Central Illinois Business Magazine

Archive                           February 2012


Building permits, tax liens and bankruptcies



Bankier, alteration to office at 202 E. Green St., $3,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to office at 505 W. University Ave., $236,468.

Architectural Expressions, alteration to first and second floor of 629 E. Green St., $148,830.

Architectural Expressions, alteration to restaurant at 627 E. Green St., $112,100.

TAG Ashland Park, new single-family home at 304 Luria Lane, $110,377.

HearthStone Homes, addition to single-family home at 1218 Redwood Drive, $53,327.

Turner Construction, alteration to Intel Corp. office at 1906 Fox Drive, $390,715.

MCG Architects, alteration for Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, 722 Town Center Blvd., $243,858.

RDI, alteration to basement of University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright St., $63,875.

Leading Edge Corp., alteration for Jets Pizza at 512 S. Neil St., $62,000.

AKRA Builders Inc., footing and foundation for convenience store at 902 Bloomington Road, $45,000.

AKRA Builders Inc., footing and foundation for car wash at 902 Bloomington Road, $35,000.

Regency Old Farm Ltd. Partners, repair/replace balconies at 1711 Gentry Square, $20,000.

Regency Old Farm ltd. Partners, repair/replace balconies at 1709 Gentry Square, $17,000.

Hillshire Construction, footing and foundation for duplex at 306-308 S. Fifth St., no cost listed.

Champaign County

Robert Mack Jr., construct a detached garage at 2405 Brownfield Road, Urbana, $14,150.

Champaign County Forest Preserve, construct an addition to an existing museum at the Museum of the Grand Prairie, Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve, Mahomet, $1,113,500.

IFR Holding, two-story deck addition to an existing condominium unit at 16 Briar Hill Circle, Champaign, $2,000.

Kennedy Builders, construct a single family home with attached garage at 2553 CR 1200N, Homer, $225,000.

Greg and Deborah Vaughn, construct a detached garage at 2037 CR 2400N, Thomasboro, $9,000.

Ben and Birgit McCall, erect two small wind turbine towers at 1085 CR 2200N, Champaign, $64,416.

Gavin and Heather Horn, construct an addition to the east side of a home, move an existing detached storage shed and construct an addition to the north side of a home at 2707 Berniece Drive, Champaign, $122,000.

Dave Larson, room addition to an existing single family home at 2534 Homer Lake Road, Ogden, $11,000.

William Shumate, construct an agricultural storage shed at 1824 CR 1950N, Urbana, $17,000.

Anthony and Amy Batchelor, place manufactured home to be used as a single family home at Section 27, Condit Township, $130,000.

Mike Mabry, construct a breezeway and attached garage addition to an existing single family home at 1062 CR 2375E, Homer, $15,000.


Verkler Construction, residence at 404 E. Country Ridge, $250,000.

Rebecca Hawley, fence at 1309 Hickory Tree Court, $5,000.

June Farchmin, temporary signs at Main, State and Division streets, no estimate available.

MOBB, LLC, residence at 1813 S. Deer Run Road, $250,000.

MOBB, LLC, residence at 1811 S. Deer Run Road, $250,000.

Rich Minick, remodel at 101 S. Lombard, $18,000.

Rich Minick, commercial signs at 101 S. Lombard, $1,500.


Rantoul Foods, new loading dock, shipping office and cooler addition at 205 Turner Drive, $1.5 million.

C&K Builders, new social/recreation building for Rantoul Recreation Department at 1221 Enterprise Drive, $147,150.


Ironwood Builders, new single-family home at 205 Blazing Star Drive, $245,000.

St. Joseph

Village Apartments, shed at 515 N. 3rd St., $3,000.


MAMB Trust, concrete pad at 108 Main St., no estimate available.


Olympic Construction, remodeling of business at 502 N. Busey Ave., $3,600.


Internal Revenue Service liens

Mark C. Rohrer, 104 Schoolview St., Homer, $59,896.47.

This Is It Furniture Discount Inc., 245 S. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $31,337.20.

Champaign Urbana Area Project, 201 W. Springfield Ave., Ste. 702, Champaign, $20,709.48.

Deborah M. Auble, 511 S. James St., Champaign, $118,270.

James W. Crowder, 714 Newton Drive, Champaign, $126,497.02.

OG Parkhill Construction Inc., 1006 E. McDougal Road, Mahomet, $44,557.76.

Thornton E. Cherry, 511 Crestwood, Champaign, $24,319.72.

Illini Landscaping of Central Illinois Inc., P.O. Box 6695, Champaign, $23,649.91.

Richard F. Bonelli Jr., 4 Fountain Valley, Rantoul, $128,711.98.

Shad Crawford, 2108 Laurel Park Place, Champaign, $12,570.38.

Rickey L. Harrison, 1804 Larch Place, Urbana, $802,380.01.

Robert S. Plater, 1523 Lincolnshire, Champaign, $190,425.28.

Nzengeli Mfwamba, 403 Edgebrook Drive, Apt. B7, Champaign, $5,031.78.

Cardinal Crane Service Inc. DBA Cardinal Pool, 511 S. Country Fair Drive, Champaign, $2,985.93.

Dennis P. Goossens, 3860 Thornhill Circle, Champaign, $2,810.38.

