbana


Flanagan, Yolanda Renee , 908 N. Linview Ave., Urbana


Fleming, Jeffrey A. , 1812 S Houston St,  Taylorville


Fosdyck, Paul L. , 1417 E. Wheeler St. Apt D, Macomb


Foster, Kendall W. , 208 Center St., Buda


Fox, Monica Ada, 2422 S. 12th St., Springfield


Friesner, Madeline Marie , 480 E. Broadway,  Argenta


Fuller, Linda Kaye , 817 E. Virginia Ave., Peoria


Fultz, Derick Neil , 1417 Challis Drive Apt. 5, Bloomington


Gardeakos, Brian T , 122 Barrington Lane, Bourbonnais


Garner, Catherine S. , 209 W. William St., Champaign


Gholston, Leslie Marie , 400 Cedar St., Quincy


Goodman, Denny D. Jr., 1180 Upper Spring Bay Road,  East Peoria


Gordon, Brandon, P.O. Box 395,  McLean


Gore, Glenn H, 1922 W. Kettelle St, Peoria


Gore, JoAnn M, 1922 W. Kettelle St, Peoria


Gossage, Amy Elizabeth, P.O. Box 345,  Colchester


Gossage, Joey Andrew, P.O. Box 345,  Colchester


Graves, Mary Evelyn, 120 Schneider Place, Riverton


Graves, William, 120 Schneider Place, Riverton


Great Rivers Community Capital, c/o Teri L. Havron, 2227 S. State Route 157, Edwardsville


