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Building permits, tax liens and bankruptcies


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and -- when available -- estimated cost of improvements.

The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and -- when available -- estimated cost of improvements.


Kennedy Builders, new single-family home at 4701 Sandcherry Drive, $365,000.

Pulda Construction, new pool and spa for Residence Inn by Marriott at 502 W. Marketview Drive, $83,600.

Weger & Associates, alteration for Institute 4 Creativity art studio at 111 S. Walnut St., Suite 200, $41,000.

Unique Homes, addition to Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, 1310 N. Sixth St., $570,000.

Nudell Architects, alteration to J.C. Penney store at 2000 N. Neil St., $24,090.

Wells & Wells Construction, alteration to Jane Addams Book Shop, 208 N. Neil St., $13,312.

Jim Fairchild LLC Law, alteration to telecommunications tower at 502 S. Neil St., $10,000.

I-Construction Inc., repair and replacement of balconies at multifamily residence at 507 S. Fourth St., $6,000.

JSM Development Services, alteration to commercial space at 1103 W. Windsor Road, $3,500.

Donald W. Laukka, alterations for Sleep Number by Select Comfort store at Market Place Mall, 2000 N. Neil St., $190,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration for bar at 57 Main St., $86,875.

MSA Professional Services, alteration for restaurant at 55 E. Green St., $13,700.

Champaign County

Jedd Swisher, construct a new single-family home with attached garage and authorize a previously constructed detached storage shed at 1760 County Road 1650 N, Urbana, $150,000.

Denny Anderson, construct a detached storage shed and an addition to an existing home (covered deck, greenhouse and backdoor airlock) at 1 Willowbrook Court, Champaign, $3,000.

Phillip Jones, authorize construction of an addition to an existing barn in the mapped floodplain at 175 County Road 1600 E, Villa Grove, $8,000.

Steve Heater, change the use to establish a minor rural specialty business for a sewing/quilting/photography business at 1753 County Road 1550 N, Urbana, $43,000.

Matt Shipley, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 1588 County Road 1100 N, Urbana, $200,000.

Max Branson and E. Lynne Yeazel, construct two porches to an existing manufactured home at 213 Wallace Ave., Champaign, $700.

Izard Partnership, construct a storage shed for agriculture equipment at 1321 County Road 2075 E, St. Joseph, $350,000.

Michael Boero, change the use to establish a veterinary hospital at 430 County Road 2500 N, Mahomet, $16,000.

Mary Kuhlman, construct a detached agricultural storage building at 413 W. Oaks Road, Urbana, $50,900.

Pathfinder Group of Illinois LLC, construct/replace a porch addition to an existing single-family home at 2507 E. Main St., Urbana, $1,000.

Michael Rosenberger, construct a detached storage building for agriculture equipment storage at 239 County Road 525 E, Pesotum, $53,000.

Bruce Busboom, a temporary use to establish a magic show event on April 5, 6 and 7, 2013, at 2521 County Road 600 E, Dewey, no cost estimate.


Mahomet-Seymour High School, community event at 302 W. State St., no cost estimate.

Wendy Jones, fence at 102 N. Division St., $7,292.

All About Animals, sign at 305 S. Prairieview Road, $12,665.43.


First United Methodist Church, remodeling for Java Connection at 107 E. Sangamon Ave., $125,000.

Altamont Co., alteration to industrial building at 116 E. Neal Drive, $125,000.

Casco, renovations for Dollar Tree store at 212 Twin Lakes Drive, $45,000.


Executive Homes, new single-family home at 1121 Declaration Drive, $180,000.

Dodds Co., alteration for Pilates studio at 1201 Savoy Plaza Lane, $74,803.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 1 Fletcher Court, $375,000.

American Dowell Signs, new sign for Goodrich Quality Theaters, 232 W. Burwash Ave., $55,000.

St. Joseph

Mennenga Construction Inc., new single-family home at 608 E. Lincoln, no cost estimate available.

Kennedy Builders, new single-family home at 408 Potomac Ave., $210,000.


