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Building permits, tax liens and bankruptcies


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and - when available - estimated cost of improvements.


Ralph Mendez/Aquas Partnership, new multifamily residence at 3721 Harbor Estates Lane, $524,500.

Ralph Mendez/Aquas Partnership, new multifamily residence at 3731 Harbor Estates Lane, $494,260.

Roessler Construction, new brine equipment building for city of Champaign at 702 Edgebrook Drive, $224,454.

Ratio Architects, alteration for Busey Bank offices at 100 W. University Ave., $130,000.

MSA Professional Services, alteration to office at 106 S. Country Fair Drive, #C, $70,000.

Chris & Company, repair/replacement work to single-family home at 1109 Kenwood Road, C, $55,000.

Millar-Baskis Construction, alteration for Champaign-Urbana Public Health District at 201 W. Kenyon Road, $30,000.

Judy Miller, alteration for Champaign Studio 9 salon at 701 Devonshire Drive, $8,500.

Brian Neiswender, footing and foundation for new apartment/commercial building at 311 E. Green St., no cost listed.

Herschman Architects, alteration for H.H. Gregg retail store at 718 Town Center Blvd., $1.1 million.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 2106 Leahs Lane, $285,000.

Paul W. Kane, alteration to multifamily residence (second floor) at 41 E. University Ave., $217,000.

Dodds Company, alteration for Spinlight Studios office at 3356 Big Pine Trail, $206,974.

Hoffman Ochs, addition to single-family home at 1703 Brighton Court, $159,740.

J2M2 LLC, addition to single-family home at 606 N. Randolph St., $58,000.

Dodds Company, repair/replacement work to warehouse at 101 Mercury Drive, $57,273.

Regency Gentry Square LLC, repair/replacement work to balconies of multifamily residence at 1713 Gentry Square, #202 and #203, $14,000.

Bickers Construction, new guardhouse for multifamily residence at 2001 Moreland Blvd., $13,000.

MSA Professional Services, new storage building for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 2101 S. Prospect Ave., $9,000.

Wells & Wells Construction, alteration to condominiums at 937 Cheshire Drive, $4,600.

Weger & Associates, new multifamily residence at 53 E. Chalmers St., $2.36 million.

Sunbuilt Commercial, addition to office at 3007 Village Office Place, $435,300.

Broeren Russo Construction, alteration to Evans Scholars residence at 1007 S. Third St., $259,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family residence at 5110 Stonebridge Drive, $235,000.

Smith/Burgett Architects, alteration to Warranty Group office at 2302 Fox Drive, $140,617.

Aiello Architecture Design, alteration for Pandora Jewelry store at 2000 N. Neil St., #378, $135,000.

RMA Architects, alteration for Planet Fitness at 2002 Glenn Park Drive, $593,350.

KAP Architecture, new clubhouse at 2002 W. Bradley Ave., $378,715.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, new office/warehouse at 2905 Hundman Drive, $141,000.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 3203 Stanley Lane, $81,805.

One Main Development, alteration for Big Grove Tavern at 1 E. Main St., #101, $78,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to Studio Helix fitness center at 324 N. Neil St., $55,000.

Doug Moore Construction, alteration to multifamily residences at 501 and 503 E. Columbia Ave., $16,500 each, for total of $33,000.

Trent Cloin, alteration for church at 1802 S. Duncan Road, $7,200.

Champaign County

Guadelupe Guzman, change use to establish single-family residence in an existing storage building at 3205 E. Airport Road, Urbana.

Jay Trimble, construct an attached garage addition to an existing single-family home at 2204 S. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $9,000.

HTCSCI, construct a temple and cultural center and erect a freestanding sign at 2130 CR 1000E, Champaign, $752,000.

P&P Service Center, erect a freestanding sign at 2109 E. Tin Cup Road, Mahomet, $1,200.

Bill and Wilma Ellis, place a manufactured home at 83 CR 2100E, Longview, $117,258.

Tab Carmien, construct a storage shed for agricultural equipment at 2996 CR 800E, Dewey, $100,000.

William Becker, enclose an existing open deck at 108 Brady Lane, Urbana, $9,500.

Jed Gerdes, construct a storage shed for agricultural equipment at 1448 CR 2700E, Ogden, $300,000.

Paul Compton, construct a storage shed for agricultural equipment at 2546 CR 1050N, Homer, $230,000.

Russell Tarter, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 1210 CR 2400N, St. Joseph, $150,000.

Hearthstone Homes, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 1507 Nottingham Drive, St. Joseph, $244,900.

Wren and Rhonda Thomas, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 1106 CR 2400E, Homer, $128,000.

Chris Harbourt, construct a detached garage/storage shed for personal use at 2061 CR 1400N, St. Joseph, $130,000.

William Graham, place an above-ground swimming pool at 3078 CR 700E, Fisher, $7,307.74.

Mark and Denise Dalton, place an above-ground swimming pool at 2623 CR 500E, Mahomet, $9,000.

Robert and Tary Finefield, construct a detached garage at 1309 Peters Drive, St. Joseph, $15,300.

Chuck Routh, construct an in-ground swimming pool at 1592 CR 1100N, Urbana, $15,000.

Matt Kamerer, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 381 CR 2600N, Mahomet, $357,000.

Justin and Alissa Lamb, construct a single-family home with attached garage at 140 CR 2500N, Mahomet, $339,000.

California Ridge Wind Energy, issued 30 permits to construct foundations only for 30 wind towers as part of the California Ridge Wind Farm on tracts of land in Compromise and Ogden townships, $225,000 each.


Bentbrook Properties, home at 814 Woodspring, $200,000.

Ohana Pools, pool at 801 W. Main, $54,000.

Noel Hinton, room addition at 103 Jennifer, $20,000.

Armstrong Construction, home at 1601 Quarry, $125,000.

Armstrong Construction, home at 1110 White Oak, $125,000.

Kathy Batsie, deck at 304 West St., $3,800.

Gary Gillham, shed at 1209 S. Marietta Drive, $900.

Doru Marcusiu, fence at 801 W. Main, $1,000.

Cathy Smith, fence at 300 N. Dianne, $2,200.

Ironwood Homes, home at 1214 Oak Valley Road, $200,000.

MOBB, home at 1809 S. Orchard, $230,000.

Scott Nelson, home at 1706 Sunny Acres Road, $230,000.

Greg Hagener, driveway at 1108 S. Marietta Drive, no cost estimate available.

VK Properties, donation box at 804 Eastwood, #9, no cost estimate available.

Jordan Venatta, deck and fence at 804 Timber Ridge, no cost estimate available.

Ace Hardware, temporary building at 804 Eastwood, $5,000.

Sam Finch, fence at 424 Dorchester, $12,246.

Brad Young, home at 1511 Cottonwood, $500,000.

Community Unit School District #3, addition at 201 W. State St., $792,500.

Harold Dean, driveway and culvert at 706 W. Main St., no cost estimate available.

Jared Rogers, pool at 1201 Cozzene, $42,000.

Dan Becker, fence at 1722/1724 Timber Wolf Lane, $634.


Roeco Enterprises, commercial renovation at 423 S. Murray Road, Suite B, $5,000.

Hermes Equipment Co., new commercial building for Starcrest Cleaners at 1109 Klein Ave., $220,000.

Irene Jackson, new single-family home (rebuild) at 1104 Bel Air Drive, $80,000.


Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1306 Ridge Creek Road, $220,000.

