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FINE PRINT          December 2014


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and - when available - estimated cost of improvements.


Miller Construction Illinois, new single-family home at 2106 Max Run Drive, $189,125.

MBA Enterprises, alteration to Department of Human Services office at 705 N. Country Fair Drive, $144,760.

Schimpf Construction, alteration to dental office at 1905 Convenience Place, $59,000.

Jaeger Nickola Kuhlman & Associates, alteration to St. Matthew Catholic Church at 1303 Lincolnshire Drive, $20,000.

Architectural Expressions, alteration to office/conference room at 2110 Clearlake Blvd., #102, $10,000.

World Painting, alteration to restaurant at 608 Town Center Blvd., $2,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois, new single-family home at 4406 Trostshire Circle, $558,000.

Messmore Construction, addition to single-family home at 702 S. Lynn St., $375,800.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 1911 Savanna Drive, $305,000.

C-U Under Construction, new single-family home at 2109 Talans Drive, $250,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 405 Krebs Drive, $105,881.

Pinnacle Towers, alteration to cell tower at 1403 N. Harris Ave., $25,000.

Wells & Wells Construction, repair/replacement work to storage/warehouse facility at 45 Logan St., $18,000.

Bullock Garages, new garage at 1704 Arden Court, $10,020.

Barber & DeAtley, alteration to Burger King restaurant at 2005 W. Springfield Ave., $253,093.

Leading Edge Corp., alteration for Jets Pizza restaurant at 1907 W. Springfield Ave., $104,800.

Campustown Rentals, repair/replacement work to balcony and trusses of multifamily residence at 913 S. Third St., $48,000.

Harrison French & Associates Ltd., alteration to retail space at Wal-Mart, 915 W. Marketview Drive, $46,000.

Pettyjohn Builders, new single-family home at 910 W. Armory St., $1,428,000.

MSA Architect, alteration to building at 604 S. Neil St., $603,000.

Mennenga Construction, addition to single-family home at 2912 Prairie Meadow Drive, $72,840.

Bankier, alteration to multifamily residence at 508 E. Clark St., $62,300.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of two buildings at 502 E. University Ave., $43,000.

Bankier, alteration to multifamily residence at 410 E. Green St., $41,000.

TCT Construction, alteration to office at 2118 W. Park Court, $33,000.

JSM Development Services, alteration to multifamily residence at 604 E. Clark St., $32,000.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of single-family home at 107 N. Sixth St., $24,000.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of duplex at 512 E. Park St., $18,200.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of single-family home at 507 E. Church St., $15,500.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of commercial building at 606 E. University Ave., $15,000.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of single-family home at 203 N. Sixth St., $11,500.

C. Lee Construction Services, demolition of single-family home at 105 N. Sixth St., $11,000.

Borries Masonry, demolition of detached garage at 702 S. Lynn St., $5,000.

TCT&A, alteration to canopy at 1905 Convenience Place, $2,965.

MSA Architect, new Villa West senior housing at 4114 W. Springfield Ave., $4,500,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, new poolhouse for Champaign Country Club at 1211 S. Prospect Ave., $808,000.

KJ Building Services, new multifamily residence at The Legends, 3206 Palmer Drive, $657,031.

KJ Building Services, new multifamily residence at The Legends, 3214 Palmer Drive, $657,031.

Illini Homes, new single-family home at 1403 English Oak Drive, $346,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 4815 Vahalla Drive, $260,000.

Sunbuilt Homes, addition to single-family home at 14 Greencroft Drive, $218,430.

Brown-Woods & Associates, alteration to exterior stairs of multifamily residence at 405-407 W. University Ave., $45,000.

Parkhill Construction, demolition of single-family home and in-ground pool at 54 Greencroft Drive, $18,500.

Dodds Co., new guard house at Champaign Country Club, 1211 S. Prospect Ave., $13,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family home at 1211 English Oak Drive, $237,217.

NewLine Homes, new single-family home at 5005 Emmas Way, $232,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration for University of Illinois office at 1807 S. Neil St., #102, $167,900.

Gaylord H. Swisher, alteration for restaurant at 122 N. Neil St., $125,920.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration for AbbVie office at 1800 S. Oak St., #200, $96,000.

Mode 3 Architecture, alteration to office at 1909 Fox Drive, $50,795.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to condominium at 301 N. Neil St., #611, $36,197.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, footing and foundation permit for 204 S. Fifth St., no cost estimated.

Franzen Construction Group, demolition of single-family homes at 204 and 2041/2 W. White St., $13,000 each, for total of $26,000.

Miller Enterprises, demolition of single-family homes at 209 and 211 W. Green St., $12,500 each, for total of $25,000.

Champaign County

Brian and Michelle Adams, detached garage at 667A County Road 3350 North, Fisher, $40,000.

Jerry and Barbara Kalk, addition to an existing single-family home at 1592 County Road 2650 East, Ogden, $12,000.

Rollae D. Keller, porch at 169 County Road 2500 North, Mahomet, $2,500.

Aaron Fenter, addition to an existing single-family home at 2140 County Road 700 North, Sidney, $100,000.

Troy and Jennifer Gray, addition to an existing single-family home and addition to an existing detached storage shed at 173 County Road 1400 East, Tolono, $13,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home with attached garage at 2487 County Road 550 East, Dewey, $300,000.

Caleb Unzicker, basement under an existing single-family home at 386 County Road 3300 North, Fisher, $58,000.

Classic Plumbing, change of use at 2012 Tin Cup Road, Mahomet.

Troy and Jennifer Gray, establish a home occupation, Troy's, at 173 County Road 1400 East, Tolono.

Matthew Brown, new single-family home with attached garage at 3213 Greenwood Drive, Dewey, $325,000.

John Marshall, addition to an existing garage at 1611 E. Lake of the Woods Road, Mahomet, $9,000.

Richard Preston, new single-family home with attached garage at 562 East County Road 2550 North, Mahomet, $340,000.

TAG Warehouse LLC, change of use to establish a railroad yard and terminal at 2309 W. Bloomington Road, Champaign.

Bounxouane and Bouakham Rajbout, add an attached covered deck/porch to an existing single-family home at 2803 E. California Ave., Urbana, $800.

George Poulos and Kara Metcalf, detached storage shed for agricultural use at 2563 County Road 500 East, Mahomet, $31,000.

Travis Fruhling, cattle barn at 1301 Illinois 49 South, Homer, $125,000.

Kenneth and Rachel Smithenry, new single-family home with attached garage and detached shed at 2089 County Road 2375 East, Homer, $185,000.

Greg Tatman, detached garage at 2018 Perkins Road, Urbana, $12,930.

