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FINE PRINT April/May 2017

The following building permits dated January 1 through March 5, 2017 have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $35,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and - where available - estimated cost of improvements.


Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1611 Eagle Road, $297,000.

KAP Architecture LLC, alteration of retail building at 2003 S. Neil St., $85,000.

Kung Fu Tea, tenant fit-out for restaurant at 707 S. Sixth St., #107, $66,000.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., alteration to offices at 2419-2421 Village Green Place, $337,499.

Signature Construction Inc., new multifamily residence at 4604 Nicklaus Drive, $1,150,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new multifamily residence at 4602 Nicklaus Drive, $1,150,000.

Miller Construction IL LLC, new single-family residence at 3619 Freedom Blvd., $200,000.

Miller Construction IL LLC, new single-family residence at 3618 Freedom Blvd., $200,000.

Element Construction, new single-family residence at 802 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000.

Element Construction, new single-family residence at 800 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 3622 Freedom Blvd., $275,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 1707 Eagle Road, $260,000.

Element Building, new single-family residence at 816 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000.

Element Building, new single-family residence at 818 Sedgegrass Drive, $115,000.

Architectural Expressions, sunroom and deck addition at 503 S. Chicago St., $140,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 307 Corey Lane, $117,267.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 305 Corey Lane, $144,510.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 303 Corey Lane, $144,510.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 301 Corey Lane, $151,047.

Sun Structures Design, addition to single-family residence at 603 S. Western Ave., $62,500.

Bullock Garages, new garage at 1001 S. Westlawn Ave., $27,000.

John Van Wynen, alteration to art gallery and studio at 110 E. University Ave., $84,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to office at 101 Mercury Drive, bays 1-3, $434,438.

One Main Development LLC, alteration to second-floor office at 1 E. Main St., $229,500.

JSM Development Services LLC, vanilla box alteration at 707 S. Sixth St., #105, $26,500.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 3620 Freedom Blvd., $212,400.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 203 Doisy Lane, $145,009.

Timber Creek, new single-family residence at 1613 Congressional Way, $300,000.

FRCH Design Worldwide, alteration to FedEx Office store at 505 S. Mattis Ave., $52,500.

Cynthia Lay-Ramshaw Real Estate, balcony replacement at multifamily residence at 706 S. Locust St., $50,000.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 3615 Freedom Blvd., $234,700.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 3621 Freedom Blvd., $229,600.

Sunbuilt Homes, addition to single-family residence at 9 Litchfield Lane, $53,061.

JSM Development Services, alteration to multifamily residence at 501 E. Healey St., $143,000.

Ko-On Services Corp., alteration to retail building at 2000 N. Neil St., #330, $205,000.

Shive-Hattery Inc., alteration for Dry Goods USA retail store at 2000 N. Neil St., #237, $750,000.

Dodds Co., new Technology Development and Fabrication Center at 201 St. Mary's Road, $3,313,949.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 1503 Yankee Lane, $199,000.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 1501 Yankee Lane, $219,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 405 Corey Lane, $144,510.

G.H. Peters Construction, remodeling of single-family residence at 1212 Waverly Drive, $120,000.

Purdy & Slack Architects PC, tenant fit-out for HuHot Mongolian Grill at 902 Meijer Drive, #4, $425,000.

Ball Construction, egress stairs for multifamily residence at 503 S. Lynn St., $32,563.

MSA Architect, tenant fit-out for Salad Meister at 601 S. Sixth St., Suite 104, $100,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration for multifamily residence at 607 E. White St., $143,624.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration for multifamily residence at 605 E. White St., $239,374.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration for multifamily residence at 603 E. White St., $191,500.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration for multifamily residence at 601 E. White St., $191,500.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 3623 Freedom Blvd., $240,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 1706 Eagle Road, $217,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 1603 Eagle Road, $250,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 405 Corey Lane, $183,416.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 403 Corey Lane, $117,280.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 401 Corey Lane, $158,607.

AOM Remodeling & Restoration, alteration for gaming cafe at 920 W. Bradley Ave., $65,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration for office, educational and day care facility at 103 S. Country Fair Drive, $257,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 416 Doisy Lane, $150,046.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 413 Corey Lane, $117,526.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 411 Corey Lane, $157,899.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 409 Corey Lane, $150,456.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 407 Corey Lane, $117,126.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, kitchen addition for single-family residence at 202 S. McKinley Ave., $160,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration for future office at 602 S. Neil St., Suite A, $64,700.

One Main Development LLC, facade work for future tenant at 340 N. Neil St., $63,500.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration for physical therapy office at 602 S. Neil St., Suite B, $171,500.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, tenant fit-out for 5 Star Nutrition at 902 Meijer Drive, #3, $74,765.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration for karaoke parlor at 505 S. Neil St., #8, $20,800.

Habitat for Humanity, repair of single-family residence at 709 Tawney Court, $25,500.

Cornish Construction, addition to single-family residence at 712 Hamilton Drive, $68,761.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration for gaming cafe at 825 Bloomington Road, $33,750.

Dodds Co., alteration for offices at 3358 Big Pine Trail, $147,351.

Farnsworth Group, alteration of Aldi store at 801 W. Interstate Drive, $689,733.

RSP Architects Ltd., alteration for barbershop kiosk at 2000 N. Neil St., #5583, $78,560.

Champaign County

Stephen and Mary Allen, single family home with attached garage, address to be assigned in St. Joseph Township, $325,000.

Brett and Katie Taylor, install an in-ground pool and construct a pool house, $55,000.

Weinzierl Fruit 7 Consulting L.L.C., lessee/Eric and Alice Kinkelaar, construct a detached shed for agricultural use only at 211 Carper St., Seymour, $42,000.

David Weckihorst, a detached garage at 1127 County Road 2200 N., Champaign, $37,340.

Scott Shobe, a room addition to an existing family home at 1705 W. South Shore Dirve, Mahomet, $60,000.

Illini F.S., an addition to an existing building for chemical load-out- additions to four buildings, a scale, an anhydrous ammonia control building and a liquid storage tank at 1009 County Road 3000 N., Dewey, $165,000.

Rick Wolken, storage shed for agricultural equipment, 2294 County Road 1600 E., Urbana, $82,000.


Franke Construction, new single-family residence at 605 Red Bud Drive, $180,000.

Franke Construction, new single-family residence at 701 Red Bud Drive, $200,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 707 Red Bud Drive, $253,000.

Dustin Heiser, new single-family residence at 1955 County Road 150 E, $178,000.

Curt Mitchem, new duplex at 602 S. Walnut St., $124,400.

Scott Nelson Construction, new single-family residence at 1203 Morningside Lane, $325,000.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family residence at 1811 Littlefield Drive, $320,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family residence at 606 Country Ridge Drive, $300,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 1607 Quarry Road, $325,000.

Fields Crossing, new single-family residence at 1614 Hunters Ridge Court, $270,000.

Fields Crossing, new single-family residence at 1611 Hunters Ridge Court, $290,000.

Fields Crossing, new single-family residence at 1623 Hunters Ridge Court, $275,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 1615 Kassen Drive, $380,000.

Unlimited Construction, new single-family residence at 2202 Slade Lane, $235,000.

Signature Homes, new single-family residence at 1312 Briarwood Lane, $600,000.


C & K Builders, addition to residence at 429 Glenwood Drive, $86,000.

J.A. Investors LLC, new industrial building at 205 Turner Drive, $12 million.

The Villas of Holly Brook, new assisted-living facility at 722 Stone Bridge Center Drive, $4,741,463.

J.A. Investors LLC, new industrial building at 205 Turner Drive, $1,200,000.


Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 204 Denton Drive in Prairie Meadows II subdivision, $280,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 107 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $265,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 105 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $245,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 208 Denton Drive in Prairie Meadows II subdivision, $298,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 603 Silver Lake Court in Lake Falls I subdivision, $305,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 301 London Way in Prairie Meadows III subdivision, $250,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 1108 Cascade Drive in Lake Falls II subdivision, $300,000.

Terwisscha Construction Inc., Sportsvet Animal Medical Center at 1105 N. Dunlap St., $1.9 million.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 210 Denton Drive in Prairie Meadows II subdivision, $265,000.