Eddie L. Allen, deceased, 806 ? E. University Ave., Urbana, $50,068.97.

Jeff Cross, an LLC, 3515 S. Cottonwood Drive, Urbana, $100,102.15.

Karl E. Drake and Mary K. Drake, deceased, 405 Western Court, St. Joseph, $20,040.69.

George W. Norman, 1406 W. Kirby Ave., Champaign, $88,759.60.

All Area Sports, Ken Ingold, P.O. Box 117, Fisher, $11,717.43.

M. Ahmad and W. Alfroukh, 11 Shuman Circle, Urbana, $4,808.28.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

Prospect Avenue Donut Inc., Sunil Modi, 1302 N. Prospect Ave., Champaign, $8,864.81.

James A. Kindred, 1348 E 3300 North Road, Mansfield, $30,826.76.

Mark D. and Ruth E. Paunicka, 1806 Cobblefield Court, Champaign, $5,908.58.

Mark D. and Ruth E. Paunicka, 1806 Cobblefield Court, Champaign, $5,031.39.

Illini Recycling, P.O. Box 153, Champaign, $3,846.38.

Edward L. Manning, 1703 Hedge Road, Champaign, $5,243.07.

James McGraw, 2015 Melrose Drive, Apt. C, Champaign, $17,392.78.

James McGraw, 1410 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana, $16,154.21.

James A. Kindred, 1348 E 3300 North Road, Mansfield, $11,343.10.

Illini Landscaping of Central Illinois Inc., P.O. Box 6695, Champaign, $55,768.09.

P&C Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 1023, Champaign, $14,437.93.

Timothy G. and Kimberly B. Murphy, 1201 W. Charles St., Champaign, $14,960.66.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Andrew Lewis and Christine Garrett, 509 S. Prospect Ave., Champaign, $1,068.06.

Darrell and Sheretta Myers, 1528 Hedge Road, Champaign, $1,616.14.

Roy Beard, 4403 Copper Ridge Road, Champaign, $971.

Gary Withers, 217 E. Main St., Tolono, $3,169.38.

Robert Kington, 608 N. Low Road, Mahomet, $1,852.48.

Scott Lamboley, 1212 W. Anthony Drive, Unit 104, Champaign, $715.23.

Cory and Kayla Barcus, P.O. Box 1033, St. Joseph, $987.53.

Spiro Sotiriadis, 8 Greenfield Court, Savoy, $12,827.16.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Cornelius and Lydia Carter, P.O. Box 17014, Urbana, $527.67.

Jolly Roger, Michael J. Timpone, P.O. Box 17246, Urbana, $20,255.05.

Jolly Roger, Michael J. Timpone, P.O. Box 17246, Urbana, $13,032.53.

Jolly Roger, Michael J. Timpone, 304 E. Elm St., Urbana, $840.

Jeff Slade, 1305 E. Jeffrey, Mahomet, $2,046.13.

Robert Slade, 2110 Gunn Drive, Champaign, $2,046.13.

Robert L. Boone, 1711 Gentry Square Lane, #207, Champaign, $3,691.65.

Robert L. Boone, 1707 Gentry Square Lane, #104, Champaign, $9,090.18.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from Dec. 1 to 31, 2011. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield. Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy.

Chapter 7:

Abbott, Frank R. Jr., 13909 Mennonite Church Road, Pekin

Addis, Holly C. and Thomas J., 207 East North 3rd St., Georgetown

Africano, Anthony N. and Cathie, 600 Cook Blvd., Bradley

Alexander-Jenkins, Sharon , 1507 E. Florida Ave., Apt. 301, Urbana

Allison, Anthony J. and Julie A., 504 E. Cypress, Normal

Allsop, Laura L. and Richard E., 313 S. Harrison, Colfax

Altman, Audrey J., 435 N. Union St., Lincoln

Anderson, Brad E., 319 E. 13th St., Danville

Anderson, Mark S., 607 W. Armstrong Ave., Peoria

Araiza, Maria Del Rosario, 3916 N. Atlantic Ave., Peoria Heights

Araiza-Garibay, Santiago, 3916 N. Atlantic Ave., Peoria Heights

Armentrout, Melinda K., 315 W. Lincoln St., Paris

Arthur, Lori Ann, 931 W. Vandaveer, Taylorville

Avila, Judith M., 345 N 5620 West Road, Kankakee

Bailey, Debra Ann, 605 W. South St., Bradley

Bailey, Michael J., 1508 S. Whittier Ave., Springfield

Bales, David S., P.O. Box 72, Hammond

Bales, Janice A., 565 W. Marion Ave., Forsyth

Ball, Michelle Lynn and Richard Arnold II, 362 E. Myrtle St., #2, Herscher

Balvanz, Michael Dean, 1661 W. Center St., Decatur

Banfield, Bryan S., 1237 Orchard Ave., Apt. E, Springfield

Barber, Timothy W, 1930 W. Station, #5, Kankakee

Barsema, Leslie C., 2245 N. Water, Decatur

Batterton, Trisha M., 225 Frontenac Road, Marquette Heights

Bearden, Kristi Lynn, 601 W. Partridge St., Apt. B, Metamora

Beaver, Angela Sue, 122 Cook St., Westville

Beavers, Corey Lee, 202 Holly Drive, Washington

Beckett, Samuel Thomas, 302 W. Oliver, Mansfield

Beverly, Keitreun, 3010 W. Antoinette St., Peoria

Bianco, Dominic J., 2817 Trenton Court, Springfield

Blair, Nila Nanette, 214 S. Cottage Grove, Urbana

Bracey, Harry Lee Jr., 1813 Willow View Road, Urbana

Braggs, Johnnie L., 1926 Sherman, Peoria

Brickle, James Warren, 509 N. Maple, Momence

Brooks, Laura Kay, 543 11th St., Lincoln

Brown, Glen W., 920 Martian, Danville

Brown, Jacqueline J., 1440 E. Wellington Way, Apt. 1A, Decatur

Brown, Vincent A., 3326 Chat Drive, Decatur

Bryant, Sheri Lynn, 248 Springcreek Drive, Springfield

Buchanan, Jerrold Ray and Rebecca June, 8165 Burgett Drive, Decatur

Buckley, Douglas B., 700 S. Durkin Drive, Apt. 315, Springfield

Buckman, William R., 272 N. West Ave., Bonfield

Bunting, Randy A., 1032 Saint Andrews, Rantoul

Bushman, Kimberly Ann, 311A Georgia Parkway, Washington

Calderon, Ruben , 355 S. Oakdale Ave., Kankakee

Carnes, Amanda S. and Scott R., 1429 W. Grace St., Kankakee

Carson, Jamie D., 1711 Heisel Ave., Pekin

Carter, Kelley S., 17394 Southview Road, Petersburg

Carter, Lois Jean, 920 W. Olive St., Decatur

Caskey, Gayle Ann, 3313 Mars Ave., Springfield

Cass, Mark Robert, 2204 Keokuk, Springfield

Cheek, Diana J., P.O. Box 4, Thomasboro

Chisenall, Gary L. Jr., 767 S. 22nd St., Decatur

Cigancik, Antoinette L. and Dwayne W., 1736 N 600 East Road, Gilman

Cisney, Daniel Wayne, 609 Maple St., Bloomington

Clark, James L., 1020 W. Howard, Decatur

Collins, Jacqueline D., 2309 W. Howett, Peoria

Collins, Linda Y. and Sherman, 7056 E. Illinois St., Saint Anne

Collins, Michael Wayne, 136 S. Quincy, Bradley

Cooper-Anderson, Keri R., 607 W. Armstrong Ave., Peoria

Cordes, Stephanie Jo, 19896 Troy St., Charleston

Coulter, David B. and Linda L., 418 W. Fort St., Farmington

Cox, Diana Mae, 412 W. Vine, Villa Grove

Cremer, Sandra P., 284 N. Randolph, Bradley

Crippin, James E., 1454 Warrington Ave., Danville

Crosby, Roberta Faye, 911 Chandler St., Danville

Curless, Steven Michael, 109 Walnut St., Pekin

Curtis, Terra, 20 Garnet Court, Springfield

Cvetan, Annie Rose, 6 Christopher Way, #2, Bloomington

Davis, Diana L., 903 Glendale Ave., Tilton

Davis, Teresa Carden, 504 Fredrick St., Thomasboro

Dedrick, Daisy Janette and Roger Dale, 505 E. Water St., Farmer City

Dennis, Douglas A., 1453 N. Bradfordton Road, Springfield

DeSherlia, Hope Elaine, 1816 Douglas, Charleston

Dhom, Randell L. and Sara R., 210 N. Locust, Arcola

Dicketts, Desera Diane, 168 North Cone, Farmington