McGuire Custom Designs, new single-family home at 310 Banbury Lane, $203,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 205 Sunflower St., $170,000.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family home at 1308 Fieldstone Drive, $145,000.

Dodds Co., remodeling of retail space at 1321 Savoy Plaza Lane, $60,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 605 Silver Lake Court, $260,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 309 Banbury Lane, $240,000.

Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 118 Sunflower St., $221,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 204 Blazing Star Drive, $185,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 206 Sunflower St., $185,000.

Signature Construction, new single-family home at 402 Banbury Lane, $175,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 301 Trefoil St., $175,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 203 Sunflower St., $180,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 307 Trefoil St., $175,000.

Signature Homebuilders, new single-family home at 108 Blazing Star Drive, $165,000.

St. Joseph

No new permits.


Greg Lindeman, fence at 210 Cory Lane, no cost estimate available.

David Shipley, garage at 102 E. Locust, no cost estimate available.

Chad Williams, deck at 310 N. Calhoun, no cost estimate available.

Phil Oyer, deck at 803 N. Bourne, no cost estimate available.

Dallas Construction, new single-family home at 208 Campbell, no cost estimate available.

Jeff Lancaster, concrete slab at 4 E. Holden, no cost estimate available.

Rick Stewart, new single-family home at 507 Whitehead, no cost estimate available.

Signature Homes, new single-family home at 204 Campbell, no cost estimate available.

Bill Mauzy, deck at 412 Deerpath, no cost estimate available.

Jason Little, fence at 806 E. Benham, no cost estimate available.

Joe Chandler, addition to garage at 402 E. Main St., no cost estimate available.

Thomas Henriksen, garage at 607 E. Marshall, no cost estimate available.

Russell Beck, fence at 902 Allison, no cost estimate available.

Joshua Young, fence at 603 E. Broadway, no cost estimate available.


Tim Gibbs, remodeling of mercantile space at Lincoln Square Village at 300 S. Broadway Ave., $585,000.

Barr Real Estate, remodeling of multifamily residence at 505 S. Busey Ave., $380,000.

US Pro/United Services, remodeling of single-family home at 2701 N. Somerset Drive, $67,000.

Booher Construction, addition to multifamily residence at 1321 N. Lincoln Ave., $24,314.

Tarter Construction, new single-family home at 1101 N. Gregory St., $143,400.

The Aspen Group, remodeling to Vineyard Church, 1500 N. Lincoln Ave., $1,225,000.

Renoinnovations LLC, remodeling to multifamily residence at 306 E. Thompson St., $6,800.

Atkins Construction, new single-family residence at 2810 E. Plantation Point, $527,898.

Vliet Builders, new single-family residence at 1604 E. Horizon Lane, $135,000.

Bohdan Rudawski, remodeling of single-family residence at 401 W. Green St., $86,800.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during April 2012 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

UC Auto Credit LLC, Alamen Ali, member, 1101 N. Cunningham, Urbana, $21,838.79.

Alicia Bachert, 319 W. Walnut St., Tolono, $21,677.83.

Rodger D. Ferguson, 4504 Copper Ridge Road, Champaign, $200,416.04.

Mail & Parcel Plus Inc. 2206 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $10,444.32.

James Cowan, Wienerschnitzel 613, 57 Michelle Lane, Urbana, $8,378.93.

Troy N. Ronk, 1715 Paula Drive, Champaign, $382,852.84.

Gabes Place Apartments, Wellington Associates, 123 W. Main St., Suite 220, Urbana, $62,103.82.

Shirley A. LaBounty, 2705 CR 3000N, Penfield, $12,556.16.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

Aroma CafÈ Inc., 118 N. Neil St., Champaign, $2,795.64.

David A. Fleming, 1303 Christopher Circle, Apt. 5, Urbana, $5,037.04.

Mark M. Orsted, 2308 Barberry Drive, Champaign, $9,614.96.

Terry L. Johnson, 807 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $16,709.63.

Scot E. Brewer, 652 E. Independence Drive, Apt. 2E, Palatine, $6,995.59.

John R. Smith, 9 Airport Road, Savoy, $8,597.08.

A OK Transmission Inc., 702 W. Marketview Drive, Champaign, $10,838.15.

Sheena R. Garland, 301 E. Fawn Drive, Mahomet, $26,959.80.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Michael Gains, 2002 E. Main St., Urbana, $44,067.38.

Ryan Jacobs, 404 N. Lake St., Urbana, $44,067.38.

Carl Long, P.O. Box 2045, Champaign, $2,577.07.

Christie Singer, 1803 Oak Park Drive, Champaign, $5,981.80.

James Singer, 107 N. Watson, Tolono, $5,981.80.

Super Rata Jack Inc., Blue Star, 406 S. First St., Champaign, $12,366.44.

Jackie Blue, Theresa Blue, 2314 Campbell Drive, Champaign, $1,763.87.

Kay Adams, 3002 Meadowbrook Court, Champaign, $1,085.86.

Paulette Bell, 1204 W. Beslin St., Urbana, $821.11.

Patrick Kelsey, Patty Kelsey, 915 W. Eureka St., Champaign, $1,794.52.

Jerry Moreland, 1814 Larch Place, Urbana, $526.71.

Russell Carwile, Route 45 at I-57, Pesotum, $26,044.43.

Jeffrey Brandt, 1009 W. Harvard St., Champaign, $7,584.56.

Glenn Coleman, 1921 Southwood Drive, Champaign, $1,038.82.

Robert Creel, 1725E No. 31, Ludlow, $621.32.

Stephen Pittman, Cheryl Pittman, 305 S. Draper Ave., Champaign, $810.94.

William Bagby, 2314 N. High Cross Road, Urbana, $19,109.64.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Paul Frank, Cynthia A. Jordan, 1502 Delmont Court, Urbana, $848.16.

VCN Celect Org, 108 Hessel Blvd., Champaign, $5,409.34.

Jeffrey Markland, 714 S. Lynn St., Urbana, $2,059.93.

Ben Shepperd, P.O. Box 918, Champaign, $6,602.10.

James Walker, 1733 Anita Drive, Champaign, $400.76.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from April 1-30, 2012. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield. Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy.

Chapter 7:

Acevedo, Rosa M., 748 E. North St., Bradley

Adams, Kyle E., 312 S. Cleveland St., Farmersville

Adkins, Justin J., 215 3rd St., Apt. #8, Hartsburg

Ahlers, George Herman Jr. and Margaret Ann, 407 N. Grand Ave. East, Apt. A, Springfield

