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GREEN TIPS          May 2015

Not easy being green -- or is it?

Business owners may perceive that going green would be a daunting task, especially for small or newer businesses. Actually, not only could having an environmentally friendly business be easy to achieve, it may just be profitable, too.

Being green can mean a lot more green in the way of profits by saving money for a company. The Illinois Green Business Certification program, sponsored by the Illinois Green Business Association, offers assistance to businesses to help them to increase efficiency, decrease waste and save money.

Additionally, this program endeavors to reach the inside of the company building with business personnel engaging in green practices, identifying ways to increase those practices and increasing efficiency in the business.

According to the IGBA, being green has moved to the forefront of our world's more successful corporations-- with over 72 percent of the S&P 500 businesses issuing yearly sustainability reports.

Some benefits of going green are:

• Reduce operating costs with efficient, green practices.

• Attract new customers and retain current ones.

• Receive connectivity and application assistance to incentive programs offered by Illinois utility companies.

• Credibly market your business as green through vetted standards and third-party verification of your firm's green practice.

• Engage employees in green practices, increasing operational efficiency.

• Commit to being a sustainable leader in your community -- help your customers understand how green practices can help them too!

The IGBA can work with your business, no matter what type or size your business happens to be. They help business owners, employees and managers understand green management practices. They provide hands-on certification, resources, personal and technical assistance. If your business is interested in the Illinois Green Business Certification program, contact the IGBA at 217-531-2179 or visit

The Illinois Green Business Association is a nonprofit organization in Champaign that offers certification and green business services. You can contact the IGBA at www.illinoisGBA.org or call 217-531-2179.

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Fresh edition of CIB

By Bridget Broihahn

Hello everyone. My name is Bridget Broihahn and I'm the new editor for CIB. I look forward to getting to know more about the businesses in Central Illinois. This issue has been exciting to create.

Spring is finally here, and business in Champaign County is alive and well, ready to take on the outdoor season.

That is certainly true for BRG Sports, our feature story. This outstanding company just keeps breaking records and winning awards in business. Led by energetic and enthusiastic general manager Lewis Hornsby, this crew makes hard work look easy as they gear up for the bicycling season. His energy level had me motivated, and the employees left me energized.

I also hope you'll check out the article on Scientific Animations Without Borders, better known as SAWBO. Barry Pittendrigh and Julia Bello-Bravo came up with a great way to share information worldwide through animation. It's free, and a great resource for the world community.

The dedicated businesspeople I had the chance to share some time with for this issue inspired me. This includes Steve Tarrant of State Farm. He's one of those people who pulls up a chair, cracks open a soda and lends you a hand. He makes your peace of mind his business.

Additionally, I had the chance to hang out with the game designers at Volition. This unique group made its mark in the video gaming industry, and has made Champaign home. They even gave this mom of a teenage boy some cool points, if just for a little while, anyway. That's no small feat!

Bridget Broihahn is editor of Central Illinois Business magazine. She can be reached at 217-351-5695 or bbroihahn@news-gazette.com.