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FINE PRINT          October 2017

Fine Print October/November 2017


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $35,000 are listed. Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and - when available - estimated cost of improvements.


DeYoung Design & Build Inc., repair at multifamily residence at 205 E. Armory Ave, $90,000.

Shicai Wang, repair to multifamily residence at 503 S. Lynn St., $30,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new multifamily residence at 4608 Nicklaus Drive, $1,150,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new multifamily residence at 4606 Nicklaus Drive, $1,150,000.

Dallas Construction Co., new single-family residence at 3812 Boulder Ridge Drive, $215,040.

obby Cekander Home Services, alteration to single-family residence at 3401 Weeping Cherry Court, $38,300.

Smith/Burgett Architects, office remodeling for Country Financial at 2111 S. Oak St., #104, $82,955.

Dodds Co., office alteration at 3201 Apollo Drive, $138,737.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration for Huawei/Future Technologies Inc. at 1800 S. Oak St., Suite 113, $321,300.

TCT Construction Inc., office alteration at 2117 Park Court, $124,400.

Dallas Construction Co., new single-family residence at 1409 Peppermill Lane, $258,456.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 3911 Freedom Blvd., $225,000.

Clark Clayton, new single-family residence at 1904 Alton Drive, $75,000.

West Design and Build LLC, tenant fit-out for Sola Salon at 105 N. Mattis Ave., $536,340.

JSM Development Services LLC, alteration to multifamily residence at 505 E. Healey St., $67,600.

Pandora Jewelers, alteration to Pandora Jewelers at 2000 N. Neil St., No. 378, $105,000.

JSM Development Services LLC, addition to Next Generation preschool at 1210 Lancaster Drive, $288,203.

Damore Steven & Shelly, alteration to single-family residence at 1112 Country Lane, $25,500.

A & L Homes, new single-family residence at 5009 Abbey Fields Drive, $287,100.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family residence at 1410 Sand Dollar Drive, $117,500.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family residence at 1406 Sand Dollar Drive, $117,500.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family residence at 3701 Sandstone Drive, $124,000.

Horve Construction, new Hampton Inn building at 3308 Mission, $4,500,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 5018 Abbey Fields Drive, $500,000.

Sun Structures Design, addition to single-family residence at 4613 Copper Ridge Road, $26,200.

Water Works Pool 4 Supply LLC, new pool at 1908 Savanna Drive, $34,000.

Whittenberg Construction Co., flooring rework at CrossFit at 508 E. University Ave., $50,000.

Broeren Russo Builders Inc., alteration at Black and Co., 802 N. Country Fair Drive, $200,000.

John Fisher, alteration to multifamily residence at 212 E. Daniel St., $125,890.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to dental office at 2917 Crossing Court, $182,560.

Bill and Diana Williams, alteration to multifamily residence at 405 W. University Ave., $34,000.

English Bros., alteration to Marine Bank at 2434 Village Green Place, $52,387.

Dodds Co., new office building at 1608 Rion Drive, $3,907,252.

Ethos Workshop, new retail building at 2512 N. Prospect Ave., $880,000.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 3109 Palmer Drive, $180,000.

Noah Yoder Construction, addition to single-family residence at 3101 Timberline Drive, $43,500.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, new awnings for multifamily residences at 212 E. Gregory Drive, 216 E. Gregory Drive, 1110 S. Arbor St., 1112 S. Arbor St. and 1111 S. Third St., $4,600 each.

KAP Architecture LLC, alteration for multifamily residence at 303 W. Green St., $98,000.

Signature Construction Inc., new single-family residence at 3907 Liberty Circle, $236,000.

Signature Homes of Bloomington, new single-family residence at 1704 Eagle Road, $252,000.

Dallas Construction Co., new single-family residence at 3803 Boulder Ridge Drive, $203,040.

Hallbeck Homes Inc., new condominiums at 2923-2925 Greystone Place, $585,000.

KAP Architecture LLC, alteration for Shiquan Wanton restaurant at 212 E. Green St., #102, $111,720.

Jimmy John's Franchise LLC, alteration for Jimmy John's corporate office at 2202 Fox Drive, $1,130,000.

Oberweis Dairy Inc., alteration for Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store at 1905 S. Neil St., $882,665.

Broeren Russo Builders Inc., new washing/packing facility at Prosperity Gardens at 713 N. Champaign St., $40,000.

IUVO Construction, new single-family residence at 3911 Slate Drive, $160,000.

IUVO Construction, new single-family residence at 5017 Trey Blvd., $295,000.

IUVO Construction, new single-family residence at 3906 Slate Drive, $160,000.

Jeffrey R. Haynes, alteration to single-family residence at 705 N. Harris Ave., $77,000.

Dodds Co., alteration to EpiWorks building at 1606 Rion Drive, $6,037,231.

IUVO Construction, new single-family residence at 3910 Slate Drive, $160,000.

IUVO Construction-Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 3902 Slate Drive, $160,000.

Hallbeck Homes Inc., new condominiums at 2919-2921 Greystone Place, $585,000.

Menold Construction & Renovation, repair of single-family residence at 1002 W. Hill St., $173,321.

Broeren Russo Builders Inc., repair/replacement of courtyard balcony at multifamily residence at 909-911 S. Third St., $35,000.

BLDD Architects, alteration at Academy High at 2302 Fox Drive, $36,800.

Petry-Kuhne Co., alteration at Altorfer Rentals at 808 W. Bradley Ave., $460,000.

Hwai Yang Architects, alteration at Amdocs office at 2109 Fox Drive, $30,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration at Pandamonium Doughnuts at 1105 W. Windsor Road, $72,000.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., alteration to coffee shop at 202 S. First St., $104,523.

Mode 3 Architecture Inc., repair/replacement of balconies at multifamily residence at 202 E. Chalmers St.

RSP Architects Ltd., Target remodeling at 2102 N. Prospect Ave., $671,544.

Insite RE Inc., cell tower addition/alteration at 108 W. Washington St., $51,300.

JSM Development Services Inc., alteration at multifamily residence at 306 E. Clark St., $74,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 413 Doisy Lane, $130,007.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 407 Doisy Lane, $186,026.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 411 Doisy Lane, $146,443.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 305 Doisy Lane, $159,903.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 415 Doisy Lane, $181,070.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 409 Doisy Lane, $120,084.