Green, Mary Jane , 324 North Maple Street,  Momence


Green, Nicholas M. , 1900 Highview Rd. Apt. G5,  East Peoria


Grove, Dara B, 135 N. Oakdale, Decatur


Grove, Kyle S, 135 N. Oakdale, Decatur


Hamilton, Samuel Lucas, 304 W. Center St.,  Seymour


Hamm, Emily Ann, 609 S. Wells St.,  Buffalo


Hare, Charles L, 821 S. D St.,  Monmouth


Hare, Vickey J, 821 S. D St.,  Monmouth


Harris, Michael Ray, 730 Westland Drive,  Mt. Zion


Hartke, Colleen, 62 Oak Park Road,  Bloomington


Hartman, Casey D. , 229 Fifth St., Lincoln


Hartman, Michael L. , 229 Fifth St., Lincoln


Hatfill, Shane D, 506 Harbberts St., South Pekin


Haun, Edward  Joseph , 4412 Airport Road,  Bartonville


Hechtner, Karen J, 251 N. Adams St.,  Sheffield


Heimberger, Alan Michael Jr., 310 S. Forest St.,  Clifton


Heimberger, Samantha Jo , 310 S. Forest St.,  Clifton


Hemm, Vickie Lee, 1714 18th Street A,  Moline


Henander, Judy Ann, 204 W. Locust,  Cambridge


Henander, Kenneth Gary, 204 W. Locust,  Cambridge


Henderson, Holly L. , 539 Illinois Street,  East Peoria


Hendrickson, Pamela Kay , 614 W Woodbury,  Macomb


Hess, Kyie LaTrice , 2821 W. Rohmann Ave,  Peoria


Hessing, John Erich Jr., 300 Prince St., Pekin


Hessing, Melissa Sue, 300 Prince St., Pekin


Hewerdine, Catherine M , 2202 Melrose Dr.,  Champaign


Hewerdine, Matthew B , 2202 Melrose Dr.,  Champaign


Higgins, Julie Ann , 5211 N. Ronald Road,  Peoria


Hill, Stacia L , 4704 7 Street  Apt 9108,  East Moline


Hill, Tiffani Desiree , 1405 1/2 S. 5th Street,  Springfield


Hines, Sherra C. , 1505 W. Capital,  Springfield


Hopping, Darren R. , 3 Rainbow Circle Apt. 1,  Bloomington


Hotarek, Donna Lee, 3500 N. Dirksen Parkway Lot 103,  Springfield


Hotarek, Ronald William , 3500 N. Dirksen Parkway Lot 103,  Springfield


Hughes, Evan Jacob, 3170 North 900 East Road,  Farmer City


Hughes, Felicia Ann, 3170 North 900 East Road,  Farmer City


Hulslander, Marcia Lynn, 110 Payson St.,  Kewanee


Hulslander, Vanessa Joanne, 110 Payson St.,  Kewanee


Hunter, April N. , 2255 N. Co. Rd. 2420 E., Westfield


Hunter, Tyler, 705 Bergamot Drive, Savoy


Ihnen, Erinn R, 910 37th St., Moline


Jackson, Daphne Jean, 929 S. Myrtle, Kankakee


Jackson, Jeannette Marie, 531 E. Melbourne Ave., Peoria


Jackson, Marcus Anthony, 929 S. Myrtle, Kankakee


Jensen, Samantha J., 410 N. Church St., Bethany


Jensen, Timothy C., 410 N. Church St., Bethany


Jeras, Brittanya N, 1364 E 3100 N Rd, Apt 1,  Chebanse


Jestis, Melissa Marie, 2751 S. 4th St. Apt. K,  Springfield


Johnson, Andrew David , 242 S Douglas Ave,  Bradley


Johnson, Barbara J , 1608 S 16th St,  Springfield


Johnson, Carmen Jean Marie , 711 W End Ave,  Paris


Johnson, Desa M, 706 W. Douglas Ave., Jacksonville


Johnson, Jessica May, 740 W. Joan Court, Peoria


Johnson, Krisi Marie, 203 E. Central Ave., Princeton


Johnson, Michael Jerome, 203 E. Central Ave., Princeton


Johnson, Nick Lee, 1118 N. 22nd St., Quincy


Johnson, Ruth Ann, 1118 N. 22nd St., Quincy


Johnson, Shavon S, 2700 W. Forest Hill #4, Peoria


Johnson, Zabrina M, 938 S Western Ave., Peoria


Jones, Clifton O, P.O. Box 20247, Springfield


Jones, Cory W., 844 W. Harper, Decatur


Jones, David G., 221 N. Missouri, Morton


Jones, Sherry L. , 221 N. Missouri, Morton


Jones, Teddra D. , 2707 Sangamon Dr., Champaign


Jones, Tiffany Leikya, 1680 W. Waggoner St., Decatur


Jordan, Mark A. , 603 N Tremont St, Apt  #2, Kewanee


Judson, Anastashia, 1807 S Wirt Ave., Springfield


Judson, George, 1807 S Wirt Ave., Springfield


