Central Illinois Business Magazine
FINE PRINT          October 2015


Listed are permits for all commercial and industrial work, all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling over $50,000. Permits are listed by applicant, description, site and cost.


Hallbeck Homes Inc., new single-family home at 4706 English Oak Court, $700,000.

Tim Smith Construction, new single-family home at 3705 Sandstone Drive, $122,000.

Tim Smith Construction, new single-family home at 1414 Sand Dollar Drive, $132,000.

HearthStone Homes, new single-family home at 3714 Boulder Ridge Drive, $150,000.

T-Mobile, retail alteration at 2000 N. Neil St., #245, $156,000.

Dodds Co., retail sales, deli and coffee shop alteration at 1705 S. Prospect Ave., $579,915.

Dodds Co., office alteration at 1800 S. Oak St., $69,244.

CDR Construction, alteration for Papa Del's Pizza at 1201 S. Neil St., $2,400,000.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new garage building (east) at 2632-2640 Hunters Pond Run, $40,417.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new garage building (west) at 2632-2640 Hunters Pond Run, $40,417.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new multifamily residence at 2632-2640 Hunters Pond Run, $1,508,700.

Miller Construction LLC, new single-family home at 4811 Oakdale Drive, $180,125.

McGuire Custom Homes, new single-family home at 3901 Freedom Blvd., $252,000.

AG Residential LLC, single-family home at 302 Doisy Lane, $173,335.

Timbercreek Developers, single-family home at 1603 Congressional Way, $330,000.

Timbercreek Developers, single-family home at 1601 Congressional Way, $330,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to offices at 2702 Hundman Drive, 3 and 4, $40,300.

MRV Architects Inc., alteration to Taco Bell restaurant at 10 E. Anthony Drive, $37,500.

Verizon/Nicholas Chrisos, Crown Castle International, cell tower antenna at 3101 S. Mattis Ave., $25,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to multifamily building at 401 E. Chalmers St., $223,000.

Niemann Holdings LLC, fuel island canopy at Carriage Center, 202 Devonshire Drive, $66,274.

Niemann Holdings LLC, gas station/convenience store at Carriage Center, 202 Devonshire Drive, $1,083,438.

JSM Development Services LLC, addition at educational/day care facility at 2508 Galen Drive, $600,187.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family home at 4705 Vahalla Drive, $260,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to University of Illinois offices at 1819 S. Neil St., Suite B, $36,885.

Sunbuilt Commercial, repair/replacement at Fiesta Cafe, 216 S. First St., $111,808.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new garages at 2642-2652 Hunters Pond Run, $60,418 and $40,417.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new multifamily residences at 2642-2652 Hunters Pond Run, $1,810,440.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new garages at 2602-2612 Hunters Pond Run, $40,417 and $60,418.

Edward Rose Development LLC, new multifamily residences at 2602-2612 Hunters Pond Run, $1,810,440.

McGuire Custom Homes, building at 5025 Trey Blvd., $244,000.

Habitat for Humanity, alteration to single-family home at 1508 Paula Drive, $66,000.

KAP Architecture LLC, retail alteration for Flora Gems, 302 W. Kirby Ave., $100,000.

Climate Services Inc., alteration to Intel office at 1906 Fox Drive, Suite 100, $180,625.

Weger & Associates, dormitory kitchen remodeling at 1010 S. Second St., $142,042.

Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, coffee bar for apartment building at 308 E. Green St., $307,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family home at 1505 English Oak Drive, $327,000.

Cramer Homes Inc., single-family home at 5001 Sandcherry Drive, $284,000.

TAG Residential LLC, single-family home at 303 Bardeen Lane, $150,201.

James A. Walder, single-family home at 1620 Congressional Way, $484,900.

James A. Walder, single-family home at 1618 Congressional Way, $350,000.

JSM Development Services, alteration for future tenant at 601 S. Sixth St., Suite 105, $18,000.

JSM Development Services, alteration to office at 3104 Farber Drive, $74,200.

Andrew Fell Architecture and Design, factory/industrial alteration at 2906 W. Clark Road, $17,600.

Andrew Fell Architecture and Design, alteration to office at 1 E. Main St., Suite 300, $90,525.

Wells & Wells Construction, storage, warehouse addition at 2801 Gemini Court, $305,163.

Raves Homes, new single-family home at Abbey Fields, 4801 Valhalla Drive, $370,669.

TCT Construction, tenant fit-out at Panchero's Mexican Grill, 2009 S. Neil St., $ 156,000.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family home at Boulder Ridge II, 1402 Sand Dollar Drive, $122,500.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to restaurant interior, 505 E. Green St., No. 3, $98,990.

Mennenga Construction, addition to single-family home, 206 Stanage Ave., $98,840.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to office/apartment, 117 N. Market St., $66,750.

Nova Group, alteration to retail space at Schnucks, 109 N. Mattis Ave., $1,300,000.

Hoffman Ochs General Contractors, new single-family home at

1405 Wyndemere Point Drive, $792,000.

JSM Development Services, alteration to multifamily residence at 604 E. Clark St., $63,000.

Keith F. McFall, addition to storage/warehouse at 2918 Hundman Drive, $42,900.

Kenwood and Laurel Sullivan, alteration to office/warehouse at 410 E. University Ave., $31,500.

Ace Sign Co., alteration to entrance canopy at Campus Center, 601 S. Sixth St., $9,345.


Lucas and Joella Meharry, detached shed at 221 CR 900 E, Pesotum, $375,000.

Paul Berbaum, detached storage building at467 CR 1600N, Champaign, $52,200.

Steve and Melanie Michael, single family home with attached garage, 3302 Stoneybrook, Champaign, $250,000.

Rob Whittaker, single family home with attached garage, 2649 CR 500E, Mahomet, $125,000.

Jose and Silvia Alvarado, addition to single family home, 686C CR 2425N, Champaign, $175,000.

Joyce Hudson-Hudson Farm Wedding & Events, LLC, change the use to a private indoor recreational development and an outdoor commercial recreational enterprise at1341 CR 1800E, Urbana, $80,000.

Briana Coclasure and Larry Coers, detached garage and additions to existing family home at 1743 CR 1550N, Urbana, $75,000.

Ahmed Kassem, single family home with attached garage with address to be assigned for $375,000.

Armstrong Construction, single family home with attached garage at 379 CR 2700N, Mahomet, $310,000.

Kiel and Katie Duval, single family home with attached garage at 1667 CR 2200E, St. Joseph, $230,000.

Donald and Sandy Rector, and addition to existing family home at 2405 Brownfield Road, Urbana, $52,000.

Christopher and Melissa Plotner, detached agriculture storage shed and above ground swimming pool at 712 CR 1550E, Tolono, $60,000.

Jill and David Cain, single family home with attached garage at 1838 CR 500E, Champaign, $400,000.

