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FINE PRINT August/September 2017


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied fro but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $35,000 are listed. Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and-when available- estimated cost of improvements.


R. Ehlers Construction, alteration to single-family residence at 701 W. Hill St., $100,000.

Dodds Co., alteration to building at 101 Mercury Drive, $1,172,800.

T-Mobile, addition of cell antenna at 303 S. Fifth St., $110,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, tenant fit-out at 2007 S. Neil St., $34,491.

James Goetz/Biggby Coffee, tenant fit-out at 902 Meijer Drive, $205,439.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to Original Pancake House at 1909 W. Springfield Ave., $110,000.

Miller Construction LLC, new single-family residence at 3611 Freedom Blvd., $200,000.

McGuire Custom Homes, new single-family residence at 1413 Jacobs Blvd., $274,500.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family residence at 2107 Talans Drive, $250,000.

Pettyjohn Builders, addition to single-family residence at 508 S. McKinley Ave., $154,000.

Sally Steffens, alteration to single-family residence at 1101 W. Beardsley Ave., $25,865.

JSM Development Services LLC, office alteration at 528 E. Green St., $41,000.

Taylor'd Restorations, alteration at Chabad Center at 509 S. Fourth St., $25,000.

Harrison French & Associates, alteration to Wal-Mart pickup area at 2610 N. Prospect Ave., $116,000.

Jackson Quality Construction, office alteration at 801 N. Country Fair Drive, $44,000.

KAP Architecture LLC, balcony repair at multifamily residence at 906 S. Oak St., $34,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 309 Doisy Lane, $181,070.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 307 Doisy Lane, $118,719.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 303 Doisy Lane, $143,014.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family residence at 3709 Sandstone Drive, $122,500.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to sorority house at 508 E. Chalmers St., $263,000.

Morton Buildings Inc., new Wirco warehouse/office building at 1700 W. Washington St., $2,464,073.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 3111 Palmer Drive, $180,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 413 Doisy Lane, $130,007.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 407 Doisy Lane, $186,026.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 411 Doisy Lane, $146,443.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 305 Doisy Lane, $159,903.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 415 Doisy Lane, $181,070.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 409 Doisy Lane, $120,084.

C-U Under Construction, addition to single-family residence at 1010 Stratford Drive, $110,700.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to Rafters restaurant/bar at 1906 W. Bradley Ave., $312,000.

Architectural Expressions, guardrail replacement at multifamily residence at 54 E. Chalmers St., $500,000.

Architectural Expressions, canopy and vestibule work at multifamily residence at 54 E. Chalmers St., $164,000.

David Jones, alteration for future retail business at 340 N. Neil St., $85,000.

David Jones, facade and egress corridor work at 340 N. Neil St., $212,000.

Baskis Construction Inc., alteration at Champaign-Urbana Public Health District office at 201 W. Kenyon Road, $31,500.

C-U Under Construction, alteration at Cookies by Design and Bailey Boutique Clothing store at 102 S. Neil St., $148,800.

Pro Construction, new Freddy's restaurant at 420 Town Center Blvd., $830,000.

Jay Quiran Custom Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 4108 Rayburn Court, $180,000.

RSP Architects Ltd., Target remodeling at 2102 N. Prospect Ave., $671,544.

Insite RE Inc., cell tower addition/alteration at 108 W. Washington St., $51,300.

JSM Development Services Inc., alteration at multifamily residence at 306 E. Clark St., $74,000.

Timbercreek Developers, new single-family residence at 1608 Congressional Way, $360,000.

Timbercreek Developers, new single-family residence at 1606 Congressional Way, $360,000.

USPRO/United States, repair at single-family residence at 2706 Wendover Place, $38,874.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1608 Eagle Road, $386,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 3912 Slate Drive, $155,500.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 3910 Slate Drive, $165,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 3913 Slate Drive, $165,000.

Ohana Pools & Spas, new pool at single-family residence at 2105 Talans Drive, $45,000.

Hallbeck Homes Inc., new condominium at 2915-2917 Greystone Place, $585,000.

Menold Construction & Renovation, repair of single-family residence at 1002 W. Hill St., $173,321.

Broeren Russo Builders Inc., repair/replacement of courtyard balcony at multifamily residence at 909-911 S. Third St., $35,000.

BLDD Architects, alteration at Academy High at 2302 Fox Drive, $36,800.

Petry-Kuhne Co., alteration at Altorfer Rentals at 808 W. Bradley Ave., $460,000.

Hwai Yang Architects, alteration at Amdocs office at 2109 Fox Drive, $30,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration at Pandamonium Doughnuts at 1105 W. Windsor Road, $72,000.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., alteration to coffee shop at 202 S. First St., $104,523.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., repair/replacement of balconies at multifamily residence at 202 E. Chalmers St.

Jeffrey R. Haynes, alteration to single-family residence at 705 N. Harris Ave., $77,000.

Dodds Co., alteration to EpiWorks building at 1606 Rion Drive, $6,037,231.

IUVO Construction, new single-family residence at 3910 Slate Drive, $160,000.

IUVO Construction-Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 3902 Slate Drive, $160,000.

Hallbeck Homes Inc., new condominiums at 2919-2921 Greystone Place, $585,000.

Noah Yoder Construction, addition to single-family residence at 3101 Timberline Drive, $43,500.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, new awnings for multifamily residences at 212 E. Gregory Drive, 216 E. Gregory Drive, 1110 S. Arbor St., 1112 S. Arbor St. and 1111 S. Third St., $4,600 each.

KAP Architecture LLC, alteration for multifamily residence at 303 W. Green St., $98,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 3907 Liberty Circle, $236,000.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 1704 Eagle Road, $252,000.

Dallas Construction Co., new single-family residence at 3803 Boulder Ridge Drive, $203,040.

Hallbeck Homes Inc., new condominiums at 2923-2925 Greystone Place, $585,000.

Champaign County

Connie Huddleston, covered porch addition to single-family home, 491 CR 2500 N, Mahomet, $30,000.

Hilda and Gary Huls, manufactured home on 1608 CR 2600 N, Rantoul, $129,643.

Nicholas Dillon, detached garage and workshop, 2804 E. Concord Road, Urbana, $75,000.

Rick Stewart, addition on single-family home, 3210 Stoneybrook Drive, Champaign, $55,000.

David Miller, single-family home, 1198 CR 2400 E, St. Joseph, $350,000.

Mathis McCarthy Partnership, warehouse, 1309 E. Kerr Ave., Urbana, $340,000.

Dennis Toeppen, parking lot, the west tract of the plat of the Fink tracts, section 24, Hensley Township, $110,000.

Kevin Coey, convert an existing agricultural shed to a single-family home, 2021 Cottonwood Road, Urbana, $150,000.

Nolan Smith, detached storage shed. 1285 CR 2125 E, St. Joseph, $80,000.

Jason and Meagan Smith, single-family home, 2351 CR 1500 N., St Joseph, $382,000.

Brian and Kristin Biddle, replace tornado-destroyed home with a manufactured home, 2329 CR 750 N., Homer, $183,840.

PI Tower Development, LLC, cellular communication tower, 1137 CR 800 N., Tolono, $175,000.