Bryce Martin, new single-family home with attached garage at 147 County Road 2700 North, Mahomet, $200,000.

Toby Drollinger, detached garage at 2404 E. John Drive, Urbana, $22,500.

Gregg Rose, pool house/storage shed at 1207 E. Lakeside Lane, Mahomet, $20,000.

David and Dayna Sawlaw, addition to an existing single-family home and detached storage shed at 1208 E. North Arrowhead Circle, Urbana, $55,000.

United Prairie, 750,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank at 3065 County Road 950 East, Dewey, $350,000.

Robin Haggard, detached garage at 2303 County Road 1100 East, Champaign, $42,000.

Cramer Homes, new single-family home with attached garage at 2627 County Road 500 East, Mahomet, $450,000.

Emanuel and Katie Martin, detached garage at 2204 E. Perkins Road, Urbana, $30,000.

Richard Watkins, addition to an existing detached storage shed at 398 County Road 2700 North, Mahomet, $30,000.

Douglas Sawyer, detached storage shed at 1131 County Road 2400 North, Thomasboro, $21,500.

Birgit and Ben McCall, detached storage shed at 1085 County Road 2200 North, Champaign, $12,000.

James Reed, barn for agricultural animals at 1385 County Road 2275 East, St. Joseph, $30,000.

Gary and Jamie Lindley, detached garage at 1310 Bradford Circle, St. Joseph, $22,000.

Don Alsip, detached garage at 1203 Alderbury Drive, St. Joseph, $8,000.

William and Mary Davis, new single-family home with attached garage and authorize previously constructed detached carport at 1623 County Road 2500 East, Ogden, $300,000.


Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1202 Ashford Court, $300,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1105 Ashford Court, $250,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1109 Ashford Court, $250,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1111 Ashford Court, $250,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1107 Ashford Court, $250,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1603 Quarry Road, $250,000.

Unlimited Construction, new single-family home at 901 Timber Ridge Road, $180,000.

Premier Homes, new single-family home at 1606 Briarwood Lane, $500,000.

Darling Homes, new single-family home at 1810 Westlake Drive, $300,000.

Van Hagey, new single-family home at 1511 Beaver Lake Drive, $298,000.

Ironwood Homes, new single-family home at 1605 Quarry Road, $275,000.

Unlimited Construction, new single-family home at 303 E. Slade Lane, $180,000.

Rick Stewart, new single-family home at 1309 Cross Creek Road, $600,000.

Peoria Builders, new single-family home at 1604 Timber Wolf Lane, $160,000.

Peoria Builders, new single-family home at 1602 Timber Wolf Lane, $150,000.


Village of Rantoul, demolition permit for former Chanute Building 57 at 505 Starlifter St., $9,800.


Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 302 Denton Drive, $220,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 601 Capitol St., $200,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 603 Capitol St., $200,000.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 306 Banbury Lane, $200,000.


Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling to Carle Foundation Hospital building at 611 W. Park St., $159,000.

Wells & Wells Construction, remodeling of business at 115 W. Main St., $104,678.

A&R Services, remodeling of Carle building at 602 W. University Ave., $34,779.

Dodds Co., remodeling of business at 2860 S. Philo Road, $21,600.

Vliet Builders, new single-family home at 1612 E. Vernon Drive, $135,000.

APL Engineered Materials, remodeling of factory at 2401 N. Willow Road, $111,435.

East Urbana Development, new mercantile building at 110 E. University Ave., $650,000.

TAG Residential, new single-family home at 1812 E. Stone Creek Blvd., $237,308.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family home at 1205 W. Beslin St., $100,000.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family home at 301 E. Thompson St., $100,000.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family home at 303 E. Thompson St., $100,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during September and October 2014 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

Kathleen A. Finney, 909 Oakcrest Drive, Rantoul, $32,377.40.

Patricia E. Fowler, 2521 S. Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana, $18,678.26.

George Y. Parby, 2406 Nugent Circle, Urbana, $20,176.63.

Abdulhakeem and Annette Salaam, 1907 Shelly Court, Urbana, $17,403.09.

James C. and Kellie L. Argoudelis, 816 Trailway Drive, Champaign, $32,936.06.

Todd Lykins, 302 County Road 2650 North, Mahomet, $17,956.12.

Michael Lane, 615 Newton Drive, Champaign, $15,352.13.

Mike J. Gulledge and Traci R. Wooten, 208 N. Redbird Court, Mahomet, $23,051.80.

National Wound Care LLC, John Prince, general partner, 2906 W. Clark Road, Champaign, $33,294.38.

Minneci's Ristorante Inc., 2501 Village Green Place, Champaign, $19,849.86.

Francisco Castillo, 4809 W. Windsor Road, Champaign, $87,974.21.

Scott and Lori Knudsen, 406 N. Edwin St., Champaign, $34,955.77.

Carl C. Campbell, 405 S. Washington St., Sidney, $8,045.92.

Barry A. Pearman, 1378 County Road 2125 East, St. Joseph, $33,934.40.

David Michael Diedrich, 1604 S. Division St., Apt. D3, Mahomet, $361,971.44.

Andrew Chambers, 3408 Lakeshore Drive, Champaign, $73,922.55.

Jackie L. and Theresa A. Blue, 2314 Campbell Drive, Champaign, $25,697.09.

Sharon N. Christiansen, 606 S. Jefferson St., Mahomet, $83,744.25.

William M. Goldstein, P.O. Box 487, Urbana, $62,038.02.

Paul F. Andrews, 1253 Wedgewood Drive, Rantoul, $2,825.11.

Andrew S. Allen, 1811 Bridgestone Drive, Champaign, $46,995.94.

Talmage J. Raine, 4707 Westborough Drive, Champaign, $25,780.28.

Akitir of CU Inc., 301 N. Neil St., Suite 400, Champaign, $200,643.41.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

John Martin, 708 Juniper Drive, Rantoul, $10,602.50.

William T. Trent, 2016 Byrnebruk Drive, Champaign, $108,121, 92.

Urbana Theological Seminary, 314 E. Daniel St., Champaign, $1,380.

Flora J. Dorris II, 1405 Kingsway Drive, Champaign, $16,122.19.

Urbana Theological Seminary, 314 E. Daniel St., Champaign, $2,028.30.

Charles E. Raup, 2202 County Road 1500 East, Thomasboro, $18,376.91.

Raup Construction Inc., P.O. Box 45, Thomasboro, $30,821.37.

Charles E. and Angela M. Raup, P.O. Box 45, Thomasboro, $54,180.52.

Charles E. Raup, P.O. Box 45, Thomasboro, $18,392.91.

Raup Construction Inc., P.O. Box 45, Thomasboro, $9,194.66.