Albertson, Diane Louise, 1788 State St., Cazenovia

Albright, Sheila K., 1612 Highwood Ave., Pekin

Anczer, Amber A., 350 Berkshire Court, Bourbonnais

Anders, Robert Lee, 2412 N. Grand Ave. East, Springfield

Andrews, Jill E., 2019 E. Cantrell, Decatur

Andring, Donald Craig, 1001 Lincoln, Pawnee

Armstrong, David Michael and Jolene Marie, 1508 N. Grant St., Danville

Aultman, Donald D. and Wanda A., 111 Robyn Ave., East Peoria

Austin, Sue L., 3542 N. Sandia Drive, Peoria

Bailey, Jeanne I., 185 White Ave., Lincoln

Baker, Roger A., 1840 W. Marietta, Decatur

Baker, Sharon Kay, 45 Fairoaks Drive, Putnam

Barnes, Dennis E., 439 High St., Buda

Barnett, Kimberly S., 172 S. Wabash Ave., Bradley

Barnhart, Liza Marie, 751 Willow Pond, Rantoul

Barrett, Amanda S. and Lucas T., 424 S. Forest Ave, Bradley

Bartholomew, Laurie A., 204 S. 3rd Cross St., Mechanicsburg

Baumann, Jessica Ann, 1306 Denison Drive, Apt. G, Springfield

Baxter, Christine D., 260 N. Main St., Warrensburg

Beard, Patrick Wayne, 153 Talley St., Standard City

Beaty, Curtis John, 510 Timothy Drive, #2, Villa Grove

Beeney, Jami Lee and Shane Alan, 320 Limestone Ave., Peoria

Bell, Cassandra Joy and Christopher David, 687 William Drive, Knoxville

Bennett, Darrin William and Merideth Lee, P.O. Box 85, Atwood

Bergland, Ken C., 15227 IL Hwy 92, Walnut

Bessette, Michelle E., 165 S. Elm, Herscher

Bickers, Jaclyn L., 508 N. 34th St., Mattoon

Bilyeu, David S. and Patricia K., 130 S. Macon, Moweaqua

Bishop, Andrew J. and Mercey K., 815 Congress St., Chapin

Bishop, Cheryl Ann, 21559 700 East St., Sheffield

Blaha, Paul, P.O. Box 286, Deer Creek

Bohm, Fonda R., P.O. Box 194, Bureau

Born, Jeffrey and Michelle M., 888 S. McKinney Lane, Decatur

Boston, Brittany A., 1561 W. Merchant, Apt. #1W, Kankakee

Bowen, Jasmine R., 926 W. Washington, Apt. A, Springfield

Boyd, Anne Marie and Timothy Douglas, P.O. Box 102, Raritan

Boyer, Daniel Dale and Linda Kay, 16215 Camaron Ave., Petersburg

Bradley, Satina J., P.O. Box 74, New Berlin

Brimer, Jennifer and Nathan, 1044 S. 5th Ave., Kankakee

Brink, Devin Machelle and Zachary John Carl, 28 E. 1800th, Plainville

Briscoe, Jacqueline Lee, 732 S. Miller Court, Decatur

Briscoe, Sylvia Ann, 3747 Summer Sage Court, Champaign

Broom, Sherika F., 1208 W. Jefferson, Apt. H, Springfield

Brown, Betty Jean, 2232 N. 2nd St., Springfield

Brown, Chrystal Lynn, 1304 E. Nevada St., Marshalltown

Brown, Darrell Cole, 306 S. Walnut, Cooksville

Brown, Sheila Kay, 1802 Rainbow, #3, Bloomington

Brza, David J. and Kelli L., 223 N. Cleveland, Bradley

Budris, David, 12416 N. Brentfield Drive, Apt. A, Dunlap

Bundy, Timothy H., 16 Felton Place, Bloomington

Busenbark, Allen D. and Phyllis N., 222 E. Ash St., Watseka

Campbell, Melissa, 4101 Benjamin Drive, Springfield

Carnahan, Stephan J., 1744 E. Clay St., Decatur

Carpenter, Patricia A., 802 S. Western Ave., Peoria

Carter, Carol Jean, 62 Michelle Lane, Urbana

Carter, Lametrius Batrina and Leroy L., 2505 Prairie Green, Urbana

Cash, Tiffany Michelle, 20 Prairie Drive, Bismarck

Cedar, Betty M., 3617 N. Grand Ave. East, Lot 52, Springfield

Cheatham, Donald B., 16881 Township Road 1691 E, Bradford

Chernis, John P., 4672 Fawn Drive, P.O. Box 26, Sherman

Childers, Jamie L., 124 Diamond Court, Jacksonville

Clark, Barbara K., 1147 S. Elm Ave., Kankakee

Clark, Claudia E., 329 E. Christine, Apt. 4, Decatur

Clark, Robert E. III and Tammy L., 222 Apple Blossom, Peoria

Claypool, Tracy Lynn, 2558 N. Pine Tree Ave., Decatur

Claytor, Allen and Dolores, 2 Seth Dunscomb Drive, Sullivan

Clemmons, Alline L., 3028 Southern Hills Drive, Decatur

Clemmons, Linda E. and Martin V. II, 6B Clobertin Court, Apt. 4, Bloomington

Cody, Christopher J., 459 S. Independence, Monticello

Coffee-DiBenedetto, Janet LaVerne, 4320 KOA Road, Rochester

Combites, Mark, 1100 B Henry St., Normal

Comeaux, James Patrick, 2200 W. Krause Ave., Peoria

Conner, Debra K., 3203 N. 17180 E. Road, Momence

Conrad, Christopher Lee, 405 1/2 N. 30th St., Mattoon

Coop, Bryan A., 618 Oklahoma Ave., Lincoln

Corsell, Charlene M., 951 S. Western Ave., Watseka

Corsello, Sydney G., 951 S. Western Ave., Watseka

Cote, Alfred F. and Evelyn D., 220 S. Warsaw St., Nauvoo

Cote, Eugene P. Jr., 532 Bisaillon, Bourbonnais

Coverstone, Casandra L., 2603 Gaylord Ave., Springfield

Covington, Rhonda Annette, 64 Centerview St., Kankakee

Cox, Jason A. and Leasha R., 9037 - 2nd Road, Plainview

Coziahr, Kara Danielle, 1130 Summer, Pekin

Crabbe, Alma Deloris and Gene Paul, 671 W. 2nd St., Dallas City

Cramer, Charlene M., 1816 Vladimir Drive, Bloomington

Crede, Joseph Edward, 407 SW 5th St., Aledo

Crider, Kesua Leneice, 31 Pennslyvania, Danville

Crippen, Brenda J., 1653 E. Wood St., Decatur

Crippin, Joseph, 1208 E. Seminary, Danville

Cristanus, Terese M., P.O. Box 782, Lincoln

Cross, Thomas Alan, 224 S. Michigan, Bradley

Crowell, Shirley, 204 E. 3rd St., El Paso

Cumby, Tina L., 65 Maple Court, Decatur

Cunningham, Susan Michelle, 1141 N. Walnut, Springfield

Curry, Ashley Renee, 1114 Jackson Ave., Charleston

Curry, Shauntea N., 1450 W. Mound Road, #B, Decatur

Damewood, Tracey L., 536 Warren, Box 41, Cameron

Damm, Angela Michelle and Lonnie Gene, 462 N. Ash, Palmyra

Daulton, Talmadge R. and Waltraud, 514 Monterey St., Danville

Davidson, Courtney Nicole, 136 El Paso Drive, Springfield

Davis, Brandon Michael, 900 Walnut, Lot 16, Canton

Davis, Brandy L., RR #2, Box 264A, Shelbyville

Davis, Patricia Ann, 1 Candlewood, Apt. 8, Springfield

Davis, Richard Jeffrey, 4713 N. Woodview Ave., Peoria

Davis, Ronald L., RR #2, Box 264A, Shelbyville

Day, Susan Y., P.O. Box 244, Athens

