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FINE PRINT          June 2015



The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and -- when available -- estimated cost of improvements.


Arlington Developers, interior buildout of restaurant at 2041 S. Neil St., Suite 120, $176,000.

BLDD Architects, addition to Fire Station No. 3 at 702 W. Bradley Ave., $93,500.

TAG Residential, addition to single-family home at 507 S. Ridgeway Ave., $91,762.

CDR Construction, alteration to single-family home at 2108 Georgetown Circle, $57,217.

MSA Architect, alteration for Spicy Tang restaurant at 611 E. Green St., #A, $35,300.

Mattex Service Co., alteration to Mattex office at 402 S. Staley Road, $25,000.

Earth Services, demolition of Piccadilly Beverage Shop building at 601 S. First St., $20,000.

quas Partnership, new multifamily residence at 1320 Mariner Way, $473,960.

JSM Development Services, new shell building at 2009-2011 S. Neil St., $465,190.

MSA Architect, alteration for Brixx Pizzeria at 2041 S. Neil St., $335,000.

HearthStone Homes, new single-family home at 3806 Pebblebrook Lane, $140,000.

CAJSQ 29-33 E. Green LLC, new LED screen for West Quad apartments at 30 E. John St., $126,672.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, tenant fit-out for Master Nails salon at 1807 W. Bradley Ave., Unit E, $16,000.

Roger Meyer, alteration to office at 61 E. University Ave., $11,250.

Quality Contracting Services, alteration to retail space at 7 Convenience Center Road, $7,674.

Yoder Construction, demolition of garage at 312 W. White St., $2,000.

E&T Enterprises of Illinois, new multifamily residence at 408 S. Prairie St., $541,000.

Wallin Gomez Architects, alteration for Wendy's restaurant at 2035 S. Neil St., $250,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 5014 Emma's Way, $242,000.

SAANG Inc., alteration for Caffe Bene restaurant at 524 E. Green St., $100,000.

SOILL Restaurant Systems, alteration for restaurant with video gaming at 501 S. Mattis Ave., $67,193.

KAP Architecture, alteration for Which Wich restaurant at 512 E. Green St., Suite C, $65,300.

Green Street Realty, alteration to office at 604 S. Neil St., $16,000.

Willie Docher, demolition of single-family home at 508 E. Park St., $6,200.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, new footing and foundation permit for Piccadilly site at 601 S. First St., no estimated cost.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 4802 Vahalla Drive, $338,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 5107 Emma's Way, $275,000.

Verizon Wireless, alteration to cell tower antenna at 2001 Kankakee Drive, $25,000.

Supercuts, alteration to salon at 918 W. Town Center Blvd., $12,000.

Dig It of Champaign, demolition of garage at 403 W. University Ave., $1,500.

Twin City Tent & Awning, replacement of awning for multifamily residence at 55 E. Healey St., $1,341.

Champaign County

Phil Shields, construct an addition to an existing family hone at 627 CR 2800N, Fisher, $270,000.

Robert Easter, construct a room addition to an existing single family home at 905 Westbrook Drive, Mahomet, $97,650.

SBA Towers, erect a 104 feet cellular communication tower and to construct an equipment building at an address to be assigned, Sidney, $100,000.

Tim Hyde, construct a detached storage shed and authorize a storage shed previously placed on the subject property at 1699 CR 3200N, Rantoul, $30,000.

Circle K, place a wall sign and add on an additional sign panel to an existing freestanding sign at 506 S. Praireiview Road, Mahomet, $5,000.

I&I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club, move a building (school) onto the subject property as part of the I&I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club Museum at 308 Busey St., Penfield, $11,000.

Urbana Golf and Country Club, L.L.C., construct additions to an existing country club clubhouse at 100 E. Country Club Road, Urbana, $800,000.

Champaign County Forest Preserve District, a temporary use for a fireworks display, July 4, 2015, with a rain date of July 5, 2015 at 405 N. and 109 S. Lake of the Woods Road, Mahomet, dollar amount not available.