Chad Carlson, single family home with attached garage at 548 CR 2400N, Dewey, $200,000.


Franke Construction, new single-family home at 2010 Prairie Grass Lane, $190,000.

Miller Construction, new single-family home at 1604 Beaver Lake Drive, $225,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 703 Country Ridge Drive, $300,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 707 Country Ridge Drive, $280,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 711 Country Ridge Drive, $300,000.

Rave Homes, single-family home at 1415 Fieldstone Drive, Fieldstone subdivision, $228,000.

Armstrong, single-family home at 1504 Fieldstone Drive, Fieldstone subdivision, $225,000.

Michael Henneman Jr., single-family home at 319 Capitol St., Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $144,000.

Michael Henneman Jr., single-family home at 317 Capitol St., Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $144,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family home at 301 Independence Drive, Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $293,500.

Miller Construction, single-family home at 306 Denton Drive, Prairie Meadows subdivision, $200,000.

Franke Construction, single-family home at 515 Red Bud Drive, $200,000.

Franke Construction, single-family home at 2006 Prairie Grass Lane, $200,000.

Franke Construction, single-family home at 2007 Prairie Grass Lane, $175,000.

Unlimited Construction, single-family home at 1301 Golden Rod Drive, $260,000.


CB&I Federal Services, demolition for White Hall, 801 Commerce Drive, former Chanute Air Force Base, $7,892,000.


Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1501 Winterberry in Fieldstone subdivision, $175,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family home at 311 Capitol St. in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $235,000.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family home at 204 Potomac Ave. in Liberty on the Lake subdivision, $300,000.

Swingler Construction, assisted living/memory care facility at 428 W. Curtis Road in Towne Commons, $800,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., single-family home at 5 Harmony Court, Lake Falls II subdivision, $510,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., commercial addition at 702 E. Church St., $300,000.

S.A. Ridgeway Construction, commercial alteration at 1333 Savoy Plaza, Suite 7, $65,000.

Robert Furtney, single-family home at 1221 Ridge Creek Road, $250,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family home at 410 London Way (Prairie Meadows II), $274,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, single-family home at 303 Capitol St. (Liberty on the Lake), $200,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family home at 204 Potomac Ave. (Liberty on the Lake), $291,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, single-family home at 301 Capitol St., $200,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, single-family home at 605 Lake Falls Blvd., $300,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 309 Capitol St., $220,000.

Champaign Automotive LLC dba Honda/BMW of Champaign, commercial alteration/demolition at 100 Burwash Ave., $335,000.

Miller Construction, new single-family home at 304 Denton Drive.

Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family home at 413 Newhaven Lane, $275,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, single-family home at 6 Harmony Court, $240,000.

John Kjeldgaard Construction, residential remodeling, 3009 S. Prospect Ave., $85,000.


Mennenga Construction Inc., addition to single-family home at 602 E. Scovill St., $87,700.

Padgett Custom Homes, remodeling of single-family home at 501 W. Michigan Ave., $75,500.

TAG Residential LLC, single-family home at 2312 S. Cobble Creek Drive, $311,265.

Norman Baxley, remodeling of multifamily residence at 218 W. Main St., $350,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., hospital remodeling at 611 W. Park St., $8,209,915.

Olympic Construction, hospital remodeling at 601 W. University Ave., $42,200.

Petry-Kuhne Co., hospital remodeling at 606 W. Park St., $156,146.

Petry-Kuhne Co., hospital remodeling at 611 W. Park St., $49,000.

Olympic Construction, hospital remodeling at 601 W. University Ave., $113,000.

Catalyst Construction Inc., new garbage transfer building at 910 W. Saline Court, $1,259,662.

White Oaks Mini Storage of Springfield, new mini-warehouse at 3004 E. Tatman Court, $100,000.

River City Construction LLC, addition/remodeling to MTD building at 803 E. University Ave., $8,225,960.

English Bros. Co., remodeling at Clark-Lindsey at 101 W. Windsor Road, $41,422.

Wells & Wells Construction, new multifamily residence, 901 W. Western Ave., 9,962,800.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling at Carle Hospital building, 606 W. Park St., $1,190,052.

Field Gate Group, new single-family home, 3011 E. Stillwater Landing, $100,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of fourth floor of Carle's North Tower building, 606 W. Park St., $1,574,720.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of sixth floor of Carle's North Tower building, 606 W. Park St., $1,282,558.

Field Gate Group, new single-family home at 3013 E. Stillwater Landing, $108,200.

Field Gate Group, new single-family home at 3011 E. Stillwater Landing, $100,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during July and August 2015 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

Michael and Paula Spriestersbach, 106 N. Market St., Ogden 61859 $42387.03

Bender Mattress Factory, 1206 Cunningham Ave., Urbana $27,034.55

Franciscos Contracting, Inc., 710 Perimeter Road, Rantoul, $15,938,31.

Fluid Events, LLC, 601 Country Fair Drive, Champaign, $14,805.83.

Andy W. Brennen Turf Doctors, 208 Chapin, Ivesdale, $1,539.08.

Michael T. McCormick, 1 Stanford Place, Chamapign, $62,439.77.

BRC Concrete, Inc., #06 Tiffany Court Suite D, Champaign, $38, 013.13.

Akitir of CU, Inc., 301 North Neil St., Suite 400, Chamapign, $72, 679.81.

Aaron W. Wilson, 4310Summer Field Road, Champaign, $37,311.85.

G.A. Johnson Trucking, Inc., 1493 East 2750 NCR, Mahomet, $52,656.34.

Christopher A. Quisenberry, 1914 East Amber Lane, Apt. 109, Urbana, $ 2,376.42.

Marcelo Mendoza, Jr., 400 Eden Park Drive, Rantoul, $ 579,011.16.

Hilda Mendoza, 400 Eden Park Drive, Rantoul, $579,011.16.

Andy W. Brennen, Turf Doctors, 208 Chapin, Ivesdale, $8,435.77.

This Is It, Furniture Discount, Inc., 245 S. Mattis, Champaign, $650.47

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

Coit Concrete, Inc. As Alter Ego, Nominee of Coit, Inc. & Chad R. Coit, 5 County Road 2300 N., Mahomet, $155,514.49.

Robert Shelton, PO Box 516, Thomasboro, $34,333,57.

Aaron M. Stevens, 907 S. State St., Champaign, $31, 363.32.

Scott and Lori Knudsen, 406 N. Edwin, Champaign, $6,242.15.

Canaan Development Center, 404 W. Main St., Urbana, $50820,48.

Richard and Carrie Flessner, 2612 W. Daniel, Champaign, $30,031.98.

Billy and Lori Cruzan, 2425 California Court, Urbana, $9,274.94.

Canaan Development Foundation, 414 W. MAin St., Urbana, $50,820.48.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

William Calbert, 7 Convenience Center Road, Champaign, $1,699.49.

