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The Brothers Reichard

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The above photo is from the Reichard vault. David Reichard, Sr., left, and David Reichard, Jr., by their first company truck on East Illinois St. in Urbana. The business was then called Reichard Plumbing & Heating, now known as A & R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"It is good to grow and expand, this is what energizes us as business owners and keeps us motivated. Be careful, however, about growing too fast or taking jobs that are beyond your capacity or core strengths." ~ Jon Reichard

"Make it a hobby of observing successful people. These are people who may never be on your team, but from whom you can learn valuable lessons by simply watching them." ~ Scott Reichard

"I view myself as a trail-blazing opportunity seeker. I love finding and creating new ventures and businesses and then becoming a talent scout in building the "Team." I have been blessed to have found and surrounded myself with the most amazing talent and "Team" members imaginable." ~ Scott Reichard

"Your people are your most important asset. Surround yourself with professionals who understand your business." ~Jon Reichard

"The principles are pretty basic. Follow them and you will succeed. However, you will never be truly and completely successful unless you take care of others along the way." ~Scott Reichard