Ditzel, Myra A., 2618 N. University St., Peoria

Donelson, Michael Joseph, 301 N. Milton Ave., #6, Springfield

Douglas, Susan , 18917 N 1900 East Road, Pontiac

Downing, Linda Kaye, 1476 E 2750 North Road, Mansfield

Drake, Heather Nicole and Jason Alan, 9 Madison Ave., Charleston

Dunniway, Erika K., 1111 Market, Pekin

Dutkiewicz, Kathleen E. and Robert W., 933 Gerald Ave., Saint Anne

Eaton, Mary Catherine, 213 W. Grant St., Paris

Eby, Dennis R., 400 N. Cherry St., P.O. Box 261, Crescent City

Eby, Kimberly A., 311 Olsen St., Apt. A, Yorkville

Edwards, Ryan C., 456 Parkway Drive, Sherman

Elder, Richard D., 404 S. Winooski, Ashland

Ellis, Nathan Robert, 31640 N 2480 E Road, Chenoa

Ellison, Jeffery C., 1524 Seven Pines Road, Apt. J, Springfield

Ellison, Robin L., 2120 Skipton Road, Springfield

Eoff, Benjamin and Jennifer, 736 Sedgegrass Drive, Champaign

Estes, Julie Ann, 4 Greenwood Drive, Mackinaw

Evans, Morris Dean Jr., 3575 S. Mt. Zion Road, Decatur

Evelsizer, John M., 810 E. Chestnut St., Apt. 3, Bloomington

Fellows, Brandon Ray, 3584 N. Charles St., Decatur

Finkle, Kathleen C. and Leslie D., 723 N. Prairie St., Jacksonville

Flynn, Albert E. Jr., 3501 E. Ridgely Road, #36, Springfield

Fuchs, Nancy J., 2325 Old Jacksonville Road, Apt. G, Springfield

Fuchs, Stanley E., c/o Staphanie Hotarek 223 Rachel Road, Girard

Fullen, Mandy Jean, 17328 N. 2nd St., Chillicothe

Gaither, Tracy L., 210 S. Main Ave., Minier

Gandolfi, William Rudolph, 121 Oglesby Ave., Lincoln

Garrett, Nathan Clay, 909 S. 13th St., Mattoon

Gensel, Paula S, 1200 Oak Ridge, Apt. C, Pekin

Ghrist, Marnie E. and Timothy G., 2606 Fieldcrest Drive, Urbana

Gibson, Derick L. and Scarlet E., 913 Colfax Drive, Danville

Godden, Bradley W. and Tracee L., 1209 W. Edwards St., Sullivan

Goodwin, Roger W. and Sandra K., 220 N. Morgan, Shelbyville

Granizny, Janet L. and Richard, 619 Diversatech Drive N., Manteno

Graves, Jackie and Vermont, 1360 W. Marietta, Decatur

Grayling, Danny L., 32 Lynn Court, Apt. 4, Kankakee

Griffin, Clayton Thomas, 2602 French Drive, Decatur

Griffin, Darin S., R.R. 2, Box 187, Lot #30, Shelbyville

Griggs, Jamie Lynn, 3330 Gaines Mill Road. Apt. 2, Springfield

Grinestaff-Balvanz, Misty Dawn, 1661 W. Center St., Decatur

Groth, Michael, 1940 N. 24th, Springfield

H&S Roofing, Inc., an Illinois Corporation, 210-1/2 Brady Lane, Urbana

Hale, Chad R. and Heather R., 1130 Nottingham Court, Mt Zion

Hamende, Jeanna L, 418 Francis St., Bourbonnais

Hampton, Jeremy Allen and Tiffany Anne, 1516 S. 2nd St., Springfield

Hankinson, Maura Amber, 1015 E. Center, Monticello

Hargis, Jeremy Wayne and Kathy Marie, 406 S. Elm St., Arcola

Harris, Eric William, 23454 E 1100 N Road, Downs

Harris, Jeryl Marie, 64 Del Mar Drive, Springfield

Harris, Sharon K., 907 1/2 W. Mulberry, Bloomington

Harsha, Tara Leigh, 1256 Sioux Turn, Kankakee

Hart, Christine A. and Mickey L. Jr., 1415 E. Resthaven, Peoria

Hartley, Tracy A., 1711 Heisel Ave., Pekin

Hastings, Charles W., 508 S. Indiana, Tuscola

Hawkins, David Paul and Lisa Lynn, 17234 N County Road 2625 E, Oakland

Hayes, Lloyd Thomas Jr. and Shay Nicole, 617 N. Grand Ave. West, Springfield

Haynes, Heather L. and Robert A., 1317 N. Underhill St., Peoria

Hesse, Janelle J., 94 Plum Court, Mattoon

Hesse, Travis J., 109 Westview, Mattoon

Hickey, Beverly Ann, 209 W. Olive, Minier

Higgenbotham, Micheal J, 2006 E. Cornell, Springfield

Hill, Jacqueline M. and James F., 65 Lakeview Road, Gays

Hill-Bailey, Marcea L., 1508 S. Whittier Ave., Springfield

Hirstein, Megan Kathleen, 2425 S. 8th St., Springfield

Hokamp, Erin Dawn, 1723 Lind St., Quincy

Hollern, Christopher Patrick, 607 Stonecrest, Savoy

Holmes, James R. and Terri J., 210 N. Charles, Shelbyville

Horkheimer, Wanda A., 1004 N. Graham St., Apt. 2, Sullivan

Horrighs, Brett C. and Deborah D., 1630 E. Watch Ave., Springfield

Howard, Angela M. and Tony L., 202 Wisconsin, Westville

