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FINE PRINT          June 2014

Building Permits, Tax Liens and Bankruptcies


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and ñ when available ñ estimated cost of improvements.


Dodds Co., alteration to equipment shelter reuse facility at 1310 N. McKinley Ave., $226,675.

KAP Architecture, alteration for kitchen buildout at 1205 N. Harris Ave., Units A, B and C, $107,500.

Miller Enterprises, commercial demolition at 507 S. Second St., $67,500.

Trent Roofing, repair/replace roof of multifamily residences at 1862 Valley Road, Buildings 20, 21 and 24, total of $60,181.

Michael Harshbarger, new pool and pump house at 2102 Leahs Lane, $35,000.

MSA Architect, alteration to restaurant at 404 E. Green St., $11,000.

Atlantic Services, alteration for restaurant at 907 W. Marketview Drive, #7, $5,000.

JSM Development Services, new apartments/parking/business portion of Campus Center development at 601 S. Sixth St., $17,800,000.
JSM Development Services, new hotel/business development portion of Campus Center development at 524 E. Green St., $11,200,000.

Becknell Services, interior buildout for Kraft at 710 N. Mattis Ave., $10,000,000.

Dodds Company, new office building at 1908 S. First St., $4,222,378.

KAP Architecture, alteration for Christie Clinic vein and vascular at 101 W. University Ave., $1,075,000.

Trent Roofing, repair/replace roof on Buildings 3-8 and 18 of multifamily residence at 1862 Valley Road, total of $111,510.

Sprint Wireless/Sure Site, alteration to cell tower at 3602 W. Bradley Ave., $25,000.

Sure Site Consulting, alteration to cell antennas at 1303 N. McKinley Ave., $20,000.

NTP Wireless, alteration to cell tower at 409 E. Chalmers St., $20,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., alteration to Carle pain management clinic at 1802 S. Mattis Ave., $13,423.

KAP Architecture, alteration for video poker lounge at 1903 N. Neil St., Suite B, $7,500.

Herman & Kittle Properties, addition and alteration to clubhouse and office at 2106 W. White St., $398,500.

K-Squared Construction Services, alteration to MC Sports at 2000 N. Neil #395, $385,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, addition to single-family home at 1402 Waverly Drive, $300,000.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 2103 Max Run Drive, $280,000.

Millage Builders, new single-family homes at 3405 and 3407 Boulder Ridge Drive, $125,000 each for a total of $250,000.

MSA Architect, new duplex at 2714-2716 Madelynn Drive, $250,000.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family home at 2110 Max Run Drive, $233,000.

Trent Roofing, repair to roofs at 1862 Valley Road, buildings 9, 15, 16 and 17, for total of $83,485.

New Prairie Construction, remodel to single-family home at 704 W. Green St., $75,670.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 5011 Emmas Way, $280,000.

McGuire Custom Homes, new single-family home at 2412 Prairie Ridge Place, $251,500.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration to office at 2021 S. First St., #101, $111,900.

Melone-Morse-Leonatti-Parker, alteration for Midwest Cellular store at 2000 N. Neil St., #606, $110,000.

Trent Roofing, roof repair/replacement on Buildings 11, 12 and 13 of multifamily residence at 1862 Valley Road, total of $74,045.

Jake Grammer, alteration for office at 309 W. Clark St., $30,000.

Signature Renovations, alteration to office at 501 Town Center Blvd., Suite B, $24,775.

Centerline Communications, alteration to T-Mobile cell tower antennas at 3602 W. Bradley Ave., $20,000.

KAP Architecture, alteration to Human Kinetics office at 1607 N. Market St., $5,000.

LCC Law, addition/alteration to T-Mobile antenna at 3101 S. Mattis Ave., $5,000.

Dick Butler Roofing, roof repair/replacement at Powerhouse Church of God, 1302 N. Hickory St., $3,325.

Cramer Homes, new single-family home at 1402 English Oak Drive, $746,000.

Innovative Construction Group, alteration to fraternity at 313 E. Chalmers St., $129,025.

KAP Architecture, alteration for nail salon at 2202 S. Neil St., $82,000.

OíNeil Bros., demolition of former Worden-Martin building at 100 Carriage Center, $46,570.

Sure Site Consulting, alteration for Sprint cell tower at 3602 S. Mattis Ave., $20,000.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 1903 Savanna Drive, $326,000.

MSA Architect, new duplexes at 2742-44 and 2746-48 J.T. Coffman Drive, $250,000 each, for total of $500,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 2005 Talans Drive, $235,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 2115 Talans Drive, $231,000.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 2107 Max Run Drive, $231,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family zero-lot-line homes at 3916 and 3918 Summer Sage Court, $186,000 each, for total of $372,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 3101 Stanley Lane, $173,335.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 3105 Stanley Lane, $153,600.

JJE LLC, alteration to Jimmy Johnís restaurant at 1511 N. Prospect Ave., $149,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 3106 Stanley Lane, $144,230.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 3103 Stanley Lane, $134,200.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 3108 Stanley Lane, $119,300.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 3104 Stanley Lane, $106,100.

Dreamscape Custom Homes, alteration for commercial/office space at 1807 W. Bradley Ave., Units B, C and D, $72,400.

Terra Consulting, alteration for Verizon cell tower at 3402 N. Duncan Road, $35,000.

Verizon Wireless, alteration for Verizon cell tower at 2400 W. Bradley Ave., $10,000.

Tim Smith Construction, new single-family homes at 3723 and 3727 Sandstone Drive, $115,000 each, for total of $230,000.

Jackson Quality Construction, repair/replacement work to single-family home at 2509 Campbell Drive, $68,000.

Industrial Technology Group, repair/replacement work to retail space at Market Place Mall, 2000 N. Neil St.,#290-295, $52,800.

Bassam Ghrayyib, alteration for hookah lounge at 50 E. Green St., $12,200.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1612 Crabapple Lane, $232,000.

Curran Architecture, alteration for Firehouse Subs restaurant at 803 W. Anthony Drive, $220,000.

Greg B. Goebel, alteration to single-family home at 22 E. Chalmers St., $95,000.

Weger & Associates, alteration to dental office at 201 W. Springfield Ave., #504-507, $26,000.

MSA Architect, alteration to I-Force Cheerleading gym at 311 S. Staley Road, #A and #B, $7,500.

Weger & Associates, alteration for office/storage space at 410 E. University Ave., Suite 105, $3,500.

MSA Professional Services, new multifamily residence, The Quarters, at 11 E. Columbia Ave., $2,485,000.

Lingle Design Group, alteration for McDonaldís restaurant at 616 E. Green St., $725,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, new single-family dwelling at 1402 Waverly Drive, $300,000.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3110 Stanley Lane, $153,060.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3111 Stanley Lane, $150,201.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3114 Stanley Lane, $150,201.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3112 Stanley Lane, $136,404.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3107 Stanley Lane, $108,701.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3109 Stanley Lane, $105,700.

Olsen & Associates, alteration to retail space at 124 N. Neil St., $10,000.

Champaign County

Dave Costley, addition to an existing single-family home at 1868 County Road 1600 North, Urbana, $45,000.