Thomas H. Marlow, construct a detached garage at 675 CR 3350N, Fisher, $19,800.

Rolling Hills Campground/eastern Hills ABATE, establish a temporary use for a motorcycle rally/rodeo on June 5-7, 2015 at CR 2880E, Penfield, dollar amount not available.

Joanne Rechkemmer to Andrea Smith, change the use to establish a vehicle towing business, Smith's Towing & Recovery, with incidental vehicle sales at 2708 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign, dollar amount not available.

Jon Sides, construct a detached storage shed at 2407 CR 700E, Dewey, $14,000.

Andrew Sheele, construct a detached storage shed at 2568 CR 500E, Mahomet, $30,000.

Terry and Cynthia Reid, construct a detached garage at 1691 Willowdale Dr., St. Joseph, $12,818.

Windsor Road Christian Church, freestanding directional signs added at 2501 Windsor Road, Champaign, $7,485.

Jake McPeek and Karen Cooley, place a manufactured home and detached garage on the property at 308 Carper St., Seymour, $122,265.

Richard Peters, construct a detached garage at 960 CR 1700E, Philo, $25,500.

Gigore Ruso, construct an addition to an existing family home at 2506 Lakewood Drive, Champaign, $42,936.

Doug Morton, construct an addition to an existing shed at 591 CR 700N, Sadorus, $11,000.

Seth and Sarah Coulter, construct a detached storage shed at 3337 CR 650E, Fisher, $37,000.

Brian Bushley, construct an attached garage to an existing single family home at 2731 CR 200E, Rantoul. $12,000.


Scott Nelson Construction, new single-family home at 1104 Morningside Lane, $334,900.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1106 Ashford Court, $320,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1609 Quarry Road, $300,000.

Timber Creek Homes, new single-family home at 1413 Cross Creek Road, $550,000.


J&A Investors LLC, new water-processing building for Rantoul Foods at 205 Turner Drive, $125,000.


Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 305 Potomac Ave., $280,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 511 Capitol St., $240,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 209 Capitol St., $200,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 1107 Cascade Drive, $300,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 211 Capitol St., $220,000.


PNK Construction, remodeling for restaurant at 700 S. Gregory St., Suite C, $130,600.

TAG Residential, remodeling of single-family home at 2718-2722 S. Berns Drive, $60,395.

Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of Carle building at 601 W. University Ave., $33,000.

Internal Revenue Service liens

Kirk Miller, 1212 W. Anthony Drive #226, Champaign, $13, 655.60.

Douglas Dillavou, PO Box 293, Tolono, $12205.46.

Fluid Events, 601 N, Country Fair Drive, Champaign, $1162.86.

TGT-The Pet Pro P.C., a Corppration Pet Pro, 1815A W. Kirby Ave., Champaign, $30,664.01.

TGT-The Pet Pro P.C., a Corporation Pet Pro, 1815A Kirby Ave., Champaign, $1,853.39.

Canaan Development Foundation, 404W. Main St., Urbana, $20,533.11.

STeven Cohen, 1605 Lincoln Rd., Champaign, $25,866.99.

Christopher Sabin, 707 E. Green St., Urbana, $ 87407.22.

Dustin Wilgus, 2725 Hunters Pond Run Apt., 32, Champaign, $27,276,56.

Patrick Johnson, 2507 Valkar Lane, Champaign, $10,286.24.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during February and March 2015 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

Angela Raup, 2202 County Road 1500 E., Thomosboro, $33734.55.

Fantasy Fabrications, 124 Neil St., Champaign, $ 8,669.31.

Alcee Gorrell, 1322 Juniper Drive, Apt. 1, Rantoul, $1392.32.

Thomas Endsley, P.O. Box 3181, Champaign, $28137.52.

Thomas Ealy, 3322 Lakeshore Dr., Champaign, $219145.53

James E. Johnson, 1101 Chateau Dr., St. Joseph, $9738.04.