Kalb, Alisha Lonnette, 1138 S. College, Springfield


Karnes, Derek Allen, 425 Capri St., Pekin


Karnes, Veronica Rose , 425 Capri St., Pekin


Kavanaugh, Richard J., 200 E North Street,  Flanagan


Kean, Susan D., 916 W. Sargent St.,  Litchfield


Kem, Janet L., 1402 Summer St., Pekin


Kennedy, Linda Marie , 407 South Seminary St., Georgetown


Kersh, Rufus  III, 425 Marco Drive, Rantoul


Kersh, Samantha Lynn , 425 Marco Drive, Rantoul


Keyes, Daniel O. , 72 Richard Drive, Urbana


Kinsey, Cheryl, 802 E. Jefferson, Pana


Kinsey, Randall  , 802 E. Jefferson, Pana


Kinzer, Kevin L, 23630 N. Taylor Road, Canton


Kinzer, Taylor S, 23630 N. Taylor Road, Canton


Knox, Susan Lynn , 1123 Lawson Ave.,  Washington


Kobit, Amy L. , 2708 Fox Run Dr., Apt. 2,  Springfield


Koch, Robert Paul, 3295 Serpentine Dr., Momence


Kopacz, Scott W., 102 E. 11th,  Danville


Koslofski, Thomas W , 51 Villanova Drive,  Springfield


Krutsinger, Jeannette Marie , 170 Mohawk Drive, Apt. 1, Bourbonnais


Lambert, Jack C. Jr., 137 The Oaks, Tolono


Lambert, Suzan I , 137 The Oaks, Tolono


Lane, Gary Lee Jr., 3716 N. Marybelle Apt. 101,  Peoria


Lane, Kristina D., 409 W. Madison St., Tremont


Lane, Tandra Dale, 3716 N. Marybelle Apt. 101, Peoria


Laskowski, Edward John, 124 W. Hislop Drive,  Cissna Park


Laskowski, Sheila Frances, 124 W. Hislop Drive, Cissna Park


Lawrence, Matthew Glenn, 4 S. Spencer Court, Danvers


Lawrence, Melissa Dawn, 4 S. Spencer Court, Danvers


Lee, Mary L , 5533 N Galena Rd., #172, Peoria Heights


Leeper, Lisa M., P.O. Box 14, Glasford


Leeper, Tracy R., P.O. Box 14, Glasford


Leibbrand, Julie M, 3505 Fenton Court, Springfield


Leichty, Dustin J, 3750 Summer Sage Court, Champaign


Lenover, Jodi M., 300 Prairie Trail Lane, Dalton City


Lenover, Joshua K., 300 Prairie Trail Lane, Dalton City


Levy, Latasha Rose, 1820 S. Perkins Court, Springfield


List, Karon F., 10128 Wics Road, Dawson


Lizenby, Alberta A., 25126 Dover Lane, Hettick


Longer, Kendra, 48 Columbus St., Danville


Lucero, Jessica Lynn , 16634 E 2750 North Road, Danville


Luncsford, Raymond Robert Jr., 1109 N. Monroe, Peoria


Machin, Amy, 3024 Somerton Road, Springfield


Malmborg, Mary Lou, 109  Prairie Ave., Apt 304, Mattoon


Mangalavite, Geraldine, P.O. Box 57, Warrensburg


Mann, Crystal L. , 1709 W. Butler, Peoria


Mann, Lashandra D, 3329 Boulder Ridge, Champaign


Marlin, Barrett P. , 1722 Dirado Lane,  Hamilton


Marr, Linda Sue, P.O. Box 184, Ashland


Matta, Debra Lynn, 311 W Virginia,  Normal


Matzen, Ronald R. , 406 W. James Street,  Dwight


Maupin, Mathew J., 1210 Fieldstone Drive,  Savoy


McBurney, Lillian J, 180 N. Elkhart St. #A6,  Williamsville


McBurney, Timothy John, 180 N. Elkhart St. #A6,  Williamsville


McGuire, Rita M., 973 S. Kellogg St., Galesburg


McKnight, Jessica Lynn, 201 Caboose Street, Ursa


McKnight, Latoya L , 707 NE Madison Ave. Apt. A24, Peoria


Meents, Joseph M., 206 Turnberry, Fisher


Meier-Holderfield, Samantha M. , 657 Groveland St., Creve Coeur


Meister, Nicholas Allen , 413 S. Robinson St., Bloomington


Menzer, Virginia Helen , 209 E. Pollard Ave., Dwight


Milby, Emelita G, 405 N. 2300 East Road,  Mode


Milby, William G, 159 Safi Road,  Fort Hood


Miller, Sandra Kay, 4 Cardinal Drive N., Bethany


Mingus, Jeffrey Alan, 6172 Old State Road, Mattoon


Mitchell, Nicholas J., 6455 Birchwood Lane, Decatur


Mitchell, Rhonda L., 3911 Camelot #201,  Decatur


Moore, Carlotta Brown , 1007 Valley View Circle, Bloomington


Myers, Craig A , 105 1/2 North Macon, Moweaqua