Jamie Gerardi, establish a rural home occupation, J&S Farm, at 1113 County Road 100 East, White Heath, no cost.

Jamie Gerardi, horse stable and riding/training arena at 1113 County Road 100 East, White Heath, $200,000.

Forman and Freddie Mae Pursley, addition to an existing single-family home at 707 MacArthur Court, Urbana, $75,000.

Tim Gibbs and Connie Ger, second-story addition to an existing single-family home at 2509 E. Main St., Urbana, $60,000.

Joseph Eisenmenger, detached garage at 3703 Valkar Lane, Champaign, $30,000.

Phillip and Teresa Campbell, new single-family home with attached garage and detached garage at 3310 CountyRoad 700 East, Fisher, $320,000.

Travis Huls, new single-family home with attached garage at 1 Huls Place, Gifford, $400,000.

Evan and Jessica Barnhart, new single-family home with attached garage in Section 26 of Somer Township, on Olympian Drive west of North Cottonwood Road, $240,000.

Michael S. Moynihan, detached garage and authorize a previously constructed detached shed at 1995 County Road 3500 North, Ludlow, $20,000.

Eastern Illinois ABATE/Rolling Hills Campground, establish a temporary use for June 6, 7 and 9 Summer Boogie at 3151A County Road 2800 North, Penfield, no cost.

Guadalupe Guzman, detached garage at 3207 E. Airport Road, Urbana, $13,200.

Lewis Frerichs, manufactured home with attached garage and build a detached garage at 1869 County Road 2700 North, Rantoul, $150,000.

Timothy and Constance Berry, detached storage shed for agricultural use at 1694 County Road 0 North, Villa Grove, $4,000.

Charles A. Jesse, two self-storage warehouse buildings, Phase 1 of Irongate Self Storage, at 3702 W. Old Church Road, Champaign, $390,000.

Barbara Manka, new single-family home with attached garage at 2065 County Road 3300 North, Rantoul, $200,000.

Craig Vedvik, addition to an existing condominium at 2340 Fields South Drive, Champaign, $28,000.

Dale and Garland Hubert Jr., new single-family home with attached garage and detached shed at 2225 County Road 400 North, Broadlands, $327,000.

Neal and Amber Ehmen, new single-family home with attached garage at 1777 County Road 2600 East, Ogden, $250,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home with attached garage at 221 County Road 900 East, Pesotum, $375,000.

Russell and Shirley Law, detached garage at 480 County Road 2425 North, Mahomet, $20,000.

Bart Tate and Glenett Gibb, new single-family home with attached garage at 2907 Airport Road, Urbana, $396,000.

Brad Johns and Lyle Johns, detached storage shed for agriculture equipment at 1722 East County Road 100 North, Villa Grove, $180,000.


Cramer Homes, new single-family home at 1603 Briarwood Lane, $405,000.

Scott Nelson Construction, new duplex at 1705 Whisper Meadow Lane, $308,000.

Scott Nelson Construction, new duplex at 1707 Whisper Meadow Lane, $250,000.

Earles Homebuilders, new single-family home at 1005 S. McDougal Road, $300,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family home at 1809 E. Fox Run Drive, $270,000.

Scott Nelson Construction, new single-family home at 1213 Morningside Lane, $250,000.

Darling Homes, new single-family home at 1813 E. Cobblecreek Drive, $375,000.

Darling Homes, new single-family home at 2103 E. Slade Lane, $350,000.

Rick Stewart, new single-family home at 1307 Woodberry Drive, $400,000.

Mills Property Group, new multifamily residence at 505 S. Vine St., $250,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family home at 405 S. Fox Run Drive, $188,000.

Eminence Real Estate, new triplex at 1605-A, -B and -C Timber Wolf Lane, $390,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 2014 E. Slade Lane, $325,000.

Armstrong Homes, new single-family home at 1203 E. Reserve Court, $240,000.

Roessler Construction, renovation and alteration for dental office at 700 E. Grove Ave., $160,000.


Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 316 London Way, $250,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 205 Capitol St., $210,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 414 London Way, $200,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 207 Capitol St., $190,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 408 Denton Drive, $300,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 305 London Way, $265,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 409 Denton Drive, $250,000.

Unique Homes and Lumber Inc., new 32-unit memory care facility at 62 E. Airport Road, $2 million.

National Commercial Builders Inc., alteration to Goodrich Quality Theaters at 232 W. Burwash Ave., $65,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 508 Silver Lake Court, $325,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 412 Denton Drive, $265,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 611 Silver Lake Court, $225,000.

Dodds Co., renovation for Worden-Martin Inc. at 1404 N. Dunlap Ave., $350,358.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 3 Fletcher Court, $360,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 304 Potomac Ave., $290,000.

Executive Homes, new single-family home at 1201 Declaration Drive, $220,000.

St. Joseph

Stan Jenkins, garage at 209 Castle Lane, $5,000.


Steve and Connie Benner, shed at 309 E. Broadway, no cost estimate available.

Ryan and Miranda Harden, shed at 502 N. Whitehead, no cost estimate available.

Michelle Duncan, driveway at 211 W. Holden, no cost estimate available.

Jay and Patti King, garage at 408 W. Austin, no cost estimate available.


Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of Carleís Urbana on Windsor building at1818 E. Windsor Road, $470,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 2513 S. Muirfield Place, $240,937.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family home at 1817 S. Stone Creek Blvd., $235,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of Carle hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $42,600.

Olympic Construction, remodeling of Carle hospital building at 602 W. University Ave., $7,000.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family home at 1107 W. Hill St., $85,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of digestive health section of Carle North Tower at 606 W. Park St., $75,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of Carle office on lower level of Lincoln Square, 300 S. Broadway Ave., $50,000.

Fros Carpentry, new single-family home at 2308 S. Grange Drive, $155,000.

Vliet Builders, new single-family homes at 2702 and 2704 Skyline Drive, $117,000 and $122,000 respectively, fortotal of $239,000.

Fros Carpentry/Mel Fros, new single-family home at 2308 S. Grange Drive, $155,000.

Vliet Builders, new single-family home at 2704 N. Skyline Drive, $122,000.

Vliet Builders, new single-family home at 2702 N. Skyline Drive, $117,000.

Aladdin Electric, remodeling of business at 202 W. Green St., $13,100.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 2907 E. Beringer Circle, $370,000.

Olympic Construction, remodeling of hospital building at 601 W. University Ave., $2,975.

Vic Isaksen, remodeling of business at 116 W. Main St., $500.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 2733 E. Stone Creek Blvd., $153,000.

Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family home at 2202 S. Cyprus Point, $145,000.

Raymond Miller Construction, new single-family home at 2204 S. Cyprus Point, $130,000.

Atkins Construction, new multifamily residence at 2726-2732 S. Berns Drive, $1,127,476.

Atkins Construction, new multifamily residence at 2718-2724 S. Berns Drive, $1,094,263.

Atkins Construction, new multifamily residence at 2710-2716 S. Berns Drive, $1,090,583.

Atkins Construction, new multifamily residence at 2702-2708 S. Berns Drive, $1,041,399.