River Town Painting & Construction, commercial work at Wal-Mart at 505 S. Dunlap St., $76,000.

Scott Garth Construction, commercial building at 209 N. Dunlap St., $500,000.


Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family residence at 3022 E. Stone Creek Blvd., $234,000.

Menold Construction & Restoration, remodeling of single-family residence at 411 W. Illinois St., $31,809.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 1734 S. Stone Creek Blvd., $334,000.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family residence at 1408 W. Hill St., $100,000.

Vliet Builders LLC, new single-family residence at 1602 E. Horizon Lane, $230,000.

Vliet Builders LLC, new single-family residence at 3402 Myra Ridge Court, $230,000.

Olympic Construction, remodeling of hospital building at 601 W. University Ave., $42,800.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 606 W. Park St., $57,264 and $36,188.

Darcy Bean Custom Construction, addition to single-family residence at 607 W. Pennsylvania Ave., $104,000.

Wells & Wells Construction, alteration to parking lot at 102 E. Main St., $33,000.

U-Haul Co. of Illinois, remodeling of storage building at 2010 S. Philo Road, $200,000.

AJH PWH LLC, remodeling of multifamily residence at 902 S. Lincoln Ave., $68,000.

Olympic Construction, remodeling of hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $27,900.

Innsource, remodeling of hotel building at 1003 W. Killarney St., $120,791.

Perkins Home Improvement Inc., remodeling of business building at 208 W. Griggs St., $75,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during January 1 through March 6, 2017 in Champaign County.

Federal tax liens

Kicheko Dawson, 914 Switchgrass Lane, Champaign. $8,704.48

Thomas and Amanda Curtis, PO Box 39, Ludlow, $96,121.76

Thomas Miller, 413 Paul Ave., Champaign, $7,086.99

National Wound Care, L.L.C., Prince John Gen P.T.R., 4112B Fieldstone

Road, Champaign, $10840.53

Penelope Ludwinski, 3904 Boulder Ridge Drive, Champaign, $31,653.33

Dean M. Katsaros, 2301 Village Green Place, Champaign, $21,930.21

GeekyGuys, Inc., 305 W. Church St., Savoy, $6,963.57

David A. Cartwright, 1711 W. Old Church Road, Champaign, $2831.83

Andrea L. Cooper, Smith Towing, 2708 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign $212.83

Crawford Transmission Repair, 1519 N. Willis Ave., Champaign, $6,750.49,


Ultimate Lawn, Inc., 308 Wildwood Court, Mahomet, $29,032.96

Aaron W. Wilson, 4310 Summer Field Road, Champaign, $28,905.08

Charter Sills and Associates, Inc., 3701 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign,


Mennenga Construction, Inc., PO Box 17250, Urbana, $16,116.47

Angie Ayers, 1109 Falcon Drive, Rantoul, $1,677.08

Elsie C. Lang, K. Kummer, 1104 Devonshire, Champaign, $623.51

Kathleen Finney, 909 Oakcrest Drive, Rantoul, $4,828.17

Matthew Phillips, 708 ½ S. Mani St., Homer, $7,344.67

John Harden, 1206 ½ W. Eads St., Urbana, $ 1,004.39

Augusto Jimenez Gordillo, 128 N. Gerrard Sr., Rantoul, $1,307.14

Salvador Lozano Ramos, 126 N. Gerrard St., Rantoul, $1,275.38

David Wathen, 2404 S. Vine St., Urbana, $3,425.42

Hyo Joon Chang, 2408 Heathrow Drive., Champaign, $938.98

Paris Hutchinson, 3307 Kimberly Drive, Champaign, $1082.82

Camilo Villa, 2312 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $1,745.05

Michael Ferris, 201 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $1,874.37

Tawney Guyon, 902 N. Willis Ave., Champaign, $1,440.07

A. Hernandez-Osorio, 1211 Redwood Drive, Champaign, $692.62

Michelle Jackson, 1211 Northwood Drive, Champaign, $2,260.89

Ruben Vazquez Morales, 1320 McCullough St., Rantoul, $942.68

Carrie Glass, 2611 E. California Ave., Urbana, $1,523.61

Eduardo Hernandez Cabrera, 901 Berwick Drive, Champaign, $1,218.99

Timothy Lusk, 210 S. Race St., Urbana, $2,799.23

Preston Thompson, 905 Bergamot St., Savoy, $772.37

National Wound Care. L.L.C., 4112B Fieldstone Road, Champaign, $16,775.21

Professional Cleaning Solutions, 1413 Honeysuckle Lane, Champaign, $13,264.38

Ardis Brown, 1404 N. McKinley Ave., Champaign, $1,039.37

Jose Cupertino Marinez Toribio, 305 E. White St., Champaign, $1,295.44

Eberto Morenoramirez, 1221 Pinoak Lane, Rantoul, $1,208.15

George Peters, PO Box 723, Mahomet, $1,474.11

Elizabeth Ray, 2010 E. Michigan Ave., Urbana, $1,850.40

Faith Simlin, 2604 Roland Drive, Champaign, $1,155.15

Mario Alvarez Ayala, 126 N. Garrard St., Rantoul, $1,219.14

Felipe Mendoza, 413 S. Lincoln St., Rantoul, $966.36

Evelia Sanchez, 1401 Mittendorf Drive, Champaign, $506.18

Darren Bressner, 1732 County Road 800 N. Road, Philo, $5,245.19

Kevin McGill, 507 Walnut, Bondville, $652.65

Alicia Hernandez Garcia, 2404 High View Court, Champaign, $1,590.84

Jay Sai, L.L.C., Liquor Locker, 820 E. Champaign Ave., Rantoul, $1,540.64

Rec Construction Company, 405 e. Illinois St., Urbana, $2,292,21

Michael Buchholz, 302 N. Pease St., Tolono, $610.30

Creative Marble, Inc., 4002 Kearns Drive, Champaign, $4,234.87

Steven G. Jeffries, 2101 Mullikan Dr., Champaign, $778.29

Timothy and Candy Sommer, 305 Marco Drive, Rantoul, $1,251.53

County Asphalt Company, 3515 S. Cottonwood Road, Urbana, $13,429.29

Troy Davis, 1601 N. McKinley Ave., Champaign, $3,216.21

Edward Markstahler, 301 Eisenhower Dr., Philo, $1,188.55

Federal lien releases

Safe House of Champaign-Urbana, Inc., 404 W. Main St., Urbana, $3,819.72,

$7,566.48, $18,129.38, $3,739.10

Premier Cooperative, Inc., 2104 W. Park Court, Champaign, $30,333.50

Kevan Bolden, 1804 Shadowlawn Drive, Champaign, $15,299.86

Forrest R. Steinberg, 102 Prairie Rose Lane, Savoy, $18,858.16

Jeffrey R. Cross, 3515 S. Cottonwood Drive, Urbana, $25,553.65

Fischer & Wozniak P.C., 108 E. Anthony Drive, Champaign, $23,228.87

Carbri, Inc., 308 N. Randolph St., Champaign, $11,161.86

Ossie Coleman, 2708 Judith Drive, Champaign, $11.80 6.41

Morris J. & P. Davis, 602 W. Central Ave., Thomasboro, $21,775.88

David and Gail Plew, 104 Essex Lane, Savoy, $14,070.38

Brian P. Farren, 499 County Road, 2425 N., Mahomet, $56,688.02, $9,163.83

Carolyn Walker, 499 County Road 2425 N., Mahomet, $55,745.02

Modi Property Inc., 402 S. Century, Rantoul, $2,619.59

State tax liens

Alice Huckstadt, 1213 Parkland Court, Champaign, $645.37

Mail and Parcel Plus, 2206 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $8,632.39

Andrew Boldery, 1709 Carolyn Drive, Champaign, $846.14

Rahav Bar Rashi, 402 W. Nevada St., Urbana, $ 592.91

Jackie Campbell, 1802 County Road, 1200 N., Urbana, $1,619.96

Alejandro Romero, 47 Gurth Drive, Urbana, $1,960.00

Ingrams Nursery & Landscaping, Inc., 1267 County Road 2500 E., St. Joseph,


Sharon Bunch, PO Box 1056, St. Joseph. $1,485.78

Brandon Smith, 302 E. John St., Champaign, $531.39

Andra Thompson, 1119 Falcon Drive, Rantoul, $806.17

Patricia Robinson, 1041 Bel Aire Drive, Rantoul, $899.58

Soccer Country, Ltd., 1710 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign, $9,045.29