Myers, John G. , 513 S. Sixth, Sullivan


Naab, Michael Anthony, 237 N. Illinois Ave.,  Morton


Nance, Joseph, 1110 Hall Drive W, Jacksonville


Nelsen, Lori Ann , 1530 S. Pointe, Rantoul


Netznik, Jill E. , 1125 N Virginia Ave,  Springfield


Neyhart, Wayne Lloyd Jr, 142 S. Douglas Ave., Bradley


Nibbe, Howard W. , 2737 State Hwy 121, Mattoon


Nibbe, Joyce I. , 2737 State Hwy 121,  Mattoon


Nickey, Kelinda Gayle , 1707 S. Country Club Road #108,  Decatur


Noble, Charles P , 324 East Kellar Lane,  Decatur


Noble, Janice D , 324 East Kellar Lane,  Decatur


Ohl, Kathy L., 9 Hartwell Ct. Apt. A,  Savoy


Olsen, Nathan Daniel, 1585 270th Street,  Sherrard


Ooton, Tammy M., P.O. Box 402,  Forsyth


Otis, Kerri A. , 5617 W. Everett M. Dirksen Parkway,  Peoria


Owen, Mildred Matilda , 112 Maizefield Ave.,  Bloomington


Paquette, Philip, P.O. Box 315,  Aroma Park


Parker, Mable J., P.O. Box 20482,  Springfield


Pate, Abril D, 1300 E Seventh St., Beardstown


Pate, Eva Marie, 401 E. Stewart, Rossville


Pate, James H., 401 E. Stewart, Rossville


Pate, Travis, 1300 E. Seventh St., Beardstown


Payne, Karen Ann, 119 E. South St, Neponset


Payne, Robert Baker, 119 E. South St, Neponset


Perez, Julie Marie, 220 W. Bodwell Ave., Rantoul


Peterson, Jessica Ann, 300 S. Walnut St, Wyanet


Pherigo, Kelly E, P.O. Box 244,  Chandlerville


Pilkey, Shelley J , 1110 Doral Dr.,  Bloomington


Pilot, Larry, 125 N. Oregon Ave,  Danville


Pirok, Emily Joy , 206 N. Walnut,  Mt. Olive


Pittman, Angela M., 181 N. Seminary,  Galesburg


Pittman, Shaun M., 181 N. Seminary,  Galesburg


Planitz, Andrew J. , 267 E State St,  Waverly


Plue, Ashleigh Mariah , 1556 McKnight St,  Galesburg


Plue, Brennan Alan, 1556 McKnight St,  Galesburg


Poland, Charles Z. , 162 E. Cox,  Forsyth


Popham, Tammy L , 215 N Maple,  Gilman


Porter, Michael, 1090 Eastview Dr.,  Rantoul


Post-Boatman, Melissa Sue , 455 S Yates Ave,  Kankakee


Price, Kathryn M , 308 N Evergreen, Onarga


Price, Kieko  , 100 N. Chestnut St., Suite 200,  Champaign


Priess, Kelli L. , 309 Jo Ann Ct.,  Normal


Pruitt, Joyce M. , 2457 Basil Drive,  Springfield


Pusey, Jessica Louise , 404 N. Washington,  Metamora


Pusey, Zachery William, 404 N. Washington, Metamora


Puyear, Tanya Sue, 711 Hilltop Drive,  Sparland


Rader, Jamie Lee , 212 Lindenwood Drive, Danville


Randle, Kevin R, 3813 S. Lafayette, Apt. C, Peoria


Rands, Donna Denise, 11159 Shipman Road, Shipman


Reddick, Lee Autmont, 1408 Widenham St., Peoria


Redding, Matthew Q. , 417 Oakley Road, Cerro Gordo


Reeder, Gerald R Jr., 313 Ritchie St., East Peoria


Reider, Judi, 1775 County Highway 26,  Shelbyville


Reynolds, Marcie Ann, 1229 East Main St., Decatur


Reynolds, Tamica LaTrease, 2544 6th Street Court,  East Moline


Rich, Deborah L. , 116 Court Drive,  Washington


Richards, Christina J , 2020 S 15th St,  Springfield


Riley, Brittany, 801 E. Rudy Ave.,  Mattoon


Riley, Michael James , 209 Turnberry Court, Fisher


Riley-Ponton, Cheryl Jean, 209 Turnberry Court, Fisher


Rives, John C , 2418 High Street,  Quincy


Robinson, Aundria S. , 306 S. MacArthur Highway,  Peoria


Rodebaugh, Debra Lynne, 1004 N. Graham Apt 4,  Sullivan


Rodier, Connor L , P.O. Box 352,  Carlock


Roe, Jennifer A , 1135 E. 7th Ave,  Monmouth


Rogge, Joseph, 504 W. Elm St.,  Bloomington


Ross, Eric P. , 2266 Northridge Court, Washington


Ross, Kathy A , 2266 Northridge Court, Washington


Rowcliff, Anthony, 322 Cedar St., Kincaid


Rowcliff, Tanya, 322 Cedar St., Kincaid