Christian Helmuth, new single-family home at 1412 W. Dublin St., $120,000.

Pepper Construction, remodeling of sixth-floor oncology at Carle Foundation Hospital, 611 W. Park St., $7,047,064.

Olympic Construction, remodeling for Carle human resources office at Lincoln Square, 300 S. Broadway Ave., $356,000.

Chris Miller Construction, new single-family home at 3208 S. Fawn Hill Court, $160,000.

Guardian West, new storage facility at 601 N. Guardian Way, $12,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1822 S. Bohn Circle, $203,500.
300 S. Broadway Master Tenant LLC, remodeling of employee store room at Lincoln Square, 300 S. Broadway Ave., $10,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during April 2014 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

Gargoyle Technologies Inc., 822 Pioneer St., Champaign, $12,270.58.

Alan Gerhart, 778 County Road 800 North, Tolono, $16,471.82.

Evelyn Marie Moore, O.D., P.C., 501 S. Mattis Ave., Suite B, Champaign, $2,820.25.

Urbana Theological Seminary, 314 E. Daniel St., Champaign, $2028.30.

Preston S. Thompson, 905 Bergamot St., Savoy, $3,174.72.

Troy and C. Bohlen Richmond, P.O. Box 17723, Urbana, $24,385.71.

Stanly L. Lanmaster, 1102 Edgeview Drive, Mahomet, $126,187.89.

D. Katsaros and D. Schroeder-Katsaros, 2301 Village Green Place, Suite B, Champaign, $26,004.16.

Kenneth P. McKenry, 4201 E. Windsor Road, Urbana, $26,382.17.

Ifeanyi Onyekwe, 820 Oakland Ave., Apt. 207, Urbana, $27,232.30.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

Marcelo Mendoza, 1938 County Road 3000 North, Trailer 10, Rantoul, $82,260.07.

Hilda Mendoza, 1938 County Road 3000 North, Trailer 10, Rantoul, $873,627.14.

Hilda Mendoza, 1938 County Road 3000 North, Trailer 10, Rantoul, $23,574.27.

Roy L. Beard Jr. and Shakesa D. Walker, 4403 Copper Ridge Road, Champaign, $23,003.76.

Roy J. Beard Jr., 2526 W. Springfield Ave., Apt. 1-C, Champaign, $3,456.41.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Victor and Diane Herrington bankruptcy estate, 326 Naples Drive, Rantoul, $8,286.20.

Clarence Smith, 137 Winding Lane, Rantoul, $749.80.

James Crownover, 601 Crescent Drive, Champaign, $1,228.88.

Walter Cunningham, 804 Saint Andrews Circle Apartment House, Rantoul, $927.80.

Timothy OíMalley, 1413 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $837.82.

Anong Soundara, 1605 E. Marc Trail, Urbana, $800.80.

Alecia L. Stewart, 1009 S. First St., Apt. 15, Champaign, $1,880.53.

Kevin Evans, 1403 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $1,131.54.

John A. Weldon Jr., AAMCO Transmissions, P.O. Box 3491, Champaign, $3,717.18.

Travis Finn, 1430 County Road 800 North, Tolono, $860.38.

La Gourmandise, 119 W. Main St., Urbana, $8,207.45.

Dwain Antonio Ratliffe, 1009 N. Goodwin Ave., Apt. A, P.O. Box 261, Urbana, $703.24.

Louis Thursh, 509 Park Lane Drive, Champaign, $3,763.99.

Mukhtar Ali, 2007 Brownfield Road, Urbana, $792.34.

Andrew Boldrey, 1709 Carolyn Drive, Champaign, $846.14.

Michael Buchholz, 602 E. Benham St., Tolono, $2,583.74.

Duane Johnson, 2218 Morningside Drive, St. Joseph, $1,041.12.

Anthony C. Lackey, 1162 County Road 900 East, Champaign, $1,053.34.

Danny McCormick, 2570 W. Springfield Ave., Apt. 2B, Champaign, $1,051.58.

Timothy and Kristy Mitchauer, 212 House B Brady Lane, Urbana, $2,616.72.

David Peterson, 610 W. Marketview Drive, Champaign, $1,176.68.

Scott Shoemaker, 1308 N. Neil St., Apt. 3, Champaign, $725.12.

Phil Stewart, P.O. Box 7292, Champaign, $704.91.

Lori Whitfield, 1619 Lawry Drive, Rantoul, $768.92.

Paul Andrews, 1253 Wedgewood Drive, Rantoul, $515.47.

Roger and Amber Beals, P.O. Box 1045, St. Joseph, $2,064.15.

Nikkita A. Holder, 111 E. Healey St., Apt. 203, Champaign, $1,885.06.

Kim Laboratories Inc., 601 S. Century Blvd., Suite 1203, Rantoul, $3,109.42.

Joseph Perry, 716 Willow Pond Road, Rantoul, $1,322.94.

Melvin L. Armstrong, 2205 Glenoak Drive, Champaign, $844.22.

Mary Garrett, P.O. Box 125, Broadlands, $767.38.

David A. Henley, 1661 County Road 3300 North, Rantoul, $773.75.

Edward Jones, 2207 Rainbow View, Urbana, $3,552.13.

Donald Ronk, 805 Prestwick Point, Champaign, $1,574.05.

Paulette Warren, 1206 E. Florida Ave., Urbana, $720.31.

Karl Wiemken, P.O. Box 7946, Champaign, $1,788.22.

Rachel Bearbrister, 105 S. Dodson Drive, Urbana, $1,113.07.

Troy and Sara E. Davis, 1601 N. McKinley Ave., Champaign, $1,090.70.

Troy Davis, 1601 N. McKinley Ave., Champaign, $2,698.76.

Michael and Shae Dicken, 1029 Saint Andrews, Urbana, $687.70.

Deborah Hill, 535 County Road 1600 North 24, Champaign, $3,379.70.

Michael and Cynthia Johnson, 2303 S. Myra Ridge Drive, Urbana, $13,189.28.

Antwan Mobley, 114, Kenwood Road, Apt. 379, Champaign, $3,161.36.

Mark Rey, 1660 B 3200 North, Rantoul, $903.38.

Joseph Trevan, 12 Richards Drive, Urbana, $519.55.

Ruby and Eddie Turner, 1220 Thomas Drive, Champaign, $652.07.

Ramon Vargas Jr., 816 W. Vine St., Champaign, $563.02.

Davanda Williams, 1307 N. Walnut St., Champaign, $702.93.

Cathy Anders, 2907 Noble Drive, Champaign, $1,057.59.

Brock Flowers, 2405 N. Neil St., Apt. 102, Champaign, $733.95.

Terry Goodman, 35 Shemauger Trail, Urbana, $759.73.

Ordena Hope, 1722 Paula Drive, Champaign, $1,926.96.

Dae Yong Jeong, 1729 Valley Road, Apt. C, Champaign, $552.98.

Ryan Lux, 1150 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $756.18.

Sunil and Hemangini Modi, 4507 Crossage Drive, Champaign, $3,140.84.

John A. Weldon Jr., AAMCO Transmissions, P.O. Box 3491, Champaign, $13,840.72.