Christopher Good, 1917 Blackthorn Drive, Champaign, $5514.99.

Kevan A. Bolden, 1804 Shadowland Drive, Champaign, $32788.80.

Center for Your Health LTD, a Corporation, 501 N. Lincoln, Philo, $2340.00.

Tony L Warren, 707 Hessel Blvd., Champaign, $13509.16.

Robert E. S. L.L.C. Atlanta Bread Co., 2004 Bentbrook Dr., Champaign, $24848.76.

Mechellle Hill, 3122 Palmer Drive, Champaign, $21070.43.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Antonio Burnett 2417 N. Neil St., Apt. 202, Champaign, $792.48.

Emkes Trucking, Inc., 111 E. Center St., Gifford, $63,008.79.

Tony Johnson, 813 N. Willis Ave., Apt. 2, Champaign, $509.11.

Nathan Creer. 1606 Melrose Valley Court, Urbana, $1,917.29.

Paul Liggett and Jennifer Graves-Liggett, 907 Centennial Drive, Champaign, $3,888.42.

Evan Faust, 206 Roper St., Champaign, $640.54.

Rebecca Carter and Ralph Carter, 3706 E. University Ave., Urbana, $1,429.76.

Kenneth Don, P.O. Box 201, Thomasboro, $1,663.26.

Bernard Cox, 2105 Strand Drive, Champaign, $1,009.80.

Edmund George, 1405 Behler Place, Rantoul, $2,808.21.

Tamolus Jackson, 1513 Hunter St., Urbana, $582.68.

Juan Simon, 209 W. Green St., Champaign, $559.11.

Juliet Taylor, 816 W. Vine St., Champaign, $602.23.

Karol Wilson, 706 Sherwood Terrace, Champaign, $561.58.

James Cannon, P.O. Box, 634, Fisher, $618.93

James and Vilma Hascall 2902 S. Myra Ridge Drive, Urbana, $4,869.50.

Lisa Hettinger, 1205 Southwood Drive, Mahomet, $4,869.50.

Midvalley Power Equipment, 406 E. Oak St., Mahomet, $10,389.59.

Russell Perkins, 3407 Florence Drive, Champaign, $1,131.24.

Nick and Danielle Vollmer, 1508 Cambridge Drive, Champaign, $564.45.

Carl Creviston, 1604 S. Division St., Mahomet, $1,028.88

Steven Pankou, Pankou Masonry, 1500 Maywood Drive, Champaign, $1,510.00.

Chao Huang, 310 E. Springfield Ave., Apt. 608, Champaign, $1,604.00

Tyne Wicks, 3322 Stoneway Court, Champaign, $1,052.89.

Sherette Myers, 609 E. Perimeter Road, Rantoul, $1,752.68.

Larry and Carla Duvall, 3970 CR 2650 N, Mahomet, $507.83.

James and Janet High 2705 Santa Ana Road, Champaign, $2,704.08.

Robert Auler, 202 W. Green St., Urbana, $3,134.07.

David Varner, P.O.Box $, Rantoul, $3,089.47.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Jeffrey Cross, 3515 S. Cottonwood Road, Urbana, $1,838.86.

Sushi Rock, L.L.C., P.O. Box 2982, Champaign, $6,794.40.

Ebony Duncan, 1502 Hobson Drive, Rantoul, $627.33.

Angela M. and Charles E. Raup, P.O.Box 45, Thomasboro, $5,829.65.

Sharon C. Raup, 105 N. Schluter St., Thomasboro, $5,829.65.

Bryan Casten, 1110 Pomona Drive, Champaign, %547.74.

Eugenia Herman, 1206 Garden Hills Drive, Champign, $591.96.

Rodney Price and Lori Whitfield, 1619 Lowry Drive, Rantoul, $1,693.58.

Keith Winfrey, 512 ½ S. New St., Champaign, $1,036.91.

Jerry Fairman, 107 Bellefontaine St., Chamapign, $1598.80.