C-U Under Construction, addition to single-family residence at 1010 Stratford Drive, $110,700.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to Rafters restaurant/bar at 1906 W. Bradley Ave., $312,000.

Architectural Expressions, guardrail replacement at multifamily residence at 54 E. Chalmers St., $500,000.

Architectural Expressions, canopy and vestibule work at multifamily residence at 54 E. Chalmers St., $164,000.

David Jones, alteration for future retail business at 340 N. Neil St., $85,000.

David Jones, facade and egress corridor work at 340 N. Neil St., $212,000.

Baskis Construction Inc., alteration at Champaign-Urbana Public Health District office at 201 W. Kenyon Road, $31,500.

C-U Under Construction, alteration at Cookies by Design and Bailey Boutique Clothing store at 102 S. Neil St., $148,800.

Pro Construction, new Freddy's restaurant at 420 Town Center Blvd., $830,000.

Jay Quiran Custom Homes Inc., new single-family residence at 4108 Rayburn Court, $180,000.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 309 Doisy Lane, $181,070.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 307 Doisy Lane, $118,719.

TAG Residential LLC, new single-family residence at 303 Doisy Lane, $143,014.

Timothy H. Smith, new single-family residence at 3709 Sandstone Drive, $122,500.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to sorority house at 508 E. Chalmers St., $263,000.

Morton Buildings Inc., new Wirco warehouse/office building at 1700 W. Washington St., $2,464,073.

Signature Homebuilders LLC, new single-family residence at 3111 Palmer Drive, $180,000.

Champaign County

Connie Huddleston, covered porch addition to single-family home, 491 CR 2500 N, Mahomet, $30,000.

Hilda and Gary Huls, manufactured home on 1608 CR 2600 N, Rantoul, $129,643.

Nicholas Dillon, detached garage and workshop, 2804 E. Concord Road, Urbana, $75,000.

Rick Stewart, addition on single-family home, 3210 Stoneybrook Drive, Champaign, $55,000.

David Miller, single-family home, 1198 CR 2400 E, St. Joseph, $350,000.

Mathis McCarthy Partnership, warehouse, 1309 E. Kerr Ave., Urbana, $340,000.

Dennis Toeppen, parking lot, the west tract of the plat of the Fink tracts, section 24, Hensley Township, $110,000.

Kevin Coey, convert an existing agricultural shed to a single-family home, 2021 Cottonwood Road, Urbana, $150,000.

Nolan Smith, detached storage shed. 1285 CR 2125 E, St. Joseph, $80,000.

Jason and Meagan Smith, single-family home, 2351 CR 1500 N., St Joseph, $382,000.

Brian and Kristin Biddle, replace tornado-destroyed home with a manufactured home, 2329 CR 750 N., Homer, $183,840.

PI Tower Development, LLC, cellular communication tower, 1137 CR 800 N., Tolono, $175,000.

Anthony Mills, single-family home, Mahomet Township, $260,000.

Mark and Catherine Roland, home renovations and the addition of an in-ground pool, 2451 CR 1225 N., St. Joseph, $75,000.

Lyle Brock, agricultural storage shed, 5111. N. Duncan Road, Champaign, $50,000.

Eric and Whitney Kirby, single-family home, 2180 CR 600 N., Sidney, $200,000.

Mark and Lauchner, single-family home, 1635 CR 1100 N., Urbana, $75,000.

Champaign County Forest Preserve District, a bike and pedestrian path, Urbana Township, $2.8 million.

Advantage Trucking, LLC., truck terminal, contractors' facility and outdoor storage, 1512 CR 2700 N., Rantoul, $350,000.

Steve Taylor, storage shed, 2567 CR 500 E., Mahomet, $50,000.

Bryan and Cara Mills, single-family home, 1363 CR 2500 E., Ogden, $250,000.

Mark and Deborah Williams, front porch addition to home, 400 Deer Run Drive, Mahomet, $59,000.


New single-family residence at 1609 Hunters Ridge Court, $175,000.

New single-family residence at 508 Red Bud Drive, $234,900.

New single-family residence at 2002 Rylan Road, $254,900.00

New single-family residence at 1610 Hunters Ridge Court, $175,000.

New single-family residence at 1605 Kassen Ave., $360,000.

New single-family residence at 2114 Slade Lane, $404,900.


Joe Travis, new single-family residence at 601 Quinlan Place, $237,000.

Roeco Enterprises Inc., new single-family residence at 612 Quinlan Place, $238,000.


Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family residence at 201 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $255,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., single-family residence at 116 Gailardio in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $255,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 208 Denton Drive in Prairie Fields subdivision, $265,000.

Rick Stewart, new single-family residence at 1104 Cascade Drive in Lake Falls subdivision, $400,000.

Jeb Kennel Builders, new single-family residence at 1405 Yorkshire Drive in Wilshire subdivision, $500,000.

Signature Construction, new multifamily residence at 101 Hampshire in Courtyards II subdivision, $120,000.

Robert E. Furtney, new single-family residence at 103 Astoria Drive in Fieldstone subdivision, $265,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 601 Lake Falls Blvd. in Lake Falls subdivision, $400,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 3 Harmony Court at Lake Falls subdivision, $485,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 102 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $250,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 202 Cattail Ave. in Prairie Fields 14 subdivision, $235,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 408 Silver Lake Court in Lake Falls subdivision, $450,000.

Rave Homes, new single-family residence at 409 Bradford Ave. in Prairie Meadows subdivision, $380,000.

Armstrong Builders, new single-family residence at 1502 Fieldstone Drive in Fieldstone subdivision, $210,000.

Armstrong Builders, new single-family residence at 107 Astoria Drive in Fieldstone II subdivision, $210,000.

Armstrong Builders, new single-family residence at 1417 Winterberry Road in Fieldstone II subdivision, $210,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc.,

new single-family residence at 301 Bradford Ave. in Prairie Meadows subdivision,


Petry Kuhne, renovation of building at 2509 S. Neil St., $304,707.

Armstrong Builders of Champaign, new single-family residence at 1411 Fieldstone Drive in Fieldstone subdivison, $210,000.

Dreamscape, new single-family residence at 217 Bradford Ave. in Prairie Meadows subdivision, $283,500.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family residence at 1010 Cascade Drive in Lake Falls II subdivision, $309,000.

Valve Estimating & Consulting Inc., new building at 605 N. Dunlap St., $184,000.


