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Building permits, tax liens and bankruptcies


The following building permits have been issued recently by Champaign County and the incorporated jurisdictions of Champaign, Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Tolono and Urbana. The Mahomet permits listed have been applied for but not yet approved.

In Champaign, Rantoul, Savoy and Urbana, only permits for all commercial and industrial work and all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling exceeding $50,000 are listed.

Permits are listed by applicant, description of work, location and - when available - estimated cost of improvements.


TCI Design Group, alteration to County Market, 312 W. Kirby Ave., $561,000.

Burokas Construction, construct a single-family home, 422 Hilltop Road, $179,679.

Dodds Co., alteration to commercial space, 101 Mercury Drive, $60,000.

Camburas & Theodore, alteration to Walgreens, 407 E. Green St., $50,000.

Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, alteration to nail salon, 121 S. Mattis Ave. #N, $25,900.

Champaign Park District, construct a park shelter, 4102 Boulder Ridge Drive, $64,800.

Schimpf Construction, alteration to Illini Dental Care, 14 E. Anthony Drive, $26,410.

JSM Development Services, addition to office, 1606 Rion Drive, $19,200.

MS Consultants, construct Aldi building, 801 Interstate Drive, $1 million.

Champaign Park District, alteration to the Virginia Theatre marquee, 203 W. Park Ave., $168,000.

Bentley Contractors, construct three new warehouses, 309 S. Staley Road, $31,400, $42,000 and $46,800 for a total of $120,200.

Millar-Baskis Construction, alteration to Champaign-Urbana Public Health District offices, 201 W. Kenyon Road, $15,500.

Dodds Co., alteration to Artisan Scientific Corp. offices, 101 Mercury Drive, $643,000.

TAG Ashland Park, construct single-family home, 3214 Sharp Drive, $126,968.

Excel Engineering, alteration to Aspen Dental office, 1902 N. Prospect Ave., No. 1, $115,000.

Bankier Family, alteration to multifamily building, 410 E. Green St., $60,000.

Champaign County

Multipak Development Corporation, Sigma Aldrich, erect a freestanding sign,1302 W. Anthony Drive, Urbana, $7,000.

Douglas and Lynda Watterson, construct a detached storage shed, 6 County Road 3050 N., Foosland, $25,000.

Duane and Teresa Foster, construct a detached storage shed, 401B County Road 2600 N., Mahomet, $39,200.

Daniel Shike, construct a detached shed, 491 Country Road 400 N., Sadorus, $46,000.

Lincolnshire Fields Country Club, place a fill in an existing stagnant lake, 2000 Byrnebruk Drive, Champaign, no estimate available.

John Dunlap, place a manufactured home with attached garage, 4001 N. Barker Road, Champaign, $164,253.

Stephen Moore, construct a garage addition to existing single-family home, 68 John Lane, Champaign, $10,000.

Don and Melissa Owens, place an in-ground swimming pool, 703 Nottingham Drive, St. Joseph, $25,000.

William and Pamela Davis, authorize construction of a previously constructed sunroom addition to an existing single-family home, 677 County Road 3350 N., Fisher, $30,000.

Von and Deborah Young, construct a detached storage shed, 600 N. Rising Road, Champaign, $3,000.

Micah Baird, construct a second-story addition to an existing detached storage shed, 2905 E. Main St., Urbana, $10,000.

Thomas and Teri Skaggs, construct an addition to an existing detached garage, 4212 Summerfield Road, Champaign, $27,000.

Duane and Teresa Foster, establish a rural home occupation, 401B County Road 2600 N., Mahomet, no estimate available.

Ted Rund, construct a detached storage building, 1582 County Road 300 N., Tolono, $29,000.


Kennedy Builders, construct a single-family home, 1801 Horizon Court, $350,000.

Mahomet Parks and Recreation, place a banner, 1202 Oak Valley Road, no estimate available.

Judy Dalton, install a fence, 803 S. Market, $1,000.

Rex Anderson, construct a pool shed, 1505 Briarwood, $3,000.

Wade Denby, place temporary sign, 305 W. Oak St., no estimate available.