Gary Youhas, 1213 Parkland Court, Champaign, $726.06

Dean Katsaros, 2301 Village Green Place, Champaign, $659.11

Teresa Warren, 506B W. Pearl St., Thomasboro, $590.67

Anthony Atrim, 207 W. Greem St., Champaign, $652.11

State lien releases

Guy and Sharon Hampel, 314 Wheaton Ave., Champaign, $796.77

Allen Burwell Plumbing, Inc., PO Box 937, Tolono, $1,430.79, $2,284.99

Robert Kuhne, 407 S. State St., Champaign, $3,465.84, $919.89

Georgette Fisher, 862 Peach Tree St., Urbana, $1,197.10

Becky J. Meade, 4809 Windsor Road, Champaign, $3167.13

David and Cindy Ross, 3406 Memory Lane, Urbana, $6,128.62

Jonathan Hawk, 5 Cedar Court, Savoy, $861.33

Matthew Gilmore, 402 N. Smith Road, Urbana, $797.20

Paul VanPelt, PO Box 3236, Champaign, Unspecified amount

J. Helmick, Plant Mode, 8 ½ E. Main St., Champaign, $1,513.98


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from Jan. 1 to Feb. 25, 2017. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria, and Springfield.


Abbott, Frank Edward, Po Box 402, Kansas

Ackerman, John J & Tabetha A, 2703 E. 2860 N. Rd, Ancona

Adams, Brandon David & Danielle Renee, 1425 North Arthur Burch, Lot F-48, Bourbonnais

Adams, Michael E, 604 N 21st St, Mattoon

Adams, Michael Raymond & Cheryl Lynn, 1468 County Road 300 east, Bradford

Albertsen, Rita E, 631 S. 11th Street, Apt C, Pekin

Alesi, Richard Lee & Julie Anne, 1217 N Gilbert St, Danville

Allgood, Ashley Marie, 3617 N. Grand Ave. E #121, Springfield

Anderson, Benton, 120 S 3rd Ave, Hampton

Anderson, Bradley Joe, 812 N 28th St, Mattoon

Anderson, Kaletta, 4040 Treviso Drive, Apt 111, Springfield

Anderson, Linda J, 1932 N Midway, Normal

Angeles, Michael Dennis & Carla Kay, 3430 N. Peoria Rd Lot 174, Springfield

Applen, Brian, 15808 N. Mccabe, Chillicothe

Ardrey, Diane L, 3210 Harrison St, Quincy

Armstrong, Kent E, 545 S. Westlawn Avenue, Decatur

Ashe, Bonnie K, 3975 E. Camelot Circle #101, Decatur

Avalos, Rosa Maria, 806 S Elm Ave, Kankakee

Baker, Rebecca G, 3145 Christine Drive, Decatur

Baker, Stacy N, 5522 N Co Rd 2200 E, Westfield

Baker, Thomas C & Tiffany K, 1726 Memorial Drive, Pekin

Ballinger, Lynda Lee, 627 South 20th Street, Quincy

Banas, Deborah C, 405 E Mulberry St, Apt 7, Chatham

Barton, Tara Lynn, 2723 Black Avenue, Springfield

Basford, Sheri Judith-Diane, 401 W Main St, Pleasant Plains

Bates, Jo Ann, 3300 34th Street, Rock Island

Bazer, Debra Kay, 2533 5 1/2 Avenue, Rock Island

Beal, Jacob Erik, 1112 Coyne Center Road, Milan

Beasley, Jennie R, 1315 Springfield Rd, Apt 1, East Peoria

Beavers, Cathy Sue, 15 Polk, Charleston

Beck, Michelle D, PO Box 3182, Quincy

Becker, Renee G, 313 W Main, Pleasant Plains

Begnaud, Brenda Kay, 109 Meade St, Catlin

Bell, Corey S & Chelsea N, 805 Eastgate Drive, Charleston

Benton, Sherrie L, 1131 W. Marietta St, Decatur

Bilbro, Troy D, 2248 S. 14th St, Springfield

Blackmore, David W, 507 Commercial St, Chenoa

Bleise, Beverly Ann, 3256 Old Waldron Rd, Kankakee

Board, Brandi N, 1735 W. Gift Avenue, Peoria

Boise, Kimberlee Jo, 620 N. Quincy, Clinton

Boma, Brandi M, 3304 West Daniel Street, Champaign

Bond, Jacqueline L, 830 E. Leafland, Decatur

Bossingham, John K, 3 Clobertin Court, 2C, Bloomington

Boyd, Michael, 207 S. Shafer, P.O. Box 291, Granville

Boyer, John P II & Monica L, 208 S. Water St, Staunton

Boze, Cassandra M, 1422 E. Melaik Ct, Peoria

Breckenridge, Jeffrey R Clapp, 879 Beecher Ave, Galesburg

Brooks, Nesa Lyn, 215 W. Pine, Canton

Brown-Hall, Wesley E, 633 Harvard Street, Peoria

Brummett, Cynthia J, 104 W. Pine Street, Chillicothe

Buckley, Carrie Ann, Po Box 144, Riverton

Burgdorf, Cathy L, 1928 East State Highway 94, RR1 Box 128, Oquawka

Burgess, Cecil Edward, 715 E Pine, Canton

Burris, Sierra Chanae, 707 S Adelaide St, Normal

Byler, Philip J, 105 E. Lincoln St. Apt E, Normal

Cain, Harry W & Marsha L, 1900 Highview Rd. Apt D2, East Peoria

Calhoun, John William, PO Box 241, Quincy

Calhoun, Kristina L, 17 Prairie Rose Court, Mt Zion

Campbell, Julie Jean, 308 South John Street, Apt 1, Thomasboro

Campbell, Malinda Ranae, 655 W Harrison Ave, Decatur

Carino, Donovan Edward & Kaylee Danielle, 800 B North Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield

Carley, Edward Ralph, 1566 County Rd. 2350 E, Saint Joseph

Cassady, James H, 102 Lawn St, Rushville

Castro, Jorge Arturo & Ashley Marie, 1725 E Terrace Ct, Peoria Heights

Cedeno Blanco, Lixania Gladys, 3130 - 9th Street, Apt 2J, Rock Island

Chamblin, Jeffrey S & Robyn L, 2226 W. Winnebago Drive, Peoria

Charles, Debbie L, 314 Avondale Ave, Champaign

Chase, Amber C, 211 N. Third Street, Apartment 11, Chillicothe

Chase, Jeffrey S, 1717 N. Logan Street, Chillicothe

Christenson, Ashley Lynn, 74 West 5th Street, Manteno

Clair, Aaron L & Laura E, 324 Glendale Drive, Quincy

Clanin, Craig Allen & Mary Ann, 201 S. Market St, Knoxville

Clark, Kelly Y, 4 Perks Trailer Ct, Villa Grove

Clark, Leslie Alan & Kelly Ann, 200 Rice Street, Carlinville

Clarke, Joyce Carolyn, 3712 N. Ashton Ave, Peoria

Cler, Christopher J & Kayla L, 804 E. London Ave, Peoria Heights

Clevenger, Edward A & Cheryl A, P O Box 171, Morrisonville

Clevenger, Lynn Jean, 480 S Main Ave, Kankakee

Closen, Charles T, 8201 N. Route 91, Apt 326, Peoria

Coble, Joseph, 328 E. Iowa, Spring Valley

Coffman, Brook Ann & Jody Lee, 621 5th Ave, East Moline

Coffman, Christopher James, 10 East Central Street, Princeton

Colandria-Terhune, Tina Marie, 409 N Livingston, Bloomington

Coleman-Dawson, Carolyn Renee, 1701 E Empire St, #360139, Bloomington

Collins, Rodney Jerome, 205 West Allen St, Apt 118, Springfield

Conroy, Erikka Lauren, 604 North Church Street, Crescent City

Cook, Gary W, 1643 W. North St, Galesburg

Cooley, Chelsea, 6900 Woodland, Rushville

Cotter, Jeffrey, 11413 N. 1325 East Road, Pontiac

Cottingham, Victoria P, 417 E Harrison, Morton

Cottrell, William F, 6 Wyandotte St, Pana

Cox, Daniel Lee, Jr, 1020 Wabash Ave, # 4, Mattoon

Crane, Douglas S & Carolyn J, 3701 Alyssum Drive, Bloomington

Cravens, Katelynn Elizabeth, 215 N. Harlan St, Neponset

Cunningham, Kindra L, 301 Eckley Ave, East Peoria

Curington, Deborah Lynn, 105 W. Allen, Springfield

Daniels, Kristopher Jackson, 323 White Oak Drive, Springdale

Danner, Jo Ann, 7811 8 1/2 St. W. Apt B4, Rock Island

Darboe, Ansumana, 1311 Denison Apt C, Springfield

Daugherty, John David & Carol Ann, PO Box 53, Kincaid

Davies, William Alfred & Theresa Marie, 12 Beverly Drive, Springfield

Davis, Anthony S & Christine L, 1713 E. Fairlawn, Urbana

Davis, Guy Matthew, 1656 W Monroe, Springfield

Davis, Richard Lavell, 103 Eagle Ridge, Chatham

Dawkins Jr, Eric F, 1113 Oakdale Street, Springfield

Day, Timothy Louis, 109 West Oak, Springfield

Deem, Marcia, 405 N. 8th Street, Saint Joseph

Dellinger, Jimmy R & Rachel M, 1610 W. Grandridge Drive, Dunlap

DeRenzy, Drew R, 676 N. 8th Ave, Canton

Deterding, Cynthia A, 935 E. Jefferson Apt 221, Morton

Dieckow, Christopher L, 113 Anna St, Bartonville

Dietsch, Lynn, 103 Babette Drive, Lexington

Dikeman, Philip Glenn, 2074 East Whitmer, Decatur

Dillon, Karleen A, 1504 Northbrook Dr. #8, Normal

Dolby, Joseph Michael, 814 E. McNeil Ave, Hoopeston

Donze, Suzanne Elizabeth, 525 W. Chestnut St, Mason City

Dorsey, Serita M, 2212 Montgomery Lane, Springfield

Doughty, Larry Ray, 17 E. University Ave Apt 516, Champaign

Douglas, Jeromy E, 280 Wildridge Rd, Metamora

Doyle, Donald Delano, 226 8th St W, Andalusia

Doyle, Paula M, 3002 E. Garfield, Decatur

Drake, Amanda Lee, 1822 Victoria Drive, Pekin

Drake, Brigette, 1321 North 15th Street, Springfield

Drake, Jason S, 2227 Westmore Drive, Princeton

Driskill, Micheal Ross Jr & Whitney Renee, 3243 Butler St, Springfield

Duncan, Randall Todd, 1977 E. Converse St, Springfield

Dupont, Dalton Lee, PO Box 71, Cerro Gordo

Easton, Mark E, 210 E. Benham Street, Tolono

Ebaugh, Jason Daniel, 412 W. Church St. Apt 7, Champaign

Elliot, Shawn M, 2 St. Evans Circle Unit 200, Bloomington

Elliott, Susan R, 1536 Seven Pines Road #D, Springfield

Emerick, Malissa Jeanne, 111 Cottonwood Drive, Morton

Emig, Diana Kay, 721 North Main St, Unit A, Lewistown

Engel, Eric C & Melanie A, 106 Broad St, Box 103, La Moille

Erickson, Alissa M, 1416 N Hershey Rd, Bloomington

Ernst, Rickie S, 11 South Drive, Decatur

Evans, Sarah M, 720 N. Monroe, Clinton

Farris, Keith A & Julanne L, 301 W Rabb Rd, Normal

Faulkner, Todd D, 26020 Shake Rag Rd, Danville

Faust, Kasey R, 1010 E Washington, Riverton

Felmey, Christy L, 548 Carola Street, Creve Coeur

Fickes, James D & Tegan D, 173 W. Hickory Point Road #5, Decatur

Fields, Robert Allen, II, 302 E. Walker, Macomb

Fields-Orozco, Toni Mari, 12507 W Farmington Rd, Hanna City

Fitzpatrick, Derek R, 540 Sturgis Drive, Niantic

Frailey, Curtiss Adrian & Pamela Jean, 57 Oakwood Drive, Pontiac

Franco, Juan Manuel & Tammy Sue, 973 S Pearl St, Galesburg

Franklin, Gregory A, P.O. Box 324, Hopedale

Franklin, James D & Alicia L, 2263 W. Center, Decatur

Franklin, Lori Lynn, 2413 Wilshire Road, Springfield

Frosig, Eugene Jr & Betty R, 305 S. Main St, Abingdon

Fuller, Jason J & Jennifer A, 1403 E 7th Street, Coal Valley

Gaige, Corey D & Amanda S, 931 W Douglas Ave, Jacksonville

Gardner, Joseph Bartley, 7999 N. Branson School Rd, Ipava

Garner, Ashley N, 1028 E. North Street, Decatur

Gerstung, Karen Rae, 1020 W. Elliott Ave, Springfield

Glasscock, Shena, Po Box 1786, Bloomington

Gleeson, Margaret H, 675 E 1975 North Rd, Edinburg

Godinez, German, 2906 Capen, Bloomington

Gott, Monica K & Rick M, 811 S. Park Ave, La Moille

Graff, Bradley Raymond & Katlyn Marie, 3219 S Spring Street, Springfield

Graham, Brian D & Mary Alice, 701 East Madison Avenue, Chrisman

Grant, Alan J, 700 N. Cain Apt 125, Clinton

Grant, Glendora, 320 S Wildwood Ave, Apt B, Kankakee

Gray, Sharon, PO Box 224, Auburn

Griffieth, Frances E, 75 South Oak St, El Paso

Guinn, Amanda Catherine, 105 E Kimble St, Springfield

Haile, Abraham S.C & Jessyca L, 1902 Melinda Ave, Champaign

Hall, Pamela A, 1200 E. College Ave, Apt 225, Normal

Hall, Pearly Alexsis, 611 S. Hibbard St, Staunton

Hamilton, Carol Lorraine, 3351 Terminal Ave. #2, Springfield

Hamilton, Gerilynn, 800 Morris, Washington

Hamm, Mark Allen & Barbara Sue, 99 Kathy Lane, Decatur

Hammer, Georgiana, 1715 N. Foster Avenue, Decatur

Hammons, Roland S, Jr, 106 Community Drive, Lincoln

Hanson, Brett A, 1785 State Street, Cazenovia

Harrington, Julie Paulette, 6415 N. Smith Rd, Edwards

Harrold, Katherine L, 106 1/2 Willow Oak Drive, Morton

Hartman, Tiffany Nicole & Christopher Kevin, 506 East Washington St, Tolono

Harvey, Beverly Ann, PO Box 8947, Springfield

Harvey, Chris W & Kathy S, 2208 Marion Avenue, Mattoon

Harweger, Robert A, 914 E. Main St, Clinton

Hass, Joan Marie, 500 s main St apt 209, Princeton

Hawkins, Robin I, 1118 Springfield Rd, East Peoria