Barry Pearman, 1378 CR 212E, St. Joseph, $22,860.50.

Jake Myers, 1405 Silver St., Apt. 23, Urbana, $513.26.

Future MPundu, 1603 Valley Road, Apt. E1, Champaign, $554.61.

Danny Rowe, P.O. Box 17611, Urbana, $562.43.

Charles E. and Angela M. Raup, P.O. Box 45, Thomasboro, $4,876.76.

Charles E. and Angela M. Raup, P.O. Box 45, 2202 CR 1500E, Thomasboro, $6,573.26.

Henry Doone, 1804 Bridgestone Drive, Champaign, $13,742.47.

Taneka Harvey, 3303 Sylva Drive, Champaign, $726.46.

Kenny Labbe, 801 N. Hillside Drive, Mahomet, $1,452.02.

John Schmitt, 4402 Southford Terrace Drive, Champaign, $143,545.89.

Mark Shaw, 700 Roselyn Drive, Rantoul, $1,596.03.

Willie McDonald, 1406 W. Beardsley Ave., Urbana, $4,512.18.

Dvaid F. and Denise J. Ward, 446 CR 1600N, Champaign, $1,024.58.

Zeng Zhang, 1709 Byrnebruk Drive, Champign, $24,966.46.

Raup Construction Company, Incorporated, Thomasboro, $6,143.15.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from March 1 - April 30, 2015. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

For a complete list, go to www.centralillinoisbusiness.com.

