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Building Permits, Tax Liens and Bankruptcies


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and - when available - estimated cost of improvements.


GMRI Inc., alteration to Red Lobster restaurant at 1901 N. Prospect Ave., $338,924.

Dallas Construction Co., new single-family home at 2911 Greystone Place, $250,000.

LCG Inc., repair/replacement work to multifamily residence at 207 E. Green St., $150,000.

Cordos Construction, partial demolition to Phi Kappa Psi fraternity building at 911 S. Fourth St., $80,000.

Bankier, alteration to multifamily residence at 508 E. Clark St., $22,500.

Fenter Machinery, demolition of single-family home at 718 S. Randolph St., $7,000.

JSM Development Services, new educational-day care facility at 2508 Galen Drive, $2,285,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois, new single-family home at 1506 English Oak Drive, $482,500.

Becknell Services, warehouse corridor addition to Kraft Foods at 710 N. Mattis Ave., $310,000.

English Bros., restroom remodeling for St. Matthew school at 1303 Lincolnshire Drive, $196,190.

MSA Architect, alteration for commercial space at 519 E. Green St., $40,000.

Miller Enterprises, demolition work at 908 and 910 W. Armory St., $15,000 each, for total of $30,000.

Felmley-Dickerson Co., alteration to Commerce Bank at 1015 W. Windsor Road, $9,000.

Mark Roland Construction, demolition of building at 401 E. University Ave., $6,000.

Tyson & Billy Architects, nine new multifamily residential buildings for Housing Authority of Champaign County at 1202, 1203, 1204, 1206, 1207, 1208, 1210, 1212 and 1214 Providence Circle, for total of $10,589,846, plus new community building and office at 1201 Providence Circle, $334,609.

Tyson & Billy Architects, 13 new multifamily residential buildings for Housing Authority of Champaign County at 3602, 3604, 3606, 3701, 3702, 3703, 3705, 3706, 3707, 3708, 3709, 3710 and 3711 Colleen Drive, for total of $17,548,569, plus new community building and office at 3800 Colleen Drive, $326,975.

O.E. Schrock, new single-family home at 5013 Trey Blvd., $269,700.

Edward Yung, alteration for karaoke restaurant at 24 E. Green St., $99,000.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family home at 1304 N. Walnut St., $95,000.

Balati Ramachandran, alteration for Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Store at 512 E. Green St., Suite B, $64,000.

Commercial Builders, repair/replacement work at Countryside School, 4301 W. Kirby Ave., $48,424.

Weger & Associates, alteration to office at 2506 Galen Drive, $30,000.

Mike McNeive, footing and foundation permit for West Quad multifamily residential buildings at 29 E. Green St., 30 E. John St. and 705 S. Locust St., no cost listed.

Petry-Kuhne Co., second-phase alteration to Carle offices at 2902 Farber Drive, $460,000.

Unique Homes, new single-family home at 4811 Sandcherry Drive, $400,000.

Huisinga Homes, new single-family home at 5014 Trey Blvd., $311,940.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration for Littelfuse office at 210 Hazelwood Drive, #102, $278,305.

JSM Development Services, alteration for College of Nursing office at 627 S. Wright St., $298,000.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 2114 Leahs Lane, $250,000.

Tick Tock Energy, new wind turbine (third phase) at 3301 Boardwalk Drive, $117,644.

ArcVision, alteration for Simply Mac store at 2000 N. Neil St., #240, $97,285.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, addition to gymnasium/storage facility at 215 S. Staley Road, $92,000.

JSM Development Services, alteration for College of Nursing office at 616 E. Green St., $84,500.

KAP Architecture, alteration for Campus Pantry retail space at 112 E. Green St., Unit B, $70,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration for UI Vice President of Research office at 1901 S. First St., $68,020.

Perspective Design, alteration to Outback Steakhouse at 2402 N. Prospect Ave., $68,000.

Jackson Quality Construction, alteration to multifamily residence at 523 Nathaniel Burch Drive, $17,314.

City of Champaign, alteration for ramp to restaurant at 211 N. Neil St., $8,400.

Roland Realty, new multifamily residence at 37 E. Chalmers St., $406,003.

Roland Realty, new multifamily residence at 39 E. Chalmers St., $406,003.

ADG Ltd., alteration to Champaign-Urbana Public Health office/clinic at 201 W. Kenyon Road, $177,000.

Marco Nieto, alteration for restaurant/bar at 34 E. Main St., $120,000.

Imperial Pools, repair/replacement of pool at 2802 Cherry Hills Drive, $78,600.

MSA Architect, alteration to restaurant at 611 E. Green St., #B, $60,000.

New Prairie Construction, roof repair/replacement for single-family home at 1114 W. Park Ave., $50,597.

Stanley Co., alteration for Villa Italian Kitchen at Market Place Mall, 2000 N. Neil St., #708, $33,960.

G&E Service, repair/replacement work to storage/warehouse at 64 Chester St., $22,000.

Fock Kuan Chook, alteration to restaurant at 508 E. Green St., $20,000.

Miller Enterprises, demolition of single-family home at 409 E. White St., $9,000.

Miller Enterprises, demolition of single-family home at 303 S. Fifth St., $9,000.

KAP Architecture, alteration for Vapor E-Cigs retail space at 1903 N. Neil St., #E, $750.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 2009 Savanna Drive, $228,500.

Camburas & Theodore, alteration to TJ Maxx store at 21 E. Marketview Drive, $137,280.

TCT Construction, addition/alteration to kitchen of sorority at 508 E. Armory Ave., $104,021.

TCT Construction, alteration for Express Employment office at 2117 Park Court, $103,982.

Miller Enterprises, demolition of single-family homes at 407 and 4071/2 E. White St., $16,000.

JSM Development Services, footing and foundation for building at 2508 Galen Drive, no estimated cost.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 2107 Leahs Lane, $330,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 502 Krebs Drive, $224,089.

Roland Realty, alteration to single-family home at 1012 S. Oak St., $195,000.

Roland Realty, alteration to duplex at 36 E. Armory Ave., $195,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 412 Krebs Drive, $153,632.

Tick Tock Energy, new ground solar panels for Electrical Workers Local 601 at 3301 Boardwalk Drive, $151,680.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 408 Krebs Drive, $144,561.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 414 Krebs Drive, $109,456.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 406 Krebs Drive, $105,881.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 410 Krebs Drive, $105,800.

Gorski Reifsteck Architects, alteration to Acacia fraternity house at 302 E. Armory Ave., $61,486.

Tick Tock Energy, alteration for rooftop solar panels for Electrical Workers Local 601 at 3301 Boardwalk Drive, $44,333.

Tick Tock Energy, new pole-mounted solar panel for Electrical Workers Local 601 at 3301 Boardwalk Drive, $40,130.