Raup Construction Inc., P.O. Box 45, Thomasboro, $5,112.31.

William R. and Lisa G. Babb, 1373 County Road 2400 North, Champaign, $16,580.47.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Anthony and Barbara Herges, 2406 Prairieridge Place, Champaign, $3,266.82.

N2X LLC, Let's Take a Seat, 2506 Village Green Place, Champaign, $1,771.33.

Allan and Stefanie Cole, 3238 Greenwood Drive, Dewey, $689.08.

Warren and Paula Charter, 413 S. Rising Road, Champaign, $7,623.23.

Barry Pearman, 1378 County Road 2125 East, St. Joseph, $22,860.50.

Paul Foran, 202 Wiley St., Ivesdale, $4,834.19.

Nayef Abdeljawad, 623 Delmar Drive, Champaign, $2,830.44.

Maher Abdeljawad, 623 Delmar Drive, Champaign, $2,830.44.

Robert Frazier, 310 Tiffany Court, Champaign, $33,819.65.

Michael and Shannon Wheeler, 2103 Rebecca Drive, Champaign, $942.61.

Coit Concrete Inc., 5 County Road 2300 North, Mahomet, $3,426.26.

William Nesbitt, P.O. Box 1763, Champaign, $802.48.

Kurt Scheuneman, 2701 Clifton Drive, Urbana, $1,877.04.

Stacy Maynard, 2095 County Road 2495 North, Thomasboro, $536.32.

Kevin Winslow, 263 Apple Tree Drive, Urbana, $13,685.20.

Candice Winslow, 263 Apple Tree Drive, Urbana, $13,685.20.

Joseph and Kari Briggs, 515 W. Sangamon St., P.O. Box 568, Fisher, $562.38.

Jermaine Warren, 720 S. Neil St., Unit NW, Champaign, $5,459.12.

Jewell Exum, 1207 Northwind Drive North, Champaign, $1,006.09.

Jacob Walters, 604 E. Ethel St., St. Joseph, $592.04.

Darren Bressner, 1732 County Road 800 North, Philo, $12,115.71.

Supportech Computers Inc., 720 S. Neil St., Champaign, $2,813.01.

Robert Dye, 2004 Bentbrook Drive, Champaign, $3,497.53.

Jennifer Hess, 570 S. Mattis Ave., Apt. 105, Champaign, $1,171.75.

William Bagby Jr., 2314 N. High Cross Road, Urbana, $5,729.08.

Justin McMullen, 3209 Amy Drive, Champaign, $724.91.

Mail & Parcel Plus Inc., 2206 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $10,036.45.

Patrick Camp, 113 N. Third St., P.O. Box 580, Fisher, $853.01.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

David Ekstedt, Auto Bath Systems, 2208 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $17,739.34.

David Ekstedt, 2208 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $11,305.82.

David Ekstedt, 2208 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $9,478.41.

Kenyatta Baraka, 1206 County Road 800 North, #A, Tolono, $1,914.26.

Thomas and Mildred Pelmore, 2905 Valleybrook Drive, Champaign, $784.67.

Edward and Terri Roberts, 207 E. Kerr Ave., Urbana, $1,645.06.

BFF Enterprises LLC, 26 James Road, Rantoul, $1,906.62.

Alicia Bachert, 319 W. Walnut St., Tolono, $3,489.40.

Kevin Gadus, 1503 Stonebluff Drive, Champaign, $2,795.48.

Randall and Georgena Donoko, 714 S. Urbana Ave., Urbana, $771.20.

Donald Mapes, 3104 Sandhill Lane, Champaign, $39,802.80.

Annabelle Maylas, 1908 Sadler Drive, Champaign, $9,787.34.

Robert Shelton, P.O. Box 516, Thomasboro, $1,344.66.

Main Street Café, Lanita Lynn Hayden, 119 W. Main St., Urbana, $1,752.22.

Jeff Slade, 1305 E. Jeffrey, Mahomet, $16,159.06.

William Slade, 1619 North Shore Drive, Mahomet, $16,159.06.

Shirley Labounty, Shirley's Oasis, P.O. Box 235, Gifford, $7,769.48.

Frank McCullough, 1457 Harper Drive, Rantoul, $18,932.26.

Lesa M. Sadler, 2409 Boudreau Drive, Urbana, $2,215.22.

Johanna Burwell, 814 E. Benham, P.O. Box 924, Tolono, $2,284.99.

Christopher and Judith Herbert, 1029 North Drive Rantoul, $580.36.

Paul Foran, 202 Wiley St., Ivesdale, $4,834.19.

Paul Foran, P.O. Box 63, Ivesdale, $16,975.63.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from Oct. 1-31, 2014. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to www.centralillinoisbusiness.com.

Chapter 7:

Adams, David L., 1312 Dalton Drive, Normal

Ahmad, Melissa Dawn, 1621 Eastview, Danville

Andreina, Andrew J. and Jacquelyn C., P.O. Box 43, Aroma Park

Arbogast, Mika L., 2820 S. Pasfield, Springfield

Arnolts, Dale H, 152 Maple Lane, Manteno

B & G Automotive Services Inc., 903 N. Linden, Normal

Baker, Fred K., 304 Ash Lane, East Peoria

Beal, Christopher B., 607 Main St., Peoria

Beciri, Dzemo, 1913 13th St., Silvis

Belden, Michael D., 736 E. County Highway 3, Table Grove

Belden, Michelle A., 8 Ponderosa Estate, Rushville

Berner, Donna M. and Joseph G., 2701 East Fort Jesse Road, Bloomington

Besco, Dorene K. and Randy E., 209 Marion St., East Peoria

Beverly, Cassandra Lynn, 2120 S. 11th St., Springfield

Biggs, Terry L., 614 Dogwood Drive, Champaign

Billingsley, Robin L., 514 S. First, Canton

Blom, Brandon T., 228 N. Sheldon St., Rantoul

Bobo, Bryant Keith and Lissa Michelle, 1525 Sunridge Drive, Bourbonnais

Boch, Karrie Lynn, 1614 Delavan St., Lincoln

Bolio, Michelle F., 1135 W. 53rd St., Davenport

Bowen, Linda L. and Randy J., 1002 Winter St., Pekin

Boyd, Rotunda Lee, 517 W. English St., Danville

Bradbury, Keri Lee, 520 E. Livingston St., Pontiac

Brady, Jamie L., 3501 Dorothy Court, Bartonville

Bragonier, Betty Ann and Ronald Eugene, 342 E. Baker, Bloomington

Briggs, Gayla Rose and Lowell, 949 N. Indiana Ave., Springfield

Brooks, Sabrina L., 2008 N. Hampton Court, Peoria

Brothers, Jerome and Laurie, 315 Illinois, Mattoon

Brown, Chelsea S., 1815 E. Decatur, Decatur

Brown, Jeffrey, 1048 Bobolink Way, #6, Bloomington

Brown, Sandra J., 7 Garnet Court, Springfield

Browning, Gary Allen and Jennifer R., 1413 E. Wood St., Decatur

Brummet, Danny Scott, 2817 Oak Ave., Mattoon

Bryant, Elizabeth J. and Robert R., P.O. Box 347, Dunlap

Buchmeier, Brandy Nichole, 86 Keigher Drive, Manteno

Budds, Michael W., 2328 E. Cincinnati Ave., Springfield

Burton, Audrey M., 4192 Long Road, Metropolis

Buzicky, Jeffrey, 938 Kickapoo Drive, Danvers

Cabaral, Brenda Benolerao and Terranon G. Jr., 316 Williams St., Kankakee

Caldwell, Scott J., 3805 W. Verner, Peoria

Campbell, Shannan M., 401 N. Highland St., Creve Coeur

Carlson, Todd L., 2518 W. Alabaster Ave., Dunlap

Carnes, Suzanne Elaine, 1031 N. First, Apt. B, Springfield

Carrington, Jimmy Alan, 931 Creve Coeur Ave., Creve Coeur

Chaffin, Crystal Lynne, 2506 Farragut Drive, Springfield

Chamberlain, Terrie Lyn, 1152 E. Sixth Road, Wenona

Chaney, Bethany Sue and Perry Glen, 211 S. Poplar St., Loda

Chaney, Louann Marie, P.O. Box 991, Oakland

Chupp, Daniel L. and Loretta J., 430 County Road 2500 North, Mahomet

Clendening, Martin Steven, 2413 Lafayette Ave., Mattoon

Coble, David L., 218 S. Ida St., Lacon

Cobler, Tiffany Kate, 12969 E. 2200 North Road, Hudson

Collins, Kevin R. and Vicki S., 710 Spring St., Washington

Connell, Joseph, 711 Briargate Road, Washington

Cotton, Charles L. Sr., 1139 N. Illinois St., Decatur

Courtney, Justin Michael, 2604 Fox Run, Apt. 4, Springfield

Coverdill, Naomi Rose and Wesley James Jr., 2353 Knox Road 1400 East, Oneida

Coverstone, Christopher James Louis, 1374 W. Decatur St., Decatur

Craaybeek, Chalina T. and Jason, 302 Jay Ray Court, # 5, Manteno

Craig, James Edmund and Teresa Lynn, 509 E. Fifer St., Colfax

Cross, Gary L., 909 Marietta Drive, Mahomet

Crowe, Amanda Kay, 221 E. North St., Sheffield

Cummins, Christopher D. and Sarah Ann, 15862 Joseph Court, Pekin

Darsham, Mandy R., 315 W. Main St., Fairview

Daun, Sheryl Elaine, 302 E. Washington, 2nd Floor, Momence

Deckelmann, Leo John Sr., 173 Norway Drive, Manteno

Dehner, Jennifer L., 109 N. Towanda Ave., Apt. 3, Normal

Delong, Theresa R., 810 W. Walnut St., Canton

Dickerson, Barry Glenn and DeAnna M., 19513 N. 1430 North Road, Danville

Dickinson, Willard J., 2106 N. Lowber St., Decatur

Dines, Judith Marie, 2807 N. Vermilion St., Danville

Doane, Karen M., 448 S. Montana, Morton

Dodd, John E. Jr., 231 Bond St., Morton

Dowdy, Gerald L. and Shannon M., P.O. Box 451, Argenta

Driscoll, Cynthia A., 1318 W. King St., Decatur

Duncheon, Amy Jo, 254 E. Lincoln, Greenview

Durchholz, Leroy Wayne, 416 S. Marion St., Mount Pulaski

Dykstra, Darryl, 39 Maple Ridge Park, Manteno

Eagleton, Angela Suzanne and Tod Allen, 10 Knollcrest, Normal

Egan, Donald D. II and Kathleen A., 5525 Glen Elm Drive, Peoria

Egner, Ginger F. and Kent S. II, 409 Hillcrest Drive, Washburn

Eitenmiller, Bradley Scott, 4312 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Eldridge, Pamela R., 7627 W. Plank Road, Peoria