Sean Widener, construct a deck, 503 Dorchester, no estimate available.

Don Franke, construct single-family home, 401 E. Country Ridge Drive, $195,000.

Don Franke, construct single-family home, 402 E. Country Ridge Drive, $195,000.

Village of Mahomet, construct restrooms, 703 McDougal Road, $76,257.

Manuela Vesley, install a fence, 104 E. Oak St., $500.

Monty Wade, construct a deck, 1303 Ridgefield, $5,000.

Village of Mahomet, construct parking lot addition, 503 E. Main St., $4,000.

Vann Parkin, construct single-family home, 1405 E. White Oak Court, $600,000.

Sam Finch, construct deck/room addition, 424 Dorchester, $65,000.


J & A Investors, alteration to pork plant, 205 Turner Drive, $175,000.

McDaniel Fire Systems, alteration to industrial building, 201 Shelhouse Road, $13,888.

AJ Veneklasen, alteration to industrial building, 201 Shelhouse Road, $7,000.


Ironwood Builders, construct a single-family home, 110 Blazing Star Drive, $190,000.

Cramer Homers, construct single-family home, 203 Westboro Road, $275,000.

St. Joseph

There were no permits issued during July 2011.


There were no permits issued during July 2011.


Wells & Wells Construction, remodel and addition, 103 W. Meadow Drive, $598,000.

Automotive Parts Service, remodel to business, 925 O'Brien Drive, $75,544.

Olympic Construction, remodel to Carle North Annex, 810 W. Anthony Drive, $21,775.

Habitat for Humanity, construct single-family home, 901 N. Division Ave., $94,955.

Olympic Construction, remodel to Carle Forum building, 506 W. Park St., $7,000.

Habitat for Humanity, construct single-family home, 901 N. Division Ave., $94,955.

Paul Tatman/Tatman Family LLC, remodel to two retail spaces, 510 N. Cunningham Ave., $20,300 and $20,600 each, for a total of $40,900.

Olympic Construction, remodel to office space, 808 W. University Ave., $33,000.


The following federal and state tax liens and releases were filed during February 2011 in Champaign County.

Internal Revenue Service liens

Cathy Armstrong, P.O. Box 244, Ogden, $11,834.

Aroma Cafe Inc., 703 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, $10,097.

Bender Mattress Factory Inc., 1206 N. Cunningham Ave., Urbana, $1,448.

Daniel T. and Malinda J. Byrne, 2512 Crystal Tree Drive, Champaign, $18,322.

Arthur B. Cooper, 2424 E. Washington St., Urbana, $111,107.

Din Liquor Inc., 608 S. 6th St., Champaign, $10,516.

Endoki Sky Inc., 114 W. Summit St., Gifford, $2,301.

Margaret J. and James M. Gray, 371 Wayne St., Mahomet, $10,340.

Robert W. Green, 758 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $30,356.

Mark A. and Tera R. Holm, 702 S. James St., Champaign, $133,426.

Industrial Fleet Services Inc., P.O. Box 62, Urbana, $16,287.

John S. Johnson, 304 W. Riverbend Blvd., Mahomet, $27,761.

Last Call for Alcohol Inc., P.O. Box 143, Penfield, $7,809.

LEX Express Inc., 310 Tiffany Court, Champaign, $70,421.

Keneth P. and Christine A. McKerny, 4201 E. Windsor Road, Urbana, $45,629.

Harold E. Miles, 441 S. Chanute, Rantoul, $89,290.

Harold E. Miles, 900 Klein Ave., Rantoul, $89,290.

Evelyn Marie Moore, 501 S. Mattis Ave., Suite B, Champaign, $5,480.

Robin Ann Orr, 906 Ramblewood Court, Apt. C, Savoy, $11,596.

P & C Enterprises Inc., 904 N. 4th St., Champaign, $1,335.

Paul Painting and Decorating Inc., 606 E. Locust St., Tolono, $1,173.

Mark D. and Ruth E. Paunicka, 1806 Cobblefield Court, Champaign, $5,909.

David Plew, 104 Essex Lane, Unit 5, Savoy, $21,540.