Trent Roofing, repair/replacement work to Building 25 of multifamily residence at 1862 Valley Road, $25,075.

The Andersons Agriservices, addition of pump station at 3515 N. Staley Road, $18,630.

Tick Tock Energy, alteration for wall-mount solar panels for Electrical Workers Local 601 at 3301 Boardwalk Drive, $16,928.

Trent Roofing, repair/replacement to Building 26 of multifamily residence at 1862 Valley Road, $16,815.

First Christian Church, alteration to church at 3601 S. Staley Road, $16,600.

Trent Roofing, repair/replacement work to Building 29 of multifamily residence at 1862 Valley Road, $16,520.

TCT&A, new canopy for outdoor patio at Champaign Country Club, 1211 S. Prospect Ave., $13,674.

TCT&A, new canopy for restaurant at 301 N. Neil St., #104, $3,603.

G.H. Peters Construction, new single-family home at 1007 Galen Drive, $1,157,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., alteration for Carle clinic at 1701 W. Curtis Road, $504,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois, new single-family home at 1217 English Oak Drive, $458,000.

Burdg Dunham & Associates, alteration to Maurices store at 1901 N. Market St., T-8, $114,750.

Earth Services, demolition of concrete plant and building at 30 E. John St., $75,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., alteration for Carle office at 2902 Farber Drive, $70,300.

Tri Star Marketing, addition/alteration to gas station/convenience store at 4202 W. Springfield Ave., $67,500.

Sun Structures Design, repair/replacement work to single-family home at 2114 Plymouth Drive, $55,661.

Sure Site Consulting, alteration for Sprint cell tower at 2001 Griffith Drive, $25,000.

Sure Site Consulting, alteration for cell tower at 214 S. Chestnut St., $20,000.

Architectural Expressions, alteration to the Upper Bout store at 723 S. Neil St., #G, $14,000.

Architectural Expressions, alteration to the Gaming Goat store at 723 S. Neil St., #A, $7,000.

Mennenga Construction, partial demolition of car wash at 1409 N. Prospect Ave., $6,000.

Champaign County

Brent and Kendra Little, sunroom addition to an existing single-family home and authorize a previously constructed addition to an attached garage at 2835 County Road 1300 East, Rantoul, $36,000.

Steve Heater, place a free-standing sign on the property at 1753 County Road 1550 North, Urbana, $1,672.

Maxey and Ruth Overmyer, detached garage at 1913 Brownfield Road, Urbana, $16,470.

Steve Lammle, detached storage shed for agriculture equipment at 52 County Road 3000 North, Fisher, $30,000.

Kimberly Young, change use to establish a contractor's facility, Gire Roofing, at 309 W. Hensley Road, Champaign.

Bredan and Kathy McKiernans, addition to an existing single-family home at 3104 E. Perkins Road, Urbana, $46,900.

Jennifer Armstrong, above-ground swimming pool at 2543 County Road 1375 North, Ogden, $10,000.

Windsor Road Christian Church, addition to an existing church building at 2501 Windsor Road, Champaign, $3,538,000.

Hallbeck Homes, warehouse addition for an existing office/warehouse building at 4114 Fieldstone Road, Champaign, $120,000.

Pathfinder Group/Jim Abbed, temporary use for a fireworks sales stand at 2708 N. Cunningham Ave., Urbana, $500.

Chris and Diane Stevens, addition to an existing single-family home at 1655 County Road 2200 East, St. Joseph, $80,000.

James and Deborah Hannon, detached garage at 403 S. Lake of the Woods Road, Mahomet, $3,000.

Craig Jones, temporary use for a fireworks display at 2110 Laurel Park Place, Champaign, $5,000.

Charles Learned, single-family home with attached garage and detached agriculture storage shed at 2763 County Road 3200 North, Penfield, $240,000.

Tom Cox, detached garage and authorize a previously constructed detached storage shed at 2207 County Road 1600 East, Urbana, $16,000.

Big Top Properties Series LSS LLC, erect a free-standing sign and a wall-mounted sign affixed to a gate at 1414 Triumph Drive, Urbana, $2,000.

Mark Hamilton, temporary use for a fireworks display at 558 County Road 1400 North, Champaign, $8,000.

Champaign County Forest Preserve District, addition to a caretaker's home at 3437 County Road 2700 East, Penfield, $59,000.

Brad Coats, detached garage at 804 Buckthorn Circle, Mahomet, $10,000.

Jeff Cox, in-ground swimming pool, detached storage shed and authorize a previously constructed addition to the rear of a home at 945 County Road 900 East, Champaign, $52,000.

Seymour Volunteer Fire Department, temporary use for a fireworks display at 304 S. Main St., Seymour, $5,000.

Donald Jones, detached storage shed at 433 County Road 2425 North, Mahomet, $28,000.

Ronald O'Connor, detached agricultural shed for cattle at 1446 County Road 200 East, Seymour, $6,500.

Sportsman Club of Urbana, temporary use for a fireworks display at 705 W. Hickory, Mahomet.

Marcus Harris, place fill in a mapped floodplain at 1790 County Road 1650 North, Urbana, no cost estimate available.

John DeHaven, detached garage at 1918 Brownfield Road, Urbana, $25,500.

Tim Gibbs and Connie Ger, two-story addition to an existing single-family home at 2509 E. Main St., Urbana, $60,000.

Bill Negangard, storage shed for agriculture equipment storage at 849 County Road 2100 East, Sidney, $30,166.

Urbana Country Club, detached storage shed for golf carts at 100 E. Country Club Road, Urbana, $69,365.

Jeffrey Hallett, owner, Jake Myers, agent, driveway to provide access to two properties at 2044 County Road 1100 North, Sidney, no cost estimate available.

Rich and Kim Osborne, single-family home with attached garage and detached storage shed at 123 County Road 1100 North, Ivesdale, $475,000.

Richard and Kay Zellers, addition to an existing detached garage at 8 Shore Circle, St. Joseph, $2,500.

Rick Ehmen, single-family home with attached garage and detached garage at 2354 County Road 3000 North, Gifford, $150,000.

David Borchers, horse barn at 1402 County Road 2150 East, St. Joseph, $45,000.

Kevin Wolken, detached agriculture equipment storage shed at 2516 County Road 1600 East, Thomasboro, $50,000.

Tim and Teri Frerichs, single-family home with attached garage at 2329 County Road 2200 North, St. Joseph, $250,000.

Golden Rule Trucking Inc., Sara Puetz, Jeffrey Mills, truck terminal building for Golden Rule Trucking Inc. and establish a caretaker's dwelling in an existing single-family home at 202 and 206 Wilber Ave., Champaign, $147,255.

Melissa and James Marriott, detached garage at 602 Timberview Drive, Mahomet, $10,000.

Mark and Leslie Seaman, single-family home with attached garage at 3402 Oaks Road, Urbana, $180,000.