Howard, Jason L. and Tiffany L., 608 Rayjon Drive, Oreana

Howe, Dennis M., P.O. Box 264, Chebanse

Howell, Melissa J., 1914 Virginia St., Pekin

Huls, Catherine Joyce and Ronald Eugene, 513 Cunningham Ave., Danville

Hurst, Bryan M., 213 Reservoir Road, Pekin

Hurst, Jennifer L., Box 12, Kingston Mines

Hurt, Cedric Ethan II, 1204 Hersey Road, Bloomington

Hutchison, Scott W. and Sheri A., 2010 Hidden Lake Road, Bloomington

Irvin, Lynn, 1508 N. Linden, Bloomington

Jackson, Eddy, 1513 Fourth St., #21, Chillicothe

Jackson, Rebra, 387 Stratford Court, Bourbonnais

James, Barbara J., 120 Old State Village, Mattoon

Johnston, Sheila Anne, 3116 Cumberland Drive, #3, Springfield

Jones, Justin Michael, 605 N. Allin, Bloomington

Jones, Virginia A., 2 Stratford Drive East, Bourbonnais

Jording, Tonya R., 1009 S. Timber Lane, Eureka

Joslin, Michael S., 42 Warrington Ave., Danville

Keefe, Anthony Stephen and Rosemarie Pinlac, 1301 N. 11th St., Mattoon

Kelch, Donna Jean, 1600A Northbrook Drive, Apt. 4, Normal

Keller, Candace Lynn, 20 Providence Lane, Springfield

Kieser, Gary L., 124 Florida St., Washington

King, Brenda J., 310 Wigwam, Apt. 501, Heyworth

Knapp, Dale Eugene Jr., 408 S. Grant St., Pana

Koehn, Michele L., 107 Church St., Manteno

Koppelman, Robert L., 800 Hoagland Blvd., #308, Jacksonville

Kuntz, Jennifer, 1307 Potomac Place, Bourbonnais

Lamazzi, Dawn T. and Joseph J., 613 E. Ash St., Chatsworth

Langellier, Nancy Jo, 213 N. Grove Ave., Milford

Lanhardt, Carly A. and James H. Jr., 112 Hunter Court, Hudson

Lee, Roberto, 3814 N. Vincent Ave., Peoria Heights

Lester, Curtis F. and Nadine, 821 Madison Ave., Charleston

Liles, Harmony, 106 Craig Road, Marquette Heights

Link, Jacqui L. and Ryan D., 89 Adloff Lane, Springfield

Lochbaum, Aaron G., 3906 Ashton Ave., Peoria

Lockner, Jesse J., 504 Denver Court, Peoria

Logan, Carolyn Sue and James Morris, 1969 E CR 900 N, Camargo

Logsdon, Rebekah S., 2100 Madison Ave., Apt. 7E, Charleston

Logue-Evans, Jeanette Marie, 3575 S. Mt. Zion Road, Decatur

Long, David Jr. and Melissa, 152 N. Market St., Apt. E, Paxton

Lowery, Mary Sue, 1322 N. Schuyler Ave., Kankakee

Lukehart, Larry D., 907 Purtscher Drive, Peoria

Manley, Jennifer K., 103 Frederick St., East Peoria

Marsaglia, Brianne, 4018 Pinebrook Court, Springfield

Marshall, Samuel J., 122 State, North Pekin

Martin, Scott D., 130 Delane Drive, Lexington

Martinez, Ronald Paul, 2618 N. University St., Peoria

Maulding, David L. and Diane T., 2005 Appleton Drive, Springfield

Maxwell, Jack Daniel, 701 N. Austin, Paris

Mayberry, Kathron Ann, 309 E. Christine, Apt. 1, Decatur

McCoy, Gladys Anne, 610 W. Division, Decatur

McKinley, Deborah Elaine, 1613 W. Aiken Ave., Peoria

McNamara, Emily, 102 Mercer, Bloomington

McQueen, Debra Anne and Lloyd Dean, 3360 S. Twin Bridge Road, Decatur

McWethy, Rebecca Lynn, 1213 Maxwell Road, Peoria

Meiss, Michelle L. and Randall D., 2000 N. Linden St., Apt. H105, Normal

Merrill, Jennifer J., 4010 N. Brandywine, Peoria

Merrill, Luke D., 1127 W. Thrush, Peoria

Merz, Jeannine Y., 113 Neptune Villa, Springfield

Metts, Kenneth, 516 W. Lakewood, Peoria

Micko, Charles W., 400 E. Madison St., #605, Springfield

Miller, Karolyn Sue, 926 Main St., #409, Peoria

Miller-Brown, Jessica L. and Jontu C., 35 Ridgecrest Drive, Decatur

Mims, Naomi L., 2423 Taylor Ave., Apt. 119, Springfield

Morgan, Mary M., 515 S. Centennial, Monticello

Morgan, Michelle L., 1015 Westgate Drive, Charleston

Murphy, Michael Brent, 326 N. Poplar, Assumption

Murray, Deana Kay and Matthew John, 12008 N. Devinwood Drive, Dunlap

Neal, Brenda Lynn, 2516 S. 10th St., Springfield

Newberry, Krysten, 701 W. Prairie, Apt. 10, Decatur

Newton, Susan P., 100 McDivitt Ave., Lincoln

Nihiser, David E. and Sally A., 2534 S. 34th St., Decatur

Noble, Jacqueline, 2285 E. Main, Decatur

Noe, Michael, 336 South Grand, Bradley

O'Gara, Patrick J., Blair House Retirement, 1200 E. College Ave., Room 339, Normal