Qingxiong Yang, 507 E. Clark St., Apt. 23, Champaign, $1,299.66.

Anthony Bates, 609 E. Columbia Ave., Champaign, $614.12.

Glenn Coleman, 114 Kenwood Road, Apt. 376, Champaign, $646.83.

Celso C. Da Silva, 2001 N. Moreland Blvd., $1,167.22.

Kevin and Christina Harris 506A N. Calhoun St., Tolono, $1,147.09.

Shirley Brown, 1521 Ivanhoe Way, Urbana, $1,685.38.

Grant Collins, P.O. Box 8035, Champaign, $676.71.

Francisco A. DeMendonca Jr., 88 W. 2001 Moreland Blvd., Apt. 9 208, Champaign, $1,222.32.

Fannie Griggs, 409 E. Church St., Champaign, $2,004.94.

Tory Jake, 1617 W. Lock Raven Road, Champaign, $1,376.49.

Dorothy Johnson, 1113 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $669.52.

Jeffrey and Adela Kendrick, 3834 Balmoral Drive, Champaign, $3,593.97.

Kelvin Rowan, 2808 W. Daniel St., Champaign, $4,199.06.

Alvaro Sanchez, 1305 Silver St., Apt. 9, Urbana, $566.02.

Lisa Tolbert, 3422 Stoneway Court, Champaign, $547.26.

David Craig, 408 Clearwater Drive, Champaign, $1,051.94.

Felipe Da Silva Franco, P.O. Box 246, Champaign, $1,163.54.

Felicia Jones, 808 S. Cottage Grove Ave., Urbana, $640.18.

Kathy Lipscomb, 3334 Ridgewood Drive, Champaign, $669.64.

Christopher Reynolds, 2201 E. Country Squire Drive, Urbana, $631.90.

Kenneth Miller, 1534 Collier Ave., Rantoul, $614.59.

Bryan Parker, 111 W. Park St., Apt. 2, Urbana, $628.72.

Archie Williams, 2703 E. California Ave., Urbana, $2,522.94.

Raynard Wilson, 1002 N. Sixth St., Champaign, $636.50.

Gregory Bell, 1109 Falcoln Drive, Apt. 7, Rantoul, $637.22.

Richeena Harper, 213 Keystone Drive, Apt. 7, Rantoul, $638.28.

Crystal Leech, 316 Cottage Court, Apt. 1, Champaign, $1,300.07.

Shauntell Murray, 610 W. Clark, Champaign, $637.75.

Roderick Redding, 826 N. Division Ave., Urbana, $725.45.

Alaxstair Reed, 1523 Hedge Road, Champaign, $624.60.

Murray Taylor, 1728 Anita Drive, Champaign, $691.02.

Althea Brown, 1713 Pointer Lane, Rantoul, $1,130.88.

Daniel Chamress, P.O. Box 301, Champaign, $2,071.22.

Theresa and Christopher Edmonds, 343 Logan St., Mahomet, $2,326.32.

Mark Goodwin, 1315 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $1,554.35.

John and Penny Grice, 1 County Road 1725 East, Ludlow, $2,680.45.

Felicia Martinez, 1714 W. Union St., Champaign, $730.12.

Anthony McCoy, 105 E. Green St., Apt. A6, Champaign, $633.82.

James McFarland, P.O. Box 8255, Champaign, $555.39.

Thomas Parks, P.O. Box 648, Champaign, $561.68.

Marcus Reed, 500 Anthony Drive, Apt. #6, Champaign, $1,166.42.

Frank and Sabdral Findlay, 180 Fountain Valley, Rantoul, $1,525.21.

Tameka Harvey, 3303 Sylvan Drive, Champaign, $726.46.

Peter Schnabel, 912 S. Vermillion St., Paxton, $8,207.45.

Leonard Scott, 509 E. Holmes St., Urbana, $2,539.48.

Rashaunda Stadeker, 1615 E. Florida Ave., Apt. 204, Urbana, $630.92.

Dennis Ward and Carol Smithwar, P.O. Box 131, Broadlands, $811.49.

Patrice Wilson, 807 E. Park St., Apt. B, Urbana, $816.33.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Gabriel Omo-Osagie, Wellington Association, 2409 W. High Cross Road, Urbana, $11,277.40.

Maher Ahmad and Wafa Alfroukh, 407 E. University Ave., Champaign, $903.24.

Susan Ramsey, South 40, 214 W. Main, P.O. Box 14, Easton, $2,174.30.

Lashunda Hambrick, 105 E. Hill St., Champaign, $1,700.67.

John M. Schmitt, 4402 Southford Trace Drive, Champaign, $67,284.36.

Stacie Lee, Infinite Lee Scents, 1308 Ellis Drive, Urbana, $925.75.

Bayou Express Ltd. Inc., P.O. Box 3305, Champaign, $4,113.79.

Akeela Davis, 1111 Mimosa Drive, Champaign, $1,103.02.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from April 1-30, 2014. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to www.centralillinoisbusiness.com.

Chapter 7:

Abner, Chad E. and Gina Marie, 2450 100th Ave., San Jose

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Alexander, Kyle W., 908 Ann Eliza St., Pekin

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Glick, Cody James, 1759 N. Hunt Court, Decatur

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Goin, Caroline E., 861 W. Forsyth Road, Decatur

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Goodell, Demetrius, 152 Mitchell Court, Rantoul

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Grzelak, James, 12 Newll Ave., Danville

Gubbins, Rosa, 530 S. Tanner, Kankakee

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Hahn, Roberta Jane, 2104 S. Whittier, Springfield

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Hanson-Humphrey, Rebecca G., 1534 Par Drive, Rantoul

Happenny, Laura Jayne, 2711 Huntington Road, Springfield

Hardaway, Dale Curtis, 260 S. Curtis, #15, Kankakee

Hardman, Heather J. and Matthew R., 403 N. West St., Lexington

Harlow, Kenneth Lee, P.O. Box 1542, Mattoon

Harlow, Rhondia Jean, 2800 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon

Harper, Barbara L., 539 Brickyard Road, Danville

Harris, Anita Lynnette, 213 W. Madison St., Havana

Harris, Denise Lynn and Kenneth Martin Arthur, 1702 13th St., Silvis

Hartrich, Mary Kate and Paul Vincent, 1305 Kenneth Drive, Bloomington

Hawkins, Jamie F., P.O. Box 16, Grant Park

Hayes, Cicely Tasha, 3716 Northhaven, #1D, Decatur

Henert, Kimberly L. and Randall G., 215 E. Livingston Road, Streator

Henninger, Britney Diane, 100 Marshall, Clayton

Hernandez, Amanda M., 107 E. Mumford Drive, Urbana

Hess, Laronda Shanae, 904 Ada Drive, Champaign

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Hilt, Angela D. and Nathan D., 118 Susan Drive, Dwight