Jay Verbout, single-family home with attached garage at 1608 Woodfield Drive, Mahomet, $250,000.

Jeff and Brenda Mifflin, single-family home with attached garage at 2077 County Road 2800 North, Rantoul, $240,000.

Richard and Rebecca Landers, single-family home with attached garage at 724 County Road 3300 North, Fisher, $375,000.

Jane and Michael Cain, detached garage at 3602 E. University Ave., Champaign, $32,000.

Michael and Nicole Swinney, single-family home with attached garage and detached garage at 3134 County Road 2600 East, Penfield, $230,000.

Gary Robinson, storage shed for campground equipment storage at 1715 E. Tin Cup Road, Mahomet, $40,000.

Barbara Roberts, single-family home with attached garage and in-ground swimming pool at 525 County Road 2550 North, Mahomet, $245,000.

Jeffrey Lahr and Donald Lahr, move a manufactured home onto the property at 284 County Road 3500 North, Foosland, $30,000.

Jay Quiram, single-family home with attached horse barn at 2297 County Road 1200 North, Sidney, $50,000.

Ryan Musson, detached storage shed for farm equipment storage only and authorize a previously constructed carport and swimming pool at 742 County Road 525 East, Sadorus, $7,000-$10,000.

James Wilson, addition to an existing single-family home at 1902 Golf Drive, Mahomet, $13,000.

Kenneth and Alena Nierenhausen, single-family home with attached garage at 1486 County Road 2200 East, St. Joseph, $200,000.

Maggie Johnson, single-family home with attached garage at 2751 County Road 2000 East, Rantoul, $250,000.

Mark and Pamela Plotner, addition to an existing single-family home at 1914 County Road 325 East, Mahomet, $103,000.

Aaron Collins, single-family home with attached garage at 2276 County Road 200 East, Mahomet, $300,000.

Jordan Lowe, single-family home with attached garage at 1079 County Road 2400 East, Sidney, $252,123.93.

Michael Palazzolo, in-ground swimming pool with 6-foot non-climbable fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate at 1804 Oak Park Drive, Champaign, $36,100.

Ross Robison, single-family home with attached garage at 3228 Greenwood Drive, Dewey, $211,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, single-family home with attached garage at 2480 County Road 550 East, Dewey, $400,000.

David and Lauri Quick, detached garage at 609 Walters Way, Tolono, $14,935.

Mike Patel and Jim Abbed (lessee), temporary use for a fireworks sales stand at 2108 E. University Ave., Urbana, $600.

Howard Kemper and Jim Abbed (lessee), temporary use for a fireworks sales stand at 1314 W. Anthony Drive, Champaign, $600.

Aaron Walder, detached storage shed at 403 Valley Drive, Mahomet, $7,000.

Drew and Lindsey Osterbur, addition to an existing single-family home at 2746 County Road 2150 North, Ogden, $35,000.

Champaign County Forest Preserve District, temporary use for a fireworks display at 405 N. and 109 S. Lake of the Woods Road, Mahomet.

Andrew Sperling, detached storage shed at 756 County Road 3100 North, Dewey, $30,000.

Curtis Shoaf, sunroom addition to an existing single-family home at 1107 S. Clapper Court, Mahomet, $5,000.


Darrin Peters, Scheitlin Construction, new single-family home at 1107 S. Division St., $887,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 1302 Ridgefield Drive, $400,000.

Susan Krumm, Eckstein Construction, new single-family home at 2104 Slade Lane, $350,000.

Paul Phillips, Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1505 Riverwood Point, $250,000.

Scott Nelson Construction, new single-family home at 1204 Farm Lake Drive, $300,000.

Bentbrook Properties, new single-family home at 1947 County Road 150 East, $250,000.

Dallas Homes, new single-family home at 2018 E. John Drive, $240,000.

Unlimited Construction, new single-family home at 1302 Jeffrey Drive, $180,000.

Ed Growler, sunroom at 1804 Deer Run Drive, $26,896.


Rantoul Investments, parking lot enlargement for Rantoul Foods at 205 Turner Drive, $159,100.

Joseph Warner, demolition permit for former Rogers Chevrolet building at 123 S. Tanner St., $65,000.

Green Trac, demolition of Lincoln's Challenge dormitory, 205 Dodge Ave., $250,000.

TCT General Contractors, commercial renovation at China Express restaurant, 1235 E. Grove Ave., $22,700.


McGuire Custom Designs, new single-family home at 204 Independence Drive, $343,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 406 Denton Drive, $225,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1303 Fieldstone Drive, $190,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1302 Ridge Creek Road, $195,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 403 Independence Drive, $280,000.

C-U Under Construction, new single-family home at 1300 Fieldstone Drive, $255,000.


Habitat for Humanity, new single-family home at 1208 W. Dublin St., $85,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of rooming house at 1207 W. Nevada St., $29,900.

Bash & Schrock, repair/renovation to multifamily residence at 201 S. Busey Ave., $50,000.

Perkins Home Improvement, addition to single-family home at 1602 S. Carle Ave., $55,000.

Pepper Construction, remodeling to hospital building at 606 W. Park St., $381,693.

Pepper Construction, addition to hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $145,669.

Jim Chladny, new single-family home at 3015 E. Stillwater Landing, $107,200.

Jim Chladny, new single-family home at 3017 E. Stillwater Landing, $107,200.

Newline Homes, new single-family home at 506 W. California Ave., $317,000.

Olympic Construction, remodel to Carle at 502 N. Busey Ave., $32,000.

David Zhao, remodel to restaurant at 1809 S. Philo Road, $5,500.

Vliet Builders, new single-family home at 1607 S. Horizon Lane, $156,000.

Olympic Construction, remodeling of business at 502 N. Busey Ave., $32,000.

Guardian West, remodeling of factory at 601 N. Guardian Way, $5,000.

Dallas Construction, new single-family home at 3310 S. Deer Ridge Drive, $161,850.

HearthStone Homes, new single-family home at 1708 E. Horizon Lane, $154,500.

New Life Construction, remodeling for restaurant at 126 W. Main St., $27,650.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during May and June 2014 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

David A. Wathen, 2404 S. Vine St., Urbana, $13,451.24.

Sheila James, 1009 Holiday Drive, Champaign, $5,689.06.

K&D Trucking Inc., 2152 County Road 2600 North, Gifford, $101,775.84.

Jeremiah M. Daniels, 3009 Clayton Road, Champaign, $15,491.02.

Tim L. and Jackie A. Schweighart, 1814 Crescent Drive, Champaign, $83,357.16.

Jerry B. Lenoir, 5402 Woodland Court, Oxon Hill, Md., $13,632.04.

Antonia Aguilar Perez, 1227 Cypress Lane, Rantoul, $11,098.98.

Michael J. Cross, 2114 Briar Hill Drive, Champaign, $13,565.73.