John Wiman, room addition at 606 W. Linden, no cost estimate available.


Petry-Kuhne Co., remodeling of hospital building at 602 W. University Ave., $122,400.

Gilliatee General Contractors, remodeling of mercantile space at 2010 S. Philo Road, $551,696.

Joe Camfield, remodeling of multifamily residence at 505 S. Busey Ave., $40,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during February 2013 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

Betty L. Williams, 7 Canterbury Court, Champaign, $20,734.02.

Robert L. Frazier, 3909 Farmington Drive, Champaign, $170,995.01

Robert Quinn and Lyne Hethrington, 7475 Balboa Road, Atascadero, Calif., $88,438.44.

Dean Michael Katsaros, Katsaros & Associates, 2301 Village Green Place, Suite B, Champaign, $15,812.88.

Talmage J. Raine, 4707 Westborough Drive, Champaign, $14,165.18.

Jonette L. Bailey, 2403 N. Neil St., Apt. 303, Champaign, $16,918.95.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

George W. Norman, 1406 W. Kirby Ave., Champaign, $88,759.60.

Ray Williams Sr., 212 N. Central Ave., Urbana, $10,769.01.

Daniel T. and Malinda J. Byrne, 2512 Crystal Tree Drive, Champaign, $18,787.10.

Daniel T. and Malinda J. Byrne, 2512 Crystal Tree Drive, Champaign, $18,322.29.

Jenkins & Key Moving & Storage Inc., 1108 Carroll Ave., Urbana, $14,884.81.

Richard and Patricia Laroe Jr., 2802 Judith Drive, Champaign, $9,931.94.

Mikel D. Martin, 513 N. Ohio St., Rantoul, $5,314.95.

Joyce K. Brunt, 408 Ginger Bend Drive, Apt. 102, Champaign, $33,665.95.

Tom Thomas, 1711 E. Florida Ave., Apt. 107, Urbana, $5,418.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Latonya Campbell, 1328 Cypress Lane, Rantoul, $591.34.

Uneeda Harvey, P.O. Box 17004, Urbana, $730.19.

John Godsell, 304 E. Anthony Drive, Urbana, $7,867.84.

Angie West, 617 Illinois Drive, Rantoul, $25,666.

Vibez Performance Car Audio LLC, 904 Francis Drive, Champaign, $5,498.33.

Thomas Bryant, 2212 E. Perkins Road, Urbana, $839.73.

Ernest Cook and Karen Cook, 206 W. Randolph, Fisher, $987.51.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Martin Harris, P.O. Box 1221, Champaign, $597.22.

PDG II LLC, 2116 Briar Hill Drive, Champaign, $8,179.52.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from Feb. 1-28, 2013. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield.