Hawley, Matthew M, 3707 N. Grand Blvd, Peoria

Hayes, Willie Floyd & Eva Marie, 3243 S Douglas, Springfield

Haynes, Blair A, 720 Whiting Ave, Galesburg

Heath, Tracy A, 834 University Street, Carlinville

Hebb, Jennifer L & Timothy E, 722 E. Arnold Avenue, Lewistown

Helms, Casey Lee, 481 Maple Ave, Galesburg

Helms, Robert W, 411 W. Court Street, Cambridge

Hemmer, Debra S, 103 Inverness Drive, Pekin

Henson, Harvey E, 511 W North St, Mount Sterling

Hernandez, Francisco, 520 W 11th St, Beardstown

Hertz, Dawn Renee, 260 S Michigan Ave, Bradley

Hickman, Garrett E, 805 E. Rudy, Mattoon

Hicks, Melanie J, 1120 N. Warren St, Decatur

Hilton, Kevin Louis & Lorena A, PO Box 356, Gridley

Hines, Barbara J, 3134 W. Humbolt St, LL, Peoria

Hite, Nicky Eugene, 201 E Bailey St, Industry

Hoferkamp, Tristan K, 501 Whippoorwill Drive, Washington

Holmes, Catherine A, 1562 Oakleaf Drive, Saint Anne

Holt, Bradley J & Teresa E, PO Box 91, Brocton

Homer, Debra I, 3041 E. Linden Lot 36, Springfield

Hoots, Cheri Lynn, 520 Pleasant Ct, Chatham

Hoover, Jason & Lindsay, 311 S Austin, Taylorville

Hornaday, Randy E, 725 Dill Street, Paris

Horner, Craig D & Amber K, 2090 Keokuk St. Lot 56, Hamilton

Huffington, Marlo Diane, 511 N. Michigan Ave, Marshall

Huffington, Michael Edward, 1701 Bunn St, Bloomington

Hughes, Lucinda S, 22 Central Drive, Decatur

Humphrey, Dwight D, 1007 E Nebraska Ave, Peoria

Humphrey, Myrtle E, 3920 St Joseph Court, Peoria Heights

Hunt, Cody James, 613 White Oak Drive, Chatham

Hurley, Jeanne L, 2321 S. Whittier, Springfield

Jacks, Terry Arnold & Mary Jo, 3524 34th Street, Moline

Jarrell, Ricky A, 209 N. 1st St, Hartsburg

Jarvis, James Kevin & Marie Cecelia, 1823 Armour Road, Bourbonnais

Johnson, Erin Elizabeth, 4 Windsor Ct, Pekin

Johnson, Jessica, 859 Edgehill Road, Jacksonville

Johnson, Michael L & Velinda B, 3220 6th Street, Moline

Johnson, Nicholas R & Shannon R, 208 S Creamery, Eureka

Johnson, Ryan James, 903 N Linden St, #12, Normal

Johnson, Timothy Anthony, 2032 Skipton Rd, Springfield

Johnston, Lara E, 12909 134th Ave, Orion

Jones, Amy Kay, 1340 Lennington Circle NE, Kankakee

Jones, Marquita Mae, 2801 Montaluma Drive #303, Springfield

Jones, Robert E & Sarah J, 426 W. Clinton St, Brimfield

Jones, Willie, Jr, 104 E. Wood St. #1210, Bloomington

Kasparie, Tamela L, 707 S. Chamber St, Galesburg

Keele, Brent Lee & Amanda Marie, 329 Henry St, Nokomis

Kelly, Kenneth Darryll, 718 West Madison, Auburn

Kennedy, Pamela L, 2240 W. Packard, Decatur

Kerans, Michelle L, 312 E. Elm Street, Villa Grove

Kester, Pamela Jo, 1514 Northbrook Apt A6, Normal

Kintz, Timothy William, 308 College Park Dr. #6, Normal

Klein, Ashley E, 1137 Willard St, Galesburg

Konetski, Michelle Marie, 133 Park St, Pontiac

Korzen, Karen Lynn, P O Box 323, Thayer

Kralman, Alexandra O, 621 S. McClellan, Decatur

Krueger, Henry R, Sr, 106 E. Oak Street, Fairbury

Kundtz, Cheryl A, 103 North Towanda Ave Apt 3, Normal

Kuykendall, David Vincent, 808 South English, Apt C, Springfield

Kwasniewski, Timothy Henry, 35 Maple Lane, Manteno

Lage, Scott H, 403 W Fisk St, Macomb

Lamberes, Carol Margarett, 313 West Oak Street, Unit B, Fairbury

Lash, Bobby D & Tersa L, 113 Eastdale Ave, Springfield

Lash, Michael J & Shana L, 320 E Fayette St, Pittsfield

Lavery, Deborah S, 1594 Hickory Point Road, Metamora

Lawson, Patty Kay, 402 N. 2nd Ave, Chenoa

Leach, Jessica D, 7658 E. Emery Road, Argenta

Lee, Janie Lyn, 1014 Tremont St, Lincoln

Leonard, Kitty A, 4015 Pickfair Rd, Springfield

Licht, Thomas E, 406 E. Elm St. #2, Urbana

Livingston, Marjeana D, 2904 E. Lake Paradise Road, Mattoon

Lloyd, Eloise E, 347 Heritage Drive, Apt 3, Bourbonnais

Lockhart, Cherie S, 624 W. McDonough St, Macomb

Lord, Dawn, P.O. Box 516, Catlin

Low, John Franklin, 716 East Jefferson, Po Box 55, Chrisman

Lowe, Alzavier, 2032 Skipton Rd, Springfield

Lowis, Brenda L, 604 Arlington, Taylorville

Lowis, David Lee, 105 N. 5th St, Palmer

Lumbard, Lucero Oralia, 224 8th Street, Silvis

Lykins, James R, 4233 Knollridge Rd Apt C3, Peoria

Mallett, Adrian, 613 E Oak St, Kankakee

Marcotte, Matthew M, 5383 N 11000 W Rd, Bonfield

Maricle, Billy R & Lory A, Po Box 134, Hartsburg

Martinez, Gabriel David, 6006 N Western, Peoria

Mathis, Hannah Joy, 434 Price Ave, Mattoon

McBride, Bobby Gene & Jennifer Lynn, 503 E Elm St, Chatsworth

McCarty, Angela M, 2533 W Scenic Drive, Peoria

McCarty, Michelle Lea, 1406 Sheridan Rd Apt 1, Pekin

McConnell, Timothy Kevin & Barbara Sue, 3401 Ridge Avenue Lot #84, Springfield

McCormick, Ben P, 4328 Barth Drive, Saint Louis

McCoy, Kenneth Jamahl & Jennifer Ann, 78 Greencroft Drive, Champaign

McCurdy, Dylan Andrew, 209 W Main St, Plymouth

McDevitt, Robert B & Deborah S, 608 Outing Club Rd, Franklin

McElroy, Linda M, 2508 Lyon St, Des Moines

McElroy, Randy K & Genece, 618 W. Central St, Nokomis

McNeil, Morgan Noelle, 305 N. 4th St, Auburn

Meador, Craig Steven & Monica Marie, 75 Nottingham Drive, Chatham

Mendenall, Gregory G, 1705 S. Country Club Road #110, Decatur

Mentado, Miguel & Yesenia, 1922 W. Marquette St, Peoria

Mercurio, Kimo James & Catherine Jeannine, 1629 Highway 24, Paloma

Mertes, David & Deborah, 322 Opper Ave, Granville

Messamore, Naethan Ross, 506 E. Fifer, Colfax

Meyer, Ashley Nicole, 224 South Central Street, Gilman

Michael, Sara Beth, 1901 E. Slade Ln, Mahomet

Montgomery, Timothy James, 131 S. Dearborn Ave, Bradley

Morse, Crystal D, 455 N. 9th Avenue, Canton

Moyers, Virginia Kathleen, 1614 Fairway Dr. Apt 3, Rantoul

Mueting, Jacob E, 402 17th Avenue, Moline

Mullen, Jerry Lee & Peggy Lynn, 1122 39th Street, Moline

Munos, Jillian, 1904 School St, Hillsboro

Musch, Alisha Dawn, 526 Henry St, Jacksonville

Nash, Anthony B, 1616 N. Vermilion Apt 1, Danville

Neal, John A & Lynn, 1431 South Pointe Drive, Rantoul

Nekkanti, Vinai Babu, 144 Jack Lane, Forsyth

Newell, Lisa, 109 Oak Street, Spring Valley

O'Donnell, Gerard E, 803 N. Ashland Avenue, West Peoria

Oertle, Robert S, 13911 Townline Rd, Green Valley

Olds, Jamal E & Vicky A, 325 West Fisk St, Macomb

Oliviero, Christina Diane, 303 N Church St, Carlock

Orozco, Alvin Diaz, 12507 W Farmington Rd, Hanna City

Osburn, Roy A, 316 Magnolia, Springfield

O'Shea, Craig A & Heather J, PO Box 102, Dawson

Osler, Katelyn Renea, 1401 Williamsburg Drive, Champaign

Owen, Thomas F & Gleneva S, 3742 N. Mary Belle Ave. #202, Peoria

Oyler, Rodney L Sr & Sherry L, 154 N. Wiles, Macon

Papish, Jeffrey A, 4367 9th Street, East Moline

Parker, Kevin S & Sharon Kay, 105 Lake St, Washington

Parnell, James Michael, 2176 Martin Luther King Drive, Springfield