Hinton, Cynthia F., 1346 N. Third St., Springfield

Hogan, Marcus Terrell, 2059 S. 14340 East Road, Pembroke Township

Holdren, Amanda M. and Justin E., 101 W. Park St., Fisher

Holford, Arlissa Terrie, 1916 N. Dechman, Peoria

Holman, Marvin J., 603 W. Roselawn St., Danville

Hooker, Anthony L. and Julie P., 501 N. Richman, Villa Grove

Houston, Sophia Loren, 3026 W. Proctor St., Peoria

Howard, Carmen Javonne, 6700 Summershade Circle, Apt. A, Peoria

Howie, Annette Marian, 60 Maplewood, Danville

Huckstadt, Kyle Scott, 16103 W. Newell Road, Danville

Hudson, James A. and Janet Lynn, 101 N. Jonathan, Oakland

Hunter, Deric Lee, 127 W. Fourth St., Manteno

Hunter, Donna F. and Duane A., 13898 E. County Road 620 North, Charleston

Ingram, Wayne R., 973 E. North, Decatur

Jackson, Larry E., 22 Kirkwood, Clinton

Janes, Jana L., 1212 Rudy, Mattoon

Jedrzejec, Kathy, P.O. Box 237, Atlanta

Johnson, Christine Elizabeth, 108 Oaklawn Terrace, Creve Coeur

Johnson, Derek S., 927 Lynnwood, Charleston

Johnson, Jacqueline Jo and Ross Hubert, P.O. Box 2918, East Peoria

Johnson, Megan D., 1497 County Road 2300 North, Champaign

Johnson, Ryan Eugene, 3216 N. 250 East Road, Clifton

Johnson, Scheral L., 2513 N. Maryland, Peoria

Johnson, Scott Alan, 2109 W. White St., Apt. 203, Champaign

Johnson, Shandra Nicole, 735 W. Division St., Decatur

Johnson, Shelley D., 1310 Beacon Hills Court, Normal

Johnson, Theresa Marie, 437 E. Fort St., Farmington

Johnson, Tosha Lynnette, 419 E. Douglas, Apt. 1, Jacksonville

Johnston, Carol D. and Gerald J. Jr., 246 1/2 Silver St., Bradford

Johnston, Justine Danielle, 711 Nekoma Main St., Woodhull

Jones, Richard G., 200 W. International Ave., Apt. B 121, Rantoul

Jones, Tequila N., P.O. Box 2835, Springfield

Kaufman, Mae E. and Ronald D., 46 Troy Court, Bloomington

Kemper, Philip A., 1610 Koch St., Pekin

Kennedy, Bobbi, 515 W. Indiana, Farmer City

Kennison, Jill K., 247 N. Ash, Maroa

Kieffer, Annmarie E., 243 S. Oak St., Herscher

King, Dawn Renee and Donald Wayne, 96 Hillcrest Park, Taylorville

King, Kayatana Champagne, 809 N. Fifth Ave., Kankakee

King, Lindsay Marie, 22 Maywood Drive, Danville

Kintner, Carrie Lyn, 403 Edgebrook Drive, Apt. 1, Champaign

Kirk, Charles W. and Ellen M., 5112 S. Downs School Road, Farmington

Knox, Jessie James, 1209 N. Coller Ave., Urbana

Knox, Larry Anderson, 814 Congress St., Chapin

Kosowski, Jennifer and Timothy, 700 E. Second South, Mount Olive

Kramer, Templeton Keith Jr., 805 South Court, Mount Zion

Krieg, Charles E. Sr. and Jeanie L., 701 Fischer Road 58, Creve Coeur

LaMaster, Marty Lee, 307 W. Wood St., Camp Point

LaMaster, Melissa Marie, R.R. 3, Box 232, Rushville

Lane, Bobby Joe and Mary Ann, 5175 Leghorn Road, Clinton

Lanzrath, Sarah Ann, 1004 Samantha St., #2, Normal

Larkin, Janet Sue and Ralph E., P.O. Box 54, Rossville

Laue, Rachel A., 3763 River Road, Kankakee

LeHew, Jenny L. and Marty L., 201 E. Samuel, Assumption

Lee, Latonia Garnette, 2248 E. Monroe, Springfield

Legoo, Dwight A. and Emily M., 102 S. Main St., #4, Canton

Lewis, Deshae Nicole, 1224 N. Fourth, Springfield

Lewis, Melissa Kay, 114 State St., North Pekin

Lindholm, Brandi K., 1518 S. First St., Springfield

Little, Keon T., 1555 Woodland Drive, #12, Mount Zion

Lofton-Jelks, Letreasna Reness, 522 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Decatur

