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Blair Rowitz, MD, and Jarrod Almaroad, MD, join the Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Rowitz will serve as the first permanent associate dean for clinical affairs. Almaroad will serve as the first permanent director of clinical science. Rowitz, who has served the new engineering-based college of medicine as interim associate dean for clinical affairs since November 2016, will serve a strategic role in clinical partnerships–facilitating the integration of the college’s innovation, research and scholarship activities into its clinical partners’ patient care missions. This role is critical to realizing the college’s strategic goal of transforming regional healthcare systems into global leaders for healthcare delivery and innovation.

Almaroad will serve as the principal administrative officer for clinical science, guiding it into status as an academic department within the college. In the role, he will manage the clinical component of the engineering-based M.D. degree curriculum including students’ clinical experiences and physician educator involvement.