Anthony Mills, single-family home, Mahomet Township, $260,000.

Mark and Catherine Roland, home renovations and the addition of an in-ground pool, 2451 CR 1225 N., St. Joseph, $75,000.

Lyle Brock, agricultural storage shed, 5111. N. Duncan Road, Champaign, $50,000.

Eric and Whitney Kirby, single-family home, 2180 CR 600 N., Sidney, $200,000.

Mark and Lauchner, single-family home, 1635 CR 1100 N., Urbana, $75,000.

Champaign County Forest Preserve District, a bike and pedestrian path, Urbana Township, $2.8 million.

Advantage Trucking, LLC., truck terminal, contractors' facility and outdoor storage, 1512 CR 2700 N., Rantoul, $350,000.

Steve Taylor, storage shed, 2567 CR 500 E., Mahomet, $50,000.

Bryan and Cara Mills, single-family home, 1363 CR 2500 E., Ogden, $250,000.

Mark and Deborah Williams, front porch addition to home, 400 Deer Run Drive, Mahomet, $59,000.


New single-family residence at 1609 Hunters Ridge Court, $175,000.

New single-family residence at 508 Red Bud Drive, $234,900.

New single-family residence at 2002 Rylan Road, $254,900.00

New single-family residence at 1610 Hunters Ridge Court, $175,000.

New single-family residence at 1605 Kassen Ave., $360,000.

New single-family residence at 2114 Slade Lane, $404,900.

Kai Kulmala, new single-family residence at 702 Country Ridge Drive, $370,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family residence at 1305 Briarwood Lane, $293,000.

Signature Homes, new single-family residence at 1314 Brookhaven Drive, $220,000.


Joe Travis, new single-family residence at 601 Quinlan Place, $237,000.


Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 207 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields subdivision, $285,000.

Miller Construction LLC, new single-family residence at 34 Willow Court in Lake Park subdivision, $279,500. Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 409 Bradford Ave. in Prairie Meadows subdivision, $380,000.

Armstrong Builders, new single-family residence at 1502 Fieldstone Drive in Fieldstone subdivision, $210,000.

Armstrong Builders, new single-family residence at 107 Astoria Drive in Fieldstone II subdivision, $210,000.

Armstrong Builders, new single-family residence at 1417 Winterberry Road in Fieldstone II subdivision, $210,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 601 Lake Falls Blvd. in Lake Falls subdivision, $400,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 3 Harmony Court at Lake Falls subdivision, $485,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 102 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $250,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 202 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $235,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 408 Silver Lake Court in Lake Falls subdivision, $450,000. Rick Stewart, new single-family residence at 1104 Cascade Drive in Lake Falls subdivision, $400,000.

Jeb Kennel Builders, new single-family residence at 1405 Yorkshire Drive in Wilshire subdivision, $500,000.

Signature Construction, new multifamily residence at 101 Hampshire in Courtyards II subdivision, $120,000.

Robert E. Furtney, new single-family residence at 103 Astoria Drive in Fieldstone subdivision, $265,000. Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family residence at 201 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $255,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family residence at 116 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $255,000.


Norman Baxley, remodeling of business at 218 W. Main St., $22,500.

Powerhouse Retail Services, remodeling of building at 100 S. High Cross Road, $19,887.

Dodds Co., remodeling of restaurant at 2740 S. Philo Road, $16,000.

East Urbana Development, remodeling of business building at 110 E. University Ave., $129,000.

Jonathan Reichard, remodeling of single-family residence at 1607 N. Golfview Drive, $41,000.

Dreamscape Custom Homes Inc., new multifamily residence at 708 W. Green St., $397,000.

Dreamscape Custom Homes Inc., new multifamily residence at 710 W. Green St., $476,500.

Maamoon Abudayeh, church remodeling at 2003 S. Philo Road, $14,000.

Prime Retail Services, remodeling of building at 100 S. High Cross Road, $26,400.

McGuire Homes, new single-family residence at 1614 E. Lexington Drive, $194,000.

McGuire Homes, new single-family residence at 1616 E. Lexington Drive, $194,000.

Mid Illinois Concrete & Excavation, new industrial building at 1001 W. Somer Drive, $160,000.

Broeren Russo Construction, remodeling of multifamily residence at 106 S. Coler Ave., $50,000.

Scott Machin Remodeling, remodeling of duplex at 402 S. Busey Ave., $48,500.

Aldi Inc., addition at 3102 E. University Ave., $1,040,935.

Robert Zych, addition to single-family residence at 704 S. Race St., $42,150.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during June1 through July 18, 2017 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

OG Parkhill, Inc., 1006 McDougal, Mahomet, $4,693.14, $6570.71

Bundles of Joy of Champaign, Inc., 1508 N. Bradley Ave., Champaign, $32,144.20

Preston S. Thompson, 905 Bergamot St., Savoy $104,745.51

Donald L. Hoikkala, 3750 Summer Sage Court, Champaign, $27,668.64

Best Electric,, PO Box 512, Champaign, $52,205.08

English Brothers Company, Inc., 807 n. Neil St., Champaign, $120,822.82

GA Johnson Trucking, Inc., 1493 East 2750 CR, Mahomet, $619.51

Cathy M. McWethy, 806 Hartwell Drive, Savoy, $3,446.19

Steven and Holly Pyle, 314 Sangamon St., Fisher, $9437.25

Fluid Events, 44 E. Main St., Champaign, $85785.97

James K Pettyjohn, PO Box 3686, Champaign, $819.79

Sitara Indian Restaurant and Lounge, 114 S. Race St., Urbana, $ 5589.37

Fantasy Fabrications, Inc., 124 Neil St., Champaign, $25751.87

Edibe Erten, 505 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana, $26372.36

Latte Da, Inc., 1305 Clark St., Champaign, $1939.99

Shad Crawford, 2108 Laurel Park Place, Champaign $12123.29

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

The Pet Pro, Dr. Todd Lykins, 1815A Kirby Ave., Champaign, $36196.50

Shirley Whalen, 301 Ells Ave., Champaign, $9435.74

Steven Melchi, 1406 Briarwood Drive, Champaign, $27340.48

Sunbuilt Homes, Inc., 2305 Village Green Place, Champaign, $27739.70

Ronald and Pamela Hartke, 1906 Ridge Park, Urbana, $28211.42

Mennenga Construction, Inc., PO Box 17250, Urbana, $16116.47, $16116,47

Kenneth B. Wyatt, PO Box 614, Fisher, $16351.03

Harry R. Thompson, Jr., 4326 Crossgate Drive, Champaign, $39987.62

Timothy and Rhonda Lash, 4504 Stonebridge drive, Champaign, $13600.93

Jerilyn Harsha, 210 E. Dodson Drive, Urbana, $35744.80

M. Ahmed and W. Alfroukh, 11 Shuman Circle, Urbana, $4808.28

Katsaros and Associates, 2301 Village Green Place, Champaign, $2756.12

Cross Pavement, 3515 S. Cottonwood Drive, Urbana, $65681.41

Andre Hall, PO Box 3192, Champaign, $5649.77

John Peeler, PO Box 477, Savoy, $12623.82

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Steven and Betty Capps, 1303 S. Cottage Grove Ave., Urbana, $ 1380.95