Deal, Tracy L., 1416 Chalmers, Springfield

Dearborn Management Inc., 17 Marquette Lane, Kankakee

Decker, Betty J., 617 W. Grant Ave., Pontiac

Delgado, Kerry J., 1318 S. Abercorn, Urbana

Dewester, Judith Kay, 120 N. Main St., Farmington

Dhermy, Loretta M., 406 S. Saint Marie, Blue Mound

Dillon, Lashonda Ann, 2613 NE Madison St., Peoria

Dixon, Kelly J., 7773 Hennepin Farms Road, Hennepin

Dokey, Amanda L., 1016 Indiana, Springfield

Donaghy, Katrina E., 1004 Pepper Tree Lane, Eureka

Douglas, Elijah Steven and Shannon Marie, 220 Elm St., Danville

Downs, Jennie M. and Rocky A., P.O. Box 132, Oakwood

Doyle, Seamus J., 423 Merrill St., Catlin

Drakeford, Andrea Nicole, 2110 Erzinger Ave., Kankakee

Druck, Rhonda E., 504 Holland Road, Apt. C, Metamora

DuBois, Dana, P.O. Box 286, Deer Creek

Duncan, Ashley Dawn, 319 N. Oak St., Windsor

Duncan, Lynn A., 101 E. McArthur, Apt. 1112, Bloomington

Dunn, Lyle E. and Ruby P., 612 W. N. First St., Shelbyville

Duodu, Ebenezer Gbor, 3224 Ridgewood Drive, Champaign

Easter, John Marshall, 301 Adams Ave., Charleston

Ekis, Vanessa LeAnn, 500 Constant St., Dawson

Elam, Marvin B. Jr. and Virginia L., 1507 S. Wake, New Berlin

Elfgen, James A., 1972 E. Converse, Springfield

Elfgen, Lisa R., 1037 N. Park, Springfield

Embree, Desiree N., 812 E. Washington, Riverton

Embry, Mark A., 208 Saratoga, Normal

Epright, Debra J. and Michael C., 36 Lovell Valley, Springfield

Evans, Clifford Lee, 610 S. Glover Ave., #13, Urbana

Evans, Mary Christine, 315 Richardson, Kincaid

Evans, Ronald L. and Rosemary, RR #1, Box 129, Carrollton

Evard, Jenny Lynn and Michael Lee, 929 N. Central Ave., Paris

Everson, Harold L., 304 S. Church St., Sheffield

Exum, Alton, 210 E. Church, Champaign

Fauser, Richard Paul Jr. and Sylvia Jean, 508 9th Ave., Silvis

Fearson, Amanda Blane, 2316 S. 10th, Springfield

Fenton, Ada Luvenia and James Allen, 103 Travis Drive, Carlock

Fitzgerrel, Ruth A., 120 N. Glenwood, Roodhouse

Flaugher, James C., 3443 S. Long Creek Road, Decatur

Forman, Scott C., 2268 Swallowtail St., Bourbonnais

Frazee, Matthew Ryan and Nancy Y., 245 E. Water St., Argenta

Freitas, Bruce Henry, 3665 CN 7000 W Road, Kankakee

Fretueg, Francis J., 755 N. 2456th Ave., Ursa

Frohmader, Connie S. and Harland L., 22634 Gracie Ave., Atwater

Fryman, Tammy Jo, 105 Richmond, Mattoon

Fuqua, Robert E., 3000 N. 2250th St., Paris

Gaines, Kenneth E., 3442 W. Sylvan Lane, Peoria

Garrelts, Linda Sue, 503 W. Shurbet, Thomasboro

Gassman, Douglas J., 415 W. South St., Apt. 203, Dwight

Gaston, Calvin Wayne, 401 W. Mulberry St., Apt. 3, Bloomington

Gbor, Richline M., 3224 Ridgewood Drive, Champaign

Gendron, Chad A., 2638 N. Missouri Ave., Peoria

Gibson, Scarlet E., 913 Colfax Drive, Danville

Gil, Shirley J., 301 N. Wabash St., Odell

Gisler, Bradley R., P.O. Box 232, Cherry

Gist, Angela Nanette and Richard James, 2507 214th St. N, Port Byron

Gocken, Andrew and Victoria A., 1042 Beauchamp Ave., #1, Manteno

Golladay, Juanitta M., 1603 Olive Ave., Apt. 1, Charleston

Gould, Joseph Martin and Karen Sue, 331 N. Poplar, Assumption

Grayling, Kenneth C. and Nacola L., 220 N. 7th Ave., Kankakee

Green, Crystal Shantel, 2923 W. John St., Champaign

Green, Erica Christine, 1209 Daisy Lane, Hoopeston

Green, Vern Jovan, 1205 E. McClure, Peoria

Greer, Bill J., 1330 E. Wellington Way, #1D, Decatur

Gregory, Dorothy Mae, 901 E. Behrends Ave., Peoria

Gremar, Ashley Nicole, 305 E. Chestnut St., Apt. C, Fairbury

Grimes, Kay F., 1812 E. Prairie Ave., Decatur

Gudgel, Cheryl Ann, 13 Reed Court, Springfield

Guenzi, Charles Joseph, 26 Hilltop Drive, Bourbonnais

Guldbrandsen, Charlene M. and Eugene H., 500 N. Piatt St., Bement

Gutterridge, Elizabeth and Michael R., 14336 E. 2000 N. Road, Danville

Hadden, Morris Dean, 3611 E. Mayner St., Decatur

Hadler, Jennifer A., 1026 E. Kerr Ave., Apt. 205, Urbana

Hadsall, Eleanor G. and Samuel E. Sr., 108 S. Maine St., P.O. Box 261, Payson

Hain, Rebecca A., 514 Dewitt, Mattoon

Hall, Amanda E. and Shane A, 307 N. Prairieview Road, Apt. 104-13, Mahomet

Halverson, Karen R., 70 Edmar Drive, Canton

Hamm, Brandon Ray, 415 S. Washington St., Taylorville

Handley, Cynthia Ann, 1367 170th Ave., Reynolds

Harmon-Pelmore, LeVette S., 304 Foxwell Court, Champaign

Harris, Jeffrey Michael, 2218 Wilbur Road, Springfield

Harshey, Andrew M. and Brianna J., 544 3rd St., Lincoln

Hartnett, Elizabeth A., 2009 Monticello Lane, Monticello

Hatchett, Jacques, 2307 W. Herold St., Peoria

Hatfield, Lisa L., 6 Charleston Court, Chatham

Haughee, Abigail Jean, 401 W. Taylor Ave., Charleston

Headrick, Mathew J. and Michelle L., 404 E. Madison St., Arcola

Helgeson, Melissa K., 301 Cook Blvd., Bradley

Hendrickson, Ellen P., 1576 Sundridge Drive, Bourbonnais

Henson, Jill Marie and Laine Allen, 2034 N. College, Decatur

Herman, Dale Annette, 2000 N. Linden, #C108, Normal

Hernandez, Hilda Maria, 2005 N. Indiana St., Peoria

Hernandez-Zavaleta, Maria J., 1318 S. Abercorn, Urbana

Herrington, Terry L. and Tia Lorraine, 16377 NCR 2000 E., Charleston

Hibner, Carrie A., 401 W. Elm, Kilbourne

Hickman, Cheryl, 15 Kingswood Drive, Normal

Higgins, Timothy R., 715 N. 11th St., Petersburg

Hill, Kristy L., 439 High St., Buda

Hill, Ralph N. and Sharon Kay, 409 1/2 McKinley, Peoria

Hill, Richard William, 2900 W. Farmington Road, Lot 73, Peoria

Hire, Dawna L., 4607 W. Fernleaf Road, Peoria

Hoerr, Gary W., 1107 N. Underhill St., Apt. H, Peoria

Holderman, Dennis D. Jr. and Laura L., 1583 N 6250 W Road, Bonfield

Holler, Renee C., 2065 S. 4th St., Springfield

Hoover, Kathleen M. and Lloyd Everett Jr., 111 Donovan St., P.O. Box 163, Beaverville