Christopher Payne, 791 Willow Pond Road, Rantoul, $1,205.96.

Monica Garcia, Garcia Mattress, Furniture and More, 1412 N. Prospect Avenue, Champaign, $2,406.51.

Thomas Miller, 413 Paul Avenue, Champaign, $1,842.35.

Roger Allen, 1509 Carroll Ave., Urbana, $2,909.53.

Thomas and Denise Huff, 115 Carroll St., Mahomet, $1820.45.

Manucks, LLC. Orange and Blue Saloon and Grill, 1201 S. Neil St., Champaign, $19,817.61.

Joshua Archibald, 1064 Lancaster Court, Rantoul, $743.31.

Thomas Bender and Lisa Bender, 1206 N. Cunningham Ave., Urbana, $6,721.70.

Tholani Hlongwa, 2102 S. Orchard St., Apt. 302, Urbana, $872.75.

Michelle and Daniel Petty, 404 S. New St., Champaign, $2,191.63.

Matthew and Glenna Bullard, 311 Marco Drive, Rantoul, $1,778.54.

Sukiya Reid, 2705 Judith Drive, Champaign, $1,297.64.

Hector Seguinot, 1 Brook St., Ivesdale, $2,426.75.

The Seaboat II, Inc., 403 W. Kirby, Champaign, $2,362.26.

Benjamin and Christina To, 2205 Noel Drive, Champaign, $842.68.

Jacob Wooten, 2003 N. Willow Road, Urbana, $1,421.83.

Leeotis Payne, 786 Willow Pond Road, Rantoul, $1,034.59.

Roger Behrens, 3035 County Road 1500 E., Rantoul, $1,249.73.

George Dorris, 1110 N. Third St., Champaign, $978.21.

Ceasar Perez, 1604 S. Division St., Apt. A1, Mahomet, $4,507.88.

Ona Brown, 109 Mitchell Court, Rantoul, $1890.84.

Marc Emkes, 607 W. Union St., Champaign, $1,116.52.

Larry Johnson, 1709 W, JOhn st., Apt. 3, Champaign, $1,332.35.

Lucas Bell, 1001 S, McDougal Road, Mahomet, $8,772.05.

Ignacio Contreras Ramirez, 403 Briar Lane Apt. 208, Champaign, $1,620.10.

Timothy Ingram, 1235 County Road 2500 E., St, Joseph, $40,545.47.

Sara Routh, 4010 Windsor Road, Champaign, $40,545.47.

Robert Wright, 3804 Sandstone Drive, Champaign, $702.96.

John Bialeschki, 806 1/2 N. McKinley Ave., Champaign, $1.617.24.

Muhammad Shoaib Hameed, 502 W. MAin St., Apt. 220, Urbana, $1,432.61.

Ava Ismail, URH 350 Daniels Hall 1010 W. Green St., Urbana, $662.71.

Norman Hesterberg, 594 HAzelcrest Drive, Rantoul, $1,488.13.

William Schultz, PO Box 245, Savoy, $739.51.

Brian Truncale, 1237 Wedgewood Drive, Rantoul, $609.66.

Pete Lane, 1344 Jeffrey Drive, Rantoul, $616.39.

William Lyke, 3805 Glenn Brooke Road, Champaign, $803.99.

Vanessa Roads, 1006 Waters Edge, Champaign, $608.32.

Tyrone Simmons, 224 N. ORange St., Ludlow, $863.

Jason Vanderbilt, 2106 Cypree Drive, Champaign, $904.67.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Lauren Lebenm, 302 E. John St., Champaign, 41,397.40.

Bradley Smith, 11 Southview Drive, Sidney, $682.77.

Michael and Shae Dicken, 1029 St. Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $687.70.

Bundles of Joy Learning Center of Champaign, Inc., 1508 N. Ridgeway Ave., Champaign, $14,104.87.

Jewell Exum, 1207 Northwood Drive N., Chamapign, $1.006.09.

James and Kellie Argoudelis, 816 Trailway Drive, Champaign, $4,841.28.

Rebecca and Ralph Carter, 3708 E. University Ave., Urbana, $1,429.76.

Thomas Bender, 1206 Cunningham Ave., Urbana, $15,808.51.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from July 1-31, 2015. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Chapter 7

Abner, Nathan Joseph, 1921 N Linn St., Peoria

Acevedo, Juan Carlos, 4639 Custer Avenue Apt 2, Lyons

Adams, Ashley Allison, 307 W. N. 6th St., Shelbyville

Albrecht, Perry C, 1512 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign

Alexander, Shanee Latrice, 2302 N. Idaho, Peoria

Alonso, Marion B, 100 Front Street, Varna

Ames, Carol J, 1400 North 17th St., Quincy

Amos, Jim Lee, 501 N. Halford, Edinburg

Anthony, Clayton L, 3120 Willlow Knolls Drive Unit 3103, Peoria

Arbuckle, James Henry & Joanne Kay, 2004 Middletown Drive apt. 102, Mahomet

Ashley, Terra L P.O. Box 93, Mt Zion

Ausbury, Tony E, 920 E. Elm St., Macomb

Austin, Buffy Marie, 2900 State Street, Apt. 204D, Quincy

Badgett, Joanna Marie & Michael Allan, 101 1/2 N. Main St., Villa Grove

Bailey, Krystal Diane, P.O. Box 170, Bellflower

Baldock, Shannon D & William E, 2609 W Belle Vista Court, Peoria

Baldwin, Kattie Natasha, 4376 US Highway 67, Beardstown

Bales, Joshua D & Lori A, 604 E. Daggy St., Tuscola

Barnard, Amie J, 228 N. Harrison St., Girard

Barnett, Rebecca Elizabeth & William Lee, 1310 North Moffet Lane, Decatur

Barrera, Jose A & Sammantha C, 724 W. Center, Decatur

Baskin, Dominic Marcellous & Sophia Anntwanette, 1514 Northfield Meadows Blvd, Apt. 3, Bourbonnais

Beach, Ronnie Lynn, 107-1/2 S. Western Ave., DeLand

Beerup, Matthew Robert, 903 S. Adelaide St., Normal

Behl, Floyd E & Kimberley A, 404 W Hill, Virden

Bell, Delores Jo- Ann, 1101 East Oak Street, Taylorville

Bell, Johnnie May, 2642 East Melbrook Drive, Kankakee

Belluso, William, 10769 N 1500 W Road, Manteno

Benjamin, Jeremy R, 13361 N 2400 East Road, Ellsworth

Benjamin, Kelli R, 1824 Vladimir Drive, Bloomington

Bennett, Brian Ray & Valerie Aaron, 1 Balmoral Avenue, Peoria

Berner, Danial Irving & Sherris Michele, 7 Heartland Woods, Oakwood

Bican, David J, 1540 Edgebrook Drive, Galesburg

Bilotto, Peter L & Sue A, 106 W. Vine St., Piper City

Boehm, Johnny Z, P.O. Box 542, Maroa

Booker, Carla Sue, 1536 21st Avenue Apartment 5, Rock Island

Borman, Andrea Marie & Stephan Andrew, Rural Route 1 Box 323, Greenfield

Bowen, Seth M, 2525 Benton Court, Peoria

Boxley, Yhara, 601 Alabama Avenue, Champaign

Boyce, Melody A & William L, 842 Titan Blvd, Chatham

Boys, Raymond L, 420 N. West St., Galesburg

Bracey, Gabrealle, 1182 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Decatur