Chapter 7

Adkins, Marc Ryan, 123 E. Ave. F, Lewistown

Adkins, Natalie N, 123 E. Ave. F, Lewistown

Alexander, Nancy L, 3042 Lakeshire Drive, Springfield

Alexander, Gladys M, 13 Circle Dr, Springfield

Alfrey, Toby J, 703 14th St, Charleston

Alfrey, Sharon R, 703 14th St, Charleston

Allen, Stanley Dewayne, 622 W. Beecher, Jacksonville

Allen, Melissa Gay, 622 W. Beecher, Jacksonville

Alvarado, Rachel Armendina, 923 W. Willcox Avenue, Peoria

Anaya, Refugio Jr, PO Box 24, Momence

Andrews, Tylan L, 152 Dipper Lane #101, Decatur

Arnette, Cynthia Louise, 605 North State Street, Apartment 1, Gibson City

Attey, Thomas Alan, 1233 North 26th Street, Quincy

Atutis, Daron Myron, 1009 Cardinal Dr, Bradley

Barry, Alison M, 545 Jonette Ave, Bradley

Beach, David Francis, 662 Stockton Heights, Bourbonnais

Beach, Patricia Ann, 662 Stockton Heights, Bourbonnais

Beattie, John Robert, 1224 30th Ave, Seaton

Beattie, Jennifer Leigh, 1224 30th Ave, Seaton

Bejar, Joseph Luis, 419 West 5th Street, Kewanee

Bejar, Alison Moreen, 419 West 5th Street, Kewanee

Benefield, Susan M, 14437 N. Edgewater Drive, Chillicothe

Binkley, Sheila Rae, 208 Livergood Street, Stonington

Blair, Peter J, 1304 E. Hazard Avenue, Peoria

Blair, Krystal L, 101A Patricia Avenue, East Peoria

Boger, Karen L, 1101 South Tenth Street, Pekin

Bond, Cassandra C, 461 W. Decatur, Decatur

Borio, William Joseph, 1123 East Main Street, Granville

Borkhardt, Lorna K, 4609 61st St. Dr, Moline

Bouzouma, Mohamed O, 6 Fetzer Court, Bloomington

Boyd, Charles R, 2107 Bloomington Road, East Peoria

Bradford, Paul E, 365 S. Taylor Ave, Decatur

Bradford, Phyllis J, 365 S. Taylor Ave, Decatur

Brady, Norvella, 2835 E. Cardinal Drive, Decatur

Brantley, Steven L, 307 N. Praireview Rd, Apt. 304-15, Mahomet

Britten, Eric Deshawn, 640 Willow Pond Rd, Rantoul

Brown, Louis Scott Jr, 1417 N. North St, Peoria

Brown, Rodger Lawrence, PO Box 211, Mendon

Brown, Cynthia Louise, PO Box 211, Mendon

Bundy, Michelle L, 1810 S Bloomington St, Streator

Bunting, Brandy Jean, 204 E. Hegeler Lane Lot 16, Danville

Burnett, Krista M, Po Box 251, Saybrook

Butler, Christopher Lee, 1517 Edgar Ave, Mattoon

Butler, Tina Marie, 1517 Edgar Ave, Mattoon

Caldwell, Kari M, 38 Northcrest Dr, Litchfield

Calkins, Roberta J, 1601 South 24th St, Apt. 502, Quincy

Campbell, Courtenay Noelle, 508 S. Spruce St, Apt. 9, Villa Grove

Campbell, Tether Alicia, 417 N B St, Charleston

Cantrell, Bobby Lee, 215 E. Mulberry St, Mendon

Carnett, Cecil, 830 W. North Street, Auburn

Carnett, Dora, 830 W. North Street, Auburn

Casillas, Patrick Joseph, 1212 - 15th Street, Moline

Casillas, Elena Maria, 1212 - 15th Street, Moline

Ceasear, Dichelle Daisy, 815 W Monroe, Springfield

Chapman, John Calvin Jr, 2007 Moreland Blvd, Apt 101, Champaign

Chapman, Shalaunda J, 2002 E Clay St, Springfield

Charlton, Tina Lee, 1701 East Empire, Bloomington

Chisum, Amanda J, 580 W Hickory St, Canton

Chisum, Troy P, 580 W Hickory St, Canton

Churchill, Chelsea M, 1210 Ann Eliza St, Pekin

Collins, Meghan C, 4717 N. Knoxville, Apt 223, Peoria

Combs, Mark A, PO Box 131, Girard

Crawford, Donald Heeman, 9711 Airport Rd, Beardstown

Crawford, Heidi Sue, 9711 Airport Rd, Beardstown

Curtis, Barbara Joan, 1125 E. 1500 North Rd Apt. 210, Taylorville