Ellis, William D., 2039 N. Gale Ave., Peoria

England, Natalie S., 1325 N. Machin Ave., Peoria

Esslinger, Ashlee Kay, 4717 N. Knoxville Ave., Apt. 402, Peoria

Ettinger, Julie Maria Antonia, 8617 E. 9000 North Road, Grant Park

Feathers, Randy L., 203 N. Shelby, Moweaqua

Fernandez, Hermilio G., 901 Newcastle Drive, Apt. 2, Champaign

Fernandez, Luz M., 4007 Farmington Drive, Unit B, Champaign

Ferris, Alexandra Michelle, 1 Grand Valley Drive, Springfield

Fitzpatrick, Deborah D. and Jerry W., 938 D St., Charleston

Fletcher, Ebony N., 1018 W. Virginia Ave., Peoria

Flowers, Jo Lynn, 2628 S. Eighth St., Springfield

Fonnesbeck, Casey Duke, 3901 Montrose Drive, Apt. 101, Champaign

Forbes, Linda Sue and Scott Robert, 3011 Robert St., Bloomington

France, Eric Jerome, 1484 S. Stringtown Road, Covington

France, Rebecca Ruth, 1201 N. Logan, Danville

Frazier, Dawn Mari and James Robert II, 34 Henderson, Danville

Freeman, Bernyce and Nathanial, 1548 N. Home Park Ave., Decatur

Frese, Dustin Bruce, P.O. Box 355, Ipava

Fulk, Daniel Scott, 304 E. Sullivan St., Heyworth

Gailes, Beatrice A. and Fernando M. Sr., 1732 W. Jackson St., Springfield

Galvan, Juan Carlos and Virginia Kay, 1608 Illinois St., Bloomington

Garza, Mary L., 223 16th St., Silvis

George, Shannon Lee, 11 Blue Star Highway, Apt. 206, Danville

Gilstrap, Jodi E., 231 E. Court St., Farmington

Gockenbach, Joy, 2019 N. Kennedy Lane, Normal

Godsell, Janealle Anne, 200 Franklin Blvd., Mahomet

Godsell, John Joseph, 338 Logan St., Mahomet

Gordon, Johnnie L., 2617 N. Missouri, Peoria

Gordon, Timothy Joseph, 2075 W. Illinois 102, Bourbonnais

Gossman, Mervin R. and Michelle M., 887 Pheasant Drive, Bradley

Green, Cynthia Susan and Edward L., 903 N. Linden, Unit 101, Normal

Gross, Bill J. and Cheryl L., 2 Goose Creek Drive, #1117, Bloomington

Gurley, Janet Kay, 526 Custer Place, Canton

Haan, Patricia L., 23 Vee Drive, Manteno

Hale, John C., 24150 Veteran Road, Morton

Hammack-Dodd, Jackie L., 231 Bond St., Morton

Hardimon, Ezell Maxwell and Rosetta, 1931 W. Hudson St., Peoria

Hartz, Linda Sue, 1045 S. Clay, Jacksonville

Hayes, Mark Anthony, 502 S. Franklin, Clayton

Henderson, Caleb Edward, 271 N. West Ave., Kankakee

Henderson, Scott Richard, 3417 S. Spring, Springfield

Henderson, Tammy S., 2755 135th St., Alexis

Hennessy, Thomas E., 411 Willard, Cabery

Hershberger, Warren Wayne, 503 Chester Ave., Danville

Hildebrand, Kelly Ann, 2504 Somerton Road, Springfield

Hirtman, Clarissa D. and William H., 1421 E. Garfield, Decatur

Hoerr-Mingee, Joni Raye, 1613 W. Union St., #B, Champaign

Hopkins, Philander G., 3504 N. Missouri Ave., Peoria

Horn, Joan Irene, 348 N. Webster Ave., Jacksonville

Hosbrough, Melanie M., 408 Lexington Drive, Washington

Hudson, John K. Jr., 1146 Illinois Circle, Decatur

Hughes, Holly C., 134 E. Bacon St., La Prairie

Hughes, Michael J., 1416 W. Decatur St., Decatur

Hughes, William M., 2755 135th St., Alexis

Ingram, Evelyn Ilene, 203 W. First St., Coffeen

Isom, Donna K., P.O. Box 154, Easton

Jenkins, Theresa, 102 Boulder Drive, Apt. A, Gridley

Johnson, Abby Marie and Nathan Bryan, 810 S. Belmont Ave., Watseka

Johnson, Jerry Allen, 3130 Regal Drive, Decatur

Johnson, Mariccia Chayaryl, 1620 W. Elm St., Taylorville

Jones, Ryan Allen and Stephanie Lynn, 315 E. Edgar St., Paris

Kadri, Sarah J., 808 Douglas St., Paris

Kaiser, Keith E., 11687 250 East St., Neponset

Keane, Edward M., 368 S. Delmar, Decatur

Kehoe, James, 162 Barrington Lane, Bourbonnais

Kellup, Alice Naomi, 618 Heath Drive, Rantoul

Kelm, Anna M. and Jonathan M., 224 Southmoreland Place, Decatur

Kemp, Devin A., 303 E. Locust, Apt. 4, Bloomington

Kendall, Ricky D. Sr., P.O. Box 406, Pleasant Plains

Kershaw, Jonathan A., 595 S. McKinley Ave., Kankakee

Kesteloot, Ashley Marie, 271 N. West Ave., Kankakee

Kimmitt, Benjamin D. and Stefanie J., 203 State St., P.O. Box 146, Henderson

Kincaid, Krista A., 1317 Thomas Ave., Danville

King, James M. and Terri L., 14 Marianne Drive, Pawnee

King, Stephen G., R.R. 1, Box 15, Eldred

King, Vanessa Marie, 3704 Bristlecone, Springfield

Kinkade, Tammy J., 276 Spring Creek Drive, Springfield

Kirby, Mark A., 310 S. Wheaton Ave., Champaign

Kniss, Robert D., 1180 Central Drive, Camano Island

Kosmopoulos, John, 1601 Lincoln Road, Champaign

Kramer, Heidi M. and Steven L., 2316 File Drive, Decatur

Krone, Michael T., 414 S. Rosewood Ave., Kankakee

Lamie, Kimberly Jo, 502 E. Kansas, Peoria

Lampley-Kime, Cheryl Lynn, 370 N. Arseneall Road, Kankakee

Lancaster, Jeffrey Lynn and Lindsay Michelle, 414 S. Westgate Ave., Jacksonville

Landando, Frances M., P.O. Box 182, Sheffield

Lasch, Bruce A., 2254 Boysenberry Lane, Apt. 4, Springfield

Laskowski, Aaron W. and Jessica R., 204 W. First St., Hammond

Latch, Tammy Mae, 64 Prairie Ave., Mattoon

Laurik, Helena, 1111 N. Second St., Springfield

LeMasters, Daniel Scott, 1201 S. Fourth St, Pekin

LeSure, Jesse L. Jr., 916 Knollcrest, Danville

Lee, Katy J., 1316 Shelby Ave., Mattoon

Lee-Clements, Klentoria M., 1413 Lincolnshire Drive, Champaign

Little, Ashley M., 3015 W. Westport Road, Peoria

Lolling, Jennifer Sue and Monte Louis, 840 Sunset Drive, Lincoln

Looby, Amy Maureen, 405 Williams St., #506, Springfield

Lower, Audrey A., 509 N.E. Fourth St., Aledo

Marek, Jennifer Ryan, 2285 Monarch St., Bourbonnais

Marston, Christopher L. and Holly L., 207 N. Poplar, Assumption

Marten, James Garland, 106 W. Maple, Fairbury

Martin, Austin C., 26 Caliente Ave., Bartonville

Mathon, Donald Scott, 614 E. Park, Taylorville

Mathon, Sherry Lynn, 2823 E. Park, Taylorville

McBride, Jeanette L., 762 Willow Pond, Rantoul

McClain, Yenetta Rena, 408 Meridian St., Springfield

McCombs, Granville Alecque, 703 E. State, Astoria

McCombs, Stephanie M., 210 N. Logan, Astoria

McConnell, Cherie Lynn, P.O. Box 334, Manteno

McConnell, Robert William Michael, 2805 W. Larchmont Lane, Peoria

McConnell, Timothy Larkin, 212 N. Grand, Bradley

McEntire, Melanie Sue, 212 Broccardo Court, Kincaid

McFarland, Jennifer L., 1335 W. Sunset, Decatur

McKee, Phyllis Ann, P.O. Box 465, Crescent City

McKinley, Sharon M., 1513 Hobson Drive, Apt. #3, Rantoul

McMillion, Larry D. Sr. and Linda M., 1428 Delray Ave., Pekin

McNair, Stephanie A., 1113 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria

Meints, Marcia K., 507 N. Cherry St., Lexington

Miller, Anastasia A., 3631 W. Bennington Court, Peoria

Mingee, Charles Wayne, 1613 W. Union St., #B, Champaign

Minor, Nancy Kay and Richard Steven, 1409 S. Roosevelt, Bloomington

Mitchell, Cassandra Spring and Tracy Lynn, 305 Illinois Ave., Mattoon

Monette, Nicole K., 509 S. Main St., Canton

Moore, Ameika, 2327 N. Flora, Peoria

Morr, Tisha R., 2820 E. Harrison Ave., Decatur

Murphy-Hayes, Monica Michelle, 6809 Ninebark Drive, Springfield

Nelson, Carrie A., 205 S. Church St., Washington

Northcraft, Alishia Louise and Edward Ray, 714 Seymour, Sullivan

Norton, Jacqueline R. and Masen P., 33033 N. 1850 East Road, Rossville

O'Donnell, Michael William, 104 E. Elm, Wyoming

Obenland, Amber Lynn and Ty Lee, 636 E. Young Ave., Hoopeston

Odefey, Steven R., 5527 E. Crews Ave., Chillicothe

Oesch, Gloria Jean, 1901 N. Midway, Normal

Ohrt, Bethany L. and Matthew C., 505 S. Main St., Grant Park

Olson, Melanie Rae, 922 Jefferson, Minonk

Oltman, Michael J., 1410 Dillon Drive, Normal

Oxarart, Sabrina, 101 Lawrence Ave., Normal

Pagani, Geoffrey R., 423 E. Second St., Toluca

Palmer, Jessica, 612 W. Vine, #12, Le Roy

Palmer, Marvin L. Jr, 1605 Joanne Lane, Champaign

Parkinson, Rita P., 407 N.W. Fourth Ave., Aledo

Parrott, Isabel Manker, 915 Bryn Mawr Blvd., Springfield

Pasel, Corey Allen, 105 W. Papineau St., Saint Anne

Patterson, Jan, 2440 Yale Blvd., Springfield

Patton, Broderick J., 4509 Adams Drive, Decatur

Pearce, Jesse Wade, 313 W. Jefferson, Petersburg

Peck, Bradley Ray and Kelly Michelle, 1567 County Road 2800 East, Minonk

Peck, Niccole E. and Troy M., 102 Wilson Drive, Watseka

Peel, Steven Joseph, 712 N. Daniels Ave., Springfield

Peete-Brigantti, Reynald Manuel, 1702 Terramere Drive, Bourbonnais

Perez, Jorge Luis and Laqueena L., 823 W. McClure, Peoria

Perkins, Benny J. Jr., 615 W. Westwood Drive, Peoria

Perry, Frances Durad, 702 S. Lee St., Bloomington

Pineda, Claudia and Rodrigo, 920 Skyline Drive, Danville

Pippin, Angela Gail, 1081 Flamingo Lane, Bradley

Porter, Lynn Marie, 534 W. Center St., Paxton

Potts, Elizabeth J. and Ronald R., 722 W. Virginia, Peoria

Powers, Julie Beth, 485 Ivy Lane, Apt. 18, Bradley

Presswood, Ashley Michelle, 1308 Seventh St., Lincoln

Price, Beth L. and Roy A., 809 E. Scott, Tuscola

Priester, Adam Trask and Danielle Lee, P.O. Box 202, Livingston

Purham, Napoleon L., 2331 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Apt. 201, Peoria