Randall B. and Sherri W. Bolen, 303 E. Mumford Drive, Urbana, $4,684.22.

Aaron W. And Kristen L. Wilson, 4310 Summer Field Road, Champaign, $61,853.06.

David O. Ekstedt, Auto Bath Systems of Champaign, 2206 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $21,355.32.

Armand G. DeBlouwc, 410 Dropseed Drive, Savoy, $21,448.50.

Kathleen A. Finney, 909 Oakcrest Drive, Rantoul, $19,606.25.

Latte Da Inc., 1305 W. Clark St., Champaign, $7,364.82.

Phantom Inc., Ruby's II, 207 W. Clark St., Champaign, $83,971.46.

Phantom Inc., Ruby's II, 207 W. Clark St., Champaign, $15,301.43.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

John H. Thompson, 740 Willow Pond Road, Rantoul, $5,639.32.

James A. and Stacy M. Sheilds, 1131 County Road 3100 North, Rantoul, $10,367.28.

James A. Sheilds, deceased, and Stacy M. Sheilds, 1131 County Road 3100 North, Rantoul, $316.21.

Lori A. Schiff, 836B County Road 3200 North, Dewey, $13,652.04.

Urbana Theological Seminary, 314. E. Daniel St., Champaign, $87,841.95.

William W. and Crystal A. Milne, 1303 Montgomery, Urbana, $69,848.41.

Oran G. Cruz Jr., 607 E. First St., Homer, $4,918.26.

Don Black, 391 Jefferson St., Mahomet, $5,799.20.

Garland D. Marlow, 4508 Boll Lane, Champaign, $9,977.71.

Akeela R. Davis, 1111 Mimosa Drive, Champaign, $2,308.34.

Reed Jewelers Inc., 1735 W. Kirby Ave., Champaign, $49,924.64.

Chris J. Harrison, 405 E. Wabash Ave., Rantoul, $5,105.62.

Victor L. and Diane Harrington, 326 Naples Drive, Rantoul, $3,137.82.

Owen C. Reeves, 2110 N. Market St., Suite C, Champaign, $60,030.49.

Mark S. and Sandra K. Hiles, 1456 Mather Drive, Rantoul, $39,020.88.

G.A. Johnson Trucking Inc., c/o Greg Johnson, 1493 East 2750 North Road, Mahomet, $41,927.32.

Imperial Concrete Construction Inc., 3612 W. Bloomington Road, Champaign, $41,888.50.

K&D Trucking Inc., P.O. Box 520, Gifford, $296,670.37.

Amit and Ritika Chopra, 5106 Jacks Blvd., Champaign, $92,829.98.

Brad A. Leeds, 1106B N. Eastern Ave., Urbana, $39,797.92.

Robert L. Frazier, 3909 Farmington Drive, Champaign, $175,780.51.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Cornelius and Lydia Carter, 1508 S. Abercorn St., Urbana, $2,506.85.

Illini Landscaping of Central Illinois Inc., Illini Landscaping, P.O. Box 6695, Champaign, $9,607.94.

Michael Fuerst, 802 N. Broadway Ave., Urbana, $559.57.

Mark Pomatto, Teresa Brennan Pomatto, 1608 W. Healey St., Champaign, $1,035.80.

Craig A. Gaskin, P.O Box 3301, Champaign, $801.74.

Rickya Burns, 611 Crescent Drive, Apt. 2, Champaign, $932.05.

Carl Campbell, 405 S. Washington St., Sidney, $1,361.48.

Gregory Turner, 7 High St., Urbana, $589.63.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Kevin Chipman, 1017 Clark St., Rantoul, $644.92.

Cloyd L. Netter Jr., 2012 Vawter St., Apt. 5, Urbana, $543.39.

Clarence Smith, 137 Winding Lane, Rantoul, $749.80.

Gifford State Bank, William Wilken, 2787 County Road 1600 East, Rantoul, $1,005.54.

Leslie Hawkins, 2702 Southwood Drive, Champaign, $4,377.84.

Helen Mosley, 1209 N. Champaign St., Champaign, $1,726.18.

Helen Mosley, 1209 N. Champaign St., Champaign, $1,904.25.

David Wassom, 306 Kelly Court, Champaign, $520.62.

Gary D. Longfellow Jr., P.O. Box 6314, Champaign, $1,239.07.

Ryan Lux, 1150 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $756.18.

Spiro Sotiriadis, 8 Green Field Court, Savoy, $4,663.

Spiro Sotiriadis, 8 Green Field Court, Savoy, $12,827.16.

Slot and Wing Hobbies Inc., Hunters Haven, 1040 W. Bloomington Road, Champaign, $5,102.21.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from April 1-30, 2014. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to

Chapter 7:

Adams, Deborah Ann, 270 Kristina Drive, Bourbonnais

Allen, Melinda Lucille, 108 Gallop Place, Newport News

Allen, Wesley Herman, 3314 N. Oakland Ave., Decatur

Allsopp, Susan L., P.O. Box 576, Danville

Anderson, David L. Jr. and Kathern K., 909 S. Main St., Canton

Anderson, Kathleen, 905 E. Newkirk St., Tuscola

Atkins, Karol, 2010 W. Bradley Ave., Apt. 2202, Champaign

Bagley, Larry Dean, 31730 N. 2650 East Road, Chenoa

Baldock, Christian Paul, 153 10th St., Silvis

Bandle, George O., 947 Knox Road 1450 East, Gilson

Barnhill, Mildred Louise, 308 Price Ave., Mattoon

Barrett, Alma J. and Carrell E., 213 N. Washington St., Sullivan

Barron, Ronald T., P.O. Box 114, Rio

Beard, David Lowell, 405 Williams, #213, Springfield

Beard, Nina L., 203 N. Locust, Loda

Beard, Robert L. II, 406 N. Elm St., Toulon

Beckmann, Dennis J., 1126 W. Nassar Drive, Peoria

Bell, Joshua R., 212 E. Spruce, P.O. Box 592, Chatsworth

Bennett, Brandon H., 3904 S. Granville Ave., Peoria

Bennett, Dixie L., P.O. Box 353, Hopedale

Bennett, Jennifer L., 7018 N. Kerwood Drive, Peoria

Biage, Christy L., 302 E. Raymond, Danville

Bobo, Bryant Keith and Lissa Michelle, 1525 Sunridge Drive, Bourbonnais

Bolsen, Chad E. and Virginia R., 4265 N. Woodcock Road, Macon

Boswell, John M., 132 Eighth St., Silvis

Bowman, James E., 660 N. Carolina, Decatur

Boyer, Nathan James, P.O. Box 296, Oakwood

Brasfield, Robert J., 902 Fourth Street, Normal

Bridges, Rebecca Jo, 303 S. Alexander St., Alexis

Bridgewater, Arnold Edward, 321 1300th St., New Holland

Brock, Anna Jean and Kevin Marshall Sr., 222 S. Park St., Monticello

Brockway, Michael J. and Terri, 12582 Carter Road, Pekin

Brown, Clarence O. and Jennifer L., 1604 W. Oak Glen Drive, Peoria

Bullock, Jonathan Andrew and Samantha Mae, 616 S. 16th St., Mattoon

Burch, Robert A., 16 Pulaski St., Mahomet

Burton, Danny W., 1071 Yale Ave., Bourbonnais

Bushong, Derek G. and Linda S., 177 W. Hickory Point Road, Apt. 2, Decatur

Buttrey, Andrew C., 302 Mecherle Drive, Bloomington

Carlen, Frederick Xavier and Karen Sue, 1309 Dewitt Ave., Mattoon

Carley, Mary E., 438 S. Church St., Sheffield

Caruso-Owens, Brie M., 2101 S. Sixth St., Springfield

Cass, Kellie Marion, 1026 N. First St., Springfield

Cawthorn, Marian J., 715 W. Elm, #11, Hoopeston

Chamblin, Charles E. Jr. and Jacqueline K., 6104 N. Devonshire Drive, Peoria

Cirilo, Berta A. and Jose L., 8 Filmore Court, Granville

Clifton, Barbara Ann and Earl C. Jr., 1710 N. 27th St., Decatur

Cline, David E. and Regina C., 1000 Bryan St., Normal

Cole, Brandy L. and Joseph D., 414 S. Logan St., Mason City

Collins-Beard, Teresa C., 406 N. Elm St., Toulon

Compton, Agnes C. and Archie L., 625 Maple St., Mount Zion

Constantine, Nicole M., 438 E. Mill Road, P.O. Box 24, Sheffield

Cox, Holly, P.O. Box 32, Pawnee

Cox, Kelsey Lee, R.R. 1, Box 134A, Augusta

Craig, Charlene M. and Tim C., 805 N. Benedict St., Chillicothe

Crowder, Alexander Sr. and Mary A., 1305 E. Grand Ave., Decatur

Cunningham, Amy M., 458 Dwight Drive, Decatur

Curry, Tammy Sue, 1006 Skyline Road, Danville

Curtis, Linda K. and Norman D., P.O. Box 123, Oneida

Daniels, Michelle R., 415 S. Cheyenne, Taylorville

Daniels, Mitzi Lou and Ricky Allen, 510 Maple Ave., Paris

Daugherty, Michael, 321 Riley Drive, #7, Bloomington

Davis, Christopher Daniel, 6 Greenridge Drive, Decatur

Davis, Eden Beth and Larry Lee Jr., 3103 E. Washington St., Bloomington

Davis, Gabriele and Phillip D., 1480 W. Mound, #H, Decatur

Davis, James A., 2127 W. Wiswall, Apt. B, Peoria

Davis, Nathan P., 1013 1/2 Illinois St., Pekin

Davis, Shannon Lynnette, 2000 N. Linden St., Apt. D208, Normal

Dawson, Donald Dean, 917 N. High St., Lacon

DeLong, Lee, 301 Maizefield Ave., Bloomington

Dempsey, Heather L., 911 N. Sixth St., Springfield

Diers, Deborah Jean and Thomas Gregory, 2213 Gander Road, Springfield

Dodson, Lyle Eugene, 1114 1/2 E. Grove St., Bloomington

Dollar, James D. Jr. and Lisa R., 1411 Delray St., Pekin

Dotson, Keshia Nichelle, 2021 S. Fourth St., Springfield

Downing, Annette C., 29401 E. County Highway 27, Glasford

Drabing, Michael, 3125 A. Allis St., Springfield

Driskell, Chase M., 2016 E. Amber Lane, #102, Urbana

Dunn, Peter James, 1 N. Shore Terrace, Danville

Durbin, Tawney L., 356 Kelly Drive, Oakwood

Dutton, Kimberly Lynn and Robert William, 5 Hialeah Drive, Peoria

Eaton, Brooke, 115 Roosevelt St., Peoria

Edwards, Carolyn S., 108 N. Second St., Danville

Edwards, Latoya D., 401 N. 12th St., Springfield

Edwards, Robert P., 108 N. Second St., Danville

Engelmann, Dustin Scott, 1231 Center St., Jacksonville

Entler, Christopher D., 1848 North 2525 Road, Moweaqua

Erschen, Charles R., 523 E. Chestnut St., Pontiac

Ethridge-Hawkins, Deborah, 17 Richwood Trail, Bloomington

Etling, Kay L., 2612 W. Flint St., Peoria

Ewing, Andrea L., 621 S. Wise St., Decatur

Facker, Darin N. and Shauna M., 17324 Second, Chillicothe

Farmer, Hannah Marlene, 603 S. State St., Lincoln

Feagans, Jillian R. and Joseph R., 102 E. Pine St., Tallula

Fitzgerald, Patricia Sue, P.O. Box 155, Tower Hill

Fogarty-Metzke, Colleen L., 213 C Renfrew Ave., Dwight

Foltz, Robert Kyle, 12285 N. 900 East Road, Chenoa

Frew, Kari Lynn, 100 W. Pearl, Lot 17, Farmington

Friedhoff, Gregory Jay and KimberlyJune, 218 N. Vermont St., Camp Point

Gaultney, Kirk Aaron, 1003 S. Spring St., Mt. Pulaski

Geary, Timothy A., 1036 N. Daniel Ave., Springfield

Gembica, Pamela M., 127 Sun St., Cabery

Gensel, Nicolas R., 305 Barbara Road, Pekin

Gilbert, Barbara Jean and Everett Leroy, 3617 N. Grand Avenue East, #207, Springfield

