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Is your fiscal budget completed?

This time of the business season always gets me jumpy! I remember my days as a business manager, and the pending end of the fiscal year. I also remember the drafting of a budget, and although, yes, it was tedious, there was something satisfying about it. I liked seeing how last year’s budget came out: Were we accurate? Did we prognosticate as well as we could? What trends lent themselves to any deviations in what we saw as a realistic budget?

All I know is that I so wish I had access to Central Illinois Business magazine’s Fine Print and Indicators sections when I was in my budget drafting days! It would have made my life so much easier. I cannot imagine having local data numbers at my disposal, rather than the equation-fed “guesstimations” our company provided for us to use in our budget drafts. We here at Central Illinois Business magazine compile this information using local database information. These sections are not something we “Google” and regurgitate for our readers. In fact, some of our data has to be accessed in person at local governmental offices, while still other information has to be paid for on a governmental site. We personally created local data groups that would reflect what is going on here in Central Illinois. We do this for you and your business operations. We want your business to profit by this information, and are proud to provide this service for local businesses!

The best part is it’s free for you! Our sponsor-provided magazine is one of service, excellence and networking at its finest. Talk about B2B!!

While you’re drafting next year’s budget, take advantage of our information in our Fine Print and Indicators sections. And, as always, please let us know how we’re doing and if you have any suggestions or ideas. 

Budget on!