The Snyder Cos., remodeling of hotel building at 1907 N. Cunningham Ave., $38,000.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 509 W. University Ave., $187,043.

Timbercreek Development, new single-family residence at 2714 E. Castlerock Drive, $493,000.

First Christian Church, remodeling at church at 300 S. Broadway Ave., $176,000.

Jonathan Reichard, remodeling at single-family residence at 1607 N. Golfview Drive, $25,000.

Robert Zych, addition to single-family residence at 704 S. Race St., $42,150.

Mid Illinois Concrete & Excavation, new industrial building at 1001 W. Somer Drive, $160,000.

Broeren Russo Construction, remodeling of multifamily residence at 106 S. Coler Ave., $50,000.

Scott Machin Remodeling, remodeling of duplex at 402 S. Busey Ave., $48,500.

Aldi Inc., addition at 3102 E. University Ave., $1,040,935.

McGuire Homes, new single-family residence at 1614 E. Lexington Drive, $194,000.

McGuire Homes, new single-family residence at 1616 E. Lexington Drive, $194,000.

Maamoon Abudayeh, church remodeling at 2003 S. Philo Road, $14,000.

Prime Retail Services, remodeling of building at 100 S. High Cross Road, $26,400.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from July 14 to August 25, 2017. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy. For a complete list, go to centralillinoisbusiness.com.

Chapter 7

Abraham, Vivian, 3413 Lincoln Ave, Peoria

Adams, Joleen, 53 Piatt Rd., Mahomet

Alexander, Cleshawn & Robert Jr, 243 S Durkin Dr Apt 23, Springfield

Allen, Dawn, 3311 Sand Creek Road, Decatur

Allison, Thomas & Ruth, 4515 26th Avenue, Moline

Althoff, Tabatha, 1483 W. Greendell Drive, Decatur

Anderegg, Jennifer, 812 W. Harvard, Champaign

Anderson, Bette, 1035 S. Main #114, Decatur

Anderson, Christine, 409 Samuel Drive, Le Roy

Anglin, Norman, 1013 Belton Dr., Danville

Anliker, Dawn, 207 East North, Manito

Apari, Raymond & Isabel, 2110 W. White St., Champaign

Balderson, Carrie, 4 Woodbury Hill, Springfield

Ball, Ciera, 309 N. Dye, Virden

Barlow, Leslie, 1102 South 23rd Street, Quincy

Bateson, Charles, 700 N. Cain Apt 152, Clinton

Bell, Glenda, 1220 4th St, Lincoln

Bennett, Jacqueline, 605 Diamond Circle, Princeton

Benton, Marla, 915 N. Edward, Decatur

Berrios-Hamilton, Judith, 7307 N. Oxford Place Unit 2, Peoria

Beschorner, Amy & Jeremy, 108 Mcginley St, Washington

Billadeau, Mary, 539 Zeisler Ct, Kankakee

Biro, Kristin, 608 Kerfoot St, East Peoria

Bitner, Kimberly, 802 2nd St., Lincoln

Blood, Julie, 1119 15th Street, Moline

Blundy, Rebecca, 19785 N 1370 East Rd., Danville

Boernson, Deana, 5120 E Paradise Ln, Quincy

Boernson, Zachari, 100 Oak St, Ursa

Boliard, Leslie & Paul, 1151 N. Summit Ave., Decatur

Bond, Katerra, 735 South Jackson, Decatur

Boyd, Laura, PO Box 367, Pittsfield

Bracken, Teresa, 508 Mason St., Chenoa

Bradford, Kathleen, 1340 N. Summit Ave., Apt. A, Decatur

Brandenburg, Julianne, PO Box 03, Fithian

Brandon, Krista, 4033 E. Greenhill, Decatur

Brewer, Crystal & Kyle, 994 N. Crafford, Bushnell

Bridges, Kristen, 20518 W. Smithville Rd., Trivoli

Britton, John, 7811 8 1/2 Street West Apt A5, Rock Island

Bruner, Ashley & Zachery, 407 S. Hamilton St., Mc Lean

Burns, Bryon & Kimberly, 222 Troy Lane, Decatur

Butler, Crystal, 1025 Maple Hill Rd. #4, Bloomington

Butler, Melanie, 526 Maple Ave, Paris

Cameron, Becky & Breon, 1391 N Broad St, Galesburg

Cantu de Nache, Teresa, 1524 26th Street, Rock Island

Carter, Thomas, 1107 W. Groveland Ave., Peoria

Casey, Jeffrey, 1001 6th Street, Apt. 202, Orion

Caswell, Coleen & Douglas, 124 S. Walnut, Maroa

Cervantes, Beatrice, 1017 18th Avenue, Moline

Chesak, Terry, P.O. Box 521, Springfield

Christian, Gary & Paula, 311 W. Wood Apt. 4(c), Paris

Clark, Teairra, 1041 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Decatur