Hopp, Tammy L., 3020 Stokebridge Road, Springfield

Hornbeck, Jessi Rae, 2124 County View Drive, Charleston

Hosking, Erica L., 201 N. Linnhill Lane, Washington

Hosking, Keith E., 106 S. Behrens, Washington

Howard, Kim M., 4113 Peoria Road, Lot 46, Springfield

Howell, Monique C., 1552 W. Forest, Decatur

Hughes, Shamark Lamont, 715 W. Nowland, Peoria

Hunter, Kimberly Renae, 2000 N. Linden Ave., #b203, Normal

Huser, Georgette Louise, 5911 N. Cedarcrest Court, Peoria

Hutchens, Crystal D., 501 - 4th Street, Mount Olive

Hutson, Erin E. and Jacob W., 304 E. North St., P. O. Box 31, Ridge Farm

Hutson, Yvonne R., 1284 Winans Ave., Apt. 3, Bourbonnais

Ingram, Kristen Wynne, 502 Bitterroot Drive, Athens

Jackson, Stacey Marie, 210 W. Beardsley, Champaign

James, Jill Annette, 816 Moffitt, Chillicothe

Jarnagin, Carrie S. and Todd D., 730 N. 12th Ave., Canton

Jarnig Stevens, Linda, 1104 S. Evergreen Ave., Kankakee

Johns, Phillip Thomas, 2608 Moultrie, Mattoon

Johnson, Clarence Jr. and Terry J., P.O. Box 696, Oakwood

Johnson, Corinna and Daniel, 2604 Mayflower Drive, Pekin

Johnson, Tracie L., 904 W. Trailcreek, Peoria

Jones, Dawn E. and William L., 111 Forrest Ave., Paris

Jones, Kimberly L., 300 E. Spencer St., Lot 68, Dwight

Jones, Leslie R., 33749 Gotter Road, Brighton

Jones, Lynnette Ann, 115 Fountain Valley, Rantoul

Jones, Thomas Christopher, 424 N. 11th St., Charleston

Jones, Toby L., 1129 N. Illinois St., Decatur

Jordan, Clyde E. Jr., 1704 James Cherry Dr., Apt. B, Urbana

Kalman, John M., 105 S.W. Perry, #303, Peoria

Katus, Patrick M., 1203 W. Willcox Ave., Peoria

Keating, Judith A. and Wayne R., 205 W. 2nd St., Delavan

Keedy, Jill Marie and Zackery Troy, 1221 Broadway, Pekin

Kelley, Timothy E., 2277 Grandview, Springfield

Kelly, Alison Marie, 820 E. Douglas, #2, Bloomington

Kenney, Mary Katherine, 213 Timber Lane, East Peoria

Kiogima, Alan Barry, 2526 S. 6th St., Springfield

Klimzak, Nicole Justine, 480 Oak Run Drive, Apt. #9, Bourbonnais

Knobbe, Eric A. and Sarah R., 501 N. Spencer St., Odell

Knuth, Eric L. and Ramona J., 802 Harrison, Charleston

Koca, Geoff A., 312 E. Delaware St., Dwight

Kurowski, Nancy M., 22 Duncan Drive, Bourbonnais

Kuyper, Allen David, 436 S. Cleveland Ave., Bradley

Lain, Mary Ellen, 820 N. Chicago Ave., Kankakee

Lair, Michael R., 46 Morean, Nilwood

Lane, Bryan D. and Kelly A., 504 Jefferson, Minonk

Lane, Connie J. and Ronald M., 403 N. Madison, Sullivan

Lopez, Amy L., P.O. Box 44, Maroa

Lovall, Mary Louise and William Oliver, 409 E. Springfield Road, Arcola

Lutton, Diana L., 113 Jasmine Blvd., Washington

Lyles, Kathryn Anne, 102 Redwood Drive, Morton

MJP Development Corp., 17 Marquette Lane, Kankakee

Maas, Stephen Jason, 28040 CR1800 N, Forest City

Mabrey, Daryl W., 206 Pine St., East Peoria

MacLennan, Scott Myer, 2507 214th St. North, #153, Port Byron

Magruder, Cornella and Donald J., 535 S. Wall St., Kankakee

Malouf, Joshua D.T., 1108 N. Stanley Drive, #2, Chillicothe

Marble, Phillip L. Jr., 15478 Lee Road, Danville

Marchant, Victoria L., 706 N. Oak St., Bloomington

Margerum, Blayne L., 2283 E. Locust, Decatur

Marion, Derrick Shawn and Kimberly Jane, 1003 Austin Drive, Urbana

Mason, Hugh V., 3 Andy Court, #3, Bloomington

Mathias, Vernon, 411 Kelly Ave, Mattoon

Matthews, Loretta, 3711 N. Cunningham Ave., Urbana

Maurer, Don W., 2257 Cincinnati, Springfield

Mayer, Jeffery D. and Patti J., 208 E. 6th St., Gridley

McBride, Sherri, 1507 Sherman St., Danville

McConnell, Tammy Jean, P.O. Box 127, La Harpe

McCue, Quent J. and Susan D., P.O. Box 244, Crescent City

McLean, Charles A., 1837 N. Albany, Springfield

McLean, Frank S., 2009 Monticello Lane, Monticello

Meints, Jeremey T. and Melissa L., 25845 N 2150 E Road, Lexington

Mendenall, Carl G., 2242 N. Edward, Decatur

Mette, Jessica Marie, 2412 Yale Blvd., Springfield

Miller, Angela M. and Larry J., P.O. Box 146, Saybrook

Miller, Dennis, 263 Randolph, Mahomet

Miller, Doris J. and Gary W., 2052 N. Lowber, Decatur

Milligan, Judy A. and Michael M., 2802 Bldg. A Monmouth Court, Apt. A, Springfield