Gillotte, Laura M., 931 W. Glen Park Ave., Apt. 207, Griffith

Goodman, John S. Jr., 1361 E. Grand Ave., Decatur

Goodrum, Lori L., 49 Parkview Court, Hoopeston

Goth, William J., 700 S. Mill St., Mount Olive

Graham, Jana Lee, 1911 Midway, Normal

Grieves, Christopher W. and Jessica A., 207 S. Pine St., Washington

Grimm, Scott M., 6903 N. Mission Road, Peoria

Groener, Samuel G. and Sherry A., 417 N. Silver St., Taylorville

Grove, Amanda L., 600 Eighth St., Box 92, Saint David

Grove, Jeremy M., 238 W. Vine, Canton

Guadarrama, Elizabeth and Juan D., P.O. Box 831, Catlin

Guinn, George Amos IV, P.O. Box 45, Nokomis

Guseman, Jerris and Nathan, 2412 Anchor Drive, Bloomington

Hall, Lillie B., 1154 S. Seventh, Kankakee

Hamilton, Jennifer Renee, 802 N. Hamilton St., Lincoln

Hancock, James Robert, 704 LaSalle Blvd., Marquette Heights

Hardin, Calvin .F Jr., 622 S. Locust, Arcola

Harris, Robert Aaron, 507 N. Clinton St., Bloomington

Hassel, Megan Ann, 200 Leinbaugh St., Dallas City

Haycraft, Ronnie and Sherry A., 312 Essex Ave., Mattoon

Haynes, Tracy L., 225 E. Crestwood St., Morton

Heck, Joann, 323 N. Apricot Ave., Peoria

Heilman, Haley J., 100 Donna Court, Pekin

Heinz, Derek James and Tracy Lynne, 1203 Seventh St., Pawnee

Hendrickson, Jennifer L. and Stephen J., 108 Eagle, Chatham

Higgins, Marie Elizabeth and Thomas Michael, 1117 W. Station, Kankakee

Hobart, John J., 316 W. Lincoln St., Pontiac

Hoffman, Jodi Margaret, Lot 62, the Oaks, Tolono

Hogan, Krista L., 6870 Angela Drive, Decatur

Hollenbeck, Jenny L., 306 S. Missouri, Atwood

Holm, Laurie Leann, 2310 S. Airport Road, Peoria

Hopping, Dennis James, 1334 Sycamore Lane, Rantoul

Hornsby, Dina Lynn, 3054 County Road 1100 North, El Paso

Hoskins, Harold Eugene and Marilyn J., 103 W. Artesian, Potomac

Hosler, Sheryl Ann, 2030 W. Riverview Ave., Decatur

Hubbard, Dawn M., 705 E. Tripp Ave., Peoria

Huff, Carl L., 400 Hassen, P.O. Box 103, Bryant

Hurst, Robert Michael Jr., 1536 Cardinal Drive, Bourbonnais

Hutson, James A., P.O. Box 251, Westville

Hyde, John S. Jr. and Spring D., 908 N. Kankakee St., Lincoln

Iturbide, Maria I., 508 W. Columbia Ave., Apt. C, Champaign

Jackson, Kandice Mari and O'Brian Antonio, 4717 N. Knoxville Ave., Apt. 220, Peoria

Jaros, Janelle Jean, P.O. Box 45, Nokomis

Jeffers, Robert L. II, 2345 Salem School Road, Decatur

Jenkins, Joshua Randall, 111 E. Cooper St., Colfax

Jenkins, Karen Juanita, 400 W. Catherine, Spring Bay

Johnson, Michael Shannon, 1743 Homewood Ave., Springfield

Kaalberg, Catherine Elaine and Gary Michael, 404 Allison Drive, Tolono

Kauffman, Amy Sue and Micky Andrew, 536 Cedar Drive, Metamora

Keller, Kris N. and Larry J., 2808 Rolling Acres Drive, Champaign

Kelly, George P., 212 E. Edgewood St., Morton

Kemp, Mandy L., 42 Kris Drive, Bloomington

Kennedy, Dorian A., 12111 N. Woodcrest Drive, Dunlap

Kern, Jeremy Scott and Jessica Sue, 407 W. Calhoun, Apt. 7, Springfield

Kerschner, Dennis E., 203 E. Ash, Atwood

Kidd, Bryan L., P.O. Box 142, Alpha

Kiest, Aaron Ray and Nicole Renee, 325 E. Pierce St., Pontiac

King, Kathleen Marie, 268 S. Thorncrest Ave., Creve Coeur

Kinsel, Rodney Edward Lee and Tarilynn, 1156 St. Andrews Circle, Rantoul

Kleehammer, Michelle Anne, 7 Villard Court, Champaign

Kleinert, Alicia Marie and Jay Matthew, 315 Peach St., Chebanse

Kolwelter, Brenda K., 1410 Sommerset Way, Bourbonnais

Koontz, Pamela M., 107 Clover Ave., East Peoria

Krabbe, Brandy L., 811 N. Third St., #31, Saint Joseph

Krider, Pamela L., 5625 N. Galena Road, Peoria Heights

Kryzanski, Richard P., 1126 Park Terrace, Paxton

LaDage, Sandra L., 948 Edgewater Drive, Pekin

LaFine, Linda D., 184 N. Fulton, Bradley

Lane, Elizabeth M., 5 Alexander, Bartonville

Lane, Maria Antionett and Michael Thomas, 1780 Yorktown Drive, Bourbonnais

Lapole, Herman Albert Sr., 1108 B St., Charleston

Lasley, Jackie L., P.O. Box 6063, Springfield

Lauber, Susan Joann, P.O. Box 184, Kincaid

Lawrence, Lindy Marie, 111 Pinecrest, Williamsville

Lazoen, Wendy I., P.O. Box 401, South Pekin

Lee, Kenya, 400 Meridian St., Springfield

Lindsey, Chasity Dominique, 700 Kirkwood Drive, Apt. 7, Springfield

Lockenvitz, Bradley, P.O. Box 732, Delavan

Lockhart, James John Robert, 510 W. Vine, Canton

Lohnes, Nicholas P. and Sara Jayne, 608 N. Roman Court, Peoria

Lollar, Jeffrey W., 4019 N. University, Peoria

Lomprez, John J. and Natalie D., 219 Grace St., Danville

Lowe, Jason Scott and Regina Lee, 706 S. Diamond St., Jacksonville

Lowe, Susan K., 8640 E. 2500 North Road, Collison

Luhrsen, Evelyn Lois and Marlin William, 200 W. Main St., Buckley

Maier, Christopher Lucas, 208 Ellis School Road, Highlands

Maier, Patricia A., 1106 E. Miller, Springfield

Mariage, Nancy J. and Warren L., 4072 N. 1494 East Road, Ridge Farm

McCabe, Andrew W., 22718 E. 1800 North Road, Pontiac

McCarroll, Kimberly S., 1067 E. Main St., Decatur

McCart, Shirley L., 401 W. Fifth St., P.O. Box 245, McNabb

McClendon, Sherry L., 4809 Windsor Road, Trailer B11, Champaign

McClendon, Taneah L., 2882 Jamar Trail, #424, Decatur

McCoy, Brandy A., 998 1850th St., Lincoln

McDivitt, Laura Michelle, 606 Southland Circle Drive, Tuscola

McKinley-Higgins, Brittany Latoi, 1001 Thrush, Peoria

McMullen, Karen S., 308 E. Sixth St., Long Point

McNabb, John R. and Kara L., 2634 S. 10th St., Springfield

McNair, Stephanie A., 1113 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria

McNaught, Jeffrey A., 326 S. West St., Tremont

Meade, Angela Marie and Jeremy Michael, 804 S. Carrie Lane, Manito

Merritt, Kathy LuAnn, 302 S. Madison St., P.O. Box 196, Towanda

Metzke, Alan D., 213 C Renfrew Ave., Dwight

Miller, Donna Jean, 3057 County Road 2100 East, Rantoul

Miller, Melanie Ann, 1012 N. Collett, Danville

Miller, Robert Lee, 821 Peachtree, Urbana

Minas, Amy L., 420 Meadows Road North, Bourbonnais

Mitchell, Eva, 2715 S. MacArthur Blvd., #158, Springfield

Monroe, Angela Marie and Kenneth Roy, P.O. Box 46, Coffeen

Moore, John Jerold, P.O. Box 1126, Mahomet

Moriconi, Brandon Price, 112 Goldenrod Drive, Chatham

Morris, Nicholas, 3264 Waynesville Road, Waynesville

Morrissey, Jon S. and Lisa R., 1413 N. Parkway Drive, Pekin

Myers, Brian W. and Joann E., 386 Jefferson St., Manteno

Nafziger, Brenda K., 228 Dogwood Lane, Pekin

Neeley, Glenn Allen Sr. and Stephanie LeaAnn, P.O. Box 312, Mackinaw

Nicholson, Brian Dean, 406 N. Jefferson St., Paris

Norman, Richard, 1317 N. Sherman, Bloomington

Oertle, Aaron S., 202 Pontiac Road, Marquette Heights

Olsen, Jay J., P.O. Box 1114, Normal

Orr, Christina Marilyn, 1406 N. Sherman, Danville

Parker, Christopher A. and Rachel R., 681 N. Hazel, Danville

Parker, Donavan T. Sr., 512 Porter, Danville

Parsons, Bryan Thomas, 1709 Seven Pines Road, #5, Springfield

Pearson, Brenda Renee, 3000 S. Hoover, Springfield

Peek, James E., 242 N. Marnico Lane, Jacksonville

Pethy, Carrie L. and Michael A., 208 N. Elliott, Lincoln

Pfeiffer, Autumn R. and Paul B., 612 Snead Road, Niantic

Phillips, William W., 2017 Primrose St., Pekin

Pinnell, David Lee and Shahata N. M., 501 E. Jackson, Chrisman

Plummer, Ernest C. and Verna A., 1911 Deerwood Drive, Danville

Porter, Chad M. and Jaime J., 207 Wilsey Lane, Sidney

Proctor, Debra S., 6014 N. Hamilton Road, Peoria

Puckett, John DuBoris, 629 W. Orlando, #104, Normal

Rabold, James William and Marie Elaine, 640 Mill Pond Court, Bourbonnais

Radespiel, James Eric and Melissa Michelle, 1105 N. State St., Apt. A2, Lincoln

Ramos, Andres V., 450 Second Ave. D, Silvis

Ransdell, Juanita Lynn and Steven Allen, 1401 N. McLean St., Lincoln

Reece, Gary Wayne and Nefra Christine, 710 S. First St., San Jose

Reed, Anna R. and Travis D., 423 W. South Fourth, Shelbyville

Reed, Melissa Ann, 409 N. St. John, Bethany

Reed, Tamika S., 4855 N. Martin Luther King Drive, #211, Decatur

Reedy, Christopher J. and Virginia A., 117 S. Pine St., Unit A, Washington

Reeves, Katherine Jane, 21 Hollybrook Drive, Springfield

Reynolds, Brenda Sue and Steven Michael, 1175 N. 2550 East Road, Strasburg

Rhoades, John Glen, 213 Radisson Road, Pekin

Riddell, Leslie E., 1900 Highview Road, Apt. C6, East Peoria

Riesselman, Scarlett K., 3281 Edgewater Drive, Pekin

Rigg, Sandra L., 1203 Dean Drive, #3, Urbana

Rigney, Gary M. Jr. and Michelle L., 801 W. Washington St., Athens

Rinaldo, Mark A. and Paula J., P.O. Box 45, Granville

Ritter, Debra J. and William T., 227 W. Patton St., Paxton

Robertson, Rodney W. and Tammy K., 103 S. Market, Ogden

Rogers, Carol Faye, P.O. Box 33, Homer

Rutherford, Charles Eugene and Christy Michelle, 1413 Holmes Ave., Springfield

SVMBL, Inc., 860 N. Whitetail Circle, Mount Zion

Safety Shoes And Supplies, Inc., P.O. Box 1126, Mahomet

Salm, Mary, P.O. Box 365, Crescent City

Salmon, Christina M. and Gary L., 3708 Carney Blvd., Springfield

Schnapp, Patricia and Terry A., P.O. Box 93, Athens

Schultz, Ellen M., 104 Castle Lane, East Peoria

Seaton, Sloan Wilbon, 2324 Washington, #B14, Washington

Shaw, Nicole L. and Todd E., 414 Palomino Drive, Danville

Shumaker, John R., P.O. Box 171, Waverly

Simon, Latoya, 901 S. Adelaide St., #A, Normal

Sivak, Michael J., 2007 Cambridge Road, Springfield

Siwinski, Justin Adam, 516 S. Elm, Buckley

Six, Laura A., 1440 E. Wellington Way, #2C, Decatur

Skinner, Denise M. and Edward F., 117 Sycamore, Pleasant Plains

Smith, Diana Lee and Stephen Nash, 122 County Road 2150 North, Mahomet

Smith, Travis Ray, 705 Crestview St., Washington

Spencer, Eric K. and Rebecca J., 112 S. Church St., Washington

Stephens, Cathy J., 110 Springbrook, Jacksonville

Stevens, Shelly A., 209 Eisenhower Drive, Apt. 2, Bloomington

Stock, Susan K., 9446 Bruce Road, Decatur

Strong, Christy Lynn, 390 W. Walnut St., Apt. 1D, Kankakee

Talkington, Robert Edgar, 2195 W. Macon St., Decatur

Tatum, Briana L. and Patrick W., 115 Phillips Drive, Decatur

Thomas, Jennifer Katherine, 513 Greenfield St., Tremont

Thornton, Deborah A. and James S., P.O. Box 429, Aroma Park

Tibbs, Carol Ann, Box 32, New Holland

Tower, JoAnn, 1301 W. Locust St., Bloomington

Tuck, Michael D. II, 1216 Sheridan, Apt. 5, Danville

Tucker, Gary A., 209 E. North, Knoxville

Tucker, Patricia J., 209 E. North, Knoxville

VanDyke, Connie Jo, 27 Delmar Drive, Springfield

Vana, John William, 75 S. Hieland Road, St. Anne

Vaughn, Jeffrey Walter Ray, 1 Hannon Trailer Court, Taylorville

Vietti, Mary Almeda, 916 S. Adelaide St., Normal

Wade, Catherine Y. and John Trevis, 2272 N. 1520 East Road, Edinburg