Clay, Kylie, 1723 W Hovey Ave. Apt. 22, Normal

Clift, Tabitha, 1777 State Route 26, Metamora

Cole, Angela, 1613 Westchester Apt. 3, Springfield

Comage, Samantha, 3749 Moundford, Decatur

Corda, Jamie, 909-1 Juniper Dr., Rantoul

Courier, Shana, 2016 Stanhope, Springfield

Cravens, Billy, P.O. Box 618, Metamora

Cross, Patricia & Ronnie, 2213 Roland Dr, Champaign

Crum, Michael, 252 W. Ottawa Rd., Paxton

Cunningham, Donald & Phyllis, 1124 Oakbrook Ave., Chatham

Cunningham, Pamela, 475 E. Condit, Decatur

Daniele, Christopher, 2012 E Clearlake Ave, Springfield

Daniels, Joseph, 535 Park Street, PO Box 304, Nebo

Daugherty, Dalton, 333 Southland Drive, PO Box 152, Warrensburg

De Lahr, Carolyn, 1106 E 6th St, Chillicothe

DeVena, Torry, 401 N Austin Ave, Abingdon

Dodd, Jacob & Kelly, PO Box 163, Roseville

Donaldson, Rachaundra, 1933 E Pine St, Springfield

Duke, Jennifer, 103 S. Douglas, Villa Grove

Duncan, Grant, 993 County Road 200 N, Pesotum

Dunn, Anthony & Kelly, 4711 West Main, Decatur

Dunshee, Ann, 1120 E Truitt, Chillicothe

Durst, Larry, 301A Amanda St., Pekin

Eastman, Ashley, 302 Jay Ray Court, Apt 6, Manteno

Eccles, Wendy, 317 Creve Coeur Court, Creve Coeur

Edmonds, Lynn, 121 S. Main St., Loami

Ensign, Harold & Rebecca, 2186 CR 3000 N. Trailer 20, Rantoul

Erwin, Michael, 1214 Koch Street, Pekin

Erxleben, Jason & Shawna, 1611 Highwood, Pekin

Evans, LaTonya, 106 Kenwood Rd, Apt. 454, Champaign

Everson, Geneva & Leon, P.O. Box 663, Sheffield

Fannon, Kayla, 1211 W John H Gwynn Ave, Peoria

Fascian, Christopher, 1820 Scottsdale Dr., Champaign

Fennell, Robert & Sharon, 102 Terrace Court, Bourbonnais

Fisher, Angela, 1831 Perrysville Rd. Lot 92, Danville

Fisher, Stephanie, 302 West Bernard St., Abingdon

Flick, Michaela, 312 W. Arthur, Paris

Flowers, Nancy, 2619 W. Ardmore Place, Peoria

Ford, Julie, 1678 E Wheeler Circle, Macomb

Fortinberry, Ingrid, 919 Hawthorne Lane, Kankakee

Fox, Amy, 405 S. Monroe St., Nokomis

Franklin, Erika, 218 N Crestlane Dr, Apt 102, Kankakee

Frazee, Amber-Rose & Gerald, 3036 S. 13th Street, Springfield

Friday, Mary, 8924 US Highway 136, Colchester

Fritz, Lester, 1301 Denison Dr Apt A, Springfield

Fulk, Robert, 603 Jeanes Dr., St. Joseph

Funsch, Tara, 813 Franklin St, Pawnee

Gatewood, Debra & Kerry, 826 April Avenue, Quincy

Gessaman, Heather, 2805 E. Locust St., Decatur

Gibson, Bonnie, 702 Arbor Place #4, Farmer City

Gibson, Gregory, 1221 N. Olde Farm Rd., East Peoria

Gilhooly, John, 2715 N. Wisconsin Avenue, Peoria

Gingerich, Cesely, 612 Woodlawn St., Mattoon

Givens, Eric, 2 Magnolia Manor, Paris

Gonzales, Anthony & Donna, 406 Northgate Drive, Saint Joseph

Gooding, Amanda, 35475 N. Newcomb Street, Middlegrove

Grobner, Donald & Sharon, 1186 Ambers, Bourbonnais

Grundy, Judith, 2320 West Vermilion apt. 318, Danville

Hall, Harvey, 701 N. Main St., Normal

Hall, Leon, 1114 Jackson Ave., Charleston

Hall, Shaney, 1625 Illinois St., Bloomington

Ham, David & Kathleen, 73 1st St., Sciota

Hamm, Rena & Walter, 1606 Eastview Ave., Danville

Hankins, Carolyn & David, 105 W. Martin, Litchfield

Harden, Kayla, 3811 35th Street, Rock Island

Harris, Katherine, PO Box 853, Rantoul

Harrold, Brandon, 406 E. High Street, Urbana

Harvey, Chris & Kathy, 2208 Marion Avenue, Mattoon

Haworth, Kylee & Nicholas, 803 N. East St., Hudson

Hess, Beryl, 444 S. Parkway Dr. #1601, Pekin

Hess, Jennifer, 630 E. Marietta Avenue, Peoria Heights

Hess, Micaha, 1511 Madison Street, Quincy

Hesselberg, Scott & Traci, 1121 29th Street, Moline

Hiatt, Heather, 52 Greencastle Circle, Springfield

Hidden, Ryan, 1024 N Flora Ave, Apt. 1, Peoria

Hill, David & Wanda, 252 Sullivan Park South, Sullivan

Hill, Kenyatta, 550 N 9th Ave, Apt 6, Kankakee

Hines, Bennie, 1111 Elm St, Quincy

Hoeltje, Caitlin, 6810 Dale Avenue, Quincy

Hoffert, Wendy, 519 S Tonica St, Mason City

Hoffman, Teresa, 607 N. Gibson St., Clinton

Holloway, Lisa, 1251 Bon Air Court, Decatur

Holt, Cynthia, 406 Opper Ave., Granville

Holt, Justyna, 3812 Viking Blvd, Springfield

Hoskins, John, 147 S Main Apt 2, Bourbonnais

Hoskins, Michele, 280 Barrington Dr, Bourbonnais

Howland, John & Lindsay, 1654 Indiana Drive, Galesburg

Hulett, Michael, 1510 Fairfield Dr, Springfield

Hunter, Dorothy, 925 Primm Rd (# 417), Lincoln

Huntley, Susan, 1215 Beard Street, Beardstown

Hurley-Summers, Kathleen, 316 N. Pine, Maroa

Hurst, Angela, 600 N Diamond St, Jacksonville

Hustedde, Cheryl, 504 Lynn St., Gillespie

Huston, Ira & Sherry, 1900 E Black, Springfield

Huston, John & Nancy, 529 Vance St, Paris

Hyde, James, 1104 E Arcadia, Peoria

Icenogle, Matthew & Nicole, 46 Pheasant Run, Chatham

Irelan, Heather & Jason, 61 Arlington, Danville

Jackson, James & Kimberly, 902 Hackett Ave, Jacksonville

Jannelle, Kathleen, 1001 6th Street, Apt. 202, Orion

Jefferson, Maria, 3450 Gaines Mill Road Apt 7, Springfield

Jenkins, Rebecca, 40173 County Hwy 8, Pittsfield

Johnson, Andra & Kristy, 3974 Camelot Dr. Apt. 106, Decatur

Johnson, Eddie, 260 E. Cleveland, Decatur

Johnson, Jeffrey, 1109 - 3 Falcon Dr., Rantoul

Johnson, Jessica, 71 Casting Road, Springfield

Johnson, Patricia, 500 S. Darst St., Apt. C, Eureka

Johnson, Yokita, 1012 E Norwood Ave, Peoria

Jones, Antonous & Shanna, 210 N. 7th St., Benld

Jones, Clarice & Thomas, 3007 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria

Jones, Daniel, 308 N. Chestnut Street, Tremont

Jones, Verna, PO Box 293, Liberty

Justice, Beverly, 7950 W. Fourth, Harristown

Karrick, Dusty & Jeffrey, 10877 E. Lincoln Hwy Rd., Lerna

Kelley, John & Maria, 940F Waterview Way, Champaign

Kelly, Margaret, 180 W. Station St, Unit 2, Kankakee

Kelly, Michael, 1535 Eagle Bluff Drive, Bourbonnais

Keltner, Jim & Judith, 906 N. School St., Normal

Kendziorek, Linda, 295 S. Washington Ave, Bradley

Kerkhoff, George & Kathy, PO Box 5282, Quincy

Kindig, Joshua, 707 N. Church, Roanoke

King, Kristopher, 702 N. 16th Street, Springfield

Kirby, Michael, 731 East LaSalle St., Peoria

Kleiss, Julie, 400 S. Park St. Apt. B, Tuscola

Knight, Amber, 101 E. Cherokee, Morrisonville

Knoblett, Danny & Debra, 4165 N 1150E Rd, Indianola

Koldash, Gerald, 54 Crimson Ct, Manteno

Kurfman, Justin & Stephanie, 216 E Jefferson St, Auburn

Kuykendall, Cortney, 12358 2200 N. Ave, Geneseo

Lagacy, Ashley, 276 1/2 S Oak St, Manteno

Land, Betty, 225 S. Walnut St. Apt. D21, Minonk

Landreth, Kay, 2125 N. Wellington Drive, Peoria

Landstrom, Andrew, 2736 CR 800 E., Dewey

Langloss, Scott, 201 N. Cornell Street, Tremont

Laster, Michael & Shelley, 86 Cherry Lane, Bourbonnais

Lemons, Wanda, 28 Gurth Dr., Urbana

Lewis, Darrel & Monica, 7 Deerhaven, Orion

Lieurance, Sherry, 4120 N 24th St, Quincy

Life, Sheila, 155 West Mertens Street, Apt. 121, Kankakee

Long, Kayla & Thomas, 420 E. 4th Street, Milan

Long, Raymond & Wanda, 12945 Carter Road, Pekin

Luster, Cynthia & William, 317 E. Lincoln St., Edinburg

Mann, Amos, 25365 Skyway Drive, Bartonville

Mann, Stephanie, 46 Park Ridge Road, Springfield

Martin, Deborah, 2925 S 5th St, Springfield

Mason, Jacob, 1045 Moss St., Gilson

Mathes, Brenda & Michael, PO Box 53, Sibley

Mauck, Karene & Tyson, 3140 Frese Dr, Quincy

McCarty, Judith, 628 N Main St, Paris

McCray, Bridgett, 2406 Foxbridge Road, Springfield

McCullum, William, 250 S. Main, Apt. 102, Canton

McDermott, Heather, 2032 Jackson St., Quincy

McDonald, James, 3426 W. Kiva Ct., Peoria

McDowell, Jonothan, 602 Best St, Staunton

McGee, Andrea, 508 E. Elm St., Taylorville

McGee, Cara & Luke, 954 E. Madison Street, Morton

McGinnis, Andrew, 15507 34th Avenue, East Moline

McGinnis, Troy & Wendy, 437 Standish Dr., Bloomington

McNear, Anglea & Bryan, 310 S. Street, Westville

Mcpheeters, Ollie, 2626 N Peoria Ave., Peoria

Meier, Michael, 2250 38th Street, Rock Island

Melberg, Marion, 327 East Butler Avenue, Grant Park

Menigoz, Kimberly, 700 W Iroquois St, Apt 4, Watseka

Miller, Wilma, 215 West Sam J Stone Ave, Apt 916, Peoria

Mitchell, Vanessa, 1214 Oak St., Danville

Moore, Abby & Brad, 29825 N. 1728 E. Rd., Alvin

Moore, Brett & Sarah, 1306 W. Jackson, Bloomington

Morgan, Kristin, 3130 10th Street, Rock Island

Mowen, Dalene, 1886 E County Rd 2830, Dallas City

Murray, Brian, 317 N. Scott St., Lot 11, Rantoul

Murray, Heather, 108 W. Chestnut, Fairbury

Musson, Jennifer & Steven, 110 W. Walnut Unit 2, Tolono

Nache, Marco, 1524 26th Street, Rock Island

Navarro, Kerry, 205 Flora Drive, Champaign

Nichols, Crystal, 505 White Ave., Taylorville

Nord, Ashley & James, 509 West Prairie Street, Roodhouse

Norton, Tina, 421 19th Street, Apt 301, Moline

Odle, David, 1126 N. Madison St., Litchfield

O'Neill, Shelley, 3303 E. Enos Ave Trlr 7, Springfield

Osborne, Jeffery & Jennifer, 1019 6th Street, Colona

Otken, Sabrina, P O Box 962, Pawnee

Patton, Paula, PO Box 122, La Place

Penley, James & Jessica, 11644 E. Deerson St, Momence

Perry, Allison & Ryan, 2302 Sumac Drive, Champaign

Pettigrew-Colone, Cherri, 1115 Valley View Circle, Bloomington

Pettus, Michelle, 1511 W. Decatur, Decatur

Pezze, Brian, PO Box 953, Kincaid

Pickford, Michelle, 2465 E Griffiths Ave, Springfield

Pierce, Kevin, 2404 Parkview Dr, Springfield

Pierce, Susan, 4927 Baseline Rd, Quincy

Pocica, Shea, 1770 Valley Road, Champaign

Powell, Angel, 3401 Ridge Ave. Trailer #38, Springfield

Prentice, Aaron, 308 S. Hollybrook Drive, Chillicothe

Price, Crystal & Robert, 1112 Haven Ct., Peoria

Prince, Danielle, 4304 E. Airport Rd., Urbana

Prince, Roger, 1313 7th St., Lincoln

Prouty, Nicole, 2533 31st Ave Apt 307, Rock Island

Pudelek, Henry, 485 Briarcliff Lane, Apt. 5, Bourbonnais

Purvis, Cynthia & Donald, 265 Washington Ct, Arcola

Randle, Thomas, 1806 S. Livingston St., Peoria

Rath, Marlene & William, 3132 Elmhurst Dr, Springfield

Ray, Joseph, 2600 Lowell Ave., Springfield

Reed, Brenda, 134 N. Main Street, North Pekin

Reese, Amber, 119 N. Lott Blvd. Apt. 1B, Gibson City

Reicheneker, Cameron, P.O. Box 195, Elmwood

Reynolds, Connie, 1835 Vine Street, Danville

Rice, David, 516 S. Elm, Buckley

Rice, Michele, 742 Atwood Drive, Danville

Riley, Jedediah & Megan, 16418 2nd Avenue, East Moline

Rivera, Rey, 7400 N Villa Lake, Apt E3, Peoria

Roberts, Craig, 85 N. East St, Farmington

Robinson, Jammie, 2600 S. Lowell Ave., Springfield

Robson, Cory, 2000 North Linden St. Apt. N229, Normal

Rodden, Sara & Sean, 1126 W. Russell St., Taylorville

Roy, Brock & Christina, 958 Pomona Dr., Champaign

Ruiz, Patricia, 1974 John Jay St., Urbana

Rusher, Kirsten, 1458A Warrington Ave., Danville

Russell, Jessica, 1109 - 3 Falcon Dr., Rantoul

Rutherford, Edward, 108 Buttell, Elkhart

Ryan, Dallas, 29 Barbara Lane, Auburn

Sabo, Michael, 1075 Lincoln Dr, Manteno

Salamon, Shirley, 330 Forrest Dr., Pekin

Samms, Ashley, 1319 Veerman St., Pekin

Samms, Lillian, 305 Lakeside Ave Apt C, Pekin

Sampson, Krista & Randall, 721 E. Ravine, Peoria

Savage, Eva, 1124 E. Mueller, Decatur

Schuh, Judith, 3725 N. Peoria Rd., #233, Springfield

Scott, Crystal, 2710 W. Malone, Peoria

Scott, Daniel, 236 Sapp St, Pekin

Selinger, Cullen, 409 Walnut, Dawson

Shafer, Mary, 173 Labor Dr., Jacksonville

Sheldon, Floyd, 511 E Wilson, Peoria

Sheppard, Gary & Michelle, 834 N 22nd St, Quincy

Shuey, Amanda & Josh, 102 E. Warren, Moweaqua

Siepel, Sheila & Steven, 216 N Third St., Hanna City

Sigler, Christopher & Crystal, 3220 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon

Simon, Bobbie, 227 Robinhood Lane #4, Bloomington

Simpkins, Dominique, 345 S. Wall Street, Kankakee

Simpson, Kimberly, 4218 Monke Ave., Litchfield

Sivels, Sherron, 2622 31st Street Court, Rock Island

Skebe, Shane, 2251 West Washington Street, Apt 705, Springfield

Skroko, Johanna & Philip, 2824 East 860 North Road, Stockland

Sloan, Allison, 1684 Terramere Drive, Bourbonnais

Sloan, Michael, 1402 E. College Ave. Unit 211D, Normal

Smith, David & Racheal, 347 S. Myrtle Ave, Kankakee

Smith, Lynda, 444 Country Club Drive, Kankakee

Smith, Mark, 513 Hampshire Street, Apartment 701, Quincy

Snyder, Shannan, 490 Dwight Drive, Decatur

Sparks, Anthony & Tanya, 109 Kilgore, West Point

Speagle, Melissa & Shane, 508 Macy Lane, Chatham

Speth, Andrew, 3209 Normandy Rd., Springfield

Spielman, Bailey & Jason, 24 Ethell Parkway, Normal

Stanley, David, 269 W. Guth Road, Washington

Staples, Sheena, 5809 N. Wacker Dr., Peoria

Stephens, Kathy, 300 West 3rd South St., Mount Olive

Stewart, Bryan & Kimberlyn, 16972 E County Road 600N, Charleston

Stiger, Kimberly, PO Box 432, Mansfield

Strafaci, Paul, 22955 Veterans Road, Morton

Strange, Glenda, 1342 E. Ryder, Litchfield

Stratton, Kyle, 308 N Chestnut St, Strasburg

Stuart, Joel & Nikki, 21620 52nd Ave N, Port Byron

Stubbs, Donald, 1836 S. 2nd Street, Springfield

Stubbs, Helena, 1236 Milton #61, Springfield

Sturdivant, Sheila, 19 Ryan Drive, Bloomington

Sturdivant, Thomas, 312 Greenwood Avenue, Bloomington

Summers, Gary, 316 N. Pine, Maroa

Swartz, Linda & William, 660 Clarksville Road, Pittsfield

Tatman, Donna, 112 E. Broadway, Tolono

Tatman, Jordan, 2215 Timberview Dr., Urbana

Taylor, Anne & Brett, PO Box 129, Malden

Taylor, Carol & Robert, 605 S. Anna Ave, Bellevue

Taylor, Donald & Jennifer, 9045 Owl Rd., Sherman

Taylor, John, P.O. Box #152, Lovington

Taylor, Sherry, 2021 Meadows Ave., East Peoria

Teague, Daniel, 119 10th Street, Silvis

Thomas, Roberta, 300 Vaught St Apt. D2, Westville

Thompson, Jennifer & Thomas, 511 Mitchell Ct, Apt. D, Champaign

Thornberry, Donna, 3810 5th Street, East Moline

Thrush, Richard, 5533 N. Galena Road, Box 147, Peoria Heights

Troxell, Carol & Ronald, 21608 Garner Rd, Virginia

Trudden, Dawn & Robert, 2224 W. Miners Drive, Dunlap

Tshikaya, Felix, 1504 Ensign Dr. #1, Normal

Tucker, David, PO Box 525, Chebanse

Tucker, Jeffery, 1024 West Spresser Apt. 6, Taylorville

Tucker, Julie, 842 S. 19th, Decatur

Turnbow, Hazel, 1609 Maple Street, Quincy

Turner, Josephine, 903 E. Republic St, Peoria

Turner, Melva, 1231 E. Moore, Decatur

Tutt, Patsy, 619 W. Hay St., Springfield

Vance, Robert & Sharon, 407 W. Torrance Ave. Apt. 2, Pontiac

Viers, Tracy, 625 N. 14th St, Quincy

Virden, Lonnie, 102 East Grand Ave., Owaneco

Wahab, Alicia, PO Box 3882, Champaign

Wallace, Jessica & Robert, 3501 E Ridgely Rd Lot 88, Springfield

Wallin, Brandy & Conrad, PO Box 144, Congerville

Wells, Kieyara, 730 Bethel Dr, Apt. 10, Bourbonnais

Wells, Laurie, 4 Candlelight Dr. Apt. 3, Springfield

Wennmacher, Debra, 203 N. Boss St., Kewanee

Werthmann, Jerri, 2524 23rd Avenue B, Moline

West, Anthony & Laura, P.O. Box 247, Waynesville

Whennen, Amelia & Jason, 208 S. Seneca, Tower Hill

White, Amber, 616 W. Clybourn Ct., Peoria

White, Brittny, 207 S. Wood, Athens

White, Carolyn & James, 4017 State St, Quincy

White, Linda & Nicholas, 1385 Clark St., Galesburg

White, Paris, 611 Crescent Dr., Apt. #2, Champaign

Whitlock, Katlin, 12323 State Highway, Pearl

Wigant, Larry, 309 28th Ave W, Milan

Wilhoit, Kristina, 1824 Luxury Lane, Quincy

Williams, Clywone, 1504 Gleason Dr., Rantoul

Williams, Lashonda, 450 South Dearborn Avenue, #11, Kankakee

Williams, Michael & Patricia, 1001 W Tower Road, Kankakee

Williamson, Charlie, 913 Washington Street, Pawnee

Wilson, Teresa, PO Box 307, Oneida

Windisch, Stacey, 2439 South 8th Street, Springfield

Wiscons, Randy, 246 Madison St., Galesburg

Witter, Meagan, 12300 North Brentfield Drive Apt 303, Dunlap

Woller, Rosanna, 1405 Unit - B Broadmoor Drive, Champaign

Young, Shaquina, 207 S East St., Hudson

Ziegenhorn, Scott, 607 N. Main St., Eureka

Zimmerman, Everett, 1805 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Apt. 209, Urbana