Dahlstrom, Brenda L, 849 11th Street Ct, Apt 201, Silvis

Dalton, Alicia Lynn, 303 S. Kellogg Street, Yates City

Daugherty, Robert Roy, 501 N Main St, Paris

Davis, Louis C, 1107 S Greenlawn Ave, Peoria

Davis, Javontay Shaniece, 4708 N. Ridgelawn Pl, Peoria

Davis, Larry Everett II, 114 S. St. John, Assumption

Davis, Kelli Darlene, 114 S. St. John, Assumption

Dawson, Michael Aaron, 1711 F King Dr, Normal

Dean, Charles Jay, 117 North St, Paris

Dean, Heather Suzanne, 117 North St, Paris

Dilts, Antoinette M, 541 Meadows Road S, Bourbonnais

Doan, Clara J, 704 E Court St, Apt 9, Paris

Donoho, Paul Edward, 462 Macon, Mahomet

Dooley, Nicholas R, 1152 N. 1925 Ave, Mendon

Doolittle, Emanuel J, 6705 N Terra Vista Dr, Apt 105, Peoria

Doolittle, Tytiara A, 6705 N Terra Vista Dr, Apt 105, Peoria

Doss, Demetra N, 2733 W. Montana St, Apt. 84, Peoria

Doud, Aaron Charles, 4018 28th Avenue, Rock Island

Douglas, Iona Fay, 1509 E South St, Clinton

Douglas, James Jr, 1509 E South St, Clinton

Dowdy, Lavonne Bernette, 408 S 5th St, Kankakee

Dunmire, David E, 473 Lake Rd, Meredosia

Dunn, Eric Brandon, 710 Erin Dr, Champaign

Dunn, Kitty Jean, 710 Erin Dr, Champaign

Dye, Jerome, 9 6th Drive, Decatur

Dye, Cynthia Kay, 9 6th Drive, Decatur

Edwards, Scott M, 424 East Main St, Hoopeston

Elliott, Dain Anston, 1042 E. Morton Ave, Unit 37, Jacksonville

Ellis, Earl R. III, 4717 N Knoxville Ave, Apt 102, Peoria

Elzy, Janette Renee, 2448 E. Kile Street, Decatur

Ernst, Brittany Alejandrea, 1104 E. Grand, Decatur

Ferrell, Jessica Yvonne, 344 S Evergreen Ave, Kankakee

Fitzgerald, Andrew S, 500 Adams St, Quincy

Fitzgerald, Aimee M, 500 Adams St, Quincy

Flowers, Lolita Renee, 1119 N Orange St, Apt A, Peoria

Foushi, Anthony D, 304 N Maple St, PO Box 642, Grant Park

Foushi, Laura M, 304 N Maple St, PO Box 642, Grant Park

Fox, Jennifer N, 824 S. 8th St, Quincy

Francis, Terry W, 717 S 22nd St, Mattoon

Francis, Emily C, 208 N English Ave, Springfield

Froehlich, Sherri M, 344 Roosevelt St, Creve Coeur

Fry, Gregory Lane, 1355 S. Joynt Rd, Decatur

Fry, Kimberly Sue, 1355 S. Joynt Rd, Decatur

Fryman, David Lee, 5 Dirksen Court, Pekin

Fyock, Robert C, 1537 W. Budd Boulevard, Kankakee

Fyock, Nancy M, 1537 W. Budd Boulevard, Kankakee

Garcia, Cristina, 214 S. Coolidge St, Normal

Giblin, Joseph M, 1903 E Main St, Decatur

Gordon, Kimberly, 1558 Girard Way, Bourbonnais

Gordon, Randall, 1558 Girard Way, Bourbonnais

Gorman, Carol J, 1006 40th Street, Moline

Graves, Marvin Laverne, 2613 Tartan Way, Springfield

Graves, Rita June, 2613 Tartan Way, Springfield

Griffin, Heather L, 1615 W. Harrison Ave, Decatur

Griffin, Stacy Lynn, 433 N. 13th Street, Springfield

Groves, Tracey L, 22800 Arnold Rd, Hudson

Grubb, Marilyn K, 217 Bird Avenue, Bartonville

Haag, Susan M, 408 E. Payson, Pontiac

Habib, Fred George Jr, 613 1350 E Street, Versailles

Habib, Patti Lynn, 613 1350 E Street, Versailles

Hamm, Dallas M, 320 S. Fourth St, Wapella

Hamm, Holly J, 320 S. Fourth St, Wapella

Hancock, Nicholas W, 2107 North Evandale Drive, Decatur

Harris, Demetrius M, 413 W Edmund St, East Peoria

Hartman, Kelsey S, 1829 A Union Street, Charleston

Hatfield, Teri Ann, 828 Spates Street, Jacksonville

Hatfield, Ricky Lee Sr, 828 Spates Street, Jacksonville