Darren Bressner, 1732 CR 800 N Road, Philo, $4898.85

Matthew Deedrick, 508 Walnut St., Tolono, $ 1065.91

Forever Glamorous, 1412 N. Prospect Ave., Champaign, $1677.05

Jairo Andrade, PO Box 14, Rantoul, $818.68

Jeffrey Cross, 3515 S. Cottonwood Road, Urbana, $7534.30

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Larry Thurman, 1201 N. Clock St., Champaign, $ 5,374.30

Manunga Isasole, 1600 w. Bradley Ave., Champaign, $792.21

Paul and Peggy Thompson, PO Box 213, Sidney, $685.69

Mukhtar Ali, 2007 Brownfield Road, Urbana, $792.34

Stacey and Megan Kreci, 508 w. John St., Champaign, $1,277.84


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from April 25 to July 1, 2017. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

CH 7

Abernathey, Kelli Ann, 1418 N. Grant, Danville

Albert, Tonya L, 1940 N 22nd St, Springfield

Aldridge, Tonya S, 116 Mary Place, East Peoria

Allard, Kelli Jo & Kevin Eugene, 950 S. 4th Street, Canton

Allen, April J & James C, 307 E Ensey St, Tuscola

Allen, Jordan McKenzie, 1610 Moultrie Ave, Mattoon

Allsopp, John P & Rebecca D, 23390 Shake Rag Rd, Danville

Alvarado, Cesar Guzman, 456 South Lincoln, Kankakee

Amador, Leo M, 434 Timber Ridge Lane, Quincy

Anderson, Brian Wayne, 103 NE 3rd Street, Galva

Anderson, Howard L, 107 N Elm, Detroit

Anderson, Jamie L, 108 W. Shelbourne Dr. Apt. A, Normal

Anderson, Timothy Richard, 2779A River Road, Kankakee

Andres, Maria L, 3931 N. Co. Rd 150 East, Mattoon

Arnold, Ashley Allyson, 4808 Paradise Rd, Mattoon

Arthur, Jon R, 1125 Falcon Drive, Apt. 4, Rantoul

Arvidson, Janet M, 915 Court Street, Pekin

Auth, Daniel P, 532 S. Champaign, Bement

Badman, Letitia Joan, 5345 Kirby Road, Oreana

Bainter, Tresa L, 700 Jackson Street Trlr. 32, Hillsdale

Baker, Cory Alan & Natasha Lynn, 245 West Iroquois Street, Sheldon

Baldwin, Thomas Donald, 250 South Cedar Street, Baylis

Barbetta, Albert Charles Sr, 1904 Westview Ave, Danville

Barnard, Channon Renae, 3206 Palmer Dr, #2, Champaign

Barnard, Jeffrey Dale, 304 Windstone Drive, Tolono

Barnes, Jason & Jessica, 17 Yotzonot Drive, Bloomington

Bartley, Lisa M, 1205 E. Melbourne Ave, Peoria

Batty, Brandon Russell, 1509 Julie Dr, Bloomington

Bauer, Thomas David, 7026 N. 1750 East Rd, Bloomington

Bennett, James E & Pamela J, 618 Johnson St, Carlinville

Bennett, Sean Christian, 705 N. Main, Pontiac

Berry, Lisha J, 127 W Locust St, Canton

Bertolino, Cynthia A & Felix R, 622 Frey St, Gillespie

Bilbrey, Jamie A, 312 E South St, Moweaqua

Birr, John Michael & Lana Kay, 5194 South Route 45-52 Lot B-11, Chebanse

Blaase, Douglas Drew, 3039 Golf Terrace Apt 12, Danville

Black, Christopher D, 424 S. 24th St, Quincy

Black, Megan Nicole, 11 Bates Drive, Danville

Blanchette, Richard D & Sandra S, PO Box 36, Crescent City

Blankenship, Ashley Nicole & Richard Lee Jr, 11 St. George Drive, Bourbonnais

Bohlen, Patricia J, 1715 Wilson Rd, Urbana

Bokamp, Gary R. III, 205 N. Thorncrest, Creve Coeur

Boles, Virginia R, 79 Enchanted Gardens, Eureka

Boulware, Pamela, 2116 N Dennis, Decatur

Bouvet, Donald E & Kathy D, 408 W. Birch, Stonington

Bowen, Lindsay Nicole, 3011 W. John St, Champaign

Boyette, Patricia, 210 Minch, South Pekin

Bradburn, Lindsay Nicole & Nicholas Paul, 205 Hillside Court, Pekin

Brame, Shannon M, 100 S. 4th Street, Wapella

Brant, Kevin Lee & Patricia Lynn, 2212 Moultrie Ave, Mattoon

Brewer, Donna J, 549 4th St, Pontoosuc

Brewster, Christian Guy, 608 Jackson Ave # 4, Charleston

Broughton, Agnes A, PO Box 6832, Champaign

Brown, Holly M, 619 4th Street, Lincoln

Brown, Lester E, 645 Davis St, Barry

Brown, Michelle Marie, 205 Orchard Dr, La Harpe

Buckler, Alexandra B, 905 S 33rd St, Mattoon

Buenting, Lindsey Kay, 1518 N. Vermilion St. Apt. 4, Danville

Bull, Douglas John & Ignazia Carmela, 1053 Melodie Lane, Colona

Burge, Jacqueline S & Michael J, 306 N 10 Street, Auburn

Burgener, Matthew T, 2638 N. 1200 East Road, Moweaqua

Burger, Collin T, 230 West Kenney Street, Divernon

Burke, Michelle, 339 W. Lother, Roodhouse

Byers, Betty Lynn, 2827 E. 1500th St, Loraine

Calderon, Rosa A, 290 N Fairmont Ave, Kankakee

Calton, Amanda R, 722 Commercial St, Danville

Carroll, Kenneth & Mary, 416 W. 5TH ST, Momence

Casad, Carrie Jill, PO Box 3653, Champaign

Cassady, Jeffery Lee, PO Box 871, Paris

Casteel, Jason N, 421 Moraine Dr, Rantoul

Cavazos, Jaime A & Rachel N, 8 Corey Ave. Apt 3, Sullivan

Chapman, Jennifer Louisa, 1230 11th Street, Moline

Christmon, Emmanuel R, 333 Water Street, Rochester

Clark, Philip Alan, 412 East 7th Street, Beardstown

Clearwater, Deborah L, 602 Highland Drive, Apt 112, Paris

Cleveland, Jerry J, 301 E. 12 St, Georgetown

Clifton, Bobbie J, 215 E. Grove Ave, Rantoul

Clopton, Jimmy L, 3601 N.E. Monroe Street, Peoria

Coari, John Arthur, Po Box 921, Mattoon

Cochran, Paula Gwen, PO Box 224, Peoria

Cochran, Whitney Rose, 14227 N 750 E RD, Fairmount

Cole, Lauren, 3201 W. Daniels, Champaign

Collins, Kaitlyn E, 118 W. Bluff Street, East Peoria