Brannan, Andrew Ray, 907 Coronado West, Jacksonville

Brannan, Lecie, 1241 Havens Road, Roodhouse

Braun-Smith, Tina S, 665 Locust, Galesburg

Briggle, Sharon Sue, 204 W. Main St., Downs

Brozovich, Leonard Patrick & Patti Lynn, 337 5th Street East, Milan

Buckhanon, Juwana D, 403 North 3rd St., Champaign

Bufford, Andrew James & April Lynne, 3039 Sun Valley Drive, Kankakee

Burge, James C & Jessica R, 43 Maticaria Court, Homosassa

Burgess, Kandy Lynn & Michael Anthony, 31538 N. 2550 East Road, Chenoa

Burris, DeCoda Michael, 205 E. Lincoln Ave., Ogden

Burton, Myron Joesph, 903 Illini Ave., apt. 111, Pontiac

Burton, Richard, 435 W. 8th, Minonk

Bustamante, Maria, 407 Catherine St., Bloomington

Butts, Monty Lee & Sheila Ann, 701 Rainbow Drive, Saint Joseph

Cain, Tommie J, 729 Rooselvelt Road, Rushville

Calderon, Benjamin G & Rosa Emma, 1409 Navajo Court, Kankakee

Callahan, Janis Marie, 2109 Brookview Terrace Apt. B, Pekin

Calvin, Cleo Madeline, 1903 Adams St., Tilton

Carlos, Toby, 1444 East College #1, Normal

Carson, Jacob Kyle & Taylor Renee, 1213 Black St., Unit A, Pekin

Cassady, Gary R, 710 E Ash St., Watseka

Cassiday, Kandi Lee, 1503 Madison Avenue, Charleston

Casteel, Christina Marie, 826 Arends Blvd, Rantoul

Catron, Barbara Kim & Gregory Mitchell, 2412 Carriage Lane, Charleston

Chapman, Kyle M, 2305 N. Northcrest Drive, Peoria

Clelland, Brian & Emily Ann, 511 E. Glen Avenue, Peoria Heights

Clevenger, Kady R, 138 N. Maple, Princeton

Coelho, Rebecca Marie, 1624 Oak St., Quincy

Collins, Tyler J, 11 King James Road, Mackinaw

Compton, Andrea L, 205 Privacy Lane, Butler

Cotelleso, Heather R, 5813 S. Adams St., Bartonville

Crouse, Daniel R, 2200 S. 11th St., Springfield

Crowder, Amanda S & Stephen M, 517 Monroe St., Quincy

Crudup, Whitney K, 12848 E Sneed Court, Pembroke Township

Cruse, Ty Gregory, 825 Rollins St., Kewanee

Cuevas, Pamela C, 11076 Illinois Route 29, Pekin

Dacy, Nancy M, P.O. Box 722, Catlin

Daugherty, Karen Kay, 1416 Ridgeport Avenue, Bloomington

Davee, Timothy E, 402 N. Montgomery, Litchfield

Davidson, Heather L, 924 W Market St., Taylorville

Davis, Charles & Darla, 608 W Dean St., apt. 1, Virden

Davis, John Matthew, 169 W. Hickory Point Road Apt. #2, Decatur

DeBerry, Brenda L, 440 S. Crea Street, Decatur

Decker, Amber L, 1016 E. Kerr Avenue. #206, Urbana

DeLaughter, Carolyn A, 52 Southland Drive, Decatur

Deleu, Pearl Louise, 8001 8 1/2 Street W, Rock Island

Dexter, Scott W, 110 A E. Frankin St., Tremont

Dickison, Debra Lynn, 616 N. Chicago Street, Dwight

Dortch, Ruth L, 407 S. VanBuren Street, Litchfield

Doyle, Crystal Eve, 930 19th Street Apt. 1, Rock Island

Drowns, Angela M, 1118 Shire Ave, Pekin

Dudley-Myrick, Toni J, 1931 N. Bowman Ave. Apt F, Danville

Dugan, Michelle Ann, 225 Falcon Drive, Green Valley

Dugger, Joseph Thomas, 28747 Concord Road, Palmyra

Duncan, Tonya J, 828 W. Packard, Decatur

Durley, Melissa Ruth & Shawn E, 1072 N Woodlawn Drive, Decatur

Edwards, Tabitha U, 1912 Meridian, Danville

Ehrhardt, Jamie Lynn, 211 E. South St., Dwight

Fantz, Jennifer E, 2202 Sunny Lane, Quincy

Ferguson, Clara P, 1515 W Adrian G Hinton Ave., Peoria

Ferriell, Danielle N & John D, 2034 N. Dennis Ave., Decatur

Flaharty, Karen Sue & Shannon Brian, 17049 County Road 1810 E, Havana

Forrester, Martha Bright, 1717 E. Keys Ave., Springfield

Freson, Gregory A & Jennifer L, 1400 N. Capitol St., Pekin

Frey, Gina M & James M, 4405 W Castleton Road, Peoria

Fromm, Cecil C, 4010 N. Brandywine Drive, #118, Peoria

Fundell, Rodney Vilas, 325 North Chestnut St., Princeton

Garner, Charity Lyn, 1704 A St., Normal

Garner, Jason Grover, 103 East Raccoon Road, Villa Grove

Garner, Monique Arnelia, 732 S. 17th St., Decatur

Gentry, Christopher Charels, 630 South 15th St., Quincy

Germann, Kathy Ann, P.O. Box 72, Edinburg

Gerst, Rebecca A & Thomas P, Rural Route 5 Box 142, Gladstone

Gibbons, Kristopher E, 1246 County Road 350E, Bethany

Gilliam, Denise Sue, 2 Edgehill Court, Jacksonville

Gilmore, Donna K, 1326 N Finney, Chillicothe

Golden, Ellen Marie & Gordon Greggory, 39336 East 2100 N. Road, Anchor