Rubison, Fred L, 202 Westview Dr., Knoxville


Rubison, Karen S , 202 Westview Dr., Knoxville


Rumler, Joey Virginia , 629 25th Ave,  East Moline


Runge, Potenciana S, 2210 Patriots Pointe Drive,  Bloomington


Runyon, Brian Richard, 525 N. 6th Ave,  Canton


Runyon, Heather Marie, 525 N. 6th Ave,  Canton


Russell, Aaron Michael, 7335 W. Hill Rd.,  Decatur


Rutherford, Mylinda Dawn , 200 W Saint Joseph St,  Springfield


Saddler, David Thomas, 2303 8th Street,  Silvis


Saddler, Teresa Joan , 2303 8th Street,  Silvis


Salgado, Misty R. , 1209 E. Oakland Ave.,  Bloomington


Sanders, Lucas, 672 Country Club Dr,  Kankakee


Scheer, Jodi Lynn, 625 Verkler Dr,  Bonfield


Schiele, Dustin Shawn, 111 Shady Lane,  East Peoria


Scholes, Randall Lee, 13 Sommerset Drive,  Jacksonville


Schoop, Theresa A, 1547 Meadow Drive,  Galesburg


Schu, Cailey Elizabeth, 1366 N Inglesh Ave., Kankakee


Schulz, Heath R, 405 W. High St., Elmwood


Schwent, Timothy Gerard, 2165 N. Water St., Decatur


Scott, Tamera L, 309 Lakeside Ave. Apt. C, Pekin


Setterlund, David James, 727 N. Locust, Pontiac


Sexton, Wayne A., 525 S Emmett St., Virden


Shaw, Judy A., 2508 Austin Drive, Springfield


Sherwood, Japheth D., 265 N. Sixth St., Apt. 7, Warsaw


Shortridge, Glen E, 4013 Brookdale Place, Apt 5B7, Peoria


Shreves, Andrew Charles, 3725 N. Peoria Road #149,  Springfield


Shreves, Diana Nicole, 3725 N. Peoria Road #149,  Springfield


Siler, Easter Marie , 529 W. Indiana St., Farmer City


Siler, Kenneth Harold Sr., 529 W. Indiana St., Farmer City


Simpson, Daniel C, 204 E. McCracken Ave., Hoopeston


Skelly, Alicia M., 204 French St., Brocton


Skinner, Brittany L., 100 Pinehurst Lane,  Washington


Skinner, Devin K. , 100 Pinehurst Lane,  Washington


Smith, Austin H. , 1033 W Polk Ave.,  Charleston


Smith, Barbara E. , 1119 S. School Street,  Washington


Smith, Jarrod David , 514 N. Elm Street,  Lewistown


Smith, Kourtni B., 1033 W Polk Ave., Charleston


Smith, Lynda Gay , 67 Hillcrest Trailer Court, Taylorville


Smith, Natasha H, 1100 West Jeffery St., Apt 7,  Kankakee


Smith, Rhonda, 405 S. Main, Riverton


Smothers, Heather L , 636 Madison, Quincy


Snyder, Lindsey J, 22 Horseshoe Drive, Ashland


Snyder, Whitney Kaye, 308 10th Ave, Colona


Solomon, Rebbecca Ellen, 6034 IL Highway 1,  Paris


Spain, Cindy E. , 820 Elm Street,  Delavan


Spears, Kristin M , 2312 Boysenberry Ln, Apt 3,  Springfield


Springman, Jeffrey J. , 2525 Sangamon Rd,  Decatur


Stacy, Franklin  Jr, 2621 N. Bigelow St, Peoria


Stacy, Georgia A , 2621 N. Bigelow St, Peoria


Stevens, Chelsie Elizabeth, PO Box 292, Chebanse


Stevens, Vincent Michael, PO Box 292,  Chebanse


Strieker, Roger L, 2535 Steven Drive, Quincy


Swaney, Andrew, 1510 Ensign Drive, Unit A, Normal


Swim, Gary Earl, 1211 Carroll Ave.,  Urbana


Swim, Margaret Oram, 1211 Carroll Ave.,  Urbana


Swisher, Faith Ann , 2513 Broadway Ave.,  Mattoon


Tabaka, Kelli Jean , 410 N. Monroe St. Apt. 28,  Litchfield


Tabaka, Michael T., 4060 N. 16th Ave.,  Litchfield


Tarter, Adam Peter, 9111 N. Pine Tree Rd.,  Peoria


Tate, Marilyn  , 2700 N. Monroe #114,  Decatur


Taylor, Barbara Lynn , 1233 West Franklin,  Taylorville


Taylor, Jacqueline Denise , 1708 26th Street,  Rock Island


Terhune, Marcus  , 1507 Division St., Apt. A, Urbana


Toering, Katherine M. , 200 Pinehurst Lane,  Washington


Tomasko, Lucille M. , 235 Derby Street,  Pekin


Townsend, Joshua Michael, 5264 Carlton St., Springfield


Townsend, Lindsay Kathleen, 5264 Carlton St., Springfield