Comba, Alan Randolph, 927 S. Euclid Ave, Princeton

Conley, Ian Christopher, 2450 Lincoln Hwy Rd, Charleston

Cook, Christopher D & Misty M, 424 Ohio Ave, Westville

Cooper, Carmen C, 1500 Valleyview Ave (Apt. 130), Danville

Cooper, Dejia, 1601 Par Dr, Rantoul

Cottrell, Brenda G, 412 S Fairbury, Fairbury

Cowgill, Robert L, 640 Mill Street, Mt Zion

Cox, Severina, 201 S Grove St Apt 3, Urbana

Cramer, Patrick Michael, 6021 N. Heinz Lane, Edwards

Crandall, Scott C, 921 20th Street, Rock Island

Crawford, Cynthia L & Michael S, 311 Pekin Ave, East Peoria

Crawford, Robert D, 1104 E Corrington Ave, Peoria

Crider, Regina Ena, 1633 Symington Rd, Rantoul

Crifasi-Masten, Annette Marie, 2611 Hilltop Road, Springfield

Crisel, Terry, 103 N 6th st, Keithsburg

Crockett, Richard Lamont Sr, 151 Orchard Ave, Kankakee

Crook, Kimberly J, PO Box 146, Beardstown

Cross, Butch Allen, 625 N. Railroad Apt. 2, Paxton

Crowe, Arlette Charlene, 2320 37th Street Apt 1, Rock Island

Culver, Amy Lynn, 51 Old Farm North Court, Bradley

Dale, Melissa D, 1006 N. Busey Ave, Urbana

Darnell, Abriane Danielle, 1602 Robinson, Danville

Davis, Grace L & John C, 648 N. Piatt St, Bement

Davis, Janet Sue, 2676 Springer Road, Apt. 27, Galesburg

Dawson-Clemmons, Latoya S, 1025 W. Leafland, Decatur

Day, Melissa Leigh, 433 W. Clinton Ave, Farmer City

DeBord, Deanna Michelle & Merle Robert, 2706 East Main Street, Urbana

DeJaynes, Donna K & Edward J, 608 N. Austin Ave, Abingdon

DeLahr, Hazel M & Steven B, 107 Stone Ave, Watseka

DeLong, Sarah Marie, 39 St. Peters Drive, Bourbonnais

Derlitzki, Paul E, 1801 W Vernon Ave, Springfield

Devlin, Brendon & Christina Yvonne, 2002 37th Street, Rock Island

DeVries, Dane & Elise, 2035 N 8th St, Springfield

DeWeese, Aaron David & Alexis Janelle, 700 W. Woodland, Springfield

Dickey, Lester Howard, 517 N. Taylorville Blvd, Taylorville

Doris, Ann M, PO Box 5994, Peoria

Dorris, Michael J, 515 N Diamond St, Jacksonville

Durbin, Joseph C, 918 E. Second Street, Pana

Dyab, Islam M, 3010 W. Granada Court, Apt. 2-B, Peoria

Eaton, Shelby L & Timmy W, 1305 Dewitt Ave, Mattoon

Echols, Percy Sr, 816 W Jefferson St #1, Bloomington

Edwards, Rene S, 216 W. Myrtle Street, Canton

Ehlers, David A, 3000 W. Parkridge Drive, Peoria

Eisenhauer, Jennifer S, 1909 Meadow Drive, Champaign

Ekstam, Danielle Jolee & Paul Allen, 303 Pine Valley Drive, Pekin

Elder, Marilyn J, 3500 N Dirksen Pkwy # 76, Springfield

Elliott, Rosalind S & William J, 42 Maple Street P.O. Box 18, Saunemin

Ellis, Kaitlyn R, 1213 E. Piper, Macomb

Embrey, Dana L, 4037 Camelot Drive, Decatur

Embry, Nickie L & Shawn D, 210 E Elm St PO Box 474, Chatsworth

Epperson, Robert Arnold, 215 Hemlock Apt. 8-84, Bloomington

Escoubas, Hilary & Tyler, 202 S. Griffin P.O. Box 40, Armington

Essex, Karissa Deanne & Nathan Edward, 19412 N. County Hwy. 34, Table Grove

Essien, Edima Georgina, 203 S. Durkin Dr. Apt 2, Springfield

Fangman, Sue E, 5322 W. Vale Court, Peoria

Farrell, Judith Kay, 1004 Gendale Ave, Tilton

Feasley, Amanda, 12 Eleanor Drive, Bloomington

Fontaine, Randy A & Sherrie L, 513 S. Lincoln St, Dwight

Force, Michael D, 21 E. Emerson Drive, Decatur

Ford, Lathen D, 2752 W Millbrook Ct, Peoria

Forrester, Paula L, 214 N Oak St. Apt. 2, Chebanse

Foster, Peggy L & Timothy M, 105 Amsler Street, Peoria

Fouts, Rance R II, 1913 Karo Street, Pekin

Fox, Heather R & Kenneth M, 1518 Penthouse Drive, Quincy

Franklin, Jeanne Lynn, 15580 E. 550 North Rd, Georgetown

Freitag, Bruce E & Ruetta J, 1728 S. Montrose Ave, Decatur

Fryer, Brittani Leoria Monique, 806 E Oakland Ave 102, Urbana

Fuchs, Joseph M & Stephanie L, 528 Maple Ave, Minonk

Fuller, John, 2900 Townway Road, Danville

Gaddis, Samantha L, 1263 Lincoln Street, Galesburg

Gaddy, Natasha L, 220B Frorer Avenue, Lincoln

Gaffney, Mona L, 126 S Morgan, Rushville

Gaffney, Tammy, 126 S Morgan, Rushville

Gallina, Gabriela & Matthew C, 99 Mesa Rd, Springfield

Gamblin, Belva J, 1100 Fair Ave, Apt 215, Pana

Garcia, Raymond Michael & Susan Helen, 533 Bisallion Avenue, Bourbonnais

Gardner, Jessica Renee, 729 N. Diamond St, Jacksonville

Garecht, Heather A, 2825 E Black Ave, Springfield

Garner, Danelle P, 108 S Vine, Nokomis

Garner, Jason B, 2319 Stoner Dr E, Charleston

Gengler, Gene M & Valarie L, 313 East 2nd Street, Spring Valley

Genzel, Kristy, 1403 N. Gilbert St, Danville

Giacometti, Desiree D, 300 E. Spencer, Lot 32, Dwight

Gill, Deborah Sue, 225 East Washington, Paris

Gillette, Brad J & Megan E, 303 W. Ray St, Pontiac

Gingold, Jason T, 207 E. McHenry St, Urbana

Goff, Keisha Lachelle, 324 N Vermilion St Apt. 305, Danville

Good, Travis W, 606 S Elm St, Arcola

Goodrum, Aaron R & Amanda S, 830 E. Elm St, Hoopeston

Goveia, Lisa Ellen & Ricky Allen Sr, 15494 Old Rte 36, Buffalo

Graber, Kenneth R, 307 3rd St, Lincoln

Grady, Latrease, 2006 N. Moreland Blvd. Apt #302, Champaign

Graven, Deanna L, 2373 E. Hendrix, Decatur

