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EDITOR'S NOTE          August 2016

Hello CIB readers!

Bridget Broihahn

By Bridget Broihahn

I want to sincerely thank you for picking up our magazine and reading it! I am coming off of my first year here as a writer and editor, and I have been humbled by the breadth this area has in the way of businesses. The people that make up our business community is what sets us apart from other areas. We are a truly unique and wonderful area.

For this issue, we decided to feature a company that goes along with back-to-school: Gifts Happen Here. They sell a multitude of items online, but one of their biggest lines is backpacks, tote bags, and sports bags. In fact, I am now carrying a great tote bag that I purchased for a price so unbelievable, you would not be able to conceive it if I told you. Jill and Ben Winter, the entrepreneurs that own GHH, are selling worldwide and they are located here! And for our readers they have offered a special deal. See the story on page 6 for the details.

These next three features: KleenRite, Grant Scofield State Farm, and Soil Diagnostics, couldn't be further apart in what they do for a living. KleenRite is cleaning and restoration, Grant Scofield sells insurance, and Soil Diagnostics provides agricultural support for farmers. However, they couldn't be more alike in their approach to customers. They are all about people: serving them, helping their customers create a better quality of life, and giving back to the community at large. I'm telling all of you, it's this area. The like-mindedness in service in our business community is remarkable.

I was really happy to be able to report on the robotic arm that Presence Covenant Medical Center and the surgical team at Christie Clinic use in procedures. There are very few of these robotics worldwide. In the words of Dr. Michael Smith, "It's pretty amazing that we have this technology here."

I also hope you enjoy the columns by our regular columnist, and nationally renowned economist, J.Fred Giertz, and our neophyte columnist, attorney, William A. Peithmann. Both are experts in their respective fields. We are honored to have their words in our magazine.

Finally, I would like you to reach out to us, readers, and let us know how we're doing, and what you'd like to see in CIB.

My very best to you and yours!


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Our back-to-school edition, featuring Gifts Happen Here, Kleen-Rite, Soil Diagnostics, and robotic surgery, courtesy of Presence Covenant and Christie Clinic.

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