Chapter 7

Abdelaal, Joanna, 1304 S. First St., Gays

Adams, Micheal A., 586 Fairway Drive, El Paso

Adkins, Rhonda R., 1110 Sandusky Road, Jacksonville

Alicea, Luz D., 1212 N. Main St., Decatur

Allen, Dora E., 194 S. Alma Ave., Kankakee

Allison, Benjamin Farrell and Dinah Lea, 3422 Nancy Lane, Clinton

Anders, Heidi K. and Matthew W., 34 Westfair Drive, Jacksonville

Anderson, Jennifer Michelle, 31588 N. 1239 East Road, Blackstone

Anderson, John Edward, 205 N. Indiana Ave., P.O. Box 71, DeLand

Anderson, Sarah A., 1133 E. Seminary, Danville

Anderson-Muniz, Julie Lynn, 2124 W. Garden Drive, Kankakee

Armour, Alice, 28 Birch Lake Drive, Sherman

Armstrong, Nicholas C., 416 West Annbriar Drive, Peoria

Bailey, Catrina A. and Kevin E., 220 S. Coolidge St., Normal

Baker, Joshua Porter and Tonya Renae, 207 E. Hickory, Fairbury

Barker, Carrie Honara, 106 E. Douglas, P.O. Box 72, Carlock

Bartley, James Warren and Jennifer, 224 N. Hazel St., Chillicothe

Barton, Sherry Arlene, 1514 Lisbon Ave., Jacksonville

Bauer, Mauree Brooke, 1227 W. Vine, Taylorville

Bays, Brandon H. and Christina M., 24 Maplewood Ave., Danville

Beck, Teresa Marie, 25071 E. Eighth Road, Harvel

Beckett, Joshua P. and Melissa A., 2811 Springfield Road, Apt. 307, East Peoria

Bell, Angela V. and Brandon M., 2709 W. Millbrook Court, Peoria

Bickhaus, Richard, P.O. Box 5083, Bloomington

Biggs, Ryan T., 3516 W. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria

Bloodworth, James A., 434 E. Bogardus, Paxton

Bollinger, Kelly J. and Ricky J. Jr., 515 W. State St., Astoria

Bosch-Brown, Loretta , 855 N. Division Ave., Urbana

Bostic, Jason Ray and Valerie Ann, 210 Center, Augusta

Boughan, Andrew Keegan and Whitney Nichole, 401 E. Preston, Apt. C, Atlanta

Bowsher, Erica L., 33 Mueller Court, Apt. A, Riverton

Boyd, Daniel R. Jr., 120 N. West St., Westville

Boyd, John E., P.O. Box 422, Petersburg

Boyd, Sandra, 168 N. Entrance, Kankakee

Braden, LaVaughn J. and Ronald A., 12334 Illinois 78, Havana

Braida Enterprises LLC, d/b/a AAMCO Transmissions, 262 S. Dirksen Parkway,


Brandt, Gregory W., 208 W. Hickory, Fairbury

Branham, Michal Lee, 311 E. Wilcox, Springfield

Bray, David L., P.O. Box 266, Saint David

Broderick, Camilla M. and Victor A., 515 Oak St., Chatham

Broom, Stewart Lynn and Tina Lynn, 2015 Ninth St., Charleston

Brown, Michelle L., 4612 W. Tuscarora Road, Bartonville

Brown, Tracy Anne, P.O. Box 194, Ogden

Bryant, Jason Columbus Sr. and Rogina Joan, 1300 S. 12th St., Apt. 10, Mattoon

Buchanan, Kevin Dean and Ronda Carrie, 654 E. Meyers St., Monticello

Burcar, Christopher and Joan, 418 S. Chestnut St., P.O. Box 215, Wenona

Burdette, J. B. II and Terese C., 6516 N. University St., Apt. 305, Peoria

Burke, James M. Jr., 7978 Wildwood Acres Road, Springfield

Burzynski, John George, 1441 W. Garden, #8, Peoria

Bush, Melinda C., 611 E. Franklin St., Paxton

Butler, Valerie R., 1140 W. Edwards, Springfield

Byrd, Cathy L., 965 E. Wood, Decatur

Cade, Tina Marie, 420 N. Fifth, #4, Watseka

Callaway, Rick N., 305 Jefferson, P.O. Box 35, Kingston Mines

Cameron, Sue Zahren, 1285 Berwick Road, Berwick

Camp, David Andrew, 31250 Terry Park Road, Palmyra

Campbell, Sara Lynn, 205 S. Ellen, Homer

Camper, Brenda L. and John C., 1405 E. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria

Caple, Marvin Edward and Natalie Joan, 427 W. State St., Paxton

Carlson, Julie Christine, 5915 W. U.S. 24, Peoria

Carlson, Ryan Arthur, 305 W. Third St., P.O. Box 58, Annawan

Carsey, Leslie and William, P.O. Box 463, Pleasant Hill

Cartier, Gerard J., 1441 E. Johns Ave., Decatur

Casley, Patricia D., 303 N. Spring St., Apt. A, Metamora

Caston, Shamika Deneice, 1410 Joanne Lane, Champaign

Cates, Anthony T., 314 Parkway Lane, Pekin

Chapman, Ronald Louis, 205 S. Ellen, Homer

Cheek, Chad A, PO Box 164, Taylorville

Chong, In Chol Peter and Michelle Dawn, 1407 W. Elm, Bloomington

Clore, Andrew T. Sr. and Cindy K., 389 Brunswick Lane, Danville

Coffey, Glynus Rae and Larry Joe, 531 Prairie St., Jacksonville

Collins, Josette, 6318 N. Mount Hawley Road, Peoria

Cook, Edna Clarice, 1613 Gamma, Bloomington

Cook, Matthew Timothy and Monica Lynn, 609 Eighth St., Silvis

Cooley, Johnney R., 205 Highpoint Drive, Essex

Corkery, Candace G. and Christopher J., 310 S. Pine, Lexington

Cornman, Te Ata L., 19807 E. 600 North Road, Georgetown

Crawford, Manda Elizabeth, 703 Jody Drive, Mahomet

Crunk, Charles Jr., 231 S. High, Paris

Cruz, Linda Marie, 613 N. 18th St., Mattoon

Cully, Michael Irvin and Rita Bernice, 1128 E. London, Peoria

Cunningham, Cynthia S., 1509 Harmon St., Danville

Curry, Chantal S., 208 E. Blackburn, Riverton

Curtis, Andre D. and Ashlee L., 1224 E. Stanford, Springfield

Dalton, Matthew E., 2265 Wesley Court, Saint Joseph

Damm, Stacey M., 724 E. Stanford Ave., Springfield

Davenport, Richard A., 2431 S. Ninth, Springfield

Davis, Amy Elizabeth and Michael Duane, 110 W. Walnut St., Apt. #2, Tolono

Davis, Byron R., 2317 W. Garden St., Peoria

Davis, Jo Ellen, 1615 Fairfield Drive, Springfield

Deerwester, Deborah S., 607 S. Roosevelt Ave., Apt. B, Bloomington

Derrickson, Constance, 604 E. Seminary, Danville

Dial, Joanne K., 2110 N. Church, Decatur

Dicken, Stephen Glenn, 171 County Road 1700 North, Bethany

Dinges, Terry L., P.O. Box 413, Ladd

Douglas, Christiana Marie, 420 Warner Lane, Peoria

Drake, Janae Markiya, 1404 E. Main, Decatur

Drummond, Janine K. and Thomas J. Jr., 16658 E. Osceola Road, Bradford

Dudley, Tyheshi, 13327 E. 7000 Road, Pembroke Township

Ealey, Charles Franklin, 160 Forrest Ave., Lot 32, Springfield

Ebel, Shelly A., P.O. Box 65, Hennepin

Eckert, Dawn Marie, 90 Radcliff Road, Springfield

Eiker, Chad Daniel, 1211 Eiker Road, Knoxville

Elven, Audreyrose N. and Joseph M., 313 E. James St., Eureka

Elvir, Jesus A., 220 S. Chicago Ave., Kankakee

Emerick, David L. and Lori A., 106 Urbana St., Westville

Eubanks, Danny Franklin and Paula L., 415 Illinois St., East Peoria

Fawcett, Kindra G. and Robert E., 18924 E. County Road 1700 North, Havana

Ferguson, Amber D., 715 W. Seminary St., Onarga

Finch, Davin Nicole, 915 E. Lincoln Ave., Decatur

Finch, Jeremy Lynn, 1300 Kelly Nelson Drive, Lawrenceville

Fisher, Dorraine, 1639 W. Edwards St., Springfield

Fisher, Judy T., 315 Connecticut St., Washington

Fisher, Thomas, 1016 W. Lawrence Ave., Springfield

Flori, David Carl and Laurie Ann, 2314 Austin Drive, Springfield

Forbes, Rebecca C., 333 Riley Drive, Apt. 3, Bloomington

Fornwalt, Ricky L., 301 E. Taylorville Ave., Taylorville

Fortna, Robert Norman, 130 1/2 E. Locust St., Fairbury

Frank, Cheryl Lee and Dennis William, 17325 1490 East Street, Wyanet

Freiheit, John J. IV, 39446 U.S. 136, San Jose

Furlow, James F., 1507 Greenlawn, Peoria

Gagliano, Michelle R. and Philip A. Sr., 10 Dennis, Bloomington

Garrison, Debra Frances, P.O. Box 47, Bradley

Gavis, Clark Randall, 3225 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon

Gilmore, Edward Earl, 2414 W. Newman Parkway, Apt. H, Peoria

Glunz, Melyssa Brianne, 3514 W. Lodi Court, Peoria

Goforth, Carol Louise, 202 W. Locust, Apt. 209, Bloomington

Gomez, Antonia, 1100 S. Westlawn Ave., Champaign

Gordon, Sierra Sue, 720 N. Ninth Ave., Canton

Gossage, Gary Dean Jr. and Michelle Linn, 27873 County Road 2300 North, Topeka

Green, Jennifer A., 1005 N. Deerfield Road, Apt. 204, Pontiac

Green, Michael P., 512 E. Howard St., Pontiac

Griep, Betty Jo and Wayne Allen, P.O. Box 157, Coffeen

Grimm, Nicholas Shane, 50 Woodscape Court, Pekin

Gullett, Melvin L. and Reckel S., 407 E. Corrington Ave., Peoria

H. K. Anders LLC, 34 Westfair Drive, Jacksonville

Hainline, Joshua, 1501 E. Gardner Lane, #1416, Peoria Heights

Hancock, Hope M. and Michael W., 414 W. Benton St., Paris

Hardwick, Cecil E. and Michelle R., 1423 S. Fairview Ave., Decatur

Hargitt, Ronald Gene, 605 Pine St., Trailer #138, Normal

Harper, Melissa, 1237 Orchard Ave., Apt. C, Springfield

Harris, Paul E., 405 S. Hardin St., Ashland

Hartley, Dale and Leta, 2727 N. 230th Ave., Liberty

Hartsock, Donald L., 286 Belmont Ave., Bourbonnais

Haskins, Angela Marie, 203 Concord Drive, Normal

Haszler, Christopher L. and Measha N., 224 W. Atchison St., Toluca

Hayes, Diane, 1219 W. Lawrence, Springfield

Henry, Torrir RaeShawn, 3530 N. Sandia Drive, Peoria

Hieronymus, Marcia J., 1258 1150th Ave., Lot 41, Lincoln

Hilscher, Carol Virginia, 201 College Ave., Lincoln

Hodges, Kimberly Simone, 749 N. Hammes Ave., Kankakee

Hollan, Nickolaus Shane, 1503 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Hollingsworth, Grace, 15858 E. 580 North Road, Georgetown