Green, Georgia R, 660 E. Leafland, Decatur

Green, Lamonica Michelle & Ronald Lamont, 1316 East Cantrell, Decatur

Greenslaugh, Mary L, 223 Sycamore St, Quincy

Griffith, Angela S, 419 W Jefferson St, Girard

Grimshaw, Phillip Michael, 197 1/2 South Prarie Ave, Bradley

Gschwind, Charles P, 215 E. Grove Ave, Rantoul

Gudat, Mindy Lynn, 351 Charlotte St, Pekin

Gunderman, Melinda Babette, 536 East Juniper Lane, Bradley

Gurley, Jessica K, 526 Custer Place, Canton

Haag, David E & Marsha K, 3556 N. 1200 E. Road, Kempton

Hagler, Daryl Lamont & Miranda Dawn, 655 N. Broad St, Galesburg

Hale, Jaylyn Mandolin, 107 Point Bluff Dr, Decatur

Hall, Richard, 309 S. Ontario St, Tower Hill

Halpin, Mary K, 816 E Sciota, Peoria Heights

Happach, Willard Joseph II, 1787 North County Rd. 2100, Washburn

Harper, Oliver P, 706 W. Graham St, Bloomington

Harries, Matthew S, 2621 Commercial Ave, Mattoon

Harrington, Victoria Dyan, 108 S. Second, Ashkum

Harris, Antoine L, 3241 S Douglas Ave, Springfield

Harris, Ekaterina Genevieve, 114 E. Seminole St, Dwight

Harris, Leann M, 9307 S Hillside Ln, Peoria

Harris, Teresa L, 925 E Broadway, Monmouth

Hartman, Sharon Kay, 1247 S 6th Ave, Kankakee

Hebert, James M, 935 W. Wilson Drive, Kankakee

Hejmalik, Stephanie Ann, 617 Ivy Lane, Bradley

Henderson, Stephanie C, 1450 E colllege Ave Unit 3, Normal

Henkelman, Jamie L, 611 Sherwood Dr, Saint Joseph

Henkelman, Shane J, PO Box 975, Saint Joseph

Henry, Christopher S, 1816 Fort Jesse Rd, Normal

Henry, Rebecca Sue, 3816 26th Ave, #4, Moline

Hester, Shannon D, 255 S. Longwood Dr, Kankakee

Heyder, Charles A, 404 E. Pearson, Eureka

Hiatt, Lesley Wayne, 2500 Nantucket St. Apt. 625, Charleston

Hodgson, Gail Lynn & William Randall, 3451 Ridge Ave. #4, Springfield

Hoener, Janice Lee, 901 South 36th Street Apartment 106, Quincy

Hoffman, Joshua Charles, 503 W. Little St, Athens

Hoffman, Kenneth E. Jr, 2452 170th Ave, Aledo

Holmes, Crystal R, 514 N. Maple Street, Clinton

House, Brannan Lee & Summer Leah, 804 N. Prairie, Galesburg

Howard, Matthew J, 125 Indiana Street, Warrensburg

Hubert, Jason Paul, 241 Ottawa Bend Drive Apt. 306-2E, Morris

Hubert, Rhonda Jane, 79 St. Peters, Bourbonnais

Hughes, Patricia L, 3240 S 3rd Street, Springfield

Hults, Nikia Cavell, 334 E. Campbell, Rantoul

Ireland, Kristina A, 1614 Kingston, Urbana

Jackson, Walter J, P.O. Box 66, Tolono

Jargon-Foley, Mary Lee, 2408 E Wood St, Decatur

Johnson, Chad R & Suzanne M, 1691 CR 300 East, Bethany

Johnson, Daryl Lee & Sheila Louise, 16815 W. Cottonwood Rd, Elmwood

Johnson, Paul Jr, 848 N. Pine, Decatur

Jones, Ashley L, 623 Kenyon Drive, Springfield

Jones, Kendrah L, 1556 S. 4th Ave Apt 1N, Kankakee

Jones, Leatrice, 3006 Taylor Avenue Unit 55, Springfield

Jones, Tyisha L, 809 W. Maple St, Champaign

Judd, Rebecca, 2326 N. 15tht St, Springfield

Kallas, Ashley May, 730 W. Reynolds, Pontiac

Karamitsios, Joseph, 505 Cherry Street, Tuscola

Kelley, Charles R & Jacquelyn Lee, 4 Nancy Court, Colona

Kessler, Brittany M, 1026 B Meadow Avenue, East Peoria

Kilpatrick, Angie M, 1115 E. Hazard Avenue, Apt. A, Peoria Heights

King, Anthony Antonio, 2004 W. Kettelle, Peoria

Kingery, Trina N, 701 W. Northridge Dr, Mahomet

Kirby, Tiffany Latrice, 1243 East Gamble Rd, Pembroke Township

Kirk, LaNise Nicole & Scott Lee, RR1 Box 23, Roodhouse

Kirkhart, Morgen M, 411 Buena Vista Street, Paris

Klein, Charles Robert, PO Box 96, Alvin

Klein, Kyle Andrew, 39 St. Peters Drive, Bourbonnais

Knight, Alan, 302 West Washington Street, #3, Champaign

Kratz, Kimberly Rae, 605 Grandview Drive, Normal

Krause, Janet R, 106 Poland Ave, Danville

Kuhns, John M, 2805 W. Larchmont Ln. Apt. E4, Peoria

Kutzman, Nichole, 4030 28th Ave, Rock Island

Lakes, Eddie Lee Jr, 1273 Winans Ave, Apt. 3, Bourbonnais

Lambert, Stacy Dayle, 111 SE 1st Street, Galva

Landers, Rhonda R, 1202 Dakota St, Danville

Landess, Christopher John, 308 Brookwood Dr, Champaign

Landrith, Kelly L & Richard B, 501 South Third, Pekin

Lane, Jason Patrick, 1829 Oak Avenue, Mattoon

Lane, Jennifer Rose, 3039 Golf Terrace Apt 11, Danville

Lane, Ryan Leon, 3225 Brunswick Street, Danville

Langdoc, June Marie, 3535 N Vermilion Apt #151, Danville

Large, Emily, 143 Labor Drive, Jacksonville

Laschober, Chatham Babe, 11530 North 10000 East Road, Grant Park

Lawson, Thomas G, 4098 E. Cerro Gordo Street, Decatur

Lee, Christopher W & Macy R, 304 S View St, Oreana

Lee, Richard R & Tracy, 2418 W. Barker, West Peoria

Leibach, Laura Marie, P.O Box 252, Rossville

Leonard, Jonathan D, 405 N Franklin St, Kansas

Leonhard, Melissa Ione & Tobin Daniel, 474 South East St, Jacksonville

Liggett, Angela M & Harold L III, 112 W Madison, Tremont

Liles, Earl Leon, 106 W. Washington Street, Urbana

Lilly, Timothy Eugene & Vicki Lynn, 3173 Lakeland Rd, Decatur

Little, Amanda Marie & William Ben, 614 41st Ave, East Moline

Logsdon, Carol T, 101 Tanner St, Bloomington

Logsdon, Carolyn Sue, 618 West Sunnyside St, Chillicothe