Mineer, George Emerson, 305 E. Summer St., Paxton

Miranda, Cheryl L., 619 E. Thrush Ave., Peoria

Mixon, Cheryl and Steve, 1892 S 12000 E Road, Pembroke Township

Mockbee, Tanya Jane and William Lee, 311 Gilbert St., Alvin

Moffitt-Kiogima, Dawn Renee, 2526 S. 6th St., Springfield

Monical, Misty Michelle, 938 W. MacArthur, Bloomington

Moore, Kelly Marie, 908 W. Gift, Peoria

Morman, Melinda Lee, 1616 N. Jackson St., Danville

Morris, David Allen, 107 S. Thompson, Melvin

Morris, Nicole Elizabeth, 124 N. Elm, Gibson City

Mosley, Katie B., 1393 E. Chestnut, Kankakee

Moss, Tammie Marie, 404 N. 21st St., Mattoon

Murphy, Jessica Lynn, 1602 Koch St., Pekin

Nave, Mark Alan, 312 S. Eaton, Edinburg

Nave, Sheila Renee, 316 E. Washington, Edinburg

O'Dear, Cynthia Lou and Randy T., 1415 N. Victoria Ave., Decatur

O'Dell, Rebecca S., 116 N. 11th, Mattoon

O'Hara, Mary Lu and Michael John Sr., 1165 George Lane, Bourbonnais

O'Rourke, Michael J., 111 Rust Road, #307, Bloomington

Olson, Scott A., 315 S. Ridgewood, #5, Chillicothe

Orr, Delane Michele, 433 W. Lawrence, Springfield

Owens, Christina M. and Donnie L., 434 S. Boyd, Decatur

Pace, Andrew Sr. and Jamie E., 3001 SW Jefferson Ave., Peoria

Palmer, Nancy, 1622 N. Jackson St., Danville

Pankey, Angela E., 201 Chester, Danville

Parga, Brian Joseph, 2749 S. 4th St., Apt. D, Springfield

Pate, Sarah Elizabeth and Timothy Bryan, 23 Rosewood Drive, #3, Clinton

Patridge, Susan Kay, P.O. Box 212, Arcola

Payne, Amparo M. and Samuel R., P.O. Box 498, Oquawka

Pearman, Chantelle, 1411 Robinson St., Danville

Peden, Melodee, 1706 Springfield, #1, Bloomington

Pelmore, Danis R., 304 Foxwell Court, Champaign

Pena, Gabriela, 2444 Forest Crest Road, Decatur

Perez, Adalberto Jr., 10 Oakwood Drive, Pontiac

Perkins, Juddson W. and Kelly S., P.O. Box 645, Kincaid

Pershey, Judy A. and Mark L., 321 W. James St., Dwight

Peterson, Thomas John Jr., 3522 N. Gale Ave., Peoria

Petty, Jodie Bethel, 521 - 14th Ave., Silvis

Phillips Colver, Carol Lynn, 210 S. Third Ave., Morton

Phillips, Eyone K., 367 S. 19th St., Decatur

Pinski, Michael J., 17 Marquette Lane, Kankakee

Pintar, Raymond L., 110 Loren St., Washington

Pochai, Arunee and Somsong, 401 E. Campbell St., Rantoul

Podkanowicz, Martin Paul, 800 NW Monroe, Apt. D, Peoria

Pratt, Debra Sue, 101 State St., Catlin

Preston, Anthony Patrick, 112 Lincolnshire Drive, Chrisman

Probus, Dana Kay and Roy Earl, 340 W. First, El Paso

Prouty, Timothy D., 19450 E. Tradewind Drive, Bloomington

Pruett, Jennifer Rose, P.O. Box 475, Warrensburg

Purnell, James Gregory, 1002 W. Vine, Champaign

Purtle, Elizabeth A., 101 Ridge St., Augusta

Rambo, Julie A., 503 E. Main, Moweaqua

Ramirez, David M. and Jami, 429 S. Euclid Ave., Bradley

Randol, Jeanise, 63 Rideway Drive, Decatur

Reaska, Crystal and James, 125 Hollyhock Lane, Metamora

Redden, Betty A., 108 North St., Paris

Redding, Lorgia V. and Steven E., 1107 S. 10th St., Pekin

Reed, Amy J. and Joshua A., 410 W. Owens St., Tiskilwa

Reeves, II, James M., 5224 Cantrell Court, Springfield

Rexroad, Lillie Alice, 1201 S. Old Airport Road, Lot 22, Pontiac

Rey, Cristina L., 175 E. Menard, Riverton

Ribas, Gina M., 413 Opper Ave., Granville

Richey-Lape, Angela, 1611 N. 8th St., Pekin

Richie, Linda S., 112 Neumann Lane, East Peoria

Riekena, Janice K., 802 W. Gift, Peoria

Riggs, Nicole Ann, 15 Basil Way, #1, Bloomington

Robbins, Christopher Lee, 14006 W. Riekena Road, Hanna City

Robertson, Dorothy A., 308 5th, Lincoln

Robinson, Jennifer L. and Scott G., 436 N. Prairie Ave., Bradley

Rogers, Larry C., 2517 Leeper Drive, #B, Champaign

Roman, Antonia A, 2308 W. Lawrence Ave., 1st Floor, Springfield

Rose, Melvin Dean, 322 Sheriff St., Paris

Rouse, Ann Marie, 159 N 2750 W Road, Kankakee

Rouser, LaWanda D., 3 Candlelight Drive, Apt. 4, Springfield

Rueff, Daniel Anthony, Apt 14, 1920 Tracy Drive, Bloomington

Rumler, Matthew Dean, 870 E. Maple, Canton

Rynders, Jessica R, 3240 Carman Ave., Springfield

Salazar, Margarita C., 2227 N. Flora, Peoria

Salazar, Rogelio and Rosa, 333 E. Roosevelt, P.O. Box 105, Onarga

Sandoval, Andres Loeva, 807 W. Richmond, Peoria

Schleyhahn, Craig Scott, 1136 N. Stephens Ave., Springfield

Schoedel, Lora M., 111 Sheffield Road, Groveland

Schulz, Carolyn Sue and David Lee, 201 E. Scott, Tuscola

Schwarting, Gary Lee, 1934 S. Lincoln, Apt. D, Springfield

Schwartz, Barbara J., 1205 Daisy Lane, Hoopeston

Scoby, Kathryn C., 2127 W. Starr St., Peoria

Scott, Laurie M., 15179 First St., Lane

Sebree, Christopher Anthony and Lissie Mae, 475 W. King Street, Decatur

Sehr, Heath Wesley and Tara Lea, 24533 E. North Shore Drive, Canton

Sexton, Debra Rae, 1882 W. State Route 113, Kankakee

Sharp, Cindra K. and Walter R., 106 N. Northwood Place, East Peoria

Shepard, Travis Cody, 406 S. West Park, Clinton

Sherrer, Darrell E. Jr. and Dawn, 812 1/2 N. Chicago St., Lincoln

Shook, Janice Kay, 1874 Scenic Lane, Mattoon

Siebenthal, Elisa M., 1402 W. Forrest Hill, Peoria

Simmons, Daciena Renee, 260 E. Cleveland, Apt. 110, Decatur

Simpson, Randall T., P.O. Box 6344, 2801 Curtis Road, Champaign

Singer, Merickia Elaine, 2125 E. Prairie St., Decatur

Skinner, Michael G., 18 Blue Ash Court, Bloomington

Smith, April S. and Marquis, 1521 Fairway Drive, Rantoul

Smith, Cassandra Marie, 315 Felmley Drive, Normal

Smith, Christina M., 203 W. Pennsylvania, Jacksonville

Smith, Juanita M., 3501 Ridgely Road, #61, Springfield

Smith, Justin Matthew, 4108 Georgetown Road, Washington

Smullin, Sonia K., 315 Byron Court, Peoria

Sorensen, Michael G., 607 E. Jones St., Milford

Sowers, Amanda Lynn, 14 Old State Village, Mattoon

Specht, Angela M., 209 N. 3rd St., Fisher

Specketer, Laura L., 2228 E. Ash, Springfield

Spencer, Jared Allen and Tiffany Sue, 410 1/2 Walnut St., Washington

Springborn, Nicole Lyn and Steven Donald, 803 Phaeton Place, Normal

Standley, Carmen M. and Peter J., 415 W. Doubet Court, Peoria

Stawychey, Beverly A. and Richard L., 428 S. Walnut St., Manteno

Stein, Michele L., P.O. Box 203, Ohio

Stephens, Benjamin Tyler and Molly E., 219 Norwood, Morton

Stickel, Barbara J., 61 Gettysburg, #8, Springfield

Stiles, Robert Lee II, 2349 US Hwy 24, El Paso

Stimac, Amy L., 1511 Oak St., Danville

Stoecker, Brian D. and Kelly M., 1041 Green St., Henry

Stout, Tom E., 1115 Bruns Lane, Springfield

Surratt, Krista M., 407 Gladstone, Jacksonville

Swisher, Douglas W., 4 Griggs Court, Danville

Switzer, Mary E. and Ricky L., 200 N. Chicago, Apt. 1, Magnolia

Sykes, Shannon and Tabitha, 1511 S. Queens Drive, Peoria

Taylor, Christopher E., 1511 W. Locust St., Bloomington

Teel, Jennifer Ann, 405 E. Green St., Augusta

Thomas, Frederic R., 3247 E. Enos Ave., Lot 19A, Springfield

Thompson, Brittney and Theoplis, 3403 W. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria

Thompson, Nancy Lee, 1002 16th St., Port Byron

Thompson, Sharon K., 1151 County Road 3200 E, Gridley

Thomson, Roxanne J., 1428 S. Main, Apt. 3, Jacksonville

Tilka, Christopher Len, P.O. Box 5661, Peoria

Tiller, Issac A. Jr., 1901 Tracy Drive, #11E, Bloomington

Tracy, Kimberly Rose and Todd Charles, 275 N. Walnut St., Manteno

Trass, Alicia, 1696 E. Spruce, Kankakee

Treat Brothers Company Inc., 4812 N. Cunningham, Urbana

Trowbridge, David W., 1330B County Road 800N, Tolono

Troxell, Kenny R. Jr. and Zoe B., 559 Elm St., Metamora

Turner, Nicole Yvonne, 448 E. Garfield, Decatur

Ufen, Vicki Lynn, 208 W. North St., Knoxville

Underwood, Danielle Elizabeth, 205 W. Willow St., Fairbury

Underwood, Patricia Ann, 2344 Lakeshore Drive, Pekin

VanDusen, Justin M., 103 White Oak Drive, Morton

Vandenbark, Sundra Kay, 3140 Cobblestone Lane, Apt. 5, Springfield

Varieur, Ashley M., 335 Whitehawk Way, Manteno

Vaughn, Mary C., 413 E. Howard St., Pontiac

Vaughn, Ute, 1625 Broadway, Lincoln

Velazquez, Selvestre and Susan, 212 N. Pine St., Momence

Vieregge, Jennifer R. and Richard L., 300 W. 5th South St., Mount Olive

Vollmer, Sheila A., 1728 E. Morgan, Springfield

Vorties, Angie R., 3464 Monarch Drive, Decatur

Wade, Lakasha D., 2203 N. Prospect Road, Peoria

Waller, Vicki, 13015 East 2200 North Road, Hudson

Warren, Jeffrey A., 1010 E. Willcox Ave., Peoria

Wattelet, Brian Thomas, 110 W. Lakeshore Drive, Apt. 16, Springfield

Weiss, Fonzie Jay, 415 Jefferson, Washburn

Welch, Michael Steven, 115 West Lincoln, Petersburg

Weldy, Penelope I., 2907 W. Marquette St., Peoria

Welker, Scott A., 100 W. Pearl, Lot 40, Farmington

Wentzel, Dinah Marie, 2612 Somerton Road, Springfield

West, Debra Elaine and Wilhelm Fredrick Carl, 217 5th St. West, Andalusia

Whear, Lisa A. and Steven A., 829 W. Washington St., Apt. 2, Bloomington

Wheeler, Priscilla and Rex, 595 W. Mertens St., Kankakee

Wheelock, Jeff, 401 S. Vine St., Heyworth

Whitcomb, Myra Joyce, 203 Main St., Ophiem

White, Karen R, 519 W. Center St., Loraine

Whitson, Katie and Ross, P.O. Box 104, Saybrook

Wiemer, Devon D., 5126 W. Pottstown Road, Peoria

Wilcoxon, Teresa Lea, 209 N. Condit, Tolono

Wilcoxson, Tamara Ann, 502 Willamette, Lincoln

Wilkerson, Jenna, 5 Juniper Lane, Springfield

Williams, Cosondra Monique, 1814 W. Baywood Ave., Peoria

Williams, Edwin III, 7456 E. Canada St., Saint Anne

Williams, Shirley F., 2076 Day Road, Jacksonville

Williams, Tracey D., 4116 Englewood Drive, Champaign

Wilson, Lorean, 1912 E. Cook St., Springfield

Wilson, Sarah Mary, 702 E. Blackburn St., Paris

Wilson, Stephanie L., 1406 Park Ave., Pekin

Withers, Larry, 306 Chandler, Danville

Wolfe, Ingrid M., 620 Cherry Street Court, Port Byron

Womack, Wilbert S., P.O. Box 241, Biggsville

Workman, Adelia, 1645 E. Division St., Decatur

Workman, Etta L., 301 W. Beecher Ave., #301, Jacksonville

Wortham, Jodi Lynn and Robert Dale, 1511 State Hwy 121, Sullivan

Wright, Anthony Shawn, 2183 N. Church, Decatur

Wright, Paul E., 201 S. Park, Findlay

Yocum, Ryan Robert, 17176 E IL 9, Canton

Yost, Alysia Naomi, 202 N. Scarborough St., Apt. 220, Sidney

Young, Christopher M. and Jennifer D., 1924 Township Road 50 East, Toulon

Young, Theresa S., 1307 Oak St., Danville

Ziegler, Andrew Allen, 1201 Edgeview Drive, Mahomet

Chapter 13:

Adermann, April E. and James M., 3511 Cynthia Court, Taylorville

Akin, Doug K., 932 Main St., Unit 2, Minturn

Alexander, Judith Layne and Kyle Austin, 720 E. Jefferson Ave., Chrisman

Ashby, Joseph E., 2346 W. Ash Ave., Decatur

Askew, Brian Keith and Lisa Alice, 1023 Marshall, Mattoon

Austin, Audrey M. and Jimmie L. Jr., 3000 Clifton Drive, Springfield

Baughman, Lois J. and Robert L., 3038 W. Fremont St., Peoria

Baughman, Tricia Ann, 27 Shemauger, Urbana

Behnen, Timothy B. and Vera M., 105 N. Meadow, P.O. Box 170, Grant Park

Beverly, Carl Lamar and Judith Lynn, 1416 E. Capitol, Springfield

Birch, Stephen L., 3941 South Route 1, St. Anne

Birditt, Jerome V. Jr., 603 E. Olive St., Bloomington

Blanton, Jackie E. and Nicholas J., 221 Superior St., Chapin

Bohannan, Lana S. and Marty G., 15000 Schumm Road, Manito

Bright, Edward J. and Maria, 16571 E. 200 N. Road, Heyworth

Brown, Kathy D., 202 Crescent Ave., East Peoria

Burton, Jennifer A., 25477 Riverside Court, Danville

Carlson, Charles M. and Cynthia B., 1009 N. Walnut, Normal

Carney, Gloria L. and Leo Jr., 231 E. Acorn Drive, East Peoria

Casey, Karen Mardell and Shaun Michael, 850 Coyote Trail, Manteno

Coon, Daniel L., 360 E. Middle St., Lovington

Curtis, Vicky Lynn, 1205 N. Wood Road, Peoria

Davis, Heather L. and John M., 4025 S. Deer Run, Bartonville

Dawson, Gwenn C., 2129 N. Hampton Court, Peoria

DeMoss, Virgie Sherry, 62 Kist Ave., Danville

Denault, Richard O. and Rose M., 183 Norway Drive, Manteno

Diamante, Rex D. and Rosel P., 2701 S. Lincoln, Springfield

Dothard, Greg, 3305 N. El Vista St., Peoria

Eads, Dominic Lee, 307 Shady Lane, East Peoria

Faith, Everett W. and Linda L., #5 Southwood Court, Champaign

Farmer, Sonya S. and Timothy J., 5534 N. Renwood Drive, Peoria

Felmet, Jon M., 400 E. Jefferson, Apt. 506, Springfield

French, Regina G., 20214 Tiber Creek, Elmwood

Gagnon, Carol A., 230 Court Place 406 Box, Pekin

Glasper-Jones, Shirley Y., 1916 King Arthur Drive, Decatur

Goings, Toni L., 215 Collier Ave., Bartonville

Golden-Conley, Sheila J., 410 S. White St., Mackinaw

Gordon, Johnnie L. and Sherronda L., 234 Cherry Ridge Road, Peoria

Goss, Abby E., 3707 N. Donna Lane, Apt. B, Peoria

Haggard, James R., 109 S. 2d, Sherman

Hamilton, Daniel Edward, 203 Supreme Court, East Peoria

Handley, Rickie John, 1716 E. North St., Clinton

Herring, Tashawna Mauricia, 1005 Hillside Drive, Danville

Howard, Marlo E., 1726 N. Pierson Ave., Peoria

Hustmyer, John F., 2801 Richmond Ave., Mattoon

Jarrett, Anita and James N., 1483 W. Greendell, Decatur

Johnson, Burton D., 2211 W. Butler, Peoria

Johnson, David Richard, 604 Country Farm Road, Monticello

Josephson, Debra L., 11852 E. Hobbie, Momence

Keeler, Mitchell Wayne and Rhonda Kay, 103 E. Washington, Philo

Kerst, Janice Lee and Robert Earl, 907 Lawndale Ave., Tilton

Kiesewetter, Cindy G., 934 W. Ridgemont Road, Peoria

Kintner, Elwyn Lee Jr. and Susan Ann, 209 E. Yates, Cropsey

Knox, Cheryl Ann and Joseph Jr., 701 Fischer Road, Lot 250, Creve Coeur

Kupper, Monica R., 349 Chestnut, Pekin

Lacefield, Brenda K. and Eric S., 6531 Lake Road, Hopedale

Lennox, Kenneth W. and Wilma L., 28444 E. Manito Road, Forest City

Lewis, Jodie M., P.O. Box 156, Pleasant Plains

Lewis, Kimberly S. and Michael R. Jr., 1105 S. 4th St., Pekin

Lewis, Tabitha K., 210 Henry St., Pontiac

Lindell, Tara C., 3 Clobertin Court, Apt. B3, Bloomington

Long, Jacki Marie and Kevin Neil, 574 Sandburg Drive, Manteno

Lundquist, Paul A. and Shirley A., 1608 W. Willcox Ave., Peoria

Markum, Teresa L., 120 Harris Road, #5, East Peoria

Mielkaitis, Sylvia S., P.O. Box 404, Chatham

Moody, Chad R., 1103 W. Market, Taylorville

Morissette, Fred and Heather, 4 Payne Place, Normal

Morrow, Alisha R. and Casey J., 113 West Beverly Court, Peoria

Newsome, Beth M. and Michael W., 209 W. Pershing Court, Philo

Osborn, Jerry Eugene and Patricia Ann, 1182 E. Harrison, Decatur

Overbey, Terry M. and Theresa A., 302 NW Walnut, Atlanta

Peet, Christopher David, 24 Plum St., Saunemin

Phillips, Eric Dean and Summer Rae, 902 Fleetwood Drive, Tuscola

Polson, James H. and Mary Jo, 902 E. Young Ave., Hoopeston

Popadziuk, Chester M. and Kelly C., 100 Elm St., Morton

Poston, William A., 140 N. Haworth Ave., Decatur

Pullium, Jody L. and Tracy D., 1601 Bloomington Road, East Peoria

Ratledge, Johnny M., 3007 N. Village Drive, Peoria

Rhodes, Bill Ray, 2811 Springfield Road, Apt. #505, East Peoria

Rhodes, Cindy Marie, 716 W. Nowland Ave., Peoria

Robinson, Sandra K., 1408 Fenley St., Pekin

Rodriguez, Angela Lynn and Joseph Michael, 17 W. Madison Ave., Charleston

Rotramel, Michael D., 2901 W. Meidroth, Peoria

Rudd, Robin L., 2223 Brookdale Lane, Pekin

Sayles, Phillip M. II, 6517 Jones Road, Peoria

Seward, Clifford D., 1705 Center St., Pekin

Singleton, Clotilde P. and Kenneth, 730 N. Idaho, West Peoria

Smith, Brian, 402 South St., Hudson

Smith, Carl Edward, 212 E. 9th St., Danville

Smith, DelRita, 2626 N. Bootz Ave., Peoria

Smith, Glenda Sue, 212 E. 9th St., Danville

Sommerville, Michele L. and Robert W., 129 E. Autumn Lane, East Peoria

Soper, Megan J., 700 S. Market, Knoxville

Stange, Scott Edward, P.O. Box 3226, Peoria

Stark, Gerald C. and Pamela L., 2124 N. 8th St., Springfield

Swopes, Carla, 1509 Wingo Lane, #2, Bourbonnais

Terrell, Tyrone, 1117 W. Lincoln, Peoria

Thompson, Tikia, 714 Fremont St., Bloomington

VanEtten, Jennifer, 102 S. Myers St., Eureka

Weatherford, Lori L. and Mark E., 2309 Hoyt Court, Decatur

Weaver, Brian William and Rebecca Jane, 1273 Walnut St., Washington

White, Lincoln A. and Michelle D., 1583 S. 6th Ave., Kankakee

Williams, James R. and Jody L., 511 W. Meyer St., Thomasboro

Williams, Laura Lee and Todd Edward, 407 E. Bryon, Sidney

Williams, Sandra K., 6904 S. Swartz Lane, Bartonville

Wilson, Farley E. Jr. and Rita J., 6436 W. Wheeler Road, Peoria

Winn, Teresa Lee, 413 E. Winter Ave., Paris

Woolsey, Bobby Jo and Robert Dean, 1225 Lincoln Ave., Apt 401, Jacksonville

Wotton, Michael J. and Monica L., 1113 N. 16th, Pekin

Zink, Carolyn A. and Steven E., 1649 N. 20th St., Springfield

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Editor's Note

Made in Central Illinois

It was a couple of decades ago when Champaign-Urbana first was referred to as the “Silicon Prairie.” A tech consulting company — Pixo, previously known as OJC Technologies — formed around that time and is one of the success stories of the Silicon Prairie. Pixo President Lori Patterson said Champaign-Urbana has been a fertile ground for companies such as hers, and the community has now developed a “tech ecosystem” where activities at the University of Illinois and the Research Park provide resources for local tech companies.

You can read in this issue about what makes Pixo unique and how it has grown.

Champaign County is home to many manufacturers as well, and our February/March issue featured several businesses that made products here for customers worldwide.

That story has spawned a new feature for Central Illinois Business — Made in Champaign County. We’ve partnered with the Champaign County Economic Development Corp. to feature an area business in each issue and tell you a little about who they are and what they do. And we’ll venture outside Champaign County so you’ll learn about businesses in neighboring counties too.

Jodi Heckel is editor of Central Illinois Business magazine. She can be reached at 217-351-5695 or jheckel@news-gazette.com.