Gordon, Gretchen M & Michael A, 700 S. Oak, Pana

Granger, Robert F, 1243 Riverlane Drive, Bradley

Grant, Kathleen Ellen & Robert Ainslie, 14557 Hill Road, Humboldt

Graves, Gary W & Patricia A, 2111 Cormorant Drive, Springfield

Graves, George Washington, 221 W. Grove, Rantoul

Greaten, Lola Marie, 715 Fairmont Drive apt. 2D, Bloomington

Green, David W & Tammie J, 414 S. Madison, Clinton

Greenwell, Terry Lynn, 1902 N. 29th St., Decatur

Ground, Stephen P, 2142 E. Millstone Road, Decatur

Gude, Natasha D, 1440 E. Wellington Way #1B, Decatur

Haab, Gregory T, 2400 Bradmoor, Quincy

Hamann, Dan Clyde, 596 Zeisler Court, Kankakee

Hamilton, Keith A, 201 Colburn St., Ivesdale

Hampton, Ricky Dean & Roxanne, 216 S. Church, Ashland

Hancock, Lindy M, 309 South Jackson, Blue Mound

Hansel, Rachel Ann, 113 N. First St., Sherman

Hanson, Monica A, 107 Della St., Apartment B, Spring Bay

Harris, James Lorraine, 1012 Shelby Ave., Mattoon

Haubrich, Gregory Joseph, 2413 High St., Quincy

Hayden, Lanita L, 611 W. Church, Champaign

Hayward, Justin M, 200 Arrow St., Pekin

Headley, Teresa L, 112 Berkner Avenue, Germantown Hills

Hedger, Breanna L & Tylor J, 1414 119th Avenue, Aledo

Helm, Emma A, 2301 24th St., Bloomington

Hemming, Randall D, 117 E. Kinzie, Riverton

Hilger, Britley Lee, 17 Oak Valley Road, Bloomington

Hill, Robert Thomas, 1604 East Olympian Road Lot 4, Urbana

Hirstein, Gina L & Scott E, 101 N. Mason St., Apt A, Deer Creek

Hixson, Nicole L, 2480 North Graceland Ave., Apt #11, Decatur

Hoerr, Janelle R & Robert L, 116 N. Main, Pekin

Hollensteiner, Adam J, 1825 Maple St., Quincy

Hollis, Angela D, 501 S. 7th, Monmouth

Hopping, Erma Dean, P.O. 694, Mackinaw

Hudson, Terry Paul, 217 Franklin Street, East Peoria

Huerta, June, 520 W. Washington Street, Watseka

Hurley, Debra Marie & Michael Joseph, 266 S 3000 W Road, Kankakee

Hurst, Dale Arnold & Gretchen, 1736 N. Florian Avenue, Decatur

Hymes, George Aaron, 109 E. Lawrence #2, Springfield

Jackson, Antwone Lafayette, 523 Sanford #10, East Peoria

Jacobs, Kimberly M & William B, 2337 S. 5th Street, Springfield

Janet, Nancy L & Randy L, 201 E. Main, Mechanicsburg

Jankowiak, Jason C & Stacey L, 1312 N Hershey Road, Bloomington

Jefferson, Deja L, 909 W. MacQueen Avenue, Peoria

Jeremiah, Rick A & Traci J, 809 N Idaho, West Peoria

Johansen, Spencer Lee, 204 W. North St., Lexington

Johnson, Amanda Christine & Jason Thomas, 2306 Country Squire Drive, Urbana

Johnson, Donte Lamar, 1805 N. New York, Peoria

Johnson, Janice A, 6448 Cradle River Drive, Indianapolis

Jones, Justin G & Tiffany M, 3429 W Silverado Drive, Kankakee

Kallal, Patricia & Sanford L, 407 Jefferson St., Kane

Kelley, Kaitlyn R & Matthew R, 2277 E Grandview Ave., Springfield

Kelley, Katrina J, 333 Albert Street, Creve Coeur

Kelley, Keasha Jae, 1424 17th St., East Moline

Kidd, Gail Louise, 3930 Camelot Circle Apt. 103, Decatur

Kilhoffer, Jennifer Sue P.O. Box 26, Penfield

Knapp, Alyson Laine, 22 Hilltop Drive, Bourbonnais

Koontz, Christopher Keith, 15 Vine St., Pana

Landgrebe, Kerri Kathleen, 2925 Laxford Drive, Springfield

Langenfeld, Betty Marie, 2 Loretta Lane, Bloomington

Lapaix, Luis D, 745 East Chambers St., Jacksonville

Lawlyes, Carol A, 315 E. Monroe, Chrisman

Lemanczyk, Lyndsay Nicole, 331 Manchester Court. #32, Decatur

Leonard, Brinicia Renee, 3237 S. Douglas Ave., Springfield

Leppert, Thomas Gerard, 1811 Seven Pines Road #9, Springfield

Lewis, Angela Marie, 860 North 550th Ave., Quincy

Lewis, Dustin M, 905 E. Eiler Street, Benld

Lewis, Jennifer E, 7371 Bauer Road, Gillespie

Lewis, Jessica Maybell, 704 West Scott St., Bloomington

Lewis, Leonard J, 544 S. 21st Street, Decatur

Lin, Qing Chun, 1535 Seven Pines Road apt. K, Springhfield

Little, Eric Jason & Stacey Lynn, 776 Bluegrass, Milton

Loeffelholz, Mark A, 915 Broadway St., Lincoln

Lorance, Lori Lynn, 23 Zweng Avenue, Bloomington

Lord, Natalie S, 1138 1/2 N.6th St., Quincy

Loufa, Abdellah & Jessica L, 4160 Greenswitch, Decatur

Lowery, Linda A, 908 N. Bruns Lane, Springfield