Logue, Lora L, 303 Julie Drive, Dwight

Long, Gail Marie, 904 W. IL State Rte. 122, Hopedale

Lopez, Ann Marie, 123 E. Diller Street, Pontiac

Luttrell, Jessica, 609 Carriage Lane Estates, Streator

Majerus, Gayle A, 306 West High St, Mason City

Marconi, Dana Marie, 413 Greenbriar Dr. #6, Normal

Marion, Rose Marie, 43 Duncan Dr, Bourbonnais

Martin, Bradley Keith & Erin Nicole, 812 North Stephens Ave, Springfield

Martinez, Ricardo Lee, 428 17th Ave, Moline

Maurer, Amanda J, 715 3rd St, Carrollton

Mayes, Theresa Marie & Timothy Eugene Sr, 923 East 1400 North Road, Taylorville

Mc Intyre, Laurel E, 1225 S. 18th Street, #3, Pekin

McCarson, Jennifer M, 100 Weber Lane, Delavan

McCarty, Ann Marie & Leroy Allen, 204 East St, Hume

McCarty, Bernard Glen, 2217 Morningside Drive, Saint Joseph

McClure, Mary L, 1953 North Old Route 47, Monticello

McComas, Kimberly K & Richard W, PO Box 17, Allerton

McDonald, Daniel James, Po Box 191, Mackinaw

McDougall, Jacqueline, P.O. Box 56, Chestnut

McGrath, Emily Kay, 1607 Amhurst Way, Bourbonnais

McGruder, Nena L, 508 N. Griffin, Danville

McKelvey, John A, 508 Smith Lane, Dwight

McNeese, April Marie & Mark P, 1505 North Grand Avenue West, Springfield

McQuilling, Jerilee N & Matthew A, 314 W. North Street, Niantic

Miller, Danielle L & Jacob C, 328 E. Collins St, Mendon

Miller, Holly Ann, 1196 E. Old Rt. 47, White Heath

Miller, Tawana Jo, 718 S 7th St Unit 203, Springfield

Mitchell, Nalo, 2246 South 11th Street, Springfield

Mitchener, Tammy S, 1737 S. Country Club #108, Decatur

Molina, Cristina Maria, 1762 E Eagle, Kankakee

Moore, Rebecca Elizabeth & Scott David, 141 9th Street, Silvis

Moore, Valerie, 1928 N 10th, Springfield

Moreland, Susan Diane, 304 N. Jayne St, Heyworth

Morgan, James Daniel, 1000 South A Street, Monmouth

Morgan, Marlayna, 3117 S 13th St, Springfield

Morlock, Zachery Clay, 511 S. Northwest St. Apt. 3, Fisher

Morris, Robert, 1405 W. Clark, Champaign

Mueller, Trina Marie, 3202 Orchard Lane #223, Carbon Cliff

Muir, Diana Jean, 747 18th Ave, East Moline

Neidy, Evelyn Marie, 406 N Elizabeth, Colchester

Nell, Betsy J & Bruce A, 895 W. Maple St, Canton

Nellum, Kendrick D, 2411 N. Flora Avenue, Peoria

Nemer, Chelsea M, 515 N Diamond St, Jacksonville

Nickelsen, Jill, 612 Briarwood Lane, Wyanet

Nickles, Ryan Lee, 3502 W. King Henry Court, Peoria

Noble, Kristyana Cortece, 435 S Cannon Ave, Kankakee

O'Connell, Maureen M, 722 Comercial St, Danville

Overshiner, Kenneth Duane & Tracy Dawn, 138 Washington Ave, Westville

Owens, Jerilyn Sue, 1084 Frike Street, Barry

Owens, Letisha Renee, 1301 Bryan Place Apartment 6, Urbana

Pagel, Terry Lee, 206 Short St, Mansfield

Palmore, Myosha L, 1616 Edgewood Apt 107, Danville

Paranto, Ronald G, 124 Belaire Drive, Washington

Pettit, Erica & Ryan, 411 W Tremont Street, Waverly

Philhower, Michele Lynn, 424 Pombrook Drive, Princeton

Pike, Jacob McGarrett, 178 N Clinton Ave, Bradley

Pilkington, Andrew Jay, 14690 Baltic Dr, Danville

Pilotte, Angela K, 2903 Deske Court, Champaign

Pinedo, Victor Love, 206 W. Wick Street, Morton

Poppins, Everett Dale & Kelly Eileen, 1513 N Morris Ave, Bloomington

Porter, Shana R, 3241 S Douglas Ave, Springfield

Prado, Maria, 938 N. Gilbert St, Danville

Price, Lynn Marie, 211 Peoria Street, Lincoln

Price, Timothy Shelton, 640 E 1930 North Rd, Edinburg

Putnam, Nancy J & Richard F, 2630 Saint Anthony Rd, Quincy

Puyear, Sandra M, 3203 S. 6th Apt. 3, Springfield

Quinn, Erika Lashia, 1223 W. Governor Apt. 10, Springfield

Raab, Karen A, 211 East Marion, Monticello

Rahmus, Larry Vernon & Sherry Ann, 730 Dilenbeck Drive, Geneseo

Rankin, Thomas E, 500 Greenbriar Dr. Apt. 2SW, Normal

Ray, Lisa Marie, 109 St. Marks Dr. Unit Number 2, South Pekin

Ray, Thomas W, 2416 Sutherland Rd, Springfield

Reiniche, Jason Michael & Jennifer Lynn, 1056 W. Hickory, Kankakee

Richardson, Melvin Charles, 2511 Hathway Dr, Champaign

Ridgeway, Cindy Sue, PO Box 946, Kincaid

Rieck, Patricia E, 513 E. Pearl St, Geneseo

Roberts, Helen M & Joshua R, 709 W. Penn St, Hoopeston

Roberts, James Micheal, 2727 N. Monroe Street #205, Decatur

Robinos, Jaime Lagunero, 469 Rock Creek Drive, Manteno

Robison, Russell W, 405 W. Delaware Street, Dwight

Robledo, Ariana, 1904 11th Avenue A, Moline

Rogers, Evelyn Irene, 2226 Crestview Drive, Pekin

Rora, Jennifer L, Po Box 205, Secor

Rose, Joann V, 114 N Lincoln Street, Girard

Ross, Tavia Daneille, 2503 W Springfield Ave Apt. C3, Champaign

Royer, Tamara Dawn, 1429 East Elmhurst Ave, Peoria

Ruble, Lisa L & Montgomery H, 512 N. Orchard, Pittsfield

Russell, Vickie Lynn, 316 Henry St, Nokomis

Ruthrauff, Sharon A, 1729 W. Ravina Park Rd, Decatur

Ruyle, Cassandra Leann, 315 Dickenson Apt. C, Springfield

Rynkewicz, Sandra L, 9233 Hennepin-Florid Road, Hennepin

Saathoff, Kathy Kay, 910 Crescent Dr, Champaign

Saffold, Tangala Ann, 706 W. Graham St, Bloomington

Samson, Ella Elizabeth, 104 W 7th St Apt B, Tilton