Trader, Christopher Allen, 401 Walnut, Greenfield


Trader, Lindsay Christina, 401 Walnut, Greenfield


Trimble, Jennifer F, 32 Ethell Pkwy, Normal


Trimble, Richard C, 32 Ethell Pkwy, Normal


Tucker, Juanita Jane, 14712 Old State Rd.,  Charleston


Tucker, Tonda Jean, 940 17th Street Unit 4,  Moline


Tunyuck, Jessica Kristine , 236 Sapp St.,  Pekin


Turner, LaCorey K , 2114 W. Otley Road Front,  Peoria


Turner, Nancy Jean, 2268 East 1675 North Road,  Watseka


Upp, Kelly Leigh, 503 N. Evans, Bloomington


Van Alstine, Jesse Lewis, P.O. Box 125,  Payson


Van Alstine, Jessica Nicole, P.O. Box 125, Payson


Van Pelt, Sandra K., 1037 E.  Water Street Lot 13,  Pontiac


Vance, Lora Louise, 1317 Black St.,  Pekin


Venegas, Karissa Marquelle, 18 Emily Drive,  Spring Valley


Vicari, Lorraine Kay , 2829 Piper Road, Springfield


Waldrop, Brittny T, 409 Valley View Circle,  Bloomington


Wallace, Kelby M, 325 N. Apricot Ave.,  Peoria


Walz, Michael Joseph, 537 15th Ave., Silvis


Wand, Wendy L, 1611 Maple, Quincy


Waymoth, Amber J , 337 E Nation, Wataga


Waymoth, Christopher M, 337 E Nation, Wataga


Webber, Ashley Marie, 9 Briarcliff St., Danville


Webber, Earl James , 9 Briarcliff St., Danville


Whitten, Betty J , 3334 56th St., Moline


Wigsmoen, Charles Michael, 975 Pheasant Drive,  Bradley


Wigsmoen, Lindsay Nichole, 975 Pheasant Drive,  Bradley


Wilcox, Mary Christine, 3750 North Woodford St. Apt. 110,  Decatur


Wilcox, Michael Glen, 3750 North Woodford St. Apt. 110,  Decatur


Wildbahn, Sarah Ruth, 615 N First Street,  Monmouth


Williams, Takesha Dione , 603 Dogwood Dr.,  Champaign


Williamson, Donald H. , 2505 Angelia St.,  Hillsboro


Willingham, Matthew Lee , 117 Arborgate Drive,  Mattoon


Wilson, Kelly R. Sr., 1840 W. Marietta,  Decatur


Wilson, Logan Marie , 133 E. Lincoln St.,  Greenview


Wilson, Paula A. , 1840 W. Marietta,  Decatur


Winter, Kimberly Lynn , 23 Jordan Dr,  Bourbonnais


Wise, Debra Jean , PO Box 263,  Grant Park


Witherell, Denise Geske , PO Box 979,  Bloomington


Wood, Jean  , 2320 S. 13th  St,  Springfield


Woods, Teschlyn, 3829 Carney Blvd.,  Springfield


Wright, Beatrice Lucille , 325 White Oak Dr.,  Morton


Wright, Chad Eugene, 815 N. Seventh St., Petersburg


Wright, James W. , 627 S Park Ave., Springfield


Wright, Jennifer E. , 627 S Park Ave., Springfield


Wright, Ronald O Jr., 713 N Sterling Ave,  Peoria


Wright, Tricia K , 1400 N 11th St,  Pekin


Yelm, Cherie Lynn , 383 E. Ferris #14,  Galesburg


Young, Brenshira D. , 1903 N. Missouri Avenue, Apt. B,  Peoria



Chapter 13

Ackers, Joseph K , 610 N. Rile,  Bushnell


Ackers, Tonya J. , 610 N. Rile,  Bushnell


Alston, Jessie Lewis Jr., 4312 28th Ave.,  Rock Island


Alston, Melodye Dawn , 4312 28th Ave.,  Rock Island


Bailey, Christie May , 545 21st Ave.,  Moline


Bainter, Robert Dean , 1051 Lakeview Road N, Dahinda


Baldwin, Patricia Lynn , 232 South Highland, Creve Coeur


Ball, Terry W. , 537 Pekin Ave,  East Peoria


Barclay, Sharon K , 309 S. Highland, Creve Coeur


Barnett, Kerry D. , 3342 E. Birch St., Decatur


Barnett, Kerry D. , 3342 E. Birch St., Decatur


Barnett, Monica S., 3342 E. Birch St., Decatur


Barnett, Monica S., 3342 E. Birch St., Decatur


Barr, Charlotte J , 405 E Fifth St., Pana


Barton, Sharon K , PO Box 151, Rio


Becton, Natalie  , 13533 E Central, Pembroke Township


Bell, Cassandra J, 687 William Drive, Knoxville


Bell, Christopher, 687 William Drive, Knoxville


Berthoud, Amber Nicole , 4720 48th Street A,  Moline


Billups, Latonya Lavette , 790 North Main Street,  Mowequa