Precious Nurses Healthcare Agency Inc., 104 W. University Ave., Urbana, $5,144.

Ronald C. Schiff, 836B County Road 3200 N., Dewey, $66,119.

John M. Schmitt, 4402 Southford Trace Drive, Champaign, $6,502.

James M. Singer, 1803 Oak Park Drive, $114,676.

Tomato Express, 313 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign, $3,148.

Jacob A. Wetzel, 404 E. Clark St., Apt. 6, Champaign, $71,161.

Internal Revenue Service lien releases

Book Management Group Inc., 804 N. Neil, Champaign, $12,889.

Chauncey W. Crays, Chauncey's Professional Painting, 37 Sunset Drive, Oakwood, $13,551.

Bruce Pirie and Leslie Davison-Pirie, 505 S. 5th St., St. Joseph, $5,495.

Illini Recycling, P.O. Box 153, Champaign, $26,390.

Illini Recycling, P.O. Box 153, Champaign, $14,586.

JMK Computerized TDIS Inc., 703 S. Glover Ave., Urbana, $13,720.

Stephen D. Kovachevich, 1818 Scottsdale Drive, Champaign, $6,585.

John H. Peeler, P.O. Box 171, St. Joseph, $10,262.

John H. Peeler, P.O. Box 171, St. Joseph, $12,701.

Pointe at SIU Construction, 2002 E. Amber Lane, Urbana, $8,955.

Michael J. and Lynn S. Tague, 2425 County Road 1000 E., Champaign, $10,000.

Illinois Department of Revenue liens

Rajmikant and Agampyari Bhagat, 2407 Longmeadow Lane, Champaign, $8,287.

Teresa Bishop, 2309 Tamarack Drive, Champaign, $3,384.

Leco Braggs, 1806 S. Cottage Grove Ave., Apt. 402, Urbana, $1,020.

Bryan Brown, 407 E. Columbia Ave., Champaign, $1,295.

Ulraick Brown, 803 E. Park St., Urbana, $589.

Latasha Carter, 2708 Rachel Road, Champaign, $2,311.

Nakasha Chaney, 712 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, $648.

Doris Dahl, 3102 W. Daniel St., Champaign, $22,408.

Randal Dahl, 2504 Covington Drive, Champaign, $22,408.

Kamal Daifallah, 13732 Cannonade Court, Orland Park, $2,056.

Akeela Davis, 1111 Mimosa Drive, Champaign, $1,103.

Jesus Gonzalez, 6 Cedric Drive, Urbana, $744.

Julie Harris, 1604 W. Washington St., Champaign, $707.

Yusef Hemphill, 1333 N. Lincoln Ave., Apt. 1022, Urbana, $1,227.

Eugenia Herman, 1206 Garden Hills Drive, Champaign, $592.

Ronald Jasper, 212 W. Tremont St., Champaign, $564.

Kelso Construction Inc., 702 Nottingham Drive, St. Joseph, $2,098.

Lashunta Loatman, 209 W. Washington St., #2, $1,309.

Karen Mansfield, 115 N. Turner Drive, Mahomet, $773.

Pedro Martin, 2804 Campbell Drive, Champaign, $778.

Thomas Miller, 413 Paul Ave., Champaign, $22,189.

Alejandro Montiel, 2084 S. Orchard St., Apt. A, Urbana, $1,109.

Afolabi Oladipupo, 2404 High View Court, Apt. 4, Champaign, $936.

Kenya Overcast, 2002 Peach St., Champaign, $1,019.

Nathaniel Pates, 708 E. Main St., Urbana, $955.

Randy Pearson, 1112 N. Hickory St., Champaign, $631.

Christine Reichwein, 800 W. Grand Ave., St. Joseph, $1,110.

Gary Rockamann, 36 E. Beardsley Ave., Champaign, $695.

Lawrence Saak, 1501 Kiler Drive, Apt. 303, Champaign, $1,554.

Michael Scott, 1301 E. Leverett Road, Trailer 27, Champaign, $1,411.

Serendipity Cafe Inc., P.O. Box 454, Savoy, $710.