Sanchez, Emeline N, 2411 Rainbow Ave, Bloomington

Satterwhite, Kyleigh E, 700 N. Adelaide Apt. 9, Normal

Schepka, William R. Jr, 5306 W. Monroe Road, Peoria

Schnelten, Christina Marie, 211 North Lincoln, Apt. 5, Athens

Schwartz, Casey M, 230 Kathy Drive, Bourbonnais

Schwier, Ellen & Frank, 1669 E. 1325 North Rd, Shelbyville

Shepherd, Linda K, 1120 N. 19th Street, Decatur

Shockley, Emily Suzanne & Joshua Ryan, 6117-180 E. 3000 N. Rd, Streator

Silva-Derlitzki, Jennifer Lynn, 1801 W Vernon Ave, Springfield

Slagel, Ronald G. Jr, 617 N. Illini Avenue, Pontiac

Smith, Chad Everett, 1429 East Elmhurst Ave, Peoria

Smith, Daniel Wayne & Patty Lynn, 1062 Florence Ave, Galesburg

Smith, Desirae K, 1620 Melrose Dr, Quincy

Smith, Michelle Ann, 1636 Sycamore Street, Quincy

Smithers, Dwain R & Kay Elizabeth, 905 W. Live Oak, Edna

Snow, Angela M & Michael L, 18056 South St, Charleston

Sonstegaard, Cynthia Ann, 4306 E. Lincoln Ave, Decatur

Sotero, Julius M, 120 Mitchell Ct, Rantoul

St. Clair, Joshawa D & Patricia L, 504 N. Division Lot 75, Charleston

St.Clair, Autumn M & Benjamin Todd, 18389 N 600th St, Brocton

Stacey, Sean R, 2242 N. Edward Street, Decatur

Stanley, Pamela A, 416 S. 15th St, Mattoon

Stanley, Pamela S, 1512 N. North St, Peoria

Stark, Daniel, 29 Bismarck, Danville

Starkweather, Ronald, 4812 Chestnut Dr, Springfield

Steeples, Rick J, 2511 West Valley View, Quincy

Sterrenberg, Angela Marie, 2003 Wiley Ridge Rd, Kankakee

Stewart, Katelyn Diane, 2623 S Walnut St, Springfield

Stewart, Nancy Jo, 808 N. Idaho St, Peoria

Stone, Jennifer Mae, 978 N Grove St, Virden

Stone, Lea A, 122 Westwood Circle, Catlin

Stoneburner, Lisa Anne, 1815 Windsor St, Pekin

Story, Ann Christine, 1088 East 3200 North Road, Clifton

Stout, Lucas J & Patrick W, 2373 N. Summit, Decatur

Strasser, Kent C, P.O. Box 203, Litchfield

Sullivan, Teresa Diane, 1511 Coyne Center Rd Lot 92, Milan

Sutton, Linda Marie, 401 E. Beardstown St, Virginia

Swan, Recardo D, 1908 Greentree Rd, Springfield

Swanson, Caroline Louise, 1711 S. Kneer Ave, Peoria

Tarleton, Amanda Elaine, 127 Pine Street, Adair

Taylor, John W & Patty L, 3522 45th Ave, Moline

Taylor, Sarita Mae, 121 S. Sheldon St, Rantoul

Terpening, Troy Allen, 19 E Grove St, Apt. 11, Galesburg

Terronez, Melissa D, PO Box 117, Silvis

Tezak, Krystal Faye & Patrick Joseph, 2050 Summerfield Lane, Bourbonnais

Thomas, Courtney LaShae, 2223 8th Avenue, East Moline

Thompson, Todd A, 107 W Paris St, Ridge Farm

Torres, Pamela Marie, 400 N 8th St, Watseka

Tucker, Rory, 12926 E. Central Avenue, Hopkins Park

Tueck, Marilyn Rose, 457 W. Broadway, Apt 2, Bradley

Urban, Justin Michael, 1831 S Lincoln Rd, Jacksonville

Vale, Adam Wayne & Sabrina Sue, 410 Sutherland Street, Paris

Vance, Aimee R, 1919 N. Fairview Ct, Mendon

Vansaghi, Christina, 901 Catherine Street, Pekin

Vinson, Brandy Dawn, 12683 Kickapoo Park Rd, Oakwood

Voyles, Clayton Robert & Jerioth Rebekah, 43 Chiswick Circle, Bloomington

Wakeland, Janean, 414 E. Jackson Ave, Chrisman

Walker, Kirsten Hope, 30393 Armstrong Road, Armstrong

Wallarab, Elizabeth Stevelyn & Shane Earl, 2423-17th Street, Rock Island

Waller, Dennis Bruce, 2908 River Oak Dr, Champaign

Wallin, Steven B, 1822 E. St. Jude Court, Peoria Heights

Walton, Michael S, 861 S. Kim Moor Rd. Apartment A, Peoria

Wank, Joel D & Julia E, 13 Tanglewood Court, East Peoria

Warren, Deborah Jean & Peter Dean, 128 St. James Place, Pontiac

Wasson, Jeffrey James, 1144 54th Street, Moline

Waters, Willa, 723 North Main Street #17, Loami

Weaver, Danielle Delynn, 2302 Rainbow Ave. Apt. D, Bloomington

Webb, Cassie Mae, 120 N. Kansas, Danville

Wells Ivy, Mary Lucille, 878 Gettysburg Drive Apt. 6, Bourbonnais

Wells, Bryan Keith, 1708 Yearling Court, Bourbonnais

White, Danay T & Steve O, 1606 N. Union, Decatur

White, James R, 209 Meadows Road South, Bourbonnais

White, Jessica M, 206 Caldwell St, Jacksonville

White, Marissa Rae, 1549 2nd St E, Milan

Whitehouse, Donna A, 819 E. Grove St. Apt. 3, Bloomington

Whitlock, Carol A, 8514 14th West #6, Rock Island

Whitney, Amanda F & Joshua R, 16494 E. 2495 North Rd, Danville

Whittington, Stephanie Leota, 159 S Grand Ave, Bradley

Williams, Cheryl Ann, 3627 Pine Ridge Ct, Apt 318, Moline

Williams, Karyn Gail & Ronald Lee, 2 Wilshire Place, Stonington

Williams, Tamara L, 7 Stonegate Rdg, Bourbonnais

Williamson, Sandra, 1515 E Mason, Springfield

Wilson, Cedrick Cordell Sr, 119 N Bowman Avenue, Danville

Wilson, Eureka L, 1221 S. Grand Ave. East, Springfield

Witt, Kimberly E, 308 Nw 4th Ave Apt 1, Aledo

Witt, Richard A. Sr, 125 Seneca Court, Creve Coeur

Woodrum, Breanna M & Christopher R, 22761 Diglovanna Ave, Athens

Woods, Breona, 1021 NE Monroe Street, Peoria

Woods, Nicole Jean, 310 Royal Oaks Avenue, Quincy

Woods, Sally J, 1527 Locust #7, Quincy

Woods, Tiffany Lyn, 734 Eastgate Drive, Charleston

Woolfolk, Jasmin L, 623 Kenyon Drive, Springfield

Workman, Frances R, 2000 W. John St, Apt. 316, Champaign