Parris, Julia Ann, 5275 Miers Drive, Decatur

Patterson, Tiffany L, 318 E Second St, El Paso

Paul, Janice M, 414 Sangamon Road, Pekin

Payne, Jason Douglas, Po Box 41, Dunfermline

Pearson, Amber D, 306 W Chestnut, Canton

Pearson, Scott Eric, 423 Hollis Street, Kewanee

Peaslee, Matthew P & Ashley N, 105 Gillespie Lane, Westville

Perez, Alesandra J, 2127 18th Street, Charleston

Perkins, Adinaa Marie, 612 Kenyon Drive, Springfield

Perkins, Pierre C & Astria T, 2010 Mattis Ave. Apt 301C, Champaign

Perrine, Rebecca S, 227 N. 14th St, Quincy

Perry, Andre, 1008 N Evans St #1, Bloomington

Peters, Vincent C, 9452 Wilmax Drive, Clinton

Petitt, Robert & Corie, 1110 Dina Drive, Riverton

Petroline, Dustin R & Sanna M, 218 South Broad Street, Apt G, Carlinville

Pharris, Bud & Mary E, 1401 N. University, Decatur

Phillips, James M & JoDaniele, 403 S. Center, Clinton

Phillips, Troy A, 900 W. Dayton St, Apt H3, Galesburg

Phipps, Viveca R, 841 E. Summer St, Paxton

Pisman, Kerry L & Mary Jo, 1422 300th St, Sherrard

Planck, Trevor Ryan, 409 Dalhlia Drive, Chatham

Prior, Connor Douglas & Sara Ashleigh, 2533 Burton Drive, Springfield

Pritchett, Daniel Lee, 280 Raven Drive, Apt 1A, Manteno

Puckett, Keith Michael, 212 S. Hickory, Pana

Pulliam, Joseph W & Bobby Jo, 802 Wright St, Bloomington

Puls, Dale Scott & Christine Marie, 615 N. Union, Paxton

Putman, Heidi M, 899 E. Chestnut, Canton

Randall, Daniel W & Lyn M, 820 West Washington, Macomb

Rardin, Nancy J, 1313 Marshall Ave, Mattoon

Reed, Jessica Justine, 1334 E. Wantland Drive, Taylorville

Renwick, Rachel D, 2701 Pine Ave, Mattoon

Rexroad, James D, 1507 1st Street, Coal Valley

Reyes-Jager, Virginia, 1233 Peacock Lane, Bradley

Rhinehart, Jennifer R, 220 South Park Street, Monticello

Rials-Parks, Zendra L, 312 Riley Dr. #3, Bloomington

Rich, Patricia A, 1701 S Evergreen Ln, Apt 349, Normal

Rich, William E, 1701 S Evergreen Ln, Apt 349, Normal

Riddle, Donald L & Teresa D, 1136 Alta Brown Drive, Rantoul

Riggs, Kristopher V & Beverly J, 1543 E. Court Street, Peoria

Rivers, Larry Joe, 825 17th Street Apt 502, Moline

Roberts, Jesse Raelynn & Maggie Marie, 216 West Street, Hume

Robinson, Charles S, 4439 N. Hale, Decatur

Robinson, Holly Lynn, 362 East Myrtle Street, Unit 1, Herscher

Robinson, Laura A, 902 W Vine St, Taylorville

Rodriguez, Francisco & Elena Barrera, 1139 S. West St, Galesburg

Rogers, Amber, 601 N. Wesley, Springfield

Rogers, Carole Lynn, 2459 County Rd. 2100 N, St. Joseph

Rogers, John Lee, 618 North Austin Street, Paris

Rogers, Kale D & Kara F, P.O. Box 65, Rockport

Root, Rebecca Ann, 509 W. Market St, Colchester

Roots, Toby L & Jennifer C, 338 Herman St, Pekin

Rosembaum, Pamela Jo, 4616 47th Street, Moline

Ross, Marcella J, P.O. Box 146, Moline

Roundtree, Alan, 2254 S 12600 E Rd, Pembroke

Roundtree, Terry L, 12695 E 2500 S Rd, Momence

Ruffner, Janis M, 2202 Pond Street, Apt B, Urbana

Ruiz, John Joseph, 210 West Dakota Street, Spring Valley

Runyen, Tony R, 215 S. Madison Street, Cerro Gordo

Sallee, Tiffany M, 1119 Northwood Dr S, Champaign

Sanders, Jimmie Earl, 716 W. Main St, Hoopeston

Sanders, Melissa Dorene, 541 W. Grant Ave Apt 2, Charleston

Sandoval, Jon H, 1217-14th Street, Silvis

Savant, Kathleen Marie, 307 W. Third South St, Mount Olive

Sawicki, Loriss Leah, 2150 S. 10th St, Springfield

Sawyer, Tenesha Latrice, 4 Christopher Way Unit 3, Bloomington

Scarborough, Alexander J, 402 17th Avenue, Moline

Schmit, Brandi L, 715 N. 4th, Benld

Schoonover, Teri Sue, 8355 N 900th Rd, Colchester

Schott, Keith Allen & Amanda Suzanne, 4420 W. Castleton Rd, Peoria

Schroeder, Amy L, 1430 South 31st Street, Decatur

Schroeder, Eric David & Keri Michele, 309 Higbee, White Hall

Schwab, Natalie Jo, 204 N. Timber St, Knoxville

Scogin, Shandi Leigh, 703 W. Front St, Bloomington

Scott, Sheryl D, 2160 E. Lawrence Street, Decatur

Scranton, Glyn C Jr, Po Box 135, New Canton

Scranton, Lora R, 260 W. Mississippi, New Canton

Shanks, Mary Sue, 202 Norrell Drive, Jacksonville

Shannon, Mary M, 239 E. Birch, Canton

Silsbee, Jennifer L, 1030 S 4th Ave, Kankakee

Skelton, Amanda, 1603 44th Street, Rock Island

Skroko, Philip Joseph & Johanna, 860 North 2824 East Road, POB 135, Stockland

Slanicky, Richard Jerome & Deborah Lynn, 790 Arbor Drive, Manteno

Smith, Cassandra Jo, 811 Riverside Drive, Mahomet

Smith, Charity Renee, 18435 E. CR 1700 N, Havana

Smith, Charles & Shirley M, 8 Lamm, Danville

Smith, Charles Eldridge, 706 N Rosewood Ave, Kankakee

Smith, Kisha S, 2306 Ranchland Drive, Quincy

Smith, Robert E, 218 14th Street, Silvis

Snyder, Joanne, 911 Taylor Lane, Le Roy

Sokolis, Richard E & Michele M, 3501 Ridgely Road #83, Springfield

Sovinski, Nancy Kay, P.O. Box 16, Cullom

Spencer, Lindsey A, 307 East South Central, Tuscola

Spivey, Rebecca Lynette, 517 E. Webster St, Clinton

Spradlin, John R, 1028 Winter Street, Pekin

Stankiewicz, Deanna Leigh, 230 North Jefferson Avenue, Bradley

Stein, Diane M, 100 Parkview Circle, Washburn

Stiles, Bradley J, 314 Avondale Ave, Champaign

Stimac, Jennifer M, 2400 S. 11th St, Springfield

Stone, Rebecca Ann, 602 S. Byron Ct, Peoria

Strohl, Lisa Lerae, 128 Dewey St, Urbana

Stroops, Michael Lee, 1631 Beecher Ave, Galesburg

Struglinski, Barbara J, 120 W. 4th St, Spring Valley

Sweetin, Britton Lynn, 462 Lake Road, Meredosia

Tang, Paul Minh & Anh Tram, 913 9th St, Bloomington

Taylor, Nancy E, 1706 N. Gilbert St, Danville

Taylor, Phillip S, 3010 E. Mound Road #209, Decatur

Taylor, Troy A & Haven, 72 B East Central Park Plaza, Jacksonville

Terhune, Jessica R, 2528 S. 5th St, Springfield

Terry, Kathleen, 1904 Karen Ct. #7, Champaign

Thomas, Eric & Sandra, 1411 S. Monroe, Streator

Thomas, June A, 3 Clobertin Court, 2C, Bloomington

Thomas, Kenneth R, Jr, 3316 N. Brook Ln, Peoria

Thomas, Quinn L, 750 Stevens Creek Blvd, Forsyth

Thompson, Marilyn J, 619 Dewey Ave, Kewanee

Thompson, Tammy Sue, 705 Kickapoo, Heyworth

Thorpe, Jeanetta, 503 W. Washington St, Macomb

Thurman, Suzanne Kay, PO Box 1414, Galesburg

Tidwell, Jonathan L, 2923 N. Renwood Avenue, Peoria

Tisdale, Fredrick Chris & Mary Jean, PO Box 56, Forest City

Tomm, Corbin M, 181 S Dutchland Estates Rd, Havana

Townsend, Keith Burnette, 11 Kentucky, Danville

Trudeau, John D, 81 Hill St, Momence

Trudeau, Shlinda L, 420 W John Casey Rd, Apt 2, Bourbonnais

Tucker, Brandon M, 13550 State Rte 4 #7, Auburn

Tutt, Brian James & Nicole Lynn, 253 W. Elm, Canton

Tuzon, Kelly G, 3410 Vista Oaks Drive, Apartment 236, Martinez

Ugarte, Stephanie Louise, 3906 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria

Ulrich, Tammy L, 2518 W Malone St, Peoria

Underwood, Tyler L, 604 W. South St, Clinton

Valdivia, Jacqueline Elizabeth, 1513 Gleason Drive, Rantoul

Van Fossen, Julia Nettie, 206 Elm St, Wyoming

Varela, Mauricio Alfredo, 730 Allen Street, Carbon Cliff

Vaughn, Charlotte L, 404 N. 6th Avenue, New Windsor

Vilar-Garcia, Lazaro, 3130 - 9th Street, Apt 2J, Rock Island

Waldschmidt, Todd T, 909 Oakwood Road, East Peoria

Walker, Kevin E, 508 S. Franklin St. Apt 3, Dwight

Ward, Cecilia A, 505 W. Maple, Ave. N, Springfield

Wardlow, Chasity L, 2923 S 48th St, Quincy

Warren, Deanna D, 79 Richmond Ave, Mattoon

Warren, Dustin T & Deborah L, 2868 Hoover Ave, Springfield

Waters, Terry L, 5424 Kase Drive, Quincy

Watkins, Andre, 1834 10th Street, Rock Island

Welchel, Chase H, 211 S Henry, Eureka

Welsh, Joseph A, 512 Tremont Street, Lincoln

West, Leon D, PO Box 952, Springfield

Westrich, Joshua G & Lauren E, 208 Nichols Lane, Loami

Whalen, Beverly J, 602 W. Market St, Taylorville

White, Karen Sue, 3817 22nd Avenue, Moline

White, Nailah Tia Mari, 1308 Centennial Drive, Champaign

White, Thomas Dean Sr & Iretta Gail, 918 C Street, Charleston

White, Timothy D & Rebecca L, 812 3rd Street, Lincoln

Whitney, Sherry L, 1902 Saint Clair Drive, Pekin

Whitsel, Dennis Keith & Barbara Ann, 2 Frist South Shores Ave, Decatur

Whittemore, Gregory Dean, 547 W 2nd St, Dallas City

Wilburn, Jessica Marie, 7026 N. 1750 East Rd, Bloomington

Wilhelm, Willard Ray, 305 S.W. 2nd St, Atwood

Williams, Michael R, Jr, 407 Dorchester Drive, Mahomet

Williams, Sharee Bee, 457 S Fulton Ave, Bradley

Williams, Sharon Kay, 203 S. Bianco Court, Apt B, Peoria

Wilsman, Allison L, 9 1/2 Jackson, Pana

Winbush, Carl A, 2942 Cardinal, Decatur

Windeler, Edmund Lee III, 451 Gipp Drive, Manteno

Winn, Michael Ron & Elizabeth Ann, 376 South Oak, Manteno

Wise, Jonathan R & Kaylee S, 501 S Maltby, Waynesville

Wolf, Douglas P, 3701 Pine Ridge Court-Apt 304, Moline

Wright, Fred G, 306 N Glenn, Milford

Yarbary, Isaiah T, 1668 E. Winnetka Ave, Decatur

Yates, Lisa K, 502 Timothy Drive, Villa Grove

Young, Kiara S, 270 N. Stadium Dr. Apt 6, Bourbonnais

Young, Pamela M, 155 N. 33rd, Decatur

Yow Donovan, Marcia Linley, 636 Liberia, Jacksonville


Abel, Amy R & Kristina M, 423 N. Broad Street, Galesburg

Aderman, Heather D, 5526 E. LaSalle Street, Chillicothe

Adkins, Charles D & Penny M, 19466 Oregon Lane, Pekin

Albright, Lindell R & Judith M, 1410 S. 13th, Pekin

Alderson, Leslie Eugene, 29 Brookwood Drive, Normal

Andre, Jessica L, 287 W Marsile St, Bourbonnais

Aten, Ronald A & Rita Marie, 418 S. Wood St, Maroa

Baker, David J & Trina L, 6597 W 1000N Road, Bonfield

Baloue, David L, III, 529 31st Street - Apt 10, Rock Island

Barr, Stephen M & Sarah J, 612 County Road 1200E, Eureka

Bent, Jennifer K, 818 2nd Street, Colona

Bergman, Roger & April, PO Box 378, Virden

Berry, Frederick James Jr & Melody June, PO Box 92, Hampton

Berry, Michael & Tammi, 927 Quail Drive, Bradley

Betz, Kevin D & Shawna M, 301 E. 3rd Street, Vermont

Boyd, Carrie Beth, 1925 Wiggins Avenue, Springfield

Brackett, Steven M, 335 Buena Vista Ave, Pekin

Brashers, Karen Sue, 500 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Brown, Eugene Dipper, 359 South Albert, Kankakee