Odeneal, Josephine Ann, 1323 Dension St., Apt. B, Springfield

Otto, Carol Lynn and David Duane, 1380 W. Polk Ave., Charleston

PNS Tans Inc., an Illinois Corporation, 1832 N. Stever, Peoria

Panache USA, Ltd., c/o John J. Valentine, 5517 N. Prospect Road, Peoria

Patronelli, Valerie A., 404 N. McLean St., Lincoln

Penn, Brandon M. and Jessica J., 1933 140th St., Cameron

Perez, Rosalina, 355 S. Oakdale Ave., Kankakee

Perozzo, Cynthia K, 2421 S. 9th St., Springfield

Pickering, Thomas Lee, 1937 E. Decatur St., Decatur

Pickett, Jason, 906 W. Jefferson, Bloomington

Poggendorf, Jill A. and Michael L. Jr., 2905 E. Main St., Danville

Potter, Ashley C., 1001 Bryn Mawr Blvd., Springfield

Preston, Gwendolyn L., 1654 Seven Pines Road, Apt. 203, Springfield

Price, Vickie Janene, 129 Arlington Drive, Danville

Proctor, Tara L., 2309 Eastview Drive, Springfield

Prose, Candy M., 3305 South Park, #1, Springfield

Radulovic, Peter R., 5728 East 5000 North Road, Bourbonnais

Rainford, Pamela S., 73 Saint Michaels Drive, Bourbonnais

Rayburn, Douglas E. and Stephanie L., 6 Locust, P. O. Box 175, Alvin

Reed, Cody James and Robin Ann, 1321 W. Hickory Grove Road, Dunlap

Rice-Donelson, Alice Venetta, 301 N. Milton Ave., #6, Springfield

Richardson, Kathleen D., 1203 Kent Ave., Decatur

Riley, Beverly Ann and Jerry, 265 W. Bowyer, Bement

Rivers, Latanza S., 2073 W. Melrose, Decatur

Robb, Frederick Neal Jr., 1261 Brookshire Drive, Rantoul

Roots, Sherry Irene, 2113 W. Laura Ave., Peoria

Russell, Deloise, 2726 W. Lake, P.O. Box 6153, Peoria

Russell, Denni Lynn, 3021 Sandgate Road, Springfield

Ryan, Jennifer M., 10 Louise Court, Decatur

Rynearson, Shaun Clinton, 17328 N. 2nd St., Chillicothe

Sallade-Bardenshtein, Pamela, 1 Stone Hedges Court, Bloomington

Sangamon, Inc., P.O. Box 378, Taylorville

Schroeder, Ashley L, 1420 W. Glenn Ave., Apt. 111, Peoria

Schubbe, Richard Leroy, 314 S. McGuire Ave., Manteno

Scoles, Jacob Russell, 2408 Prairie Ave., Mattoon

Seldat, Michael A., 715 Willow Pond Road, Rantoul

Shirley, Julia and Robert Jr., 205 Brady Lane, Urbana

Shreve, Amanda M., 607 N. Cemetery St., Roanoke

Slager, Janet, 241 Pine St., Bradley

Slaughter, Joe B. and Ruth C., 608 N. Main St., Tuscola

Smalley, Amanda M., 447 N. Third St., Watseka

Smith, Aaron D., 7213 N. Rockvale Drive, Apt. 203, Peoria

Smith, Rachel Marie, 616 E. Seminary, Danville

Speener, David E., 162 Franklin St., East Peoria

Spitz, Brittany Jane, 406 1/2 6th St., Apt. 1, Charleston

Spitz, Jon Daniel, 309 Hickory Lane, Mattoon

St. John, Daniel L. and Stacy N., 1411 Annis Ave., Mattoon

Stanley, Camille S., 1003 White Horse Trail, Metamora

Steidinger, Kristin A., 105 B. Bannon Dr., Dwight

Stinebaker, Diane Kay and Timothy Vaughn, 143 N. Douglas Ave., Springfield

Sullivan, Christine Marie, P.O. Box 8032, East Peoria

Sullivan, Eric Scott, 216 Hillcrest Drive, Geneseo

Sullivan, Ryan Matthew, P.O. Box 8032, East Peoria

Swearingen, Marilyn Ann and Michael Paul, 1601 N. 11th St., Pekin

Sylvester, Candice M. and Robert A., 1789 Hunters Run Drive, Bourbonnais

Taylor, Eddie Earl Sr., 3195 Beth Blvd., #113, Decatur

Taylor, Janet K, 415 W. Washington, Maroa

Tedford, Jeffrey Allan and Karen Ann, P.O. Box 65, Aroma Park

Then, Andrea R., 106 W. 3rd St., Pana

Thoms, Laura Ellen, 1521 E. Washington St., Clinton

Thorman, Kevin Earl and MacKenzie L., 2503 Myers Court, #2, Champaign

Tinsman, Randy L. Jr., 102 Gary St., Allenville

Toland, Marsha L. and William J., 1038 N. Broadway, Shelbyville

Tollensdorf, John F. Jr., 111 Munz Alley, Fairbury

Tracy, Christopher David, 506 E. Buckner St., Tuscola

Tracy, Jessica Louise, 626 N. Carico St., Tuscola

Trainor, Stephen C., 4809 N. Knoxville, #3G, Peoria

Trussell, Marquita L. and Marzelle, 2107 Otley Road, Peoria

Ulrichs, Dawn M. and Thomas L., 402 N. Central, P.O. Box 231, Danforth

Underwood, Stephen L., 404 N. McLean St., Lincoln

Valentine, John J., 5517 N. Prospect Road, Peoria

Varga, Joseph Samson, 480 Oak Run Drive, Bourbonnais

Varieur, Lisa M., 335 Whitehawk Way, Manteno

Vaughn, John R., 10874 Appleville Road, Mount Auburn

Vaughn, Tanya L., 1100 E. Illiniwick, Decatur

Veach, Tammy F., 902 Van Buren Ave., Charleston

Vermillion, Jenna and Luke, 2473 Lincoln Trail Road, Fithian

Waggener, Pamela S., 1610 Portuguese Hill Road, Jacksonville

Wakefield, Andrew M., 860 Gettysburg Drive, Apt. #1, Bourbonnais

Walker, Jessica Mae, P.O. Box 416, Atwood

Washington, Larry M., P.O. Box 9283, Springfield

Wasmuth, Holly Anna, 1014 Jefferson, Charleston

Weaver, Pamela , 3 Candlewood Drive, #5, Springfield

Weissmann, Ronald W. Jr. and Stephanie J., 219 E. South St., Dwight

Wesley, Felicia, 1616 N. Peoria, Peoria

Whitaker, Melissa Jean, 18530 W 3000 N Road, Lot 236, Reddick

Williams, Matthew B., 3702 W. Golf Creek Road, Peoria

Wilmot, Gary, 82 Churchill Drive, Chatham

Windsor, Kenneth George and Rita Kay, 2713 E. High St., Urbana

Wisecarver, William S., 308 S. Poplar, Urbana

Wood, Connie D., 448 W. Chenery St., Unit 2, Springfield

Wood, George L., 405 E. Roselawn St., Danville

Woolum, Lois E., P.O. Box 295, Maroa

Wright, Francinna P., 809 Sedgegrass Drive, Champaign

Wright, Truby D., 2109 W. Overbrook Drive, Peoria

Yates, James P. and Susan A., 1905 Princess Court, Unit 1, Bloomington

Yocum, Manuel F., 323 W. Center St., Paxton

Yoder, Kenneth Daniel, 2102 W. Hudson St., Peoria

Zbella, Deneena, 2157 Route 130, Charleston

Chapter 13:

Adams, Dawn M. and Shannon D., 107 Wilshire Court, East Peoria

Armstrong, Kristina M., 504 Eldridge, Washington

Austin, Roy and Stephanie, 1620 E. Cleveland, Decatur

Bagley, Bradley W. and Kathy K., 1620 Sherwood Court, Mt Zion

Baker, Belinda P., 1408 S. 9th St., Pekin

Baker, Crystal L., 1913 N. Bigelow, Peoria

Baker, Roy L., 1408 S. 9th St., Pekin

Barger, Catherine M. and Gregory Allen, 1030 N. Walnut St., Shelbyville

Beal, Douglas B. and Peggy E., 201 Laurel Lane, East Peoria

Beard, Katie Sue, 1306 Christopher Circle, #4, Urbana

Beery, Carolyn Ann and Mark Dean, 399 S. Walnut St., Manteno

Bishop, Louis F. and Mary J., 1204 White Horse Trail, Metamora

Brands, Jeffrey R. and Kathleen R., 1909 34th St., Moline

Burnett, Charmaine J. and Ronald L., 1329 E. Nebraska Ave., Peoria

Burton, Anissa K., 1831 Columbus Drive, Pekin

Butler, Diane H. and John R., 603 Bluestem Drive, Saint Joseph

Caldwell, Bethany C., 1841 Hastings Road, Springfield

Carstens, Amanda and Jeffrey A., 1334 Potomac Place, #5, Bourbonnais

Casali, Heather Kay, 1306 Pinehurst Drive, Bloomington

Chasteen, Carol H., 24531 E. Lake Breeze, Canton

Chaudoin, Craig and Jamie M., 316 Astoria Road, Springfield

Cleeton, Elizabeth A. and Lawrence A,, 1514 Carolina, Springfield

Collins, Doyle G. Jr. and Laura A., 3808 N. Kathy Lane, Peoria

Collins, Rickey L., 1197 N 5000 W Road, Kankakee

Davis, Shawn Everette and Shonna Kamille, 3425 Willow Drive, Mattoon

Dawkins, Barbara Jo and Robert O., 1976 John Jay St., Urbana

Dean, Pamela Bass and William Rodgers, 1936 S. Spring St., Springfield

Doll, Gary Merle and Teresa Lynn, 907 E. Lake Ave., Peoria Heights

Doty, Jarrod W., 1635 Lourdes Road, Metamora

Ehrat, Jacqueline M., 718 Joliet Road, Marquette Heights

Evans, Debra Lynn, 200 Greenbrook Drive, Pekin

Fouts, Cecil Monroe II, 1608 Saratoga, Pekin

Frye, Larry M. and Sheila A., 1720 Jennifer Drive, Bourbonnais

Ginger, Malinda and Nial A. Jr, 868 Haynes Drive, Decatur

Goble, Sandra Jean, 1011 S. University, Normal

Green, John D., 24531 E. Lake Breeze, Canton

Gulley, Christopher A., 521 E. Arcadia Ave., Peoria

Hamer, Maria R., 3003 W. Granada Court, Apt. 6, Peoria

Hanks, Penny Lynn, 2526 S. Cameron Lane, Peoria

Hayes, Barbara G. and Thomas E., 301 E. 2nd Ave., Deer Creek

Hewitt, JerriAnne and Mark Allen, 316 Northview Drive, Catlin

Hoyle, David A. and Peggy J., 5905 N. Imperial Drive, Peoria

James, Ava M., 5413 N. Longwood Drive, Peoria

James, Raymond Harold, 8 Blair Court, Clinton

Jones, Dwight Gregory and Verna Lee, 705 Edgar Ave., Mattoon

Jones, Janet L., 15009 River Beach Drive, Chillicothe

Jones, Matthew E. and Virginia L., 306 S. Illinois, Niantic

Jones, Patrice L., 3210 Red Oak Lane, Springfield

Juvinall, Beth A. and Mark A., 804 Grant St., Danville

Klapp, Andrew Thomas, 1004 S. Mercer, Apt. 19, Bloomington

Kocsis, Cynthia A. and William, 472 N. Michigan, Bradley

Krabel, David M. and Rebecca J., 710 S. Main St., Paris

Kumer, Theodore J., 628 N. Third Ave., Canton

Lancaster, Robert M., 608 Phelps St., Peoria

Lanman, Paul Jay and Tiffany Leigh, P.O. Box 1492, Mattoon

Laswell, April M. and Eric L., 237 W. Oak, Canton

Lemke, Jane E. and Marvin J., 316 W. Williams St., Dwight

Letcher, Jennifer L. and Paul M., 1325 Oak Ridge Drive, Washington

Lippert, Donald K. Jr., 10484 Evergreen Drive, Manito

McBride, Linda Fay, 2108 Maryland, Peoria

McDonald, Chadwick L., 1191 Carolyn Court, East Peoria

Montcalm, Linda Arlene, 715 N. Logan, Lincoln