Wade, Virginia A. and Willie Jr., 957 E. Main St., Decatur

Walden, Scott D., 306 Short St., Mansfield

Wallace, Clinton Jordan, 412 Alden Drive, Normal

Warren, Christopher Jay and Marianne Ruth, 103 Brookwood Court, Washington

Watson, Davetta L., 1502 Queensway Drive, Champaign

Westfall, Bryan and Katrina, 412 S. Durkin Drive, Apt. 10, Springfield

Whitaker, Kourtnie Renee, 2813 W. Malone St., Peoria

White, Brian P. and Susan, 1015 Eastview, Tuscola

White, Marcia E., 2700 N. Monroe, #336, Decatur

Whitworth, Anthony Wayne, 222 Jackson St., Hillsdale

Wilfong, Jennifer Renee, 1630 S. Plum, Pontiac

Williams, Jeneen, 1810 N. Underhill St., Peoria

Winston, Leaf Lanise, 411 E. Virginia Ave., Peoria

Wiseman Cavanagh, Jessica, 102 S. Park St., Box 74, Arlington

Wotton, Megan M. and Nicholas J., P.O. Box 332, South Pekin

Wright, Antoinette Mashawnta, 1725 E. Cedar St., Kankakee

Yanush, Kathryn E., 512 E. Grant St., Granville

Zirkle, Cory Dewayne and Heather Lynn, P.O. Box 18, Thawville

Zubor, Scott W., 154 N. Walnut, Apt. #4, Manteno

Chapter 13:

Apholone, Tamara N., 765 S. 19th, Decatur

Baker, Dennis Lee, 415 W. Second St., Arthur

Barnes, Annquida Mary Elizabeth and Robert Earl Sr., 1045 S. Third, Kankakee

Budke, Marilyn L., 228 1/2 S. Broadway, Havana

Burch, Kimberly E. and Todd E., 428 S. Third St., Hoopeston

Chiras, Gloria Ann and Petros P., 2238 Mar Vista Drive, Washington

Contreras, Araceli and Armando S. Sr., 912 W. Loucks Ave., Peoria

Coons, John Lawrence and Peggy Ann, 1521 Meitzler, Tilton

Cosenza, Louis and Paula, 1099 Meadow Path, Manteno

Cox, Roger D., 110 S. Locust St., Assumption

Culpepper, Thomas L., 404 N. State, Farmer City

Dabbs, Kevin L., 416 Fifth St., Apt. 1, Lacon

Davis, Duane J., 1422 Henry St., Pekin

DeCap, Joseph Raymond, P.O. Box 161, Hampton

Deck, Matthew K., 102 N. Court, Marquette Heights

Dennison, Bradley Wayne, 9358 Hawkeye Drive, Paris

Deweese, John E., 1621 S. Whittier Ave., Springfield

Duewer, Michael S., 3725 Peoria Road, Lot 116, Springfield

Duncan, Alanna C. and Seth D., 245 W. Broadway St., Argenta

Fairfield, Linda L., 3702 W. Illinois 90, Edelstein

Finley, Andrew B. and Kathryn R., P.O. Box 704, Delavan

Fiocchi, Amanda L., 215 S. Western Ave., Ladd

Fishel, Robert Paul and Sandra Evelyn, 24 Lone Rock Estates, Rushville

Forren, Connie Jane and Kenneth Allen, 26 Buckingham Road, Chatham

Freeman, Amechia Phetrelle, 601 1/2 W. Front St., Bloomington

Ginter, Xena F., 208 E. Brookie Ave., Seatonville

Gregoire, Philip E., 2857 E. 4000 North Road, Bourbonnais

Hargis, Goldie M. and Steven G., 312 S. Pine St., Arcola

Henris, Arthur Thomas, 717 Cantonment, Rantoul

Higgs, Phillip David, 621 W. Hay St., Springfield

Hill, Tasha Sheree, 5818 Bellingham Terrace, Apt. No. 97, Indianapolis

Hoyle, Clarence Albert Jr. and Phyllis Adler, 4625 N. Rosemead Drive, Peoria

Hughes, Jerry Sr. and Mary T., 1510 Westmoreland, Peoria

Jones, Bruce H., 3 Orchard Drive, Barry

Kirby, Tracy A. and William C., 302 Meadowlark Lane, Washington

Lanter, Ricky Lee, 54 Coachman Drive, Monticello

Lee, Marilyn C., 26174 Harris, Topeka

Lynch, Andrea M. and Timothy R., 1704 E. Keys, Springfield

Manley, Diane Elizabeth and Ronald Lee, 220 Royal Oaks Ave., Quincy

Massey, Jill, 1260 N. Fairview, Decatur

McCaffrey, Shawn, 603 Jetty Drive, Chatham

McLain, David P., P.O. Box 145, Saint David

Meyer, Joseph A., 379 Oak Lane, Decatur

Mitchell, Larry Jr., 323 E. Arcadia St., Peoria

Mitchell, Richard Adam, 144 E. Lewis, Niantic

Moore, Daniel, 502 S. Vale St., Bloomington

Morris, David W. and Marian I., 117 Elm St., North Pekin

Moss, Sharon Elizabeth, 3807 S. Granville Ave., Peoria

Nichelson, Tena Lee, 2311 W. Willow Knolls Drive, Apt. 2C, Peoria

Pennington, Kimberly Sue, P.O. Box 372, Paris

Peterson, Jeffrey D., 511 W. Court St., Eureka

Plummer, Donna Sue, 1309 Madison Ave., Charleston

Plymire, Gregory A. Sr. and Kristina L., P.O. Box 494, Wenona

Rankins, Brenda D. and Vincent P., 2378 E. Olive, Decatur

Rathgeber, Kirk A., 921 Haner Ave. 1, Taylorville

Sawyer, Anne Elizabeth, 302 Martin Court, Apt. D, Catlin

Schaefer, John Lyle, 38 Monroe Ave., Charleston

Selman, Amber L., 204 E. Bishop, Yates City

Shoemaker, Christine M. and William C., 1611 Fairfield Court, Normal

Sinkhorn, James Sherman and Lisa Diane, P.O. Box 628, Kincaid

Steiner, Angela Helen Michelle and Michael Joseph, 2020 S. Airport Road, Peoria

Stone, Chad, P.O. Box 61, Oakford

Stone, Janice, 201 N. First St., Oakford

Taylor, Donald E. and Jennifer A., 9045 Owl Road, Sherman

Thornell, Billie K., P.O. Box 6366, Peoria

Trueblood, Holly D. and Robert H., 21 Roxbury Drive, Mackinaw

Watson, Andrew P., 525 N. Main St., #1, Moweaqua

Wells, Carla S. and Eric W., 223 Oak St., Gays

Werner, Brian David and Sharon Ann, 128 Tetrault Ave., Bourbonnais

White, Dennis A., 1463 Sunset Lane, Kankakee

Wisnieski, James A., 26954 E. 1500 North Road, Forrest

Woods, Chantel Lynn, 2314 Rainbow Ave., Unit D, Bloomington

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