Lynch, Deanne R., 316 W. Park Ave., Apt. A, Watseka

Mahoney, Diane and Russell, 2107 County Road 500 North, Varna

Manion, William M., 3710 E. Corman, Decatur

Marcum-Dodson, M. LeeAnn, 312 E. Stewart St., Bloomington

Mathenia, Lara Kay, 520 Fourth St., Apt. 5, Carrollton

Matthias, Danielle Renee, 267 S. Evergreen, Kankakee

Maurer, Edward J. and Regina I., 2262 E. Wood St., Apt. 2, Decatur

Maynard, Candace Elaine and Paul D., 211 S. Main St., Buffalo

McCart, Beverly L. and Bobby L., 2900 Farmington Road, Lot 68, Peoria

McClain, Michael L., 3430 N. Peoria Road, #5, Springfield

McCollum, Justin Michael, 105 Surrey Lane, Arthur

McCotter, Paul Joseph and Sally Ann, 1384 Jeffery St., Bradley

McCoy, Chaquana Lafaye, 2059 S. 14340 East Road, Pembroke Township

McDaniel, Candace D., 609 Alexander, Paris

McDermith, Linda Sue, 1060 N. Woodlawn, Decatur

McDonald, Amy Corrine and Gary Dean, 102 S. Glenwood, Springfield

McFadden, Michelle, 2804 W. Fremont St., Peoria

McGlennon, Kelley Renee, 245 N. LaSalle, Bradley

McGrown, Damyen L. and Jennifer L., 518 Leseure St., Danville

McManis, Patricia Jo, P.O. Box 275, Crescent City

McPherson, Margaret A., 632 Meadow Lane, Le Roy

Meister, Randy Lee, 1721 Madison St., Davenport

Melton, Ryan Allen, 201 Illinois, Mattoon

Miller, Bonnie S. and Robert Lee, 2269 N. County Road 190 East, Mattoon

Miller, Cherie Lynn, P.O. Box 131, Cameron

Mitchell, Faye M. and Scott B., 26 Robinhood Lane, Springfield

Mitchem, Chad and Tracy, 710 Westernhills, Mahomet

Mockbee, Gilbert Alonzo and Hallie Dawne, 117 Chicago St., Alvin

Molina, Richard, 2915 Cannes Drive, Apt. A, Peoria

Mool, Gary Lynn, 307 N. East St., Lexington

Moomey, Bart C. and Christina M., 314 E. Lincoln Ave., Owaneco

Moredock, Marvin Louis, 3442 W. Villa Ridge, Apt. B-2, Peoria

Mueller, Victoria L., 25034 N. 1400th St., Chrisman

Muench, Brenda Joyce and Thomas Baker, 1808 Old Ivy Drive, Springfield

Musick, Kevin Thomas, 703 S. Kickapoo St., Lincoln

Myers, Christina M. and Alan L. Jr., P.O. Box 137, Eureka

Myers, Joyce and Richard, 1102 S. Garden Court, Mahomet

Neal, Thelma J., 1408 S. Griswold, Peoria

Nettles, Joshua Peter and Tammi Lynn, 1317 Kenneth Drive, Rantoul

Neville, Jacqueline E., 938 S. 16th St., Decatur

Nguyen, Cuong Van, 2325 W. Kellogg Ave., Peoria

Nichols, Jeffrey Joe and Shannon Marie, 1621 N. Knollwood Court, Peoria

Niebrugge, Kathleen M. and Phillip B., 1943 N. Union St., Decatur

O'Connell, Dianna M. and James H. Jr., 320 N. Daniel Ave., Springfield

O'Dear, Paula Linn and Ronald Wayne, P.O. Box 602, Argenta

O'Dell, Charlotte Y. and Jack W., 930 Oakview Court, Mount Zion

Offett, Natasha S., 1510 S. Fairchild St., Danville

Oitker, Lindsey M., 4012 McCormick Drive, Springfield

Oliver, Danielle Nicole, 2804 Pheasant Run, Bloomington

Oliver, Jesse Ray and Karen Lynn, 140 Sunset Blvd., North Pekin

Olson, Elizabeth Ann, 202 N. Second Ave., Chenoa

Oppedal, Nicole S., 3650 1/2 E. William Street Road, Decatur

Ortiz, Jennifer A., 183 S. Jefferson, Bradley

Osmundson, Jason D., 1006 W. Melbourne Ave., Peoria

Oster, Helen D., 25 Gaslite, Springfield

Parker, Frank J., 2700 W. Latrobe St., Peoria

Patheal, Victor I., P.O. Box 20415, Springfield

Patterson, Tracy Haas, 2006 Macon, Mahomet

Pettit, Jim Harold, 8482 N. 680 East Road, Fairmount

Pfaff, Patrice A., 1221 W. Virginia Ave., Peoria

Phillips, Ashley L., 25798 N. Venovich Road, Canton

Pierson, David Joe and Sandra Lynn, 1404 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana

Postlewait, Carol F. and Delbert L., 212 S. Missouri St., Box 34, Atwood

Potillo, Cheryl Anne and Jerry Kent, 108 S. Walnut St., Mount Olive

Potter, Amy June, 3014 Clearwater Ave., #5, Bloomington

Pruett, Frankie C., 507 Franklin St., Bartonville

Puri, Manish and Sukhvinder, 3412 Waterville Court, Champaign

Rahn, Christie Melissa and John Paul, 796 W. Vanmeter, Kankakee

Ramsoondar, Mukesh B., 1411 W. England St., Taylorville

Ranson, Patricia A., 603 E. Perimeter Road, Rantoul

Rardin, James Aaron and Nancy Ann, 1321 Dewitt Ave., Mattoon

Rash, Reathia E., 16012 N. Second St., Chillicothe

Rawls, Chiea Devon, 3550 S. 15500 East Road, Pembroke Township

Real, Laurie and Patrick, 400 Edmond St., Henry

Redding, Janice Marie, 824 E. Wyman Ave., Apt. A1, Hoopeston

Redenbaugh, Paula Kay and Wayne Allen, 528 Fifth Street Road, Lincoln

Reed, Joyce A., 1123 W. Oakland Court, Decatur

Reese, Katie Marie and Malcolm Cephus III, 3527 W. Yorkshire Drive, Peoria

Reffett, Chad Thomas, 29 River Run Road, Downs

Reible, Katrina, 1403 W. Columbia, Champaign

Reif, Ashley Sylvia, 156 N. Douglas Ave., Apt. A, Springfield

Reinking, Nicole L., 5720 N. Eugenia Lane, Peoria Heights

Renier, John M., 2203 823rd Lane, Ursa

Reynolds, Douglas W., 1708 W. Division, Decatur

Reynolds, Jeromy Kyle, 2216 Richmond Ave., Apt. B, Mattoon

Reynolds, Veronica J., 3858 Camelot Drive, Apt. 2C, Decatur

Richards, Kyla Marie, P.O. Box 611, Catlin

Richardson, Candace L., 103 E. Monroe, Mount Pulaski

Richardson, Chante D., 193 Mohawk Drive, Bourbonnais

Richmond, Anthony L., 3010 N. Woodbine Terrace, Apt. 6, Peoria

Ricklefs, John L., 219 Richard St., Henry

Riecks, Raymond and Wanda, 1825 S. Seventh St., Springfield

Roberts, Daryl L. and Mary B., 2110 N. Idaho St., Peoria

Roberts, Garry L., 545 Wagoner, Mount Zion

Roberts, Jennifer L., 519 Tunison, White Hall

Robinson, Toni L., 413 Joliet Road, Marquette Heights

Robl, Scott Anthony, 611 Ridge Road, Philo

Rock, Andy S. and Stacey R., 600 Kesterson Lane, Bluffs

Rodden, Elizabeth Grace, 17 Evergreen Court, Springfield

Rodgers, Capria S., 1924 Skipton Road, Springfield

Roe, Lee Ann, 1527 W. Gilbert, Peoria

Rogers, Katharine A., 1320 Sheridan, Danville

Ruder, James O., 31610 E. 2400 North Road, Emington

Ruder, Kari A., 312 W. Cleveland, Cullom

Rule, Myrtle L., 2720 W. Heading Ave., Peoria

Rushman, Denna K. and Robert F., 1403 Hamilton St., Pekin

Rutherford, Brittney Lachole Ann, 820 W. McBean, Peoria

Rys, Carol, 1307 E. Winter, Danville

Samsil, Marissa Annette, P.O. Box 76, Lerna

Sandefur, Julia, 219 Richard St., Henry

Sanders, Peggy Lynn, 723 W. England, Taylorville

Sary, Timothy Jason, 114 Eastwood Drive, East Peoria

Scales, Elizabeth Ann and Royce D. II, 1319 N. Kankakee, Lincoln

Scalf, Caiden L., 25881 N. Wheeler Road, Canton

Scheller, Lora Ann, 17 Cherry Lane, Bourbonnais

Schendel, Helen L., 374 Gingerbread Drive, Danville

Schneider, Christina M. and John P., 11819 N. 12600 East Road, Beecher

Schrader, Cindy L. and Patrick T. Sr., 1204 S. Ninth St., Pekin

Schriber, Robert P., 612 Sixth, Lincoln

Schultz, Brenda, 241 S. Chicago Ave., Kankakee

Scott, Kathleen JoAnn and Richard Gary, 1691 E. County Road 2700, Dallas City

Sego, Stephen L., 1270 Florence Ave., Apt. B, Pekin

Seider, Martin Richard, 605 W. Kirby Ave., Champaign

Shaffer, Nathan T., 5276 Carlton Drive, Springfield

Shannon, Machelle Gee, #1 Goose Creek, Apt. 1161, Bloomington

Shannon, Shane R., 103 Railroad St., Marietta

Shead, Raven N., 875 Gramercy Turn, Apt. 4, Bourbonnais

Shepherd, Robert L., 1396 W. Oak Park Drive, Decatur

Shields, Lynsie Morgan, 1506 N. Tenth Street, Pekin

Shields, Timothy D., 3397 County Road 150 East, Foosland

Shores, Heather M. and Trent E., 205 E. North St., Knoxville

Shores, John I. III and Teri D., 14 Whippoorwill Drive, Decatur

Shupe, Whitney Blair, 606 W. Healey Ave., Apt. 7, Champaign

Siefert, David Michael Sr., 710 N. Mill St., Pontiac

Sill, Melissa Dawn, 871 Blue Sky East, Havana

Simmerman, Anna Jo, 1500 Rodgers St., Barry

Simmons, Justin David, 1119 N. Colton Ave., Bloomington

Sims, James E., 2530 Elevator, Clinton

Sinclair, Cathy A., 1006 Texas Ave., Danville

Skipworth, Michael D., 1512 Edgar Ave., Mattoon

Smith, Charles R., 2349 55th Ave., Aledo

Smith, Damion L., 461 S. Liberty St., Rushville

Smith, Elizabeth Ann and Gerry Lee, 1308 E. Voorhees, Danville

Smith, Gloria Jean, 1003 S. Illinois 115, Kankakee

Smith, Kindra S., 1057 N. Oakland, Decatur

Smith, Nikole Renee, 1514 Edgar Drive, Apt. A, Charleston

Smith, Ralph E. III, 3217 Shelby Ave., Mattoon

Smith, Seth D., 151 Stewart, East Peoria

Smith, Tania Lynette, 3751 N. Moundford Ave., Decatur

Smith, Vickie Sue, 2821 Cedar, Mattoon

Smithpeters, Kristina R., 2004 Middletown Drive, #202, Mahomet

Smitley, Clifton Earl, 7505 Illinois 49, Kansas

Sopher, Eric D. and Nancy J., 4010 N. Brandywine Drive, Apt. 1006, Peoria

Spears, Andrea Marie and Gregory William, 2423 Salem Road, Charleston

Speeks, Rex M., 2100 E. Eleanor Ave., Springfield

Spencer, Jared Dale, 1613 Sangamon Drive, Champaign

Sprague, Mitchell L. and Valarie L., R.R. #1, Box 224, Biggsville

Spray, Mary Catherine, 15360 Apricot Road, Wapella

Springer, Jaime R., 146 Sunset Court, Morton

Springer, Joseph W., 342 S. Nelson St., Morton

Stamper, Theresa L., 911 Hollycrest, Champaign

Stanley, Brian W., 112 N. Peoria St., Bradford

Steward, Katherine E., 2512 Buxton Drive, Apt. 117, Mattoon

Stewart, Dawn Michelle and Robert Theodore, 635 Mintler Drive, Mount Zion

Stewart, Pamela R., 205 W. Hickory Point Road, #7, Decatur

Stewart, Tracy T. and William Gary Sr., 10 Winding Way, Bloomington

Stokes, Kiara D., 1420 E. Willow, Kankakee

Stomberg, Diana L. and Harry C., 305 E. McClure Ave., Bartonville

Stomberg, Timothy R., 110 S. West, Knoxville

Stone, Elizabeth K. and Hank A., 1104 Falcon Drive, Rantoul

Stoneking, Kristie Bryant, 1100 N. Bruns Lane, Springfield

Strange, Casey Ryan and Jessica Erin, 815 W. Jefferson St., Bloomington

Stukins, Melissa K., 830 W. Harrison Ave., Decatur

Sturdyvin, Michael J., 305 Floral Park Drive, Savoy

Swords, Jeanette Aline, 622 Fifth Avenue Drive West, Andalusia

Tarpley, Ashley Rene and Charles Edmund, 1500 Martha St., Pekin

Tarter, Adam Wayne and Holly Denise, 2204 Olen Drive, Mahomet

Tatro, David V., 904 W. North St., Decatur

Taylor, Douglas Allan, 1255 E. 1600 North Road, Monticello

Taylor, Shannon N., 801 S. Emerson, Monticello

Taylor, Thursa, 408 Forrest, Danville

Templeton, Alice J., 7945 W. Wood St., Decatur

Thomas, Margaret Mary, 165 Pinewood Mobile Estates, Chillicothe

Thum, Rebecca A., 4039 Chalmers Ave., Peoria

Tiller, Mark D., P.O. Box 214, Delavan

Tish, Norma J., 1035 S. Main, Apt. 201, Decatur

Tolan, Steven H., 5808 N. Tampico Drive, Peoria

Tombaugh, Paul Robert, P.O. Box 585, Maroa

Trissel, Amy Noel, 150 S. Marnico Lane, Jacksonville

Tryon, Paul Joshua, 405 E. Pinzon, Tuscola

Turley, Christina Lorine and Michael Lee, 627 S. McLean, Lincoln

Vance, Julie Ann, 603 S. West St., Apt. D16, Pontiac

Vernia, Jamie Lynn, 42 Vermillion Estates, Pontiac

Vice, Connie G. and Daniel R., 16962 E. 1750th Road, Chrisman

Volk, Brandi E., 336 Forest Drive, Pekin

Voss, Jared Daniel, 508 Hillsboro St., Taylor Springs

Voss, Nicole Francine, P.O. Box 72, Taylor Springs

Wade, Ivel Estus, 509 E. Ash St., Fairbury

Wade, Tonya, 110 S. Second St., Fairbury

Walch, Jennifer L., 1805 Hastings, Springfield

Walker, Darrell D. and Patricia Jean, 351 W. Walnut St., Canton

Walker, James M., 230 E. Oak, Canton

Walker, Patrick W. and Regina L., 1101 Meadow Ave., East Peoria

Walls, Janell Estelle, 1805 Illinois, Bloomington

Walters, Kendra L. and Randall David, 419 S. Pine St., Buda

Wargolet, Christopher M., 1350 County Road 2800 North, Rantoul

Washington, Jonathan Leander, 13315 E. 2500 South Road, Pembroke Township

Washington, Verlee, P.O. Box 4723, Davenport

Waterman, Helen N. and Larry R., 39 Hannon Trailer Park, Taylorville

Watson, Vanessa Elizabeth, 409 W. Front, Hartsburg

Webb, Kathryn Jane, 2831 W. Wiswall, Peoria

Welp, Dawn Denise, 1517 Fairway Drive, Rantoul

White, Aundrea D., 1031 Buckeye Lane, Decatur

White, Heather Joanne, 1714 E. Lawrence St., Decatur

White, Tina M., 1625 W. Enos, Springfield

Whitehurst, Amy R. and Pete W., 24150 Veterans Road, Lot 28, Morton

Whitfield, Leslie Michelle, 7916 Whitefield Road, Shipman

Whitney, Darlene, 2014 Vawter, Apt. 2, Urbana

Whittier, Erin E. and Michael J., 1209 S. Lee St., Bloomington

Wieland, Emil J., 3111 S.W. Adams, Peoria

Wilcoxen, Phyllis A., 33 Shemauger Trail, Urbana

Williams, Charlette M. and Darrell Lamont, 935 S. Wildwood Ave., Kankakee

Williams, Danny R. and Teresa A., 1318 S. Fourth St., Mattoon

Williams, Lillie B., 915 W. Columbia Terrace, Peoria

Williams, Mary Ann, 328 W. Ridgemont Road, Peoria

Williamson, Kenneth K., 918 Cortland Ave., West Peoria

Wilson, Renee Denise, 2553 W. Springfield Ave., Apt. 6, Champaign

Woodard, Yolanda Kareen, 1800 N. Linn, Peoria

Yaste, Eric B., 24767 N. County Highway 2, Smithfield

Yates, Debra, P.O. Box 294, Gridley

York, Samuel Isaac, 128 N. MacArthur, Springfield

Zolicoffer, Bernette D., 2109 W. Millman St., Peoria


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from April 1-30, 2014. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to www.centralillinoisbusiness.com.