Lucas, Amber N & Justin A, 705 Crawford St., Warsaw

Madsen, Ann Marie & Josua Christian-Lee, 342 Marnico Road, Jacksonville

Maloney, Carolyn S & Carroll D, 276 Brecher Lane, Groveland

Malufka, Charles T & Davette L, P.O. Box 82, Annawan

Marbury-Jones, Shawnnette Evonne, 19 Fairweight Avenue, Danville

Marmion Lori J, 1570 Hunt Drive apt. F4, Normal

Marschang, Dylan James, 213 N. Broad St., Lacon

Martinez-Perez, Elizabeth R, 1456 W. Station St., Kankakee

Mason, Amy G, 309 Timber Lane, East Peoria

Mattix, Amy Jo, 102 S West St., Knoxville

Mayfield, Brandy Lynn & Wesley Dean, 515 Lee Evans Drive, Hull

Mayhugh, Melvin Don, 15376 Old Route 36, Buffalo

McCay, Mickey L, 192 N. Melrose, Argenta

McClure, Darla Jo & Jamie Dwayne, 620 S Austin St., Paris

McConnaughey, Brenda Lee, 104 E. Via Sistina Court, Toluca

McCord, Billy John & Jackie Lynn, 530 Reynolds Drive lot 1, Charleston

McDowell, Carmelita, 307 N. Salisbury, Dorchester

McFadden, Angelic Marie, 309 Larkspar Lane, Hoopeston

McKay, Tammaray L, 2601 Cardifs, Springfield

McNeely, Danni M, 389 Lombard Street, Galesburg

McQueen-Zingre, Justin E, 1217 24th Avenue, Rock Island

Mead, Jennifer Kay, 1312 W. Jefferson Street. Apt 3, Washington

Meador, James W, 420 N. Anderson, Sullivan

Mellenthin, Bonnie Sue & Johnny Eugene, 22 Raylynn Court, Staunton

Meyers, Dale Lee & Lorie Ann, 8113 Tack Lane, Springfield

Mikel, Casey A & Terry L, 4 Coachlight Drive, Tilton

Milburn, Tawna Renee, 123 E. Patton, Paxton

Miles, Tyrena L, 934 North Fourth, Quincy

Minor, Zachary W, 20898 Simmering Avenue, Greenview

Moody, Michael E, 1420 N. 9th Street, Pekin

Moore, David A & Polly M, 1028 Western Avenue, Kewanee

Moore, William Arthur, 210 South Hennepin Avenue, Ladd

Moore, William F, 4506 Old Route 36, Springfield

Moore, William D, 1249 Downing Street, Decatur

Morales, Alicia, P.O. Box 1174, DePue

Morel, Steven C, 2246 31st Street, Rock Island

Morris, Dorothy Jean, 250 N Entrance, Apt 2B, Kankakee

Moses, Casey W, Old State Village, Lot 97, Mattoon

Moulton, Lester Ray & Teresa Lynn, 300 Spelter Avenue lot 52, Danville

Muraida, Jessica Marie, 821 E. Prairie Street, Pontiac

Musselman, Harriet A, 6022 S. Madison Road, Clinton

Myers, Edward Earl, 4433 N. Peoria Road, Springfield

Myrick, Emmet, 1931 N. Bowman Avenue. Apt F, Danville

Neely, Sandra Delene, 3535 East Cook Lot 82, Springfield

Nelson, Gertrude Viola, 810 E. Converse St., Springfield

Newell, Katherine S & Wesley P, 507 N. Washington St., Atkinson

Nichols, Sterling G & Tammy C, 231 E Jackson St., Virden

Noel, Walter Edward, 1206 Ridge Creek Road, Savoy

Nolan, Perlie, 1217 Lorraine Street, Danville

Northcutt, Donetta S, P.O. Box 292, White Hall

Nungester, Charles, 108 Briar Lane, Washington

ODell, Jo Anne, 101 Highpoint Road, Normal

Oldham, Tonya L, 1724 N. Monroe St., Decatur

Oldham, William D, 1406 E. Condit St., Decatur

O'Neel, Faith A, 401 Radisson Road, Marquette Heights

Orberson, Westin Lee, 1978 Blueberry Lane Box 39, White Heath

Ormiston, Charles P & Nicole A, 9825 E. 11000 N. Road, Grant Park

Packard, Gala Lee, 9 E. Oak St., Ashmore

Padavich, Kathy C, 1619 10th St., Moline

Paredes, Catalina & Jesus, 136 5th Avenue, Moline

Parker, Betty L & Jimmy F, P.O. Box 1144, Kincaid

Patton, Bret K & Wendi L, 235 Lawrence St., Illiopolis

Pearman, Julie Kay & Justin Paul, 6481 E. 370 North Road, Sidell

Pearson, Angela R, 809 S. 23rd, Mattoon

Pemberton, Roger D, 5115 N. Roberts Road, Peoria Heights

Perez, Nicolas, 1456 W. Station St., Kankakee

Petersen, Martha J, 24150 Veterans Road, Lot 46, Morton

Peterson, Luvenia, 1165 W. Forest Avenue, Decatur

Petrella, Theresa M, 57 Melody Lane, Springfield

Petty, Lance D, 191 Osage St., Galesburg

Phillips, Curtis L & Rachel N, 1298 E. Buena Vista, Decatur

Poisal, Aaron Ray, 3710 25th St., Apt 6, Moline

Pratt, Barbara L, 6021 N. Imperial Drive apt. 148, Peoria

Quinn, Jacqueline Lee, 1531 Zellerman Avenue, Quincy

Radosevich, Donald W & Patricia L, P.O. Box 226, Hanna City

Rastegar, Brenda Jean, 6221 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria

Rettke, Joanne Charlotte, 327 Avenue. F, Bloomington

Rhodes, Paul E & Tonda R, 218 S. Hickory, Pana

Richards, Robert R, 10557 N Route 50 apt. 9, Manteno

Richarz, Daniel G, 520 South 2nd St., unit 410, Springfield

Rinehart, Lisa Marie, 625 Oklahoma, Mattoon

Roach, Eric Scott & Nicole Ann, 1876 Sunset Drive, Lincoln

Robbins, Holli Ann, P.O. Box 73, Armington

Roberson, Lisa Diane, 434 E. Court Street, Farmington

Roberts, James John, 101 E. MacArthur Apt. 1313, Bloomington

Roberts, Tamara N, 72 South Shores Drive, Decatur

Robinson, Dawn Michelle, 110 W. Park St., Arthur

Robinson, Justin Edward & Meghan Joane, 827 Monroe, Quincy

Robinson, Tyona Latae, 405 East Mulberry St., Unit 9, Chatham

Roodhouse, James, 1338 Mound Avenue, Jacksonville

Root, Harley & Karen, 552 S. Spruce, Apt. B, Nokomis

Rudisill, Jill A, 518 West Washington St., Watseka

Ruffolo, Aldo Carmen & Julie Lynn, 7 Pear Tree Court, Charleston

Rusk, Andrea L & Jason L, 520 W. Exchange St., Geneseo

Sabatin, Ibrahim Diab, 108 Appellate Court, East Peoria

Saldivar, Carrie Marie & Ricardo Wilder, 329 N Van Buren Ave., Bradley

Scales, Nancy Carolyn & Royce, 321 1300th St., New Holland

Schaul, Kevin W, 3516 Tamarak Drive, Springfield

Schnerre, Jennifer Kaye, 3030-10th St., East Moline

Schroeder, Tara R, 42 Yorkshire Drive, Mackinaw

Scott, Therese M, 708 W. Water Street, Pontiac

Seaton, Aynsley Rebecca, 715 N 7th Street, Springfield

Seaton, Joshua Robert, 3500 E Cook Street, Springfield

Seaver, Nathan Ryan, 1135 Washington Street, Quincy

Shannon, John Dennis, 113 West B. Street, Alpha

Shepherd, Lydia J, 1005 W. Aberdeen Road, Peoria

Shimkus, Candace, 1908 Camden, Springfield

Shuey, Sunni Dawn, 605 N. Fifth, Benld

Shumaker, Donna K, 511 All Seasons Street, Chenoa

Sigler, Jerry C, 1126 Dakota, Danville

Sikora, Robert Jesse & Sharyl Lynn, 2292 Swallowtail Street, Bourbonnais

Silas, Mary Virginia, 1218 W. Johnson Street, Peoria

Simpson, Cory Allen, 1309 Marshall Avenue, Mattoon

Simpson, Melissa S & Paul A, 700 Northgate Drive, Saint Joseph

Sims, Tremain L, 524 W. Green, Decatur

Sipka, Rebecca F & Shane E, 1819 Columbus Drive, Pekin

Skinner, Lisa Michelle, 211 Corlew Drive, Litchfield

Skirvin, Bridgette Kaye, 2833 College Avenue, Quincy

Smalley, Patricia Joan, 9 E. Harrison St., Apt. 206, Danville

Smith, Akiita R. R, P.O. Box 3823, Decatur

Smith, James A, P.O. Box 6217, Peoria

Smith, Patricia, P.O. Box 352, Quincy

Snyder, Carol Diane, 816 Catherine St., Pekin

Soliven, Aletha, 1406 Scottsdale Drive, Champaign

Sparks, Stacy N, 1512 W. Candletree Drive, Apt 304, Peoria

Speegle, Kenneth E & Rebecca A, P.O. Box 81, Elvaston

Spiller, Laswana Arthea, 19 Knollcrest Court, Normal

Stablein, Joyce K, 1316 25th St., Moline

Stachowiak, Edin Diane, P.O. Box 145, Seatonville

Staples, Symone Shavonn, 2400 N. Ellis St., Peoria

Stender, Jack W & Linda J, 117 S. Second, Sherman

Steva, Peter H & Wendy J, 167 E Menard, Riverton

Stevenson, Lisa L, 702 S. East St., Abingdon

Stone, DeMareo LaVan, 812 W McClure, Peoria

Stonebraker, Kevin Scott, 29 Kentucky Ave., Danville

Strickler, Melissa Kay, 3613 Sheffield, Springfield

Sullivan, Joe E, 2104 Brookmill Court, Springfield

Sullivan, Paulette S & Wayne S, 129 Nicole Court, Manteno

Summers, Kimberly Shrileen, 1007 S. Mattis #3-7, Champaign

Sutton, Christopher D & Jennifer S, 136 E. Buena Vista, Kansas

Swan, Dawn DeeAnne & Perry Gene, 111 E. Sylvan, Virginia

Sweidan, Maria Theresa, 1508 W. Buckingham Drive, Peoria

Tanner, Barbara Ann & Michael Lloyd, 212 Patricia Street, Dawson

Taylor, Dixie Lee, 38 Ryder Street, Nilwood

Taylor, Margaret Ann, 444 Parkway Drive. Apt. 601, Pekin

Taylor, Sandra K, 2325 N. Central Drive, Decatur

Thomas, Puangchuen & Verne A, 8327 N. Knoxville Avenue. Lot 41, Peoria

Thompson, Jodie M, 508 E. Cleveland, Spring Valley

Thompson, Melodee Ann, 1208 Zeta, Bloomington

Timothy, Jamika Raqueal, 819 Crestwood Apt 304, Peoria

Toler, Nelda A, 601 A. S. Glover, Urbana

Tonkinson, Larry Neil, 207 E. River Road, Tolono

Torricelli, Niall Lawrence, 511 S. Lincoln Avenue, Springfield

Tracy, Darlene S, 112 Highview Road, East Peoria

Trigg, Heather M, 530 Reynolds Drive. Lot 58, Charleston

Troxell, Brian K, 3858 N. Camelot Drive #1A, Decatur

Turner, Belinda Carol, 396 S. McClellan, Decatur

Urbas, John K, 619 S Walnut St., #7, Springfield

Urrutia, Emily Ann, 1236 North Milton Lot 36, Springfield

VanDeVoorde, Carrie L, 619 W. 12th St., Kewanee

Venable, Kevin Orville, 750 East Chambers Apt. 7, Jacksonville

Voorn, James Randall, P.O. Box 31, Urbana

Wade, Richard Jason, 134 Abby Lane, Jacksonville

Wagoner, Nathaniel Eugene, 21685 Washer Road, Mount Olive

Walker, Willie Lee, 3623 N. Sterling Ave. Apt. C12, Peoria

Walton, Karen Kay, 1818 Deerfield, Chatham

Ward, Lindsey M, 626 N. Quincy Street, Clinton

Washburn, Dale B & Rachel K, 13607 E. 750th Road, Paris

Weaver, Donovan B, P.O. Box 380, Saint David

Weaver, Robert Mark, 2001 S Lowell Ave., Springfield

Westendorf, Clifton Richard, 1000 East Grove, Effingham

Whitby, Pamela Sue, 111 Thornton Ave., Pekin

Whitelow, Shiniquia A, 3004 N. Wilson Drive, Peoria

Whiteman, Lori A, 107 E Poplar Street, Bardolph

Whitfield, Elsie Angela & Robert Lee, 1906 W. Albany, Peoria

Whitley, Deborah Kay, 585 N County Road 1000 East, Lerna

Wiegand, Jacob Edward, 29488 307rd Lane, Barry

Wieties, William Ray, 335 Interurban, Auburn

Wilcoxen, Donna L, 215 W Sam J Stone Avenue Apt 1006, Peoria

Wilke, Leo Herman, 706 1/2 N. Ohio Street, Tuscola

Williams, Donna L, 202 N Schuyler Avenue Suite 205, Kankakee

Williams, Susan Kay, 3106 Tyrone Road, Springfield