Haycraft, Todd E, P.O. Box 138, Lowpoint

Haycraft, Rebecca I, P.O. Box 138, Lowpoint

Healey, Drake R, 503 Main St, Apt 1, Carthage

Heath, Adam Christopher, 1602 Bermuda, Urbana

Heath, Jennifer Lynn, 1602 Bermuda, Urbana

Heinle, Tanya I, 1722 W Marlene Ct, Peoria

Herrera, Orion Anibal, 1506 Ridgeport Ave, Bloomington

Hewitt, Robert 209 S. Broadway, Hudson

Hewitt, Deborah, 209 S. Broadway, Hudson

Hill, Jennifer K, 1310 Washington St, Apt. 102, Quincy

Hillier, Torrie Corrine, 524 East Second Street, Galesburg

Holloway, Maleah Chantell, 2430 Country Trails, Apt. 81, Decatur

Holsman, Melinda, 2062 Old Naples Road, Meredosia

Hutchison, Cynthia, 207 S Country Fair Dr #34, Champaign

Irwin, Mickey Lee, Po Box 41, Sheldon

Jackson, Tybria Lashaun, 1120 East Virginia, Peoria

Jamal, Sufia, 39 Parsley, Savoy

Jansen, Michael A, 1518 N. 15th St, Quincy

Jenkins, Earl L, 501 Park St, Lacon

Jenkins, Sheryl L, 501 Park St, Lacon

Jenkins, Rebecca Ann, 316 S Johnson Street, Macomb

Johnson, Bobby J, 204 W Summer St, Hillsboro

Johnson, Amanda N, 204 W Summer St, Hillsboro

Johnson, Kim L, 1203 S East Street, Bloomington

Johnson, Richard E Jr, 205 E. 11th St, Georgetown

Johnson, Theresa M, 205 E. 11th St, Georgetown

Johnson, James R, 401 W Bradley St, Thomasboro

Johnson, Linda L, 401 W Bradley St, Thomasboro

Johnson, Audrey A, 319 N 26th St, Decatur

Jones, Nakisha M, 933 W. Division, Decatur

Jones, Heather M, 31498 2150th N Ave, Arlington

Kamm, Linda C, 321 Kentucky Court, Washington

Kendall, Ariel E, 209 S. Church St, Biggsville

Kendall-Pearce, Melissa C, R. R. #2, Box 58A, Oquawka

Ketcham, Nicholas C Sr, 21 Apple Ln, Bourbonnais

Ketcham, Jennifer L, 21 Apple Ln, Bourbonnais

Kurtenbach, Andrew Thomas, 1600 W. Bradley Ave, Apt. T352, Champaign

Lacheta, Joy Marie, 7134 N Bull Creek Rd, Grant Park

Lamaster, Lonnie D, 2062 Old Naples Road, Meredosia

Lawless, Margaret Ann, 1004 1/2 State Street, Quincy

Lee, John Mikel , 303 Wilson Ave, Le Roy

LeMat, David Lee, 116 East Minnesota Street, Spring Valley

Levin, Daniel Edward, 605 6th Street, Bloomington

Lynn, Kristina D, 44 Dieudonne Dr, New Berlin

Mabry, Earl, 1110 W Virginia, Peoria

Maldonado, Juan Carlos, 561 N Monroe Ave, Bradley

Maldonado, Rocio, 561 N Monroe Ave, Bradley

Martin, Shannon Marie, 1132 48th Street, Moline

Matthews, Joey Nathaniel, 409 W. Walnut Street, Tolono

Matthews, Maria Estela, 409 W. Walnut Street, Tolono

McClain, Michael R. II, 612 E. Fort Street, Farmington

McClain, Bobbi J, 612 E. Fort Street, Farmington

McGorray, Charles A, 2237 Western Dr, Decatur

McGorray, Victoria D, 2237 Western Dr, Decatur

McLaughlin, Joey Lee Jr, Po Box 76, Dewey

McWilliams, Tina Kaye, 10976 Appleville Rd, Mount Auburn

Meeks, Wendell T, 307 Alma St, Grant Park

Messmore, Lindsey J, 301 S. Olmstead, Oakwood

Miller, Steve G, 307 Wagner Street, Washington

Miller, Miranda N, 307 Wagner Street, Washington

Miller, Michael G, P.O. Box 143, Ogden

Miller, Laurie J, P.O. Box 143, Ogden

Mkhwanazi, Brittney M, 2226 W Bourbonnais, Kankakee

Moore, Carmen Sue, 461A West Cherry Street, Winchester

Morales, John R, 813 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Morales, Jasmine L, 813 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Morgan, Alan L, 205 Massachusetts Ave, Washington