Hopp, Robert L., 2601 Montvale Drive, Apt. #112, Springfield

Hospelhorn, Carron J. and Michael L., P.O. Box 113, Wapella

House, Jessica A. and Michael A., 109 W. Locust, Chatham

Hubbell, Jennifer Lynn, 613 N. Elizabeth St., Clinton

Hudson, Canya Folonda, 1826 Holmes Ave., Springfield

Hudson, Joshua Michael, 1412 Edgar Ave., Mattoon

Hudson, KD L., 203 W. South St., Oreana

Hudson, LaMon Eugene, 1826 Holmes Ave., Springfield

Hullmann, Donna Lee and James Russell, 516 S. Oaklane Road, Springfield

Hunn-Gilmore, Heaven Marie, 2414 W. Newman Parkway, Apt. H, Peoria

Ishmael, Sara N., 410 N. Pine St., Astoria

Jackson, Stephanie Marie, 2762 North Street, Illinois 1, Martinton

James, Cordia J., 4526 S. 13000 East Main, Pembroke Township

Jamison, Thea Dywanda, 302 S. Gridley St., Bloomington

Jennings, Cheryl K., 306 23rd, Lincoln

Jewsbury, Ruth M., 2009 N. Charles, Decatur

Johnson, Albert II and Alisha, 1010 N. James St., Decatur

Johnson, Angela Dawn and Ondrea Cardell, 910 W. McClure Ave., Peoria

Jones, Jay J., 901 Turnberry Drive, Apt. C, Bloomington

Jones, Lacy Ellen, 1208 Henry St., Normal

Karl, Lawrence Eric, 1106 Oak Creek Road, Mahomet

Katkus, Debra Lynn, 221 W. Santa Fe Ave., Toluca

Kelsey, Tara A., 5413 Haymeadow Lane TH-1, Peoria

Kendall, Tina M., 610 S. McClun, Bloomington

Kindhart, Donald L. II, 301 E. Poplar, P.O. Box 59, Bardolph

King, Jessica Marie, 1703 Cindy Lynn, Urbana

Kious, Sandra Kaye, #25 Coachman Drive, Urbana

Kirby, William D., 224 N. Guthrie, Gibson City

Kirk, Kevin J., 1203 Eighth St., Lincoln

Kirtley, Kevin Scott and Leslie Ann, 1411 Fisher St., Pekin

Klein, Brittany Marie, 803 E. Douglas, Bloomington

Kluge, Damon W., 287 Hickory St., Manteno

Knoth, Candace Renee and Wayne Allen, 814 E. Macon St., Clinton

Kuhl, Michael, 205 Reeves Court, Coffeen

LaBarbera, Ashley Christine, 601 Illinois Ave., Mattoon

Lacox, Angela C. and Michael T., 1586 E. Sedgwick St., Decatur

Lake, Melony J., 872 S. Meadowbrook, Springfield

Lamberth, Rhonda Marie, 704 E. Maple St., P.O. Box 663, Chatsworth

Larson, Cindy A., 2305 Lynn Haven Drive, Springfield

Larson, Elizabeth M. and Kevin L., 1507 E. South St., Clinton

Layne, Maria Pia and Timothy Dale, 1906 Sierra Court, Pekin

Lee, Debra R. and Ronnie E., 701 Fischer Road, Lot 304, Creve Coeur

Lehman, Judith, 814 E. Front St., Apt. B, Bloomington

Lemke, Stephen T., 318 Paul Ave., Champaign

Lempesis, Tonya J., 3217 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria

Lindstrom, Ana L., 105 E. Fifth St., Hammond

Little, Larry B. Jr., 2406 W. Lincoln, Peoria

Lloyd, Jacqueline D., 250 Olympic Lane, #53, Decatur

Long, Nicole A., 1545 Budd Blvd., Kankakee

Loser, Anna Marie and Joseph O., 1420 W. Glen, #305, Peoria

Loveless, Florence H. and William A. Jr., 333 North Drive, #8, Rantoul

Luthy, Deania M. and Douglas, 1586 E. Willard, Decatur

Mahone, Jeremy A., 110 S. U.S. 51, Assumption

Manaster, Joanne Louise, 1809 1/2 Lynwood Drive, Champaign

Manendez, Corhien C., 1221 N. Van Dyke, #101, Decatur

Mann, Joseph A., 118 Jay Ave., Morton

Maple, Melissa Dawn, 1555 W. Elwin Road, Decatur

Marrs, James F., 605 S. Josephine St., Atlanta

Marrs, John Allen and Sherry Ann, 745 W. Main St., Decatur

Martin, Lori J., 302 N. East St., Farmersville

Masterson, Adam Christopher and Kristen Nicole, 109 E. County Road, P.O. Box 7, Thawville