Willis, Donald Edward, 2906 Taylor Ave. Apt 6, Springfield

Wilson, Donna Jean, 2906 Maplewood Drive, Champaign

Winn, Teresa Lee, 413 E Winter Ave., Danville

Wolfe, Tony J, 510 N. 4th St., Dunlap

Wolff, Peter H, 3500 N. Dirksen Parkway #262, Springfield

Woosley, Angela M & Clyde A, 1109 Madison, Quincy

Wyatt, Renita Lashay & Titus Tyral, 321 East Republic St., Peoria

Young, Brenda L, 1523 W Monroe St., Springfield

Young, Michael, 1523 W Monroe St., Springfield

Zenor, Robert F, 909 S Mercer Ave., Bloomington

Ziegenbein, Linda Sue, 1526 S. Kneer, Peoria

Chapter 13

Antonacci, Julie A, 23 Rainbow Road, Springfield

Armstrong, Michael Charles & September Dawn, 1482 N Cherry St., Galesburg

Arnold, Brittany M, 1008 Cambridge Court, Pekin

Barton, Diana C & James G, 1508 N. 5th St., Pekin

Batton, Brian K, 206 Parkside Drive, Goodfield

Bella-Norman, Vicki L, 418 E. Washington St., Pontiac

Binion, Dennis W & Theresa S, 426 Forest Lane, Arthur

Bouton, Daryl Marvin, 222 E. Lake Avenue, Peoria

Brady, Marsha S & Toby J, 946 E. South St., Galesburg

Brannin, Candra Sue & Ronney Wayne, 113 Homann Court, Humboldt

Breedlove, Diane R & Steven D, 29317 Highway 92, La Moille

Brown, Stacey Yvette, 1301 Williamsburg Drive, Champaign

Buckner, Johnny Keith & Sheryl Ann, 205 N Carico St., Tuscola

Burgin, Dee E, 4732 Illinois Highway 1, Paris

Campos, Carmen R, 1218 14th Street, Moline

Chapman, Stephanie A, 725 S. 2nd Ave., Canton

Condre, Pamela K, 204 Franklin Ave,, Bartonville

Conger, Patricia D & Shane O, 416 S. Santa Fe Ave., Princeville

Conner, Angelina D, 1600 W Bradley Avenue, Apt V369, Champaign

Cox, Robert A, 2811 W. School St., Dunlap

Cox, Virgi L, 709 Lincoln St., Galesburg

Creech, Timothy W, 1314 Fenley St., Pekin

Cruz, Angel A, 311 S. Olive Street, Peoria

Dill, Joseph C & Kari L, 4807 W. Closen Road, Bellevue

Duckwiler, Juanita R, 2270 Knollaire Drive, Washington

Edmondson, Angela L, 107 Pin Oak Drive, Pekin

Ertl, Debra G, 28 Holly Drive, Clinton

Fairfield, Peter J, 3702 W. Route 90, Edelstein

Falco-Creech, Nicole M, 1314 Fenley St., Pekin

Fell, Jim J, 12300 N Brentfield Drive Apt 121, Dunlap

Foran, Michael J & Sharon S, 4038 N. Constant View, Decatur

Foy, Mary F, P.O. Box 274, Bourbonnais

Ginger, Malinda K & Nial A, 868 Haynes Drive, Decatur

Gravat, Dale H & Patricia A, 916 N Country Lane, Peoria

Harland, Leslie B, 1208 W. Willow Lane, Peoria

Harrison, Cody Allen, 4519 David Ave., Taylorville

Hartman, Catherine Marie, 915 29th St., Moline

Haynes, Heather J & Steven P, P.O. Box 393, Stronghurst

Housley, Jennifer R, 6730 Summershade Circle, Apt I, Peoria

Hudison, Elvia J & James W, P.O. Box 12, Henning

Hutton, Jennifer Lynn & Samuel Glenn, 804 South 20th St., Quincy

Jenkins, William M, 1414 E. Samuel Ave., Peoria Heights

Jowers, Diana J, 3023 W. Marquette St., Peoria

Krumholz, John W, 207 Lee St., North Pekin

Lerminez, Paul Henry, 9019 72nd Street, Coal Valley

Lester, Mike A & Sherri L, 1110 Norlawn Drive, Viola

Lewis, Kimberly A, 1616 N Great Oak Court, Peoria

Lilly, De'Andre G, 719 E Maywood Ave., Peoria

Lipari, David Martin, 3026 E Stillwater Lndg Apt 201, Urbana

Livingston, Kyle & Serena, 620 E. Washington, Clinton

Lourash, Rodger D, 1710 N. 29th, Decatur

Manney, Jeanette, 1024 Kyle Court, Decatur

McCall, Anthony Moses, 3828 N. Sterling Ave., Unit B, Peoria

McCartney, Clifford Wayne & Julie Ann, 107 County View Court, Gifford

Meeker, Ronald Lee, 1907 E Hood St., Springfield

Meiners, Cathy Ann, 206 Beacon Circle, Bloomington

Miller, Ashley Elizabeth, 11302 17th St., Milan

Miller, Henry Earl & Vera Louise, 3487 N. 17000 E. Road, Momence

Miller, Imogene M, 150 Yordy Road, Apt. 320, Morton

Miller, Janet, 122 Indiana St., Danville

Mutchler, Robert Elmer, 2803 W. Arlington Ave., Peoria

Myers, Jamie Ellen, 1836 42nd St., Rock Island

Naslund, Douglas D, P.O. Box 39, Altona

Neville, Johnathan P & Montrese C, 1850 43rd St., Rock Island

Norman, Bobby G, 418 E. Washington St., Pontiac

Padilla, Manuel Marcus, 1836 42nd Street, Rock Island

Phillips, Jane E, 1351 W. Carl Sandburg Drive, Apt. 1105, Galesburg

Phillips, Jeffery R, 164 Dieterich Ave., Galesburg

Readus, Keesha Kawon-Cheyanne, 2601 Sherwood St., Springfield

Reed, Marvin & Rhonda, 28 Country Place, Springfield

Rock, David Craig, 1300 15th Street, Rock Island

Sanders, Deborah Elena & Wesley Lindley, 2014 Meadowlake Drive, Charleston

Saucedo, Gilberto, 622 N. Hazel St., Pontiac

Schol, Jessica N & Richard D, 216 S. Sweetbriar Drive, Chillicothe

Scott, Brenda J & Charles Elmer, 2266 Concord Court, Springfield

Scudder, DeAnna L, 1501 E. Gardner apt. 1704, Peoria Heights

Scudder, Todd M, 1016 W. Brons Ave., Peoria

Sharp, Maggie & Robert, 703 E Nebraska Ave., Peoria

Simon, Lindsay M, 1404 Matilda St., Pekin

Sledge, Kevin L, 2401 W Alta Road Apt 1706, Peoria

Smith, Beth A, 401 Grant St., Pana

Spires, Fred & Suzanne, 19349 3500 E. St., Arlington

Staley, Jimmy A, 2465 Country Trail Apt. 19, Decatur

Sturgeon, Jessica A & Kyle A, 647 W. Main St., Galesburg

Swanson, Billi Jo, 297 Koch St., Pekin

Tucker, David S & Tamara S, 3505 N. Prospect Road, Peoria Heights

Turner, Keith A, 4 Don Court, Pekin

Wade, Dixie S & James M, 2925 Somerton Road, Springfield

Waterman, Lue A & Scott Lee, Rural Route 5 Box 231, Gladstone

Weakman, John Allen, 1268 E. 2000 N. Road, Roberts

Welker, Linda C, 726 E. Fort, Farmington

Whicker, Alexis Ranee & Dylan Scott, 114 W. James St., Forrest

Wigand, Thomas E, P.O. Box 11, Chillicothe

Wilson, Dennis Dale & Peggy S, 7907 8 1/2 St., W, Rock Island

Wilson, Ralph Raymond, 629 18th St., Charleston

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