Louise Simmons, 3014 Valley Brook Drive, Champaign, $1,064.

Rick Smith, 1512 County Road 2700 N., Apt. 20, Rantoul, $1,045.

Michael Stanton, 704 N. Cunningham Ave., #A, Urbana, $808.

Deshaune Taylor, 1400 W. Anthony Drive, Champaign, $661.

Illinois Department of Revenue lien releases

Warren L. and Karen K. Gossard, 2513 County Road 450 E., Mahomet, $8,732.

Patricia A. Piper, 2875 County Road 300 E., Fisher, $3,103.


All bankruptcy information is retrieved from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Pacer Service Center website, www.pacer.gov. Information is provided to Pacer by the Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court. Central Illinois Business magazine cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the data provided by Pacer.

Following are those who filed for bankruptcy in the central district of Illinois from June 1 to 30, 2011. The central district offices are located in Danville, Peoria and Springfield. Due to space limitations, this issue does not include the complete list of those who filed for bankruptcy.

Chapter 7:

Kendrick, Trevor E., 2513 Sheridan Drive, Champaign

Adams, Kimberly Arlene, P.O. Box 196, Niantic

Ako-Nai, Carole Irving, 1130 Baytowne Drive, #24, Champaign

Allen, Christopher G. & Kathy, 819 A. E Franklin St., Mahomet

Almanza, Jesus & Lorena L., 3548 W Ziebarth Road, Normal

Arnold, Steven A., 1817 S. 9th St, Apt. C 22, Mattoon

Ashby, Christine M., 1111 Regal Ave., Decatur

Badgerow, Christopher Allan, 712 N. Adelaide #13, Normal

Bailey, Steven Howard, 1107 E. Florida Ave., #21B, Urbana

Bane, Gordon Wilson & Bethany Louise, 1434 E. College Ave., Apt. 6, Normal

Bane, Stephen D. & Paula J., 906 E. Main St., Hoopeston

Barnes, James Dewayne & Melissa D., 10396 Sheets Road, Oakley

Barney, John C. & Karen S., 444 N. Second St., Watseka

Barry, Stephan J. & Lillian F., 1624 W. Melrose Court, Decatur

Bateman, Bruce A. & June D., P.O. Box 224, Weldon

Beals, Tennille Marie, 1320 S. 17th St., Mattoon

Best, Colin Michael & Ashley Nichole, P.O. Box 71, Trilla

Blue-Short, Amy M., 1336 County Road 2250 E., Saint Joseph

Bowen, Rory D., 930A N. Lima, Mount Zion

Brackett, Leonard Curtis, 3195 Beth Blvd., Apt. 114, Decatur

Brackett-Grimsley, Tiffany, 106 Sterling Court 104, Savoy

Bradley, Dale Joseph, 213 Ave E., Bloomington

Brandt, Michael Paul & Kathy Marie, 1601 Shelby Ave., Mattoon

Bregin, Matthew A. & Kelly L., 311 Marco Drive, Rantoul

Broadnax, Bradley Eugene, 1452 N. Oakland Ave., Decatur

Burdick, Kathy A., 1971A W. Tower Road, Kankakee

Burkey, Delmus L., 249 E. Highland Drive, Forsyth

Calhoun, Robert Neil, 228 W. Vine Ave., Charleston

Cameron, Debi Catherine, 123 Mitchell Court, Rantoul

Carter, Aaron Brent, 161 George St., Urbana

Carver, Scotty Lee & Heidi L., P.O. Box 224, Wapella

Cassiday, Jason W., 821 S., Ashmore

Chada, Erich H. & Kristen M., 10 W. Port Drive, Apt. 6, Sullivan

Clements, Katrina L., 841 E. Center St., Paxton