McCoy, Nakesha N., 1300 E. Mason St., Springfield

McDonald, Matthew, 337 Riley Drive, #5, Bloomington

McDonald, Tammy, 1102 E. Grove, Bloomington

McIntosh, Ronald, 1625 N. Delavan St., Lincoln

McKorkle, Lisa J. and Timothy R., 1054 N. Linden, Decatur

McMullen, Teresa A. and Terry L., 343 Glendale St., Creve Coeur

Meece, Cathy Joan, 731 Embassy Row., P.O. Box 484, Rantoul

Meyer, Curtis Ryan, 12213 N. Woodcrest Ave. Apt. C, Dunlap

Miller, Darcy Danielle and Denver Jr., 2406 Skyline Drive, Urbana

Miller, Sheldon Lee, 318 Main St., Hooppole

Miller, Whitney A., 3195 Beth Blvd., #315, Decatur

Minton, Christina K., 719 W. Maywood, Peoria

Mixon, Brian C., 572 Stockton Heights, Bourbonnais

Morris, Deborah L., 209 Greenbrook Drive, Pekin

Muniz, Kemp Nishan, 2124 W. Garden Drive, Kankakee

Murphy, Felita L., 768 Tital Court, Chatham

Myers, Christopher M., 1345 N. Main, Canton

Neal-Hollan, Sarah Marie, 1503 Sheridan Road, Pekin

Nesbitt, Tamaine, 1622 N. Machin, Peoria

Nichols, James P., 250 S. Main, Apt. 104, Canton

Nichols, Marvin Manas and Roberta Gale, 365 S. Wyckles Road, Decatur

Nimee, Robert S., 27 Cedar St., Putnam

Oden, Bonnie M. and Jimmie D., 1007 Truman, Pekin

Onchonga, Davis Orina, 3442 W. Sylvane Lane, Peoria

Ozee, Deborah M., 641 Woodlawn, Mattoon

Parker, Eric Oliver, 208 Vohland St., Washington

Patient, Mark, 1245 E. Willard Ave., Decatur

Patterson, Richard, 1301 W. Tremont, Urbana

Pawlus, Stephen Lee and Tierra Fawn, 1008 Westfield Drive, Champaign

Payne, Elizabeth Anne, 1704 N. Baltimore, Mt. Zion

Payton, Shanan M., 2008 N. Indiana, Peoria

Pennypacker, Steven Oliver and Tiffany Lee, 3847 W. Division, Decatur

Perkins, Marcia Ann, 1221 W. Washington, Apt. 6, Springfield

Perona, Donald E., 907 Richard St., Henry

Petska, Bradley Wayne, R.R. #2, Box 174, Shelbyville

Petticrew, James Stanley, 1305 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana

Phillips, Jeffrey R. and Yandell, 512 Castleton Drive, Champaign

Polen, Joe D. and Orilla J., 418 N. Alexander St., Clinton

Porteus, Brenda L., 634 County Road 200 East, Neoga

Porteus, Randall A., 22875 Route 108, Raymond

Powell, Alva T. and Kathy S., 414 W. Lawn St., Rushville

Pruitt, Timothy D., 259 Barbara Drive, Oakwood

Raciti, Lisa Marie, 2316 Prairie Ave., Mattoon

Reed, Karen, 825 Freedman St., Jacksonville

Reeves, Katherine Jane, 21 Hollybrook Drive, Springfield

Reeves, Lori, 28 A Wedgewood Terrace, Springfield

Rennie, Stacy Joanne, 206 Temple Drive, Washington

Reynolds, Amye and Frederick Michael, 3408 Prairie Ave., Mattoon

Rhoades, John M., P.O. Box 61, Oconee

Richardson, Christopher Marshawn, 1813 W. Smith St., Peoria

Riggins, Kenneth Andrew and Loretta Agness Amanda, 4014 W. Carrousel Lane, Peoria