Chapter 13

Anderson, Cynthia, 100 E Upper Street Trlr 8, Cambridge

Arbisi, Christopher, 822 Decatur Street, Lincoln

Barr, Pamela & William, 6308 N Jamestown Rd., Peoria

Bartholomew, Henry, 905 Ridgemont, Peoria

Bauman, David, 2811 W. Newman Parkway, Peoria

Beurskens, Mindy & Timothy, 22 Kickapoo Place Rd, Charleston

Beyers, Crystal & Shawn, 912 E. Short St., Tuscola

Bossmann, Jamie & Shari, 9625 Tip Top Road, Chatham

Brakebill, Rachael, 1101 El Camino Drive, Apt 324, Pekin

Brown, Kathy, 202 Crescent Ave., East Peoria

Brown, Lori & Thomas, 3808 Garden Court, Pekin

Brummett, Willie, 2096 N. Graceland Avenue, Decatur

Builta, Sharon, 633 Meadow Lane Apt. A, Le Roy

Caldwell, Bonnie, 357 N 3050 E Road, Hoopston

Carlson, Doug, 105 Scenic Dr., Goodfield

Cayson, Tanisha, 1911 W Albany Ave, Peoria

Childers, Carol, 840 Elm St, Hamilton

Clark, Robert, 1821 S Spring St, Springfield

Coffey, Robert, 537 Karen Rose Dr, Rochester

Curtiss, Cindy, 304 Ashmore Drive, Urbana

Davis, Tiffany, 1919 N. Milton Court, Peoria

Dever, Joseph, 25301 1150 N. Avenue, Princeton

Dever, Melissa, 621 N. Chestnut, Princeton

Dietz, Catherine, 315 S. Maple St., Farmer City

Durst, Lowell & Nicole, 516 S. Anna Avenue, Peoria

Easton, Jamie & Katie, P.O. Box 192, Lerna

Ernst, Susan, 1212 S. Church Street, Princeton

Estrada, Regina, 684 S. Sycamore Avenue, Decatur

Flournoy, Erika, PO Box 2466, Kankakee

Freelove, Gerald, 8600 14th Street W, Rock Island

Garske, Judith, 770 N Nebraska Ave., Morton

George, Dino & Janet, 1934 N 7th St, Springfield

Gillan, Dustin & Gail, 1904 N. Norwood Blvd, Peoria

Gimm, Joshua, 701 Dudley St, Liberty

Glasscock, Carol & Lester, 1510 N. Lee Street, Bloomington

Hamilton, Helen, 219 South Vermillion Street, Pontiac

Hardy, Christina, 1634 East River Street, Kankakee

Hensley, Tammy, 17574 N. Chockley Rd., Lewistown

Hepp, Paul, 107 W Sycamore, Normal

Hibbs, Amanda, 835 East Locust Street, Watseka

Hopson, Corey, 1130 W. Thrush Avenue, Peoria

Howland, Nicole & Ryan, 6 Brookdale Ct, Taylorville

Hursey, Ramona, 3008 W. Daniel St., Champaign

Hurst, Susan, 201 Derron Court, Pontiac

Jackson, Jessica, 1233 12th Street, Rock Island

James, Loretta, P.O. Box 72, Kansas

Kearns, Kathleen, Po Box 143, Hopedale

Koerwitz, Angela, 617 E Main St, Rochester

Kovacs, Claire, 2128 31st Street, Rock Island

Leeds, Sandra, 2142 Barding Ave., Decatur

Lewis, Kinney, 412 S. Chanute St., Rantoul

Love, Cynthia, 513 N. Pierce St., Sullivan

Lovett, Jamie, P.O. Box 2067, East Peoria

Lulay, Jill & Robert, 711 Stratford Drive, Washington

Lynn, Kerry, 5225 N. Rothmere Drive, Peoria

Mahle, Justin, 712 N Central Ave, Paris

Marchan, Francisco & Magdamelis, 3804 W. Yorkshire Avenue, Peoria

Mayhugh, Rhonda & James Sr., 1035 S. Main St. Apt. 203, Decatur

McClure-Gimm, Tennille, 701 Dudley St, Liberty

McManis, Theress, 2700 W. Willow Lake Drive, #203, Peoria

Michaels, Debra & Paul, 814 43rd Street, Rock Island

Myers, Leslie, 1444 Maple Ave, Galesburg

Neece, Joseph & Melissa, 1223 21st Street, Rock Island

Nelson, Mark, 201 Derron Court, Pontiac

Nichols, Sue & Thomas, 3400 Lewis Dr., Quincy

Pahl, Steven, 4548 7th Street Apt. 8108, East Moline

Payne, Norma, 1223 Broadway, Pekin

Rivera, Melissa, 2941 Vine St., Danville

Robinson, Jamila, 4439 N. Hale, Decatur

Rockett, Irvin, 104 W. Front St., Bloomington

Scales, Jennifer & Wesley, 37 Devine Drive, Riverton

Shellabarger, Donald, 2806 3rd Street W, Milan

Shugart, Cynthia & Robert, 4 Park Court, Oreana

Skimehorn, Shawna, 1622 Robinson, Danville

Skimehorn, Stephen, 600 Deerborn Apt 8, Danville

Steinfeldt, Julia & Todd, 605 W. Garfield Ave., Bartonville

Stewart, Geraldine, 507 Stillwater Drive, Chillicothe

Tharp, Julie, 719 North B Street, Monmouth

Thomas, Rhanada, 119 West Elliott, Paris

Thurwanger, Cassandra & Shaun, 324 28th Avenue, East Moline

Toland, Billie, 204 W. South 1st St., Shelbyville

Tomlinson, William, 10766 Wagonseller Road, Green Valley

Turner, Katrina, 1225 Oak Ridge Avenue, Pekin

Warrick, Cynthia & Todd, 308 E. Vandalia, Jacksonville

Whittaker, Sean, 1141 Florence Ave, Galesburg