Moore, Jeffery A. and Leslie M., 20 Ranger Drive, Springfield

Moulton, Cristy L. and Kenneth E., 102 W. South St., P.O. Box 262, Bismarck

Ohm, Charles Marvin, 3898 N County Road 1200 East, Lerna

Overacker, Candace L. and Heath M., 417 S. Fulton Ave., Bradley

Painter, Alicia C. and Bradley A., 105 Fayette St., Pekin

Partee, Rebecca L., 408 Lotus Lane, Washington

Phan, Monica Sue, P.O. Box 463, Princeville

Pounds, Andrew D. and Kimberly A., 504 W. 2nd St., Stonington

Reiter, Melinda Jo, 403 W. Jennifer Court, Mahomet

Rhodes, Anthony and Linda Kay, 801 Skyline Drive, Danville

Rhodes, Scott Michael, 1522 N. Great Oak Road, Peoria

Robinson, Brian Keith and Shirley Ann, 118 N. Blair Drive, Normal

Sarchet, David K III, 1460 Summit Dr., Apt. 6, Pekin

Seymour, Jack F., 1436 Warrington Ave., Danville

Shae, Todd A., 3820 Camelot Circle, #101, Decatur

Shepler, Brian W., 3804 S. LaFayette Ave., Bartonville

Shroyer, Latisha Ann, 920 Pulaski St., Lincoln

Skaggs, Iva Christine, P.O. Box 712, Riverton

Smith, Carrie Marie, 28239 E 1500 N Road, Ellsworth

Smith, Deborah L., 409 Monroe St., Washington

Snyder, Lauren L. and Timothy J., 420 Ridgecrest Drive, Washington

Sparrow, Darian and Tara D., 631 Sunrise Drive, Sullivan

Spicer, Jay W. Jr. and Michele S., 200 Windhaven Road, Washburn

Stockwill, Joe, 3684 Rout 136, Armstrong

Sylvester, Clayton W., 553 S. Washington, Taylorville

Sylvester, Vanessa L., 553 S. Washington, Taylorville

Thornton, Candy Sue and John Jay, 3416 N. Main St., East Peoria

Thune, Daniel J. and Timi S., 5916 N. Imperial Drive, Peoria

Van Sickle, Lenore, 5648 N. Withershin Pointe, Peoria

Walker, Grant Jr., 605 NE Perry Ave., Apt. Front C, Peoria

Walker, Jackie Dale and Jacquelyn L., 307 W. Second St., Assumption

Waremburg, Cindy L. and Russell W., 2012 Sheridan, Pekin

Washburn, James R. Sr. and Linda L., 111 Siesta Drive, Washington

Welch, Elsie Ruth and Michael Ray Sr., 302 E. Griggs St., P.O. Box 354, Mansfield

White, Charmaine A., 121 Adloff Lane, Springfield

White, Rick F., 1001 Caroline, Pekin

Wilkey, Michelle D. and Terry D., 314 E. South St., Dwight

Woollen, Chad C., 1246 Hyde Park Court, Decatur

Wright, Chiquita Ann, 2309 W. Krause Ave., Peoria

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Made in Central Illinois

It was a couple of decades ago when Champaign-Urbana first was referred to as the “Silicon Prairie.” A tech consulting company — Pixo, previously known as OJC Technologies — formed around that time and is one of the success stories of the Silicon Prairie. Pixo President Lori Patterson said Champaign-Urbana has been a fertile ground for companies such as hers, and the community has now developed a “tech ecosystem” where activities at the University of Illinois and the Research Park provide resources for local tech companies.

You can read in this issue about what makes Pixo unique and how it has grown.

Champaign County is home to many manufacturers as well, and our February/March issue featured several businesses that made products here for customers worldwide.

That story has spawned a new feature for Central Illinois Business — Made in Champaign County. We’ve partnered with the Champaign County Economic Development Corp. to feature an area business in each issue and tell you a little about who they are and what they do. And we’ll venture outside Champaign County so you’ll learn about businesses in neighboring counties too.

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