Ritchey, Sherrilee Dawn, 501 W. Elm, #190, Charleston

Rodgers, Susan Andrea, 910 Devonshire Road, Washington

Rogers, Sandra, 728 McReynolds St., Danville

Rohrbach, Teresa J., 308 E. Roosevelt, Onarga

Rosenow, Patricia G., 318 S. Chestnut St., Wenona

Rudd, Deverie Renee, 31250 Terry Park Road, Palmyra

Rusher, Nascene, 1801 Saltonstall Drive, Normal

Samson, Jeffery L., 20 Woodbury Hill, Springfield

Saunders, Richard D., 2024 Woodhavens Drive, Bloomington

Sausaman, Alice A., 3914 Tozer Road, Springfield

Saveley, Patti Marie, 609 Marion, #32, Mattoon

Schmitt, John Carter, 304 Maltese Court, Gibson City

Schnell, Amanda J., 555 S. Wildwood, Kankakee

Schoenherr, Maenell, 6 Brookside Place, Springfield

Schwarz, Heidi M., 1430 Fairway Drive, Rantoul

Schweizer, Sheri A., 1685 Mid Court Drive, Bourbonnais

Shea, Mark, 2021 Noble, Springfield

Shindledecker, Billy Leroy and Deborah Marie, 1404 Charlotte St., Pekin

Shockley, Donovan Scott and Jennifer Jo, 707 N. Illini Ave., Apt. G, Pontiac

Sibley, Michelle E., P.O. Box 231, Princeville

Siedlecki, Shirley M., 1362 Trotters Turn, Bourbonnais

Simmons, Cynthia C., 1124 N. 19th St., Springfield

Simmons, Talessia L., 428 N. 14th St., Springfield

Simon, Ramona L., 5 Oak Lane, Pekin

Simple, Eric D. and Jennifer, 1305 Plantation Lane, Bloomington

Simpson, Jessica Helena, 1205 E. Florida Ave., Apt. 23A, Urbana

Sintas, Nancy L. and Stanley, 13469 Hurt Road, Pekin

Sitton, Sara J., 339 N. Ash St., Palmyra

Skinner, Amanda Kay, 113 S. Rustic Road, East Peoria

Slife, Justin D., 698 St. Andrews Circle, Rantoul

Sloan, Myron T. Sr., 1711 Seven Pines Road, Apt. 7, Springfield

Slover, Sandra J. and Stephen L., P.O. Box 235, Neponset

Smith, Austin P., 1520 Corman Court, Decatur

Smith, Brett A., 118 E. Fisk, Goodfield

Smith, Craig D., 30 Brian Lane, Dawson

Smith, Donald William and Jill Renee, 1613 Devereux, Peoria

Smith, Kenya L., 2120 N. Union St., Decatur

Smith, Kristy A. and Lance C., 301 E. Fourth N., Mount Olive

Smith, Sadie Lee, 11 E. Shore Lane, Springfield

Smith, Tasha LeAnn, 2304 Barberry Drive, Champaign

Snider, Shelly Marie, 210 Felmley Drive, Normal

Snodgrass, Camille and Joseph D., 1105 George Drive, Normal

Snyder, Autumn Love, 701 Fischer Road, #169, Creve Coeur

Sparks, Beverly A., 109 Market St., Gridley

Spickard, Robin Nicole, 13649 Grape Creek, Danville

Starofsky, John L. Jr. and Linda K., P.O. Box 11, Preemption

Stewart-Hartsock, Lisa A., 286 Belmont Ave., Bourbonnais

Stine, Daniel L., 381 E. Park, Argenta

Stingley, Cathy Lynn and Kenneth Duane, 13174 E. County Road 450 North, Charleston

Stoner, Toni M., 845 S. Franklin St., Decatur

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Trostle, Barbara J., 1244 E. Decatur, Decatur

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Chapter 13

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Bishop, Chanel and Clifford, 901 Dresser Drive, Normal

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Boland, Jude A. and Tanya J., 206 Madissyn Court, East Peoria

Boston, Steven O., 2506 Ivy Lane, Decatur

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Crosiar, Erin D., 406 Kutz Lane, Peoria

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Eazarsky, Steve Jude, 304 E. Franklin, Carlock

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Long, Marcus T., P.O. Box 54, Alexander

Luster, Milton H., 214 W. Second St., Odell

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Rhodes, Florese, 107 E. Church St., Champaign

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Scalet, Susan M., 3160 N. 16940 East Road, P.O. Box 564, Momence

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Winchell, Rutherford E., 4025 W. Richwood Blvd., Peoria

Woll, Bobbie E. and Donna J., 7133 Wagonseller Road, Manito

Yates, Edward P., 2009 N. Northcrest, Peoria

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