Williams, George, 1619 W Circle Rd, Peoria

Wilson, Laura, 700 N. Bruns Ln. Apt. L, Springfield

Zajc, Chase & Debra, 1747 W. 2000 S Road, Kankakee


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during July, 2017 in Champaign County.


A2K Technologies, Inc., Champaign, $60,430.38

Bundles of Joy of Champaign, Inc., 1508 Ridgeway Ave., Champaign, $1,289.70

David M. and Cyndy J. Ross, 3406 Memory Lane, Urbana, $34,392.03

Shauna L. Allen, 10058 Lower River Road, Grants Pass, Or, $302877.38

Simply Plumbing Company, PO Box 195, St. Joseph, $36,765.16

James K. Pettyjohn, Pettyjohn Builders, PO Box 3686, Champaign, $32,892.36

Ultimate Lawn, Inc., 308 Windwood Court, Mahomet, $112.45

Andrea L. Cooper, A Corporation, Smith Towing, 2708 South Mattis Ave., Champaign, $6,569.04

Brian T. and Stephanie T. Landress, 403 Church St., Champaign, $3,041.64,

Sunbuilt Homes, 2305 Village Green Place, Suite E, Champaign, $27,739.70

Brian T. Landess, 403 Church St., Champaign, $25,523.36

Henry Carter, 502 S. Mattis, Champaign, $479,677.74

Vicky Stenger, 1407 Hollycrest Drive, Champaign, $25,607.59


Fantasy Fabrications, 124 N. Neil St., Champaign, $19,896.83

Dean Michael Katsaros, Katsaros and Associates, 2301 Village Green Place, Suite B, Champaign, $15,812.88, $6,858.66

Andrea L. Cooper, Smith Towing, 2708 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $212.83

Timothy A. and Kristy R. Mitchaner, 1112 N. Eastern Ave., Urbana, $6,510.46

Gerald G. Freeman, 1901 Kenneth St., Urbana, $27,938.67

O.G. Parkhill Construction, 1006 E. MacDougal Road, Mahomet, $9,588.30

Safe House of Champaign-Urbana, Men's Safe House, 406 W. Main St., Urbana, $2,932.63

Douglas E. Dillavou, PO Box 293, Tolono, $4,357.92

Charter Stills and Associates, Charter Warren General Practitioner, 3701 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $28,224.43


Carmen Fuenteszenteno, 25 Blue Spruce Drive, Champaign, $901.66

Sandra Rivera Segundo, 16 Tulip Drive, Champaign, $549.80

Alonzo Bass, 2603 E. California Ave., Urbana, $503.97

Mary Frazier, 310 Tiffany Court, Champaign, $5,099.07

Garrett Thompson, 1710A E. Oaks Road, Urbana, $771.07

Pearl Kimble, 110 W. Walnut St., Tolono, $1,525.56

Matthew Peckham, 118 E. University Ave., Champaign, $2,309.76

Lynette and Richard Decker, 1304 Fairlawn Drive, Rantoul, $2,165.89

Kevin and Christina Harris, 506A N. Calhoun St., Tolono, $1,987.98

Jermaine Hunt, 70 E. Washington St., Champaign, $571.10

Maria Marquez, 1702 W. Anthony Drive, Champaign, $789.96

Kenneth Moss, 1213 Parkland Court, Champaign, $765.82

Jackie Blue, PO Box 7644, Champaign, $1,296.51

Kichecko Dawson, 914 Switchgrass Lane, Champaign, $9,364.31

Arturo Garcia Castillo, 16 Tulip Tree Drive, Champaign, $678.24

Mark Goodwin, 1315 Cobblestone Way, Champaign, $1,786.83

John Miles, 2403 CR 3300 N, Gifford, $805.15

Samuel Silvestre Silvestre, 1311 Brighton Drive, Urbana, $932.62

David Webb, 504 E. Washington St., Urbana, $1,494.36

Christine and John Curtis, 409 Main St., Penfield, $1,197.01

Flipswitch Consulting Group, 1907 Bellamy Drive, Champaign, $2,355.56

Ricardo Hernandez, 262 Apple Tree Drive, Urbana, $670.90

Judy Hewerdine,1230 Cypress Lane, Rantoul, $1,298.73

Jose Villegas Reyes 1148 Englewood Drive, Rantoul, $512.48

Kirstin Jamison, 2710 CR 1200 N, Homer, $936.43

Ramica Roebuck, 907 N. Fifth St., Champaign, $505.83

Simon Perez Zenil, 36 Rowena Drive, Urbana, $519.77

Tony Williams, 1133 Briarcliff Drive, Rantoul, $806.81

Timmy and Julie Phelps, 717 Breen Drive, Champaign, $1,546.10

Long Qian, 105 S. Wright St., Champaign, $1,468.35

Madison Turner, 1303 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $785.02

Ruey Earz, 1525 Lowry Drive, Rantoul, $1,102.24

Robert Flagg, 1301 Beech St., Urbana, $504.60

Diana Hickey, 205 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign, $530.62


Wayne K. and Lara M. Schwaiger, 1606 W. North Shore Drive, Mahomet, $6,236.69

James Johnson, 3105 Stoneybrook Drive, Champaign, $30,707.51

Matthew Young PO Box 11, Champaign, $1,414.70

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