Pyzdrowski, Crystal M. and Jason E., 148 S. Center, Bradley

Ramsey, Dennis M. Jr. and Paula A., 527 Will St., Mahomet

Ramsey, MegAnn Kay and Michael Joe, 2507 214th St. North, Lot 78, Port Byron

Ramseyer, Stacy Lynn, 94 Joyce Drive, Manteno

Reedy-Keane, Susan M., 368 S. Delmar, Decatur

Renfrow, Scott Thomas, 2412 N. Graceland Ave., Decatur

Renner, Michael Joseph and Rhonda Dianne, 5509 E. Captain Road, Chillicothe

Revilla, Amy E. and Charles A., 1724 Anita Drive, Champaign

Rexroad, Michelle L., 602 E. Cleveland, Taylorville

Rexroat, Danica Lynn, 2510 Airport Road, Bloomington

Reynolds, Darrell Wayne, 1237 E. Main St., Decatur

Reynolds, Jerald L. and Katie A., 4127 Stone Road, Springfield

Rhoades, Derek B, 4719 S Canterbury Ct., Mapleton

Rice, Deborah K., 1035 N. Dennis Ave., Decatur

Ridgeway, Miranda Hope, 21275 Hidden Valley Loop, Lexington

Robbins, Brandy Dawn, 703 S. Hamilton, Lincoln

Roberts, Jennifer J., 806 Ten Broeck, Paris

Robinson, Andrea L., 905 E. Newkirk, Tuscola

Robinson, Bruce C., 115 W. Houghton, Tuscola

Rodriguez, Alejandro L., 314 S. Rosewood Ave., Kankakee

Rosecrans, Linda Lee, P.O. Box 31, Maquon

Rowl, Mary Lucille, 2029 N. Eighth, Springfield

Royer, Laurie L., 915 E. Hines Ave., Peoria Heights

Ruffo, Cherlle L., 3513 N. Bowman Ave., Danville

Rush, LoriBeth and Scott Richard Jr., 185 S. Elm St., Manteno

Rushing, Scott J. and Susan L., 143 Coyote Lane, Coffeen

Russell, Helen Ann and Jack Dean, 129 S. Monroe St., Rushville

Ryan, Latrice Michelle, 1303 1/2 E. Washington St., Bloomington

Salvas, Hope Lynn, 1200 Marshall Ave., Apt. 2, Mattoon

Sanford, William Alexander, 204 Gerri St., Pontiac

Schlosser, Melissa Kay, 918 S. Washington St., Lacon

Schriever, Christina A., 206 N. Eighth St., Fairbury

Schroeder, Maisie M. and Ronald G. Jr., 171 W. Spruce, Canton

Schulz, Heidi Lynn and Jeremy Ray, 307 W. Owsley, Chenoa

Scott, Melissa K., 1007 Lancaster Drive, Rantoul

Scott, Tremayne, 1313 Chandler St., Danville

Scoville, Nicole R., 2316 N. Maryland St., Peoria

Selby, Steven Lynn Jr., 301 N.W. First, Shelbyville

Shaffer, Scott Eliot, 1140 Edgar Drive, Apt. 1, Charleston

Shaw, Dorothy L., 1401 N. Third, Lot 54, Riverton

Shelmadine, Mandi Kay, 1109 S. Center, Mahomet

Shelmadine, Patrick Sean, 510 A Pickette St., Fisher

Siegmann, Jennifer M., 913 Front St., Henry

Silvey, Shannon T., P.O. Box 145, Easton

Simmons, Alice Loretta, 33 Gettysburgh Road, Springfield

Simon, Anthony A. and Willa Mae, 620 E. Sheridan Circle, Decatur

Simpson, Jamie S. and Jason R., 258 N. County Road 1280 East, Arcola

Skeie, Danielle J., 2006 E. Cardinal Court, Peoria Heights

Skinner, Lee C., 102 Boulder Drive, Apt. A, Gridley

Slaven, Jamee Renee, 425 N. Sixth Ave., Hoopeston

Sloat, Dennis J. and Karen J., 111 E. First St., Apt. 1, Manteno

Smith, James B., 302 N. Third Ave., Chenoa

Smith, Paul Bradford, 1487 Eagles Landing North, Manteno

Smith, Shannon Marie, 114 Brookview Road, East Peoria

Snyder, Tayaba Trechell, 16760 Manor Drive, South Holland

Staats, Heather M., 315 Washington St., Roodhouse

Stamm, Jennifer Michele, 1711A Valley Road, Champaign

Stankiewicz, Vincent Michael, 230 N. Jefferson Ave., Bradley

Stanley, John and Tammie, 404 N. Allin St., Bloomington

Starkey, Tracy Lee, 5905 W. 0720 North Road, Kankakee

Stevenson, Donald A., 1204 E. Forrest Hill Ave., Peoria

Stevenson, Mitzie L. and Mondrell L., 109 E. Gift St., Apt. 2A, Peoria

Stewart, Lori Ann, 2395 County Road 1500 North, Saint Joseph

Stoerger, Marian Sue and Mark Edward, 401 Ginger Bend Drive, #105, Champaign

Stokes, Taeana, 604 N. Hammes, Kankakee

Stone, Randy Ray, 1033 E. Morton, #45, Jacksonville

Stringer, Ruth A., 2352 N. Grand Ave. East, Springfield

Strongman, Michael P., 1621 E. Carpenter St., Springfield

Sullivan, Stephanie L., 44 Rainbow Drive, Pekin

Sunderland, Matthew R. and Stormy J., 1760 Commonwealth, Decatur

Sutherland, Sandra L., 1920 E. Amber Lane, Apt. 209, Urbana

Swanson, Jennifer J., 5 1/2 Ross Drive, Bloomington

Swansson, Sandra JoAnn, 2030 W. Austin Drive, Peoria

Swartz, Larry Brice, 510 S. West Union St., Monticello

Thunehorst, Mark A. and Stephanie K., 1420 E. Duryea Ave., Peoria Heights

Tolbert, Nicole E., P.O. Box 307, Thayer

Tolley, Shannon D., 3108 Richmond Ave., Mattoon

Towers, Alice Alberta, 1622 Lakeview Terrace, Jacksonville

Tripp, James B. and Mindy J., 1535 W. Olive, Decatur

Tucker, Phyllis Ann, 302 S.E. Fifth Ave., Aledo

Underwood, Karen, 2371 E. Main St., Decatur

Valdivia, Santiago and Sara, 4 Fuller Court, Bloomington

VanDaele, Douglas W., 400 W. Allen, Apt. 3C, Springfield

Vaughn, Edward Irvin, 309 W. Tremont, Odell

Venable, Kenneth C., P.O. Box 1062, Jacksonville

Verry, Glenn H. and Linda C., 141 Glenaire Drive, Springfield

Vollbracht, Eric Randall and Leann Renee, 470 Parkway Drive, Sherman

Wagner, Cathy L., 2965 Lowe Road, Kankakee

Walden, Peggy Ann, P.O. Box 465, Crescent City

Watson, Jeffry Scott Sr., 5289 E. 1850 North Road, Fithian

Weber, Zachary Thomas, 411 John St., Minonk

Weidig, Darlene, 204 Lane St., Potomac

Wells, Michelle L., 754 Hampton Court, #1, Bourbonnais

West, Karen L., 1115 McKinley, Danville

Whikehart, Paula C., 306 E. Cypress St., Normal

White, Michael D., 1509 W. Cushing, Decatur

White, Richard J., 1111 E. Elmhurst, Peoria

White, Ronald L., 1359 E. Riverside, Decatur

Whitfield, Keita R., 1143 W. Monroe St., Springfield

Wilhoit, Johnathan A., 808 Douglas St., Paris

Williams, Carolyn D., 1367 170th Ave., Reynolds

Williams, Gerald T., 207 Pfeiffer Road, #2, Urbana

Williams, Ladina, 201 E. Fairchild, Danville

Williams, Lindsay Nicole and Nicholas Alan, 1208 Lafayette Ave., Mattoon

Williams, Nathan Clay, 307 N. Main St., Grant Park

Williamson, Jeanne Sue, 110 W. Lakeland, #806, Morton

Witt, Laura L., 414 E. Mazon Ave., Dwight

Witt, Matthew V., 703 E. Fort St., Farmington

Wolak, Diane, 5043 Belmont, Peoria Heights

Wolfe, Kevin Duane, P.O. Box 101, Secor

Wolfer, Aaron P., 3955 E. Camelot Circle, #301, Decatur

Woods, Shalyn Yvette, 1434 E. College Ave., Apt. 2, Normal

Young, Evelyn Ruth and Tommy Lerone, 122 Shennadoh Drive, Springfield

Zimmerman, James Philip, 704 N. Lincoln, Urbana

Chapter 13:

Alexander-Wyatt, Vickie, 2711 N. Prospect Road, Peoria

Allison, Julie A., 504 E. Cypress, Normal

Anderson, Brian J., 1912 Marina Drive, Normal

Atkinson, Brandy K. and Jerry Jr., 218 Oakhill Drive, Danville

Battiste, Alexis Shirley Suzanne, 1285 Cardinal Drive, Bradley

Bauswell, Kevin L., 714 N. Sixth St., Chillicothe

Bauza, Anthony M. and Jocelyn K., 1233 N. Franklin, Springfield

Bouchez, Angela M. and Todd A., 439 N. Amy Drive, Peoria

Boyd, Paul N., 448 Southampton, Decatur

Bruce, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Lynn, 200 Mason St., New Holland

Bumpus, Dale William and Susan Marie, 1618 Ensign Drive, Normal

Calhoun, Jeffrey Allen and Mindie Marie, P.O. Box 113, Trilla

Capranica, Helen L., 411 Manor Drive, Metamora

Carter, Chakenda A., 7150 N. Terra Vita Drive, Peoria

Christensen, Keith Stanley and Shawn Marie, 615 Illinois St., Warrensburg

Craft, Micke R., 203 W. Caroline St., East Peoria

Davis, Dana L., 1228 N. Franklin St., Danville

Davis, Sarina, 302 N. Adams, Manito

Deluhery, Scarlet L., 3806 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Denham, Sheree L., 908 Laura Drive, Champaign