Wright, Dalton Thomas, 905 S. 16th, Mattoon

Young, Jeremy Ray, 2224 900th Ave, Hartsburg

Young, Sara Ann, 410 N. Logan St, Mason City

CH 13

Ancell, Melanie L & William D, PO Box 77, Ursa

Anderson, Bernice H, 2015 N Lehman Rd, Peoria

Anderson, Cathy Jo & Jonathan Buckley, 1605 Fleetwood Court, Mt Zion

Armstrong, David Paul & Lori Anne, 106 S. Myers Street, Eureka

Artis, Deric Eugene & Kelli Roshelle, 1617 Frostwood Lane, Mattoon

Bale, Cory James & Misty Alysa, 1115 Macon Street, Lincoln

Beck, Napoleon II, 3237 Warner Dr, Springfield

Bellinger, Edna M, 5002 N. Cherrill Street, Peoria

Bradley, Misty D, 1080 State Highway 32, Sullivan

Bramlett, Darcie, 829 Jefferson, Galesburg

Brown, Linda L, 4032 W. Hillmont Road, Peoria

Buhs, Linda M, 411 Dundee Rd, East Peoria

Burrell, Dudley Brown, 649 N Rosewood Ave, Kankakee

Burrell, Michael J. II & Nicole M, 5908 W. Ridgecrest Cir, Peoria

Bush, Jon M & Sheila R, 2244 Catherine Street, Galesburg

Campbell, Heather A, 1523 E. Court St, Peoria

Cantu, Homero & Kristin Leigh, 1208 Croxton Ave, Bloomington

Cervantes, Chris M, 1017 18th Avenue, Moline

Chasteen, Donna J & William F, 430 S. Plum, Moweaqua

Chioni, Donna Joan & Edward Paul, P.O. Box 932, Roanoke

Christian, Ronald Dean & Sheri Lynn, 508 SW 6th Avenue, Aledo

Comer, Donald Anthony & Lora Christine, 609 Arthur Court, Decatur

Cotten, Dawn E & Randy E, 310 N 4th St, Dunlap

Cox, Joshua J, 317 Shaggybark Trail, Morton

Crow, Lisa M & Roger Alan, 706 N. Main Street, Roanoke

Daly, Kevin Michael, 308 S. Jefferson St, Cerro Gordo

Davis, Jeffery S, 225 N. Highland St, Creve Coeur

Denial, Catherine J, 1700 N. Cherry St, Galesburg

Doellman, Joseph Anthony, 608 English Creek Ct. Apt. B, Champaign

Ewing, Timothy Lemont, 105 Howard St, East Peoria

Gaither, Samantha Lynn, 2270 South 10th Street, Springfield

Gouveia, Larry A & Linda L, 1702 Valle Vista Blvd, Pekin

Grason, Ronald James, 357 W. Decatur, Decatur

Hackney, Kimberly & Larry, 2202 State St, Pekin

Hall, Harold Wade & Wanda Faye, 281 W. Bowyer St, Bement

Hall, Lori K & Wade C, 1192 Tazewood Road, Eureka

Hasty, James E & Roberta L, 5215 E. Rome Road, Chillicothe

Hipes, Tammy Lee, 717 17th Avenue, Moline

Holford, Everett S, 4910 Galena Rd. Apt. 6, Peoria Heights

Jacobs, Lisa Renee & Michael Alan, 1079 County Hwy 6, Stronghurst

Johnson, Cheryl Ann, PO Box 281, Dalton City

Johnson, Connie V & Morris L. Jr, 908 N. Wilder, Decatur

Johnson, Shaun M & Tori E, 1240 S. Apache Lane, Peoria

Keihn, Michael Rae, 412 South Morgan St, Mason City

Klinedinst, Ralph L, 621 S Illinois St, Lewistown

Knight, Jeffrey Andrew & Joanna Nichole, 811 Beecher Drive, Tuscola

Lang, Deborah Sue, 411 Shamrock Ln, Manteno

Lant, Julie Christine & Lawrence Dean III, PO Box 9, Kirkwood

Lee, Charles B, 3416 W. Oakcrest Dr. #1A, Peoria

LeSage, Linda L, 622 Marquette Dr, Manteno

Martin, Edward Lee, 784 Thenius Road, Sparland

McCree, Stacy Ann, 115 W. Walnut Street, San Jose

McElroy, Justin Lee, 1101 Carroll Street, Pawnee

McSparin, Colleen S, 1875 25th Ave. Court, Moline

Mildice, Barbara, 1080 W. Longfellow, Manteno

Montgomery, Kimberly K, 741 S. Columbus Avenue, Morton

Nunez, Joseph R, PO Box 715, Oakwood

Orr, Monica Lynne, 411 N Heather Lane, Auburn

Owens, Catrina Marie & Scott Andrew, 204 Cherry Lane, Washington

Patterson, Ory E, 21874 Robinwood Ln, Delavan

Peters, Kimberly Kay & Mark Michael, 22941 N. Oswego Drive, Cuba

Petkus, Anthony Scott, 1854 Valley Rd, Champaign

Pippin, Brett & Natalie, 812 W Washington, Athens

Rhodes, Gregory Allen & Linda Sue, P.O. Box 502, Mansfield

Rodgers, Susan A, 1703 Springfield Road, East Peoria

Rotz, Kylie Diane, 401 West Wells Street, Geneseo

Ruberry, Martin, 360 Karen Drive, Bourbonnais

Sangster, Shavonna M, 1440 S. Lynnwood, Decatur

Sawicki, Bradley T, 25115 1st Ave N, Hillsdale

Simmons, Justin David, 1143 11th St, Bloomington

Simmons, Lucretia L, 2423 West Proctor Street, Peoria

Smith, Christopher L, 907 Linview St, Urbana

Smith, Lynda L & Wayne E, 631 Madison St, Quincy

Songer, Trisha Marie, PO Box 672, Cerro Gordo

Stiltz, Samuel Ray, 309 South High Street, Havana

Sullivan, Chea Marie & Denny Michael Rodney, 2811 Springfield Road, #102, East Peoria

Swanigan, Kasandra Karin, 1854 Valley Rd, Champaign

Taylor, Spencer Robert & Tarynn Raye, 236 E 2nd Avenue, Milan

Terando, Robert E, 9955 E. 1600 St, Peru

Theobald, Brenda L, 14702 W. Laura Road, Princeville

Unangst, Barbara Faye & Jeffrey Ray, 3204 S. Myra Ridge Dr, Urbana

Wagner, Darenda S, 1040 E. Lincoln Avenue, Decatur

Wayman, Mark Frederick, POB 219, Cornell

White, Teresa Lynn, PO Box 931, Riverton

Whittaker, Patti G, 320 W. Cleary, Pontiac

Wilson, Adam Curtis, 2458 E. 1900 North Rd, Moweaqua

Wiltermood, Dustin DeWayne & Samantha Ann, 3224 Piatt Ave, Mattoon

Woods, Caleb & Shonna, 1516 Hosta Street, Springfield

Young, Pamela Jean & Steven Michael, 110 Kent Drive, Catlin

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