Coale, Todd W. & Kristin K., 16054 E. 200 North Road, Heyworth

Coffman, Darin W. & Megan O., 1424 W. Macon St., Decatur

Coleman, Anthony Ray, 24 W. Locust Ave., Charleston

Dagg, Larry E., 12 S. Shores Drive, Decatur

Daily, April Michelle, 521 W State, Lovington

Dalbey, Jeffrey L. & Teresa A., 1001 James Place, Danville

Davis, Robert Stephen, 1513 Golfview Road, Rantoul

Day, Norma Ione, P.O. Box 381, 750 N County Road 1000 E., Tuscola

DeBerry, Jamila A., 29 E. S. Dr, Decatur

Deaton, Chad E., 3296 Eileen St., Decatur

Del Fierro, Michael M. & Lisa A., 219 E. Lincoln, Watseka

Delaney, Peter James & Debbie Lou, 2317 County Road 3500 N., Gifford

Donahue, Tera Sue, 1556 Maria Drive, Rantoul

Doyle, Angela D., 1215 E. Oakland Ave., Bloomington

Durbin, Bradley Edward & Sherry Lynnette, 3121 Kent Ave., Decatur

Easter, Tiffany Lynn, 1801 Shelby Ave., Mattoon

Ellis, Jeffrey D. & Patricia L., 525 Megan Drive., Decatur

Ethington, Charles W., 10883 E. County Road 45010, Lerna

Fender, Wyonia A., 414 E. Kennedy Drive, Georgetown

Ford-Cole, Alisa M., 3133 Colorado Court, Decatur

Forrest, Jocelyn L., 2241 W. Packard, Decatur

Foulks, Debra A., 306 S. Poplar St., Onarga

Frost, George, 2419 Anchor Drive, Bloomington

GBAB, LLC, , 2 Millikin Place, Decatur

Gaghan, Ricki James & Holly Jo, 1215 Theta St., Bloomington

Galyon, Andew D. & Misty D., 410 W. 10th St., Gibson City

Geiselman, Debra Sue, 1501 Iota Maple Grove, Bloomington

Gettman, Richard L., 908 W. MacArthur, Bloomington

Goodpaster, Jeffry Lee, 705 E. Center St., Le Roy

Gordon, Edward L., 207 S. Henry St., Ashkum

Grieff, Sheri, 1109 Ekstam, Bloomington

Grimsley, Justin James, 106 Sterling Court 104, Savoy

Haddix, Martha K., 210 S. Main St., Apt. 3, Paris

Hale, Robert James, 2406 Clearwater Ave. #3, Bloomington

Hamburg, Linda Deen, 605 S. Garfield, Champaign

Hammond, Rossann, P.O. Box 285, Sheldon

Hardy, Donald L. & Trina Lasha, 720 W. Center, Decatur

Harms, Stephen W. & Joanne, 104 N. First Ave., Chenoa

Harrier, Robert Joseph & Kayla Marie, 300 Hollaway Court, Bismarck

Harris, Michael Ray & Debbra Elaine, P.O. Box 71, Trilla

Harrison, Mary C., 803 N. Main, P.O. Box 175, Saybrook

Hartke, Robert C. & Andrea J., 1908 N. 1600 E. Road, Gilman

Harvey, Michael C., 733 Willow Pond Road, Rantoul

Hawkins, Blake Kurtis & Marla K., 209 E. 6th St., Georgetown

Hawn, Elisha Susan, 301 S. Garfield Ave., Champaign

Henry, Michael L. & Carol A., 310 S. Wall St., Macon

Hertel, Susan E., 112 Wisconsin Drive, Decatur

Hires, Robbin R., P.O. Box 916, Danville

Hobgood, Angela R., 122 S. Diamond, Arcola

Howard, Jeffrey Scott & Ruth Ann, 18971 E. 950 N. Road, Westville

Howell, Tammy L., 2176 Gary Court, Decatur

Huffman, Richard D., 15 Harry Drive, Bloomington

Hurt, Sheila Marie & James Lee, 12053 E. 2130 N. Road, Lot B, Danville

Huston, Kenneth L., 130 South Austine Ave,, Decatur

Ingram, Gary Lynn & Wilma Jean, 2912 Prairie Ave., Mattoon

Isaacson, Robert, 2208 Todd Drive, #2N, Bloomington