Douglas, Ocie and Pearline, 1717 W. Millman, Peoria

Dragoo, Frank William and Sandy J., P.O. Box 318, Sherman

Eagan, Daniel W. and Debra A., 104 Sycamore St., Pekin

Edwards, Louis Daniel and Mary Beth, 2320 Marshall Ave., Mattoon

Fleener, Rodney Lynn, 160 Wildwood Court, #2, Decatur

Fleener, Tanya Jean, c/o Symphony of Decatu,r 2530 N. Monroe, Room

401-A, Decatur

Gartner, Holly Jane and Joshua Peter, 415 W. Owens St., Tiskilwa

Gillespie, Kenny Dean, 706 N. State St., Westville

Glover, Donald Randell, 1529 W. Smith St., Peoria

Hammann, Heather and Steven R., 5400 Bunting Road, Springfield

Hanson, David R., 553 S. Chestnut St., Chebanse

Hartman, Melissa E. and Roland E., P.O. Box 212, Matherville

Heath, Shelly Ann and Trent Allen, 148 Northview Drive, Knoxville

Heubel, Durward Lee II, 138 N. Vermilion St., Potomac

Howard, Norman W. IV, 3119 S. 12th St., Springfield

Hubbard, Christina Lynn and Robert Leon, 1003 Meadow Ave., East Peoria

Huggins, Elizabeth A., 935 N. 10th Ave., Canton

James, Sue E., 325 S. Union St., Good Hope

Jenkins, Katrina Elaine, 1003 Edgehill Road, Jacksonville

Johnson, Jimmy L. Sr., 5723 N. Autumn Ridge Court, Apt. A, Peoria

Johnson, Sandra Kay, 1813 S. Spring, Springfield

Kellam, Stacey L., 1973 E. Johns Ave., Decatur

Keune, Eugene C. and Sherrill A., 120 Shennadoh Drive, Springfield

Koeberlein, Albert and Sharon, 26 Long Grove Drive, Monticello

Kueper, Andrea Nichole, 4 Starnes Addition, Springfield

Lanman, Paul Jay and Tiffany Leigh, P.O. Box 1492, Mattoon

Lawson, Tommy Gene, 31 Hanson Drive, Bourbonnais

Long, Kenneth W., 329 E. Chestnut, Moweaqua

Long, Laura L. and Michael E., 1003 E. Cox Ave., Peoria Heights

Long, Terry Wayne, 2632 Stratford Drive, Apt. H, Springfield

Lovett, Jamie Lynn, P.O. Box 2067, East Peoria

Malinowski, Crystal Jean and Gary Lee, 572 E. Ash, Canton

Mans, Dwight L. Jr., 5316 N. Main St., East Peoria

McCraith, Carolyn J., 316 Holland Road, Metamora

McEnroe, Laurence P., 1018 E. McClure Ave., Peoria

McKissic-Yates, Toni R., 1210 S.W. Saint Martin Drive, Peoria

Merrifield, Daniel C., 1503 Lincolnwood Drive, Urbana

Meserole, Pamela J. and Sandy L., 1924 Hollyhock St., North Pekin

Mielke, Bruce D., 4012 N. Ashton Ave., Peoria

Miller, Martha Renarda, 2129 N. Wisconsin, Peoria

Murphy, Nathan E., 520 E. Condit, Decatur

Murrell, Cynthia, P.O. Box 281, Decatur

Myers, Angela D., 69 N. West St., Farmington

Newby, Sharon Ann, 704 Hatterman, Bartonville

O'Neill, Cherie Lynn and Francis Patrick, 2525 Holmes Ave., Springfield

Olsson, Lisa Lee, 1506 Fairway Drive, Rantoul

Orr, John Anthony and Mecial, 1725 Gleason Drive, Rantoul

Payton, Amanda M. and John E. IV, 1121 W. Inverness Drive, Peoria

Peete, Latrina Deshoung, P.O. Box 7891, Champaign

Perreira, Sheri A. and Steven M., 17761 E. 10500 North Road, Grant Park

Pondenis, Brian D. and Holly C., P.O. Box 65, Broadlands

Regenold, Anthony R. and Marcia A., 211 W. Galena St., Springbay

Reinke, Laradene Alice, 6301 S. Sixth St. Road, Apt. 3, Springfield

Rost, Eric Alexander and Sarah McKenna, 3213 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria

Rudloff, Christina Ann and William Richard, 101 Fox Hill Circle, Apt. B, Bloomington

Schoen, Michael B., 623 N. Quincy, Clinton

Sims, Jeffrey Hal and Kirsten Maurine, 18044 Bypass Road, Charleston

Stokes, Taeana S., 604 N. Hammes Ave., Kankakee

Sullivan, Michael J., P.O. Box 53, Andover

Tate, Gary W., 1810 E. Illinois 133, Hindsboro

Taylor, James L., 3559 Meadowlark Drive, Decatur

Taylor, Todd Donald, 1305 Cashel Drive, Bloomington

Tovrea, Carrie L. and Richard H., 1221 Oak Ridge Ave., Pekin

Trapps, Deborah A., 3805 N. Marybelle Ave., Apt. 806, Peoria

Varner, Dawn M. and Kevin J., 16104 Potters Woods Road, Danville

Waggoner, Matthew Alan, 14112 N. Rivercrest Drive, Chillicothe

Wegrich, Bradley K., 230 N.E. Third St., De Land

Wilderman, George A., 655 N. 33rd St., Decatur

Williams, Jessica M. and Robert L., 1612 W. Kettelle St., Peoria

Williams, Shelley Marie, 2007A Melrose Drive, Champaign

Wilson, John R. and Shannon M., 2209 Olen Drive, Mahomet

Wolflin, Jared Andrew and Julie Kay, 306 Marco Drive, Rantoul

Wyatt, Henry Randall, 2711 N. Prospect Road, Peoria

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This is my last issue as editor of Central Illinois Business magazine. After a long time at The News-Gazette, I’m moving on to another job. I’ve had a lot of fun writing about business issues and successful businessmen and women in the area during the more than three years I’ve edited CIB. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know the Forty Under 40 award winners each year.

I’m proud of some of the changes we’ve made to the magazine as well. We’ve been featuring a Green Tip from the Illinois Green Business Association for a couple of years now. I’m hoping businesses found some useful information in those columns to help them reduce energy use, save money and help the environment.

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