Blackwell, Katrina E. , 921 Sycamore St,  Quincy


Blackwell, Michael D. , 1023 Valley St.,  Hannibal


Bourey, Andrew D. , 225 S. Main St. Ste. 100,  Decatur


Braten, Jack L , 23 Washingston Street,  St Augustine


Braten, Lori A , 23 Washingston Street,  St Augustine


Brown, Bruce Allen , 1440 Fair,  Decatur


Burger, Clifford D Jr, 300 W. Bluff St  Lot  C5, East Peoria


Burton, Jacqueline V., 1419 W Gift Ave., Peoria


Carlson, Keri M., 2361 CR 1200 N, Saint Joseph


Charland, Charles J. , 224 LaSalle Blvd., Marquette Heights


Charland, Peggy L. , 224 LaSalle Blvd., Marquette Heights


Clark, Robert Lee, 1821 S Spring St.,  Springfield


Cotton, Annie M. , 504 Morgan St., Peoria


Courtright, Kristin J , 503 Mulligan Drive,  Hillsboro


Courtright, Walter L III, 503 Mulligan Drive,  Hillsboro


Coyle, Dawn D. , 4302 42nd Ave Court,  Rock Island


Coyle, Francis J. Jr., 4302 42nd Ave. Ct.,  Rock Island


Davis, Cindy A. , 9 Evergreen Court,  Springfield


Davis, Ronald E. , 9 Evergreen Court,  Springfield


Dixon, Travis, 2110 Savanna Drive,  Champaign


Emerson, Lisa Haeuber , 924 Kara Drive,  Champaign


Fillman, Frederick Rude , 3020 Walnut Ave,  Mattoon


Fillman, Sherry Lynn , 3020 Walnut Ave,  Mattoon


Fleener, Scott, 15 Seth Dunscomb Drive,  Sullivan


Funcannon, Lisa A. , 410 Ninth St., Lacon


Galloway, Laura M, 31 White Pine Road,  Geneseo


Galloway, Robert Wayne , 31 White Pine Road,  Geneseo


Gass, William C , 1 Blackberry Run,  Springfield


Gillespie, Denise Rae , 16188 Potterswoods Rd,  Danville


Gillespie, Patrick Alan , 16188 Potterswoods Rd,  Danville


Gray, Bonnie D. , 142 Oak Park Estates,  Granville


Gray, Thomas E. , 142 Oak Park Estates,  Granville


Haskins, Linda R. , 21672 State Highway 54,  Pittsfield


Hasten, Carol Ann , 346 Country Elms Estate,  Galesburg


Hasten, Leo Thomas , 346 Country Elms Estate,  Galesburg


Hayden, Becky F. , 11701 317th St N,  Hillsdale


Hayden, Laurence, 11701 317th St N,  Hillsdale


Heiden, Dorina J., 6828 Saint Ludgerus Rd,  Quincy


Heiden, Jeremy A. , 6828 Saint Ludgerus Rd,  Quincy


Hilliard, Minor D., 1778 Rt 26,  Metamora


Hilliard, Pamela M., 1778 Rt 26,  Metamora


Hinderliter, Joseph Andrew , 207 West Franklin Street,  Carlock


Holler, Douglas W. , P.O. Box 161,  Murrayville


Holler, Jacklyn L., P.O. Box 161,  Murrayville


Holliger, Scott L., P.O. Box 285,  Benson


Holmstrom, Joan L, 948 County Road 1150 N,  Henry


Hooker, Steven Lee, 227 S. Chestnut,  Princeton


Huebbe, Susan K, 122 N Division St,  Granville


Imes, Susan Marie, 705 Pleasant Street,  Kewanee


Jones, Darrell, 1707 Flagstone Drive, Normal


Jones, Earl, 2010 W. Manor Parkway,  Peoria


Jones, Roslyn, 2010 W. Manor Parkway,  Peoria


Jones-Lee, Kendra Deneice , 2141 Barding Avenue,  Decatur


Klejbuk, Adam, 770 N. 13000 W. Road,  Bonfield


Lair, Michael Steven, 305 N. Alexander,  Alexis


Lampley, James Charles , 202 Terrace Court,  Bourbonnais


Largent, Jason, 2673 South Forrest Green Drive,  Decatur


Long, Carrie S. , 225 Magnolia Drive,  Springfield


Long, John J , 225 Magnolia Drive,  Springfield


Lott, Ebone Dale , P.O. Box 6271,  Springfield


Lotz, Bernadine Ann , 4 Coach Light Village, Mason City


Lovett, Dannie James , 3524 Clarinda St., Sarasota


Lovett, Jessica Jo , 3524 Clarinda St., Sarasota


Manning, Jeffrey A. , 206 N. Louisiana, Morton


Manning, Kati J. , 206 N. Louisiana, Morton


Marquardt, Tara Lynn , 2517 S. 6th St., Springfield


Matlock, Michael D , 2119 Windsor St., Pekin