Brown, Max Galen & Kristine Renee, Jr, 734 S. 1st Ave, Canton

Brown, William O & Sheila M, 9437 W. Lake Camelot Drive, Mapleton

Buckley, Charles E & Kimberly G, 245 S Locust St, Arcola

Buskirk, Perry S, 150 Wesley Rd, Creve Coeur

Camerer, Lloyd Richard, 15 E. Lewis, Winchester

Campbell, Frances Leota, 21950 Ward Rd, RR 3, Box 55B, Rushville

Carter, Darlene J, 18530 W 3000 N Road, Lot 279, Reddick

Cervantez-Keith, Reagan A, 1703 Willard St, Galesburg

Clark, Brenda, 2902 N. Rockwood Dr. #A, Peoria

Clarke, Jerome P & Jennifer L, 4306 W. Rockwell Drive, Peoria

Cleary, Brian Joseph, 2216 Sheridan Rd, Peoria

Clodi, David W & Le Ann R, 675 Cherokee Drive, Bourbonnais

Cole, Justin J & Ann M, 912 W. 1st Street, Spring Valley

Cooley, Ryan Jacob, 3521315 E. ST, Versailles

Crays, Somer Lynn, 907 Johnson St, Carlinville

Crusoe, Scott, 300 Greenbriar Drive, Ste. 57, Normal

Cunningham, Daisy Louise, 614 West Moulton Street, Pontiac

Davis, Ed W & Barbara Jean, 625 E. Walnut Street, Canton

Dean, Brian D, 5906 S. Adams Street, Apartment 2, Bartonville

Dean, Misty L, 4810 Rusty Lane, Bartonville

Delahunt, Kalene Anna, 709 E. Vine St, Taylorville

Delahunt, Robert Neal, 709 E. Vine St, Taylorville

Dixon, Daphne, 6800 N. Summershade Circle, Apt S, Peoria

Dodd, Andrea Elizabeth, 928 Water View Way, Unit C, Champaign

Dombroskie, Nicole, 219 E. Walnut St, Danville

Dry, Mark A & Selina R, 337 Park Court, Canton

DuPont, Donald Lee, 3407 18th Street, East Moline

Ecklund, Larry C, 534 W. North Street, Galesburg

Eichman, Scott J, 701 Irvine Road, Champaign

Evans, Eugene Evrett, 4731 North 8000 West Road, Bonfield

Fellers, Kevin Lee, 614 E. Ash, Chatsworth

Ferguson, Stephen Ray Sr. & Brenda Kay, 49 Lilac Lane, Springfield

Fletcher, Lamont, 502 W. Griggs St, Urbana

Floyd, Sharon D, 403 Valley View Circle, Bloomington

Formhals, Timothy D & Courtney L, 529 Walnut St, Carthage

Garcia, Pascual, 3421 W. Kiva Ct, Peoria

Garson, Angela Marie, 12 NE 4th Avenue Apt 1, Galva

Gibson, Dennis Henderson & Susan, 1911 E. Truitt Road, Chillicothe

Gifford, Shawn Michael, 132 E. Oak Park Drive, Peoria

Glick, Chad M, 605 Pine St. Lot 96, Normal

Govednik, Albert J & Linda L, 1861 McMasters Ave, Galesburg

Grobe, Todd Edward & Amber R, 923 N. 50th Avenue, Alpha

Grzesik, Lester Karl, 125 W 12th Street, Gibson City

Hammond, Margaret M, 13015 N 700th Road, Macomb

Hannel, Carey Earl & Tamara Renea, 521 S Church Street, Jacksonville

Harris, Deanie M, 507 Newcastle Drive, Mackinaw

Hedrick, Jered Michael & Stephanie M, 1200 Bridge Avenue, Galesburg

Hess-Buskirk, Kimberley M, 150 Wesley Rd, Creve Coeur

Hubbard, Sharon M, 2520 Selkirk Rd, Springfield

Hughes, Danny Ray, 171 Wildwood Ct. #3, Decatur

Hunter, Kala Angela, 610 Kenyon Drive, Springfield

Irish, Steven L & Debra L, 22065 Clinton Rd, Paris

Johnson, Donnie Ray & Tammy Renee, 238 Ashley Avenue, Bourbonnais

Johnson, Mark Ivar & Janet Ann, 326 5th Street, Colona

Karim, Crystal L, PO Box 8333, Champaign

Kennedy, Amy Jo, 905 West Wood St. C3, Bloomington

King, Vanessa Marie, 3704 Bristlecone Drive, Springfield

Kinsella, Joseph Robert, 204 Julie Drive, Kankakee

Kleinhans, Tory L, 507 Newcastle Drive, Mackinaw

Knight, Patricia J, 3 Settlers Lane, Springfield

Knollenberg, Kathleen Lorene, 619 S McLean Street, Lincoln

Kornfeld, Christopher Brian & Michelle Diane, 551 Lee Sturgis Drive, Niantic

Lane, John David, 832 South Main Avenue, Kankakee

Lindsey, Joshua Daniel, 6201 Little Galilee Road, Clinton

Lobdell, Loletha A, 1415 W. Columbia Terrace, Peoria

Lowder, Daniel E, 2724 Highmeadow, Peoria

Martin, William D & Jodie L, 916 W. 3rd Ave, Monmouth

McDaniel, Mitchello Giuseppe, 935 Dayton Drive, Galesburg

Merreighn, Michael Shane Sr & Christine Marie, 1108 Broadway St, Lincoln

Montgomery, Kimberly K, 741 S. Columbus Avenue, Morton

Morris, Carrie E, 1215 Florence Avenue, Apt 16, Pekin

Moxley, Robert J, 702 N. 7th Street, Wyoming

Naylor, Gwendolyn Rose, 1914 23rd Street A, Moline

Nixon, Gerald Wayne & Pamela Jean, 201 W State St, Potomac

Ochkie, Jason Robert, 1210 13th Street, Moline

O'Neal, Michael E, 176 N. Pattonsburg Rd, Toluca

Osborn, Caprice M, 4100 Creighton Terrace, Peoria

Painter, Troy Kendall, 146 N Whitesboro St, Galesburg

Parker, Lisa M, 802 W. Gift Avenue, Peoria

Parsons, Jerry L, 1180 45th Avenue, East Moline

Perez, Ricardo D, 168 N Ivan Ave, Galesburg

Phan, Monica S, 7150 N. Terra Vista Drive, Apt 608, Peoria

Phillips, Gary L, PO Box 615, Atwood

Quiroz, Veronica, 3421 W. Kiva Ct, Peoria

Rahn, Laurie Sue, 9635 N 1700 Avenue, Osco

Reynolds, Robert & Kristy, 1323 Market Street, Pekin

Ringier, Larry Arthur, 322 Island Avenue, East Moline

Rippel, Anthony E, 116 Keller Street, Bartonville

Roberts, Rickey Alan & Cindy Rae, P.O. Box 301, Toulon

Robinson, Jamila A, 4439 N. Hale, Decatur

Rockhold, Aric L, 3030 37th Avenue, Rock Island

Rowsey, Donald R II & Peggy J, 717 S. 15th, Quincy

Rumley, Russell Dean, PO Box 111, Andalusia

Schofield, Anthony J & Elizabeth S, 1927 Brentwood Drive, Washington

Schury, Joseph M, 4033 E 11000 N Road, Peotone

Searcy, Jeffery V & Lea D, 4027 Lakeview Drive, Manito

Sheard, Danelle, 3031 W. Seibold, Peoria

Shivers, Denise Christine, 1010 W. Nebraska Avenue, Peoria

Shutts, Tina, 3687 N. Co. Rd 330 East, Mattoon

Skaggs, Donald L & Karen K, 3034 W. Seibold St, Peoria

Slemp, Timothy G & Dawn R, 9429 E School Rd, Argenta

Smith, Aaron L Sr, 1450 W. Mound #N, Decatur

Smith, Darlene Denise, 303 E. McClure Avenue, Peoria

Smitley, Ernest Lee Jr & Christy Sue, 108 Stone Street, Georgetown

Spicer, Hiedi L, 3533 3rd Street B, East Moline

Starbuck, Cynthia J, 735 W. Adams, Blandinsville

Stewart, Charles S & Debra J, 901 Richmond Avenue, Mattoon

Stokes, Douglas Arthur, 131 East Morninside Drive, Peoria

Stone, Catherine Ann, 2258 South 9th St, Springfield

Stuckey, Andrew M Jr & Pamala S, 621 Courtland Street N, Saybrook

Taylor, Barbara J, 894 W. Division, Decatur

Taylor, Ludis, 4638 S. Cottage Grove #42, Chicago

Teitsworth, Penny J, RR 2, Box 103AD, Oquawka

Templeton, Ronald Duane, 1317 Harper Drive, Rantoul

Terrill, Matthew Larry & Susan Margaret, 510 Irwin St, Galesburg

Tewell, Mary A, 1604 Lincolnwood Drive, Urbana

Thomas, Brent Riley, 45 Judd Street, Glenarm

Thomas, Heather Renee, 11125 Peabody One Rd, Rushville

Trask, Chelsie C, 2344 28th Street, Moline

Tucker, Tracy L, 9255 S. Powell Road, Peoria

Turrentine, Samantha A, 1507 Handock Dr. #1, Normal

Uhl, Michael D, 1930 Village Center Circle #3-4778, Las Vegas

Walters, Curtis Mitchell, 4147 Rochelle Lane, Peoria

Walters, Fannie M, 111 W. Beverly Ct, Peoria

Washington, LaMissa C, 1806 17th Street, Moline

Watson, Lindsay L, 406 Harbberts, South Pekin

Welch, Melisa A, 18202 N. 1000 E. Rd, Oakwood

Wenthe, Kelley Marie & Nicholas Allen, 203 1st Street, Coal Valley

Whitehurst, Mary M, 1500 S Crown Drive, Peoria

Whitelow, Felicia L, 4717 N. Knoxville Avenue, Apt 520, Peoria

Williams, Calvin, 9250 E 1750th St, Macomb

Williams, Contrina, 2401 N. Gale Ave Apt R, Peoria

Wilson, Cynthia M, 409 School Street, Sparland

Wilson, Garald Preston, 735 Mill St, Mt. Zion

Woods, Billy Eugene, 116 Oaklawn Court, East Peoria

Woods, Shalyn Y, 1434 E College Ave. Apt 2, Normal

Woods, Toney L, 3945 N. Brookside Drive, Peoria

Woods, Vickie Lynn, 116 Oaklawn Court, East Peoria

Wright, Sandra M, 1457 Appleton Court, Dahinda

Zeid, Jamal My, 7117 N Wildlife Drive, Peoria

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