Jenkins, David S. & Monique L., 193 Bristol Drive, Decatur

Jestis, Jimmie K., 3910 W, Main, Apt. 104, Decatur

Jinks, Jacqueline K., 2121 Barding Ave., Decatur

Johnson, Troy Alan, 437 E. West St., Georgetown

Jones, Barbara J., 5650 E. Reas Bridge Road, Decatur

Jones, Robert Edward & Joy Ellen, 725 N. American St., Paxton

Jordan Frost, Alison J., 806 Scovill, Urbana

Joyner, Preston Devon & Delana Lena, 3772 N. MacArthur, Decatur

Kellogg, Timothy Charles, P.O. Box 173, Loda

Kietzmann, Russell Dennis, 519 Lafayette St., Danville

King, Leander, 2608 Copper Tree, Champaign

King, Susan Raphael, 12 Poplar Drive, Paris

King, Wanda L., 2004 Rainbow, Apt. 10, Bloomington

Kinney, Andrea L., 106 E. South St. Box 16, Thawville

Kissinger, Craig W., 1701 W. Cushing St., Decatur

Knell, Charles Arthur, P.O. Box 113, Saybrook

Kuchler, Jennifer, 1223 Townley Drive, Bloomington

Kutz, Olin E., 4926 E. Lost Bridge Road, Decatur

Kuyrkendall, Robert W. & Jeri L., 1303 E. 14th St., Georgetown

Kyse, Tammi Terrell, 108 Scottwood Drive, Urbana

Lawless, Timothy R., 331 W. State St., Potomac

Le, Nhung T., 1210 E. Jefferson St., Clinton

Liles, Amanda Jo, 204 E. Clark St, P.O. Box 231, Sidell

Lilley, Valerie K., 1010 W. Front St., Bloomington

Love, Terri Lynn, 603 N. Mason St., Bloomington

MRK Management, Inc., 2408 Cunningham Road, Urbana

Mallory, Terrance E. & Amber Michelle, 1322 W. Califonia Ave., Decatur

Mann, Nakia R., 1643 E. Locust St., Decatur

Mans, Harold J. & Jenifer Dyann, 103 Prairie Lane, Gridley

Martin, Floyd E., 912 Rogers, Danville

McCauley, David C. & Chelly L., 5547 Baker Road, Macon

McKee, James E. & Sue A., 101 E. Harrison, P.O. Box 655, Catlin

McManaway, Todd Wayne & Rhinda J., 2305 Grange Drive, Urbana

McQuown, David Kent & Crystal Lynn, 2504 E. Road, Danville

Meziere, Karen Judith, 2406 Clearwater Ave.. #3, Bloomington

Miles, Donna Jean, 12 Ash St., Danville

Minor, Richard William, 5560 E. Firehouse Road, Decatur

Montelongo, Leticia, 1205 Chandler St, Danville

Moore, Chad A. & Adrienne E., 1426 Hanson Drive, Normal

Morgan, George R. & Shirley L., 1831 Perrysville Road, Lot 6, Danville

Morgan, Jessica E., 1423 Oak St., Danville

Morstatter, Shaun E., 214 W. Bower, Oreana

Mosby, Toretha Mae, 1213 W. Beslin, Urbana

Nichols, Jerry Dean, 536 S. West St., Gibson City

Nottingham, Susan Diane, 103 Lake St., Bloomington

O'Blenis, Katty Jo, 618 N. Griffin, Danville

Oaks, Mattie Everett & Susanne Elaine, P.O. Box 365, Thomasboro

Onate, Maria Dolores, 3414 N. Spring Creek, Decatur

Onate, Ricardo, 1212 W. Ravina Ave., Decatur

Ostendorf, Brian Neil, P.O. Box 962, Champaign

Ostendorf, Dorsey Anne, 3108 S. 1st, Champaign

Overstreet, Desiree D., 1508 Jackson Ave., Charleston

Overturf, Richard L., 1104 Pin Oak Drive, Mahomet

Overturf, Richard L., 1104 Pin Oak Drive, Mahomet

Padilla, Deborah L., 5727 Mooney Road, Latham

Palma, Janine M., 1214 Windsor Drive, Normal

Parker, Java Nicole, 603 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign

Parker, Valerie Susan, 704 W. Washington St., Clinton

Pereznegron, Robert Raymond, 204 Unit W. Green St., Savoy

Perry, David D. & Linda S., 205 N. Drive, Mount Zion

Perry, Latonia J., 1524 Hobson Drive, #6, Rantoul

Phillips, Kelley J., 1464 E. 450 North Road, Heyworth

Reed, Sherry Sherell, 505 W. Woodbury St, Danville

Regnier, Juanita Ann, 508 Saint Charles, P.O. Box 44, Beaverville

Richards, Lisa M., 1115 Woodland Drive, Mt. Zion

Robinson, Evon, 732 E. Leafland, Decatur

Roddy, Raymond J., 2850 N. 22nd St., Decatur

Rousey, Trent, 13209 N. 1000 East Road, Bloomington

Rutter, Tiffany Nicole, 208 S. Oak St., Lexington

Sanchez-Sandoval, Pedro Gerardo, 123 S. Regency, Apt. 102, Bloomington

Schmidt, Angela Ruth Ann, 718 S. Washington, Sullivan

Scott, Clarence L. & Yohannah B., 1700 N. School St., #138, Normal

Sellberg, Tony Lee, 3407 Fountain Lake Drive, Bloomington

Shinn, Catherine L., 304 Christine Drive, Decatur

Simpsen, Michael T., 201 W. Wood St., Colfax

Singer, Lynn Rachelle, 7 Fetzer Drive, Apt. 2, Bloomington

Slayton, Julie A., 1626 Cheyenne Lane, Normal

Smith, Pamela Frances, 519 Lafayette St., Danville

Spelman, Barbara Kay, 905 S. 17th St., Mattoon

Stanton, Timmy G., 119 N. Locust, Apt 3A, Arcola

Stiltz, Leroy Jay, 512 E. Elm St., Villa Grove

Stoltey, Terry R. & Cheryl D., 905 S. Irving, Monticello

Stone, Mary F., 107 E. Front St., Seymour

Stotler, Lloyd Matthew & Stacy L., 987 Buffalo Run, Danvers

Taylor, Jessie M., 3520 Meadowlark Drive, Decatur

Tirpak, Heather Emily, 402 S. Jefferson, Cerro Gordo

Tournear, Atticus D. & Marcie E., 36 Ave. A, Bloomington

Tozer, Mary M., 808 S. Gravel Pit Road, Decatur

Trunnell, Patti Jo, 43 Canada Lane, Bloomington

Van Buren, Cathy L., 1005 Baldwin, Danville

VanMatre, Michael David, 1408 1/2 Marion Ave., Mattoon

Vestal, Wanda Rose, 505 E. Overton St., Tuscola

Wallace, Tammy Louise, 1560 E. Locust, Decatur

Waller, David A. & Penny M., 359 W. State St., Paxton

Wallis, Autumn Laura, P. O. Box 2326, 1603 Perrysville Road, Danville

Way, Robin Y., 1402 N. Hickory St., Champaign

Weber, Adam Michael, 108 E. Market St., Bloomington

Welch, Brian Keith, 1100 State Route 10W, Apt. 10, Clinton

White, Heather Joann, 2356 E. Prairie, Decatur

Wilbur, Michael P., P.O. Box 344, Gridley

Williams, Windy Laura, 3336 Ridgewood Drive, Champaign

Woolsey, Autumn S., 1748 W. Hunt, Decatur

Wright, John Robert, 437 E. West St., Georgetown

Wright, Melissa Sue, 361 E. Park St., Argenta

Wynn, Amber Dawn, 10 Kirkwood Drive, Clinton

Yarbary, Annie R., P.O. Box 112, Decatur

Zahos, Stephen C., 4010 Aberdeen Drive, Champaign

Zoch, Chic, 816 Beecher, Tuscola

Chapter 13:

Adair, Tony Ray & Dawn Marie, 310 E. 2nd Ave., P.O. Box 52, Clifton

Arnold, Robert Anthony & Michelle Lynn, 502 East Warren St., Leroy

Bielenberg, John R. & Dixie L., 165 Park Place, Decatur

Bogle, Richard D. & Sandra K., 414 N. Walnut, Maroa

Bolek, Carla R., 20 Brickyard Drive, Apt. A11, Bloomington

Brandt, Robert E. & Laura M., 616 E. Sangamon Ave., Rantoul

Breeze, James Richard & Christie Lea, 420 Tohill Road, Decatur

Bright, Kelly W. & Kelly A., 8135 W. 2nd St., Harristown

Cunningham, Pamela N., 475 E. Condit St., Decatur

Dorris, Kenyon T. & Christina A., 2116 Parker Ave., Bloomington

Durbin, Carolyn Sue, 1312 Ravina Park, Decatur

Fry, Charles C. & Susan J., 105 W. North, Farmer City

Grant, Judy, 1907 S Kathryn St., Urbana

Hale, David G. & Elizabeth A., 5676 Mill Road, Decatur

Hale, Gary Lynn & Dixie Diane, 2548 County Road 950 E., Lovington

Harris, Merral, 4005 Bluebell Drive, Bloomington

Herder, James M. & Corena L., 462 E. Cherry, Watseka

Higginbotham, Christopher Shane, 5469 E. 750th Road, Kansas

Hopkins, Scott Phillip & Rebekah Christine, 1078 N. State Route 130, Camargo

Kersey, Kris K. & Stacey J., 16903 Road 1300 E., Arcola

Kingery, Justin Michael & Mindy Danielle, 701 N. Carico, Lot 34, Tuscola

L'Heureux, Jessica Ann, 1109 Kings Mill Road, Normal

Montgomery, Johnnie R. & Pamela D., 27846 E. 1600 N. Road, Box A, Cooksville

Mortimer, Jay A., 10 Payne Place, Normal

Pugh, David Wayne & Karen Sue, 835 Dogwood Drive, Arcola

Rankins, Vincent Paul & Brenda Diane, 2378 E. Olive, Decatur

Reed, Chandra F., 2055 N. Edward, Decatur

Shepherd, Sandra K., 218 S Chicago St., P.O. Box 94, Sidell

Smith, Oriana Denae, 118 Crossing Drive, Normal

Smith, Vickie L., 712 W. Jefferson, Bloomington

Snodgrass, Gregory S. & Carol L., 2522 Lowmann Drive, Bloomington

Spears, Troy Michael, 211 S. Melvin, Gibson City

Thomas, Darvin Lavell & Joycelyn Princellia, 2379 Sanford Lane, Normal

Thomas, Shawn Patrick & Brandi Leigh, 1108 Ogelthorpe St., Normal

Thomas, Steven E., 1566 County Road 300 N., Arcola

Weber, Robert C., 1602 N. Summit Ave., Decatur

White, Joe Dan & Kathlene R., 1313 Piatt Ave., Mattoon

Whiting, Tom & Kelly, 1406 Tralee Lane, Bloomington

Wilson, Alicia, 509 N. Locust St., Arcola

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Editor's Note

Made in Central Illinois

It was a couple of decades ago when Champaign-Urbana first was referred to as the “Silicon Prairie.” A tech consulting company — Pixo, previously known as OJC Technologies — formed around that time and is one of the success stories of the Silicon Prairie. Pixo President Lori Patterson said Champaign-Urbana has been a fertile ground for companies such as hers, and the community has now developed a “tech ecosystem” where activities at the University of Illinois and the Research Park provide resources for local tech companies.

You can read in this issue about what makes Pixo unique and how it has grown.

Champaign County is home to many manufacturers as well, and our February/March issue featured several businesses that made products here for customers worldwide.

That story has spawned a new feature for Central Illinois Business — Made in Champaign County. We’ve partnered with the Champaign County Economic Development Corp. to feature an area business in each issue and tell you a little about who they are and what they do. And we’ll venture outside Champaign County so you’ll learn about businesses in neighboring counties too.

Jodi Heckel is editor of Central Illinois Business magazine. She can be reached at 217-351-5695 or jheckel@news-gazette.com.