Chapter 13:

Alberts, Connie J. and Thomas J. Jr., 4615 Berry Patch Court, Peoria

Allen, Andre A. and Sharon M., 2221 W. Forrest Hill, Peoria

Ash, Rodney A. and Shannon M., 18244 N. County Road 1680 East, Havana

Avant, Gloria J., P.O. Box 7202, Champaign

Avery, Timothy R., 12316 W. Smithville Road, Hanna City

Bennett, Brittany Danielle, 102 1/2 N. State St., Bloomington

Binegar, Liberty J. and Travis A., 12 Holly Lane, Bartonville

Boen, Jodie L., 101 Boen Road, Alvin

Bourland, Carol and Ralph, 602 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield

Burger, Todd W., 5427 Crews Ave., Chillicothe

Calligan, Kathleen M., 33 Hazel Lane, Springfield

Carlson, Hortencia and John Raymond, 4601 S. Lake Camelot, Mapleton

Cathey, Kevin Oneal and Ondrea Shaunta, 810 N. Center, Apt. A, Bloomington

Clark, Brett A., P.O. Box 31, Whitehall

Conner, Gary Wayne Jr. and Rebecca R., 207 W. Main St., Knoxville

Coryell, Heather L., 4713 N. Woodview Ave., Peoria

Crawford, Michael S. and Nicole M., 261 S. Thorncrest Ave., Creve Coeur

Davis, Savannah L., P.O. Box 9531, Peoria

Dean, Ginnie S. and Jeffrey R., 1118 Hamilton St., Pekin

Dennison, Ricky A. Jr., 1714 Deppert Drive, Pekin

Didiuk, Daniel J., 403 N. Pleasant View, Elmwood

Dillard, Charles Otto and Judy Diane, 1137 S. East, Jacksonville

Dingledine, Dustin W., 105 Pontiac Road, Marquette Heights

Diseker, Millard C., 1202 Coolidge Ave., Pekin

Duewer, Michael S., 3725 Peoria Road, Lot 116, Springfield

Durre, Chad R. and Marlena L., 120 E. Craig St., Apt. 2B, Princeville

Easton, Jamie Lee and Katie, 409 Lincoln St., Lerna

Evans, Rickey L., 540 E. Kellar Lane, Decatur

Foster, Willie W., 3018 W. Siebold, Peoria

Fritz, Steven J., 64 S. Oak St., Manteno

Gerber, Deborah A. and John D., 612 S. Darst, Eureka

Giles, Casey Jo and Jeffrey Dean, 2417 E. Prairie, Decatur

Golik, Edward J. and Michele L., 3860 S. Illinois 1, St. Anne

Hammill, Delores, 7062 E. 1500 North Road, Graymont

Hardwick, Cheryl and Mark A., 2322 Springfield Road, East Peoria

Helms, Scott R., 201 E. Whipp Ave., Apt. A, Bartonville

Hensley, Pamela Jean, 421 Parkview Ave., Mattoon

Herring, Tashawna M., 1005 Hillside Drive, Danville

Jackson, Jamie L., 7208 Blackberry Hollow, Bartonville

Jeffrie, Nathaniel Jr., 334 S. Evergreen, Kankakee

Jenkins, Ezell Sr., 1414 E. Samuel Ave., Peoria Heights

Johnson, Melissa L., 940 D Waterview Way, Champaign

Joos, Pamela J., 216 Turnron Place, East Peoria

Kerbs, Donald F. Jr. and Mary Beth A., 12427 800 North Ave., Tiskilwa

Knox, Aletha L. and Dalvis X., 1411 W. Howett St., Peoria

Laumeier, Jodie L., 177 S. Dutchland Estate Road East, Havana

Layton, Allen S. and Kathy D., 20317 -2470th North Ave., P.O. Box 11, Kasbeer

Leisure, Robert Eugene Jr., 101 Illinois St., Chenoa

Long, Richard L. and Tammy J., 1170 E. North St., Bradley

Markosian, Curtis W., 829 W. Hazel, Decatur

McGuire, James J., 222 Jules St., Westville

Miller, Andrew Scott, 110 North Ave., Apt. A, Industry

Nache, Marcus J., 905 Ninth Ave., Silvis

Orn, Dean R., 106 E. Alley, Sidney

Pasley, Larry Joe, P.O. Box 366, Canton

Patch, James L. and Kathe, 226 E. South, Victoria

Patton, Broderick J., 4545 Havenwood Drive, Decatur

Payne, Margaret L., 225 N. Stewart St., Creve Coeur

Peach, Margaret Ann, 108 N. Fredrick St., Rantoul

Plummer, Christine A. and Paul Wayne, 745 11th St., Charleston

Prokesh, Diane and Roy L., 210 Barbara Parkway, Washington

Ramsey, Edna K., 3509 W. Willow Knolls Road, Apt. D, Peoria

Redshaw, Tracy H., 2216 Autumn Drive, Pekin

Renken, Heidi L., 113 Chestnut, La Rose

Rice, Carolyn A., 706 W. Meadows Place, Peoria

Ritchie, Marty S. and Stacie L., 914 S. Collins St., Manito

Roloff, Martha L., 1609 Royal Ave., Pekin

Ryan, Brandyn L., 808 E. Elm St., Le Roy

Sering, Molly A., 400 Herman St., Apt.18, Pekin

Short, Marcy R. and Mark B., 103 Haymeadows Lane, Metamora

Sprague, Stacy L., 206 E. Center St., Gifford

Stickelmaier, Gina M., 217 W. Chatham St., Metamora

Swanson, Darren Paul and Judith Elaine, 310 N. Hickory St., Wenona

Tetrault, Donya A., 1814 S. Pinkerton, Hanna City

Tiller, Joshua James and Wanda Delorise, 829 West MacQueen Ave., Peoria

Tipsword, Debra J. and Gary D., 3120 Kathy Court, Decatur

Tooks, Isaac and Kathryn, 601 S. Lee St., Bloomington

Varvel, Scott, 1211 Williamsburg Drive, Champaign

Weber, Edith Faye, 1111 Julienne Drive, Normal

Wigant, Charles R. Jr. and Yvonne M., P.O. Box 781, Orion

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