Morgan, Regina K, 205 Massachusetts Ave, Washington

Moss, Richard Dean, 910 N County Road 590 E, Tuscola

Mrnka, Mark S, 1212 W Columbia Ter, Peoria

Neese, William E. Jr, 372 S Euclid Ave, Bradley

Neese, Diane M, 372 S Euclid Ave, Bradley

Newbon, Willie Mae, 1830 Gregory Crt, Springfield

Nguyen, Tuyen, 330 S Walnut, Springfield

Nichols, Kevin, 508 N. James Street, Tolono

Niebuhr, Karl Robert, PO Box 10407, Peoria

Niebuhr, Leann Marie, PO Box 10407, Peoria

Niemi, Scott Lawrence, 1316 N MacArthur Blvd, Springfield

Niemi, Michele Christine, 1316 N MacArthur Blvd, Springfield

Olson, Cynthia B, 1026 West Centennial Drive, Peoria

Ontiveros, Deena M, 2024 N. Evandale Drive, Decatur

Ontiveros, Michael E, 18901-026 Federal Correctional Institution Pekin, P.O. Box 5000, Pekin

Ortega, Sara Joan, 111 W Second St, Gridley

Palmer, John Travis, 210 South Madison Street, Taylorville

Parks, James L, 416 N. Charles, Ashland

Penning, Bonnie L, 1439 Valle Vista Blvd. #18, Pekin

Perier, Claire Stephanie, PO Box 469, Grant Park

Pfeiffer, David Ross, 52 Longbow Ln, Springfield

Poole, Chamere Ranyail, 3 Oakbrook Ct. #9, Bloomington

Prairie, Gerald G, 1513 CR 2300 N, Lot 12, Urbana

Prairie, Amanda S, 1513 CR 2300 N, Lot 12, Urbana

Prentice, Catherine E, 209 S. 9th, Riverton

Price, Virlene Gaye, 1249 W State, Jacksonville

Pumphrey, Lori M, 317 Fieldcrest, Decatur

Quick, Darrin D, 74 N. Ivan Avenue, Galesburg

Raes, Mary A, 278 110th Ave, Smithshire

Rayburn, Zachary Lee, 150 North St, Essex

Reed, Tiffany Ann, 11399 West St, Plainview

Reed, Sylvia Lynn, 130 Locust St, Cowden

Renfrow, Cassidy Marie, 2412 N. Graceland Avenue, Decatur

Rhoades, Debra Kay, 822 Rockwell Street, Kewanee

Ribley, Laurine Sue, 1065 E Andrews, Decatur

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Youth, et al

By Bridget Broihahn

The June/July CIB started out as a “Youth in Business” issue. However, when reporting ensues, oftentimes, it evolves into its own entity. My initial article of the popular Pens-to-Lens Competition evolved as Brett Hays shared the big announcement that Shatterglass Studios had for our area. I was star struck when I realized that Champaign County may just be the next “Hollywood Chambana,” or as Habeeb Habeeb put it: “...a film oasis in the Midwest.” How exciting for our area, not only because it’s the art of filmmaking that is involved, but, also because it’s the opportunity for economic development right here in Champaign County. I cannot think of a better place.

Economic development is certainly the key to prosperity in a community, and HL Precision Manufacturing, Inc., Champaign has the right idea when it comes to students and careers. They teamed up with Parkland College and Unit 4 Schools to offer two students a tuition free opportunity to earn dual credit, earn an internship and a career.

I enjoyed my talk with Laura Bliell of Enterpriseworks. She mirrored the enthusiasm and energy that is apparent at the UI award winning research park. Its incubator, Enterpriseworks, employs some 500 students each year, enabling them to research, learn and teach us new things, too.

As always, I enjoyed the comments by Fred Giertz. His commentary about infrastructure was downright biblical. Plus, if you do not crack a smile from Allen Howie’s comments regarding the millennials, I will be surprised.

Good business, everyone!

Bridget Broihahn is editor of Central Illinois Business magazine. She can be reached at 217-351-5695 or bbroihahn@news-gazette.com.