McCutcheon, Jennifer R. , 507 Main St., N. Henderson


McCutcheon, Richard C. , 507 Main St., N. Henderson


McKinnon, Victoria S , 2123 N 17th St., Springfield


Meeks, Kevin E. , 584 E. Fulton St., Farmington


Meeks, Tammy A. , 584 E. Fulton St., Farmington


Morgan, Carolyn T. , 63 Villanova Drive, Springfield


Nickens, Oweda Ruth , 7358 East Baseline Road, Saint Anne


Oliver, Cary Beth, 111 Julian Ave., East Peoria


Osborn, Tina M., 1617 N. Indiana Ave., Peoria


Peacock, Jessica L, 341 N. Chambers St., Galesburg


Peacock, Marcus N , 341 N. Chambers St., Galesburg


Peiffer, Joseph, P.O. Box 11425,  Cedar Rapids


Porch, Jeffrey L, 2133 N. Bigelow St.,  Peoria


Porter, Cori A, 1816 S 5th St.,  Springfield


Porter, James R , 1816 S 5th St.,  Springfield


Poston, Douglas William , 404 29th Avenue West, Milan


Puryear, Ty L , 3925 W. Virden Court, Peoria


Reatherford, Gary L , 4631 W Andover Drive, Peoria


Reatherford, Jennifer L , 4631 W Andover Drive., Peoria


Requet, David A, 34 Wildwood Drive, Rock Island


Requet, David A, 34 Wildwood Drive, Rock Island


Roach, Eric S, 13753 Winfield Drive, Manito


Roberts, Jannie Mae , 208 Nelson Ct.,  Champaign


Rogers, Catherine L. , 404 E. 2nd South Street,  Mount Olive


Sanders, Deborah Elena , 2014 Meadowlake Drive,  Charleston


Sanders, Wesley Lindley, 2014 Meadowlake Drive, Charleston


Scales, Jennifer Leigh, 37 Devine Drive, Riverton


Scales, Wesley Eugene, 37 Devine Drive, Riverton


Schaefer, Paula Ann, 407 W. Fifth St., Kewanee


Schaefer, William E, 417 Dundee Road, East Peoria


Schinzler, Shari, 14501 FM 3260, Candadian


Schott, Jeffrey A, 2507 Cherry Lane, Pekin


Schultz, Howard W, 240 N. Nassau St., Prairie City


Seguire, Darlene Yvette, 513 W. Jackson St., Petersburg


Shannon, Robert Lee, 304 1/2 Chestnut St., Paris


Shelton, Wanda Jean, 2405 34th Ave., Rock Island


Shouse, David E., 1913 Meridian, Danville


Shouse, Laura L., 1913 Meridian, Danville


Smith, David K., 913 E. Tripp Ave., Peoria


Sowinski, Michael Anthony , 451 E. Highpoint Road,  Peoria


Sparks, Brett R., 1509 E. Tripp Ave., Peoria


St. Aubin, James D, 109 Ridge St., Morton


Steffen, Aaron H, 101 East St., Cropsey


Steffen, Sarah E, 101 East St., Cropsey


Stokes, Taeana S , 604 N Hammes Ave,  Kankakee


Tedrick, Anthony W, P.O. Box 173,  Lovington


Tedrick, Sonja M, P.O. Box 173,  Lovington


Thomas, Samantha J, 1923 W. Callender Ave., West Peoria


Thompson, Alice M, 1624 18th Avenue Unit 19, Rock Island


Thompson, Heidi, 3406 Stoneway Court,  Champaign


Thompson, Matthew Ray , 1624 18th Avenue Unit 19,  Rock Island


Tigo, Serena L, P.O. Box 115,  Riverton


Tiller, Jack R , 935 E Jefferson Apt 305,  Morton


Tiller, Shelley L, 935 E Jefferson Apt 305,  Morton


Toland, Billie J, 204 W. South 1st St.,  Shelbyville


Toolie, Qualeesha L, 2225 W Gilbert Ave.,  Peoria


Trimpe, Margaret L, 110 Shawgo,  Havana


University of Illinois Community Credit Union, Parkinson Law, C/O Parkinson Law Office, 123 W. Main, Urbana

Vance, Walter William , 1121 W. Armstrong Avenue,  Peoria


Vela, David, 1014 Pine Meadows Court,  Normal


Wilbur, Carol A , 939 W. Wilson Drive,  Kankakee


Willey, Jennifer S , 415 E. Prospect St.,  Kewanee


Williams, Jeffery D. , 2828 East Wood Street,  Decatur


Williams, Maureen E. , 2828 East Wood Street,  Decatur


Wright, Robert Paul, 703 Adams Street,  Monticello


Wright, Tanna Margaret, 703 Adams St.,  Monticello


Wright-Dixon, Trina, 2